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Review by RScottyL See Profile

  • Location: Irving,Dallas,TX
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "FIOS is a great value for the money! Great data rates and video quality"
Overall "I would recommend FIOS to anyone and everyone!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I have FIOS all the way around (Voice, Data, Video) and just love it. I was the first install for video in my city, and have enjoyed the channel options. I was a Comcast video customer, and they are always increasing their prices.

Fiber Optics is the future, and Verizon was the first to have it out.

As far as my BAD POINTS above, I have not really had any issues with any of my hardware (STB, Router, NIM) but I know some people have reported issues. This is a brand new service from the ground up, so expect somethings to have "bugs" in them. They are getting better and better as time goes by!

As of now, I have two STB's. I have the main one, which is the QIP6416-1. This one is the HD/DVR. I also have an SD one.

UPDATE (05/27/09): Things have still been going really well, and I still enjoy the quality and quantity of HD channels that Verizon has. Due to the current economic issues, I have been considering dropping the voice and finding a VOIP provider. I have read and heard good things about "OOMA", so may try them out.

UPDATE (02/06/15): I ended up dropping the voice, and going with OOMA for voice. I just use the video and data from Verizon. I upgraded my speed to 75/75 and using their "Quantum" service, including their "Quantum" DVR with 1TB of storage! I am still very happy with the quality of service from Verizon!

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updated 53 days ago


Review by johnf2 See Profile

  • Location: Feasterville Trevose,Bucks,PA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Picture quality the greatest in the world."
Bad "none"
Overall "Very, very satisfied."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Great speed and reliability for the value!
Quantum 50/25 package.
Guide much improved now that Tribune Media provides the guide
FiOS PQ is excellent, that's the huge benefit of fiber optics!

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Review by rexbinary See Profile

  • Location: Plano,Collin,TX
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Fast, low latency, more bandwidth for a better price then any competitor"
Bad "None at all"
Overall "Better than any Cable or DSL connection hands down"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had FiOS installed since 8/1/05 and to date I have had no problems or issues with it at all. I have the 15MB down and 2MB up package.

The install took about seven hours as they had a little trouble going under the driveway with the fiber, other then that the install went smooth. They supplied a D-Link Router, but I am using an Apple AirPort Extreme router instead.

I am getting a little over the installed speeds both up and down. Gaming is very nice, on many first person shooter servers my ping is 3 or lower. I have been accused of being an admin on gaming severs because of my ping.

I am very happy with FiOS and I would recommend it to anyone that has access to it.

UPDATE 10/8/06:

After having FiOS for over one year now, I am still just as happy with the service. I have experienced no losses of service, other then one brief scheduled maintenance that was in the middle of the night during the week. I have lost power twice since FiOS was installed, and my telephone still functioned as advertised, no problem. FiOS is unmatched by any other service provider in my area.

The service uses PPPoE. Some people tend to consider this a negative, as in theory the PPPoE induces overhead to your connection causing it to be slower then say a DHCP connection. I am consistently getting my full 15MB/2MB speeds as advertised, and my latency is extremely low. Rumor has it that at some point my connection will be converted from PPPoE to DHCP, I will update my review then with any differences or lack of differences at that time if/when I am converted to DHCP.

UPDATE 8/29/07:

My service is still stellar. No outages or trouble to report, technical or billing. Still getting full speeds and low latency. No throttling or bandwidth shaping that I have detected. I am still on PPPoE, and the last I heard they decided not to convert original customers to DHCP as it was just unnecessary work and cost. I have no complaints about that at all, as it has caused me no grief of any kind. I simply cannot express how happy I am with my FiOS service.

UPDATE 4/15/08

I upgraded to the 15/15 service on 11/26/07 which costs me $59.99 a month. The service is still outstanding, and I would never purchase DSL or Cable again by choice. Still no outages to report since 8/1/05.

UPDATE 10/19/08

Everything is still working perfectly. Still running 15/15 package with my Apple AirPort router. No outages to report. To say I am pleased with the service would be an understatement.

UPDATE 8/10/09

I have upgraded to the 25/15 package. Everything is still working great and no outages to report. But on this upgrade, I having a hard time reaching my maximum bandwidth. I have called Verizon twice to verify I am provisioned correctly and I have also ran the FiOS Optimizer under their favorite operating system Windows. I am still investigating if it is an issue on my end, and I will report my results.

UPDATE 9/12/09

Lightning Strike! Sounded like a bomb went off in my backyard. Took out all the FiOS equipment plus my router, two switches, and the Ethernet port in two of my desktop PCs.

I called Verizon Friday night. They quickly concluded I would need service and scheduled a technician for Sunday morning. To my surprise the technician arrived about 7pm Saturday night. I was very pleased.

The technician said my FiOS equipment was five generations old and replaced all of it including the battery. It took him about an hour to complete the work. I replaced my old router with an Apple Time Capsule 1TB, and I replaced my old switches with Cisco 5-port 1GB switches.

I am now getting my full 25/15 speeds. I do not know what corrected the issue but it could be one of three things.

1) The ONT had never been reset since it was installed in 2005. Maybe if I had reset it, which I planned on trying, could have possibly corrected my speed issue.
2) My five generations old FiOS equipment was replaced with current equipment. Maybe my old FiOS equipment just couldn't handle those speeds.
3) My router was replaced with a much more current router. Maybe my old router couldn't handle those speeds.

It could be a combination of 2 and 3 as well. Either way, Verizon's service was outstanding. Not only am I back up and running quickly, but I am now getting my full speed.

UPDATE 3/30/10

Everything has been still working very well for the most part, but I have had three outages since all my equipment has been upgraded. That is more outages then I have had since I have had the service installed before the equipment upgrade.

All three required a call to Verizon to reset the ONT, and one call required the ONT and the dataport itself to be reset. All three times phone service was unaffected. I will ask them to investigate if I have any more issues with connectivity.

UPDATE 10/13/10

I've experienced a couple of disconnects since my last update that required recycling the ONT, but they have become rare now. I believe the newer equipment I received after the lighting strike is just not as good as my old equipment. Regardless, I am still very happy with the service. I am still getting consistent speeds and low latency.

UPDATE 5/11/11

Service is still superb. Still receiving my full speeds with no throttling or slow downs, and the same great low latency. I have still had one or two disconnects since my last update. I am convinced my current revision of ONT is just not as reliable as what I had the first few years of service. Still, I have not even considered looking at alternatives. Go FiOS Go!

UPDATE 11/17/11

Happy Thanksgiving! My FiOS is still running great. No disconnects or issues to report. Still great speedy service. No equipment changes to report. Sorry this update is so boring, but a boring update means great service in this case.

UPDATE 6/2/12

Summer time is almost here, but my FiOS is still delivering awesome speed without breaking a sweat. No outages, disconnects, or issues to report since my last update. I am still on the 25/15 tier and still getting full speed. Rumor has it new speed tiers will soon be available. I will post an update if I change tiers to let you know how it goes. As usual, I still highly recommend FiOS!

UPDATE 1/27/13

This is going to be a rather boring update, but in this case boring is good! No issues to report since my last update. No outages, no slowdowns, just great service! I have been lazy and have not yet called in to have my speed upgraded to one of the new tiers. I will make another update once I do that an let you all know how it goes!

UPDATE 7/12/13

I finally got around to upgrading my service. I went from 25Mbps/15Mbps to 75Mbps/35Mbps for $5 more a month than what I was already paying. Had I opted for 50Mbps/25Mbps it would have been the same price. I just couldn't pass up 75Mbps/35Mbps for only an extra $5 a month.

It took them a day or so to upgrade my speed. I ran Verizon's Broadband Speed Test which can be found here:

»my.verizon.com/services/speedtes ··· eedtest/

My results: 83.79 Mbps Down and 38.39 Mbps Up

As you can see I'm getting a little 'fluff' in there with some extra speed.

No issues or outages to report at this time. I am still very happy with my service!

UPDATE 3/12/14

Another boring update.

No issues or outages to report. My FiOS just keeps chugging along.

I am looking at finally adding FiOS TV to my account. I am nervous about adding it as I have had such good luck with my service, but the show must go on! I will update with the details and the results of adding FiOS TV service once it occurs. I plan to have them retain my legacy 10Base-T install. We'll see how that goes...

UPDATE 5/1/14

FiOS TV is installed!

I placed my order online. The technician installed an Actiontec MI424WR (New Rev. I) via coax to my ONT, and re-used the existing coax wiring in the house to connect the set top boxes. I disabled the N-band wireless in the Actiontec, and connected my Apple AirPort Extreme N-band router in bridge mode.

Everything has been working fine except I noticed my DVR function was not enabled later after the install. After a lengthy phone call to Verizon, that was resolved. Apparently the set top boxes I have are so new that their support mentioned they are still learning how to deploy and administer them properly. I have no prior experience with FiOS TV to know the difference unfortunately. Internet speeds are exactly the same post TV install.

UPDATE 5/15/14

Mini-update here. I've since learned more about the equipment I received. The router is a New Rev. I Actiontec MI424WR (Dark Red Band), and I received the Quantum TV VMS and STBs.

UPDATE 6/7/14

I made a post in the Verizon Direct forum on this site and requested to be converted from PPPoE to DHCP. A short time later I noticed my router restarted, and guess what? No more PPPoE! And this was on a Saturday!! GREAT SERVICE THANK YOU VERIZON!

UPDATE 7/21/14

I just received my free upgrade to symmetric service for all FiOS residential customers. I went from 75/35 to 75/75 for free! Here are the test results from (»my.verizon.com/services/speedtes ··· eedtest/) : 84.07 Mbps down and 86.65 Mbps up
Thank You once again Verizon!

UPDATE: 2/5/15

"All good things come to an end." Or do they? We'll see. Verizon announced they have sold my beloved FiOS to Frontier Communications with the deal to close in early 2016.

In the meantime (while waiting for the other shoe to drop) I'm happy to report that since my last update my Internet, Phone, and TV have all been performing wonderfully with no issues to report at all.

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Plano, TX

Not happy in Plano

Very unhappy today, both voice and data have been down 14 hrs+ so far ...have received two estimates for neiborhood issue to get resolved and both not met. (even received an automated voicemail 8 hrs ago indicating incorrectly issue had been resolved. What if I had to make a 911 call from fios data line?

Have received conflicting information from my 3 calls to customer support. Hope resolved soon

West New York, NJ
·Time Warner Cable

Question about your router

I have FiOS TV, Internet, & Phone and I also have my Time Capsule as my router instead of using the Verizon Router for wireless access. How can I disable N wireless so there's no interference with the wireless network from my Time Capsule?

I would appreciate your help. Thank you

Review by tmc8080 See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $55 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 25 days
Good "50/25 more like 58/35"
Bad "power adapter died, installed new one, same ole bpon."
Overall "better than cablevision today."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Optimum Online
If cablevision wants into this market place, they are going to have to deploy symmetric broadband... 30 - 50 megabits symmetric for between $30 and $50, not $65!
I've got the 25/25 internet tier, fios tv with showtime premiums, digital voice triple play. WIth one hd box comes to just about $98. Smashes anything cablevision.. or time warner offer.

Update 6/30/13
Well, I'm back on Verizon again. Just internet 50/25 which is 58/35 so I'm happy with that. This does come at a time when Cablevision is doing channel bonding and as rumor has it going to do upload upgrades themselves. However $70 a month off promotion with no offer in sight put me back in the Verizon camp again.
I'll likely get back to them in 2015... maybe docsis 3.1 will be around then along with better offers. I'm also hoping for a mini speed war with free upgrades along the way, but that's pie in the sky.. not gonna happen.

Have a cablemodem to return on Monday.

Update 02/03/15
Verizon increased speed late last year from 50/35 to 50/50 symmetric!
While this was working great.. even getting 58/70 for a while.. I had no svc for a day and when they restored it, they dropped the provisioning back to 58/58ish..
My contract is up in June.. so it's likely I'll go back to cablevision later this year unless something happens during the retention phone call $90 for 50 megabit standalone svc isn't gonna cut it!
If anyone can advise on whether it's worth it to buy a D3 cable modem instead of getting hit with a $5 charge for rentals at this stage.. let me know.

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Review by chazwr See Profile

  • Location: Spring Lake,Monmouth,NJ
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "high speed, competitive price, included extras"
Bad "Supplied (free) wireless router has confusing interface"
Overall "great value so far, let's see how billing goes"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Had a choice of FIOS or Optimum. FIOS features and price had the edge, and I was pleasantly surprised when the products delivered exceed what was promised: 1. package is 15/5 MB/s (tier 1 plan ) , I am seeing 20/5. 2. Ordered 1 hd and 1 sd tv box, received 2 HD at no extra charge. 3. Wireless hotspot access supposed to be for next tier, it came with my order.

Install was quick, and the tech, was knowledgeable, friendly and worked quickly.

The only hitch so far is I cannot get WPA2 or even WPA to work on the router.
The GUI is just VERY poor, the WPA2 was, in fact, working, but the web interface does
very strange things. The main wireless settings page only reflects the state of WEP, and if you enable WAP2 it shows no encryption. Anyway, it seems to work.

Router is an Actiontec MI424WR

2 billing cycles and no problems. So far I am very pleased with the products and services.

No issues yet.

Update 2011-10-6: Still good.

Update 2015-2-1: Still no troubles. I have had to wrangle with pricing on television service once in a while. Finally wound up signing 2 year contract, but price is back to where it started, and some decent channels were added. Also, my internet service was automatically upgraded to 15/15 from 15/5. No extra charge. Sandy aside, no outages either.

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Review by lijacobs See Profile

  • Location: Lawrence,Nassau,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Excellent TV Quality, Inet speed higher than expected (43/35)"
Bad "none"
Overall "Beats CV, both price and quality"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)


I recently received the automatic upgrade from 35/25 to 50/50. Naturally, I see no difference. Like most users, I never use anywhere near the bandwidth that I am allocated and certainly not the "Speedmatch" 50 Mbps upload speed which is just an advertising gimmick. My daughter's family has the 25/25 service at their home and, like me they never have had any problem streaming videos from any source. The vast majority of FiOS subscribers who upgrade to the higher speed tiers are, in my opinion wasting their money. I continue to be completely satisfied with the quality of my TV, internet and telephone service.


I still have the same plan and I am still pleased with the quality of service. The on-screen caller ID and the remote access to the DVR are now both very reliable too. Video streaming from all sources including YouTube is excellent.

Double Flex up to 15/5, Extreme HD, MRDVR, HDSTB, QIP72xx,, QIP71xx

3 years negotiating with Verizon before turn up in our co-op - July, 2010


I'm a Verizon retiree and recently took advantage of VZs new FiOS plan for employees and retirees. I now have Triple Play, Ultimate TV, 35/35 Internet and Freedom Essentials Phone. The service is generally very high quality and reliable except for the on-screen caller ID feature and remote access to my DVR which don't work work most of the time. The picture quality is far better than Cablevision, our previous provider. Internet speed is reliable and never slows down no matter what time of day. Cablevision's speed was variable and was especially slow in the evening hours.

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Review by WhyMeEh See Profile

  • Location: Oxnard,Ventura,CA
  • Cost: $120 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 26 days
Good "Internet Sped, TV Picture quality"
Bad "Installation"
Overall "Once service installed, it's great"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update 01/24/15:

Everything is working great. Attached 2 speeds tests. 1 from LA and 1 from NYC. I'm on 75/75.


Ordered Triple Play - 25/25 + Select HD (I think) + phone for $99.99/mo for 24 months, plus a standard HD receiver and cable card which adds another $20/mo. Part of the holiday deal was the movie pack (Showtime, HBO, etc), upgrade to 50/50 for free for duration of contract, and $400 prepaid VISA card after 3 months of service. Ordered over the phone; process was fast and smooth.

Initially given install date of 11/24/14. Install went horribly, which I sort of documented here: »[Networking] Broken fiber from home to street?

After over a half a dozen phone calls to Verizon support, service was finally installed on 12/20.

I was frustrated about the situation so I complained. Ended up getting free upgrade to 75/75 and 26 days worth of compensation.

Internet is blazing fast. As noted in countless other Verizon FiOS reviews, Verizon gives you more than you pay for. In my case, I consistently test at around 88/85. Will post speedtest later.

TV picture quality is excellent. I was previously a TWC tv/net customer for 6 years and a Cox tv/net customer for 4 years. FiOS tv quality beats cable hands down. My Motorola HD receiver is nice enough; VOD works, the guide is decent (layout takes getting used to), and I have plenty of channels with the inclusion of movie pack.

Regarding cable card. Tech who did install paired the card in my tv tuner. All channels worked fine except movie channels. I called Verizon. Automated support suggested I reset cable card, so I did that. The reset hosed my card. After the reset, I could tune to absolutely no cable channels. Called Verizon support and they ended up sending me another card (still in the mail). Moral of the story is I wouldn't allow the automated system to reset my cable card if I were you.

Haven't used land line yet. Everybody uses their cell these days, including myself.

Overall, extremely irritating install process. I give props to the one Support rep who FINALLY took it upon himself to look into my situation and get me the 2nd install date. Other than that, I'm very happy with the price. I had been paying nearly $160/mo for Cox tv/net/phone - slower speeds and less channels (plus crappy video quality).

Updates to come in the future.

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Review by Bossco See Profile

  • Location: USA
  • Cost: $149 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Quality. Reliability. 24/7/365 tech support. Service techs are great."
Bad "Nothing really (hope I didn't jinx myself ;-)"
Overall "There is no better alternative IMHO."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Really can't complain about anything since they finally upgraded the premium DVR-STB to 5 recordings at a time. Email reliability is most important to me (home office) and it's been down only 2x in 5 years. Service tech has been out twice in last 2 years and both times they showed up within a day and were great guys.

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Review by dvarona See Profile

  • Location: Richmond Hill,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $144 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Faster download speeds!"
Bad "Still spotty connections to some sources"
Overall "Good choice if you need fast connectivity, but they do have cheaper options"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Covad Communicat..
I originally had a specialized DSL with COVAD (10Mbps +5 static IPs, $175/mo) and a separate cable TV package with Time Warner ($90/mo for standard digital). My new service with FiOS replaces both of those with a net savings of $120/mo. However, most other FiOS users don't come from a $175/mo DSL package, so obviously my savings are outsized from the norm.

Order was done by reps sitting at tables outside my building. Filling out the details took annoyingly long-- about 35 minutes to type everything one finger at a time into a tablet. However, the installation was scheduled for only a few days later; they had already put all the fiber into the building, so all they had to do was install the equipment into the apartment. Installation was mostly painless, except that I wanted a DVR that I was not given the option for until the installer added it extra. So that bumped the price up a bit, but I am not complaining about it.

The main reason I wanted FiOS, and dearly for the past 10 years or so, was that all other Internet options were technologically lame. Cable seemed to get clogged in the evenings during peak times. DSL speeds were limited. And Verizon just seemed to indifferent to actually give FiOS to people who wanted it. But FiOS is here, FiOS is here! .

I signed up for the 75/35 Mbps package, and this was "upgraded" to 75/75 Mbps. The increase in upload is dubiously useful unless you are sending your own YouTube videos regularly or streaming data from home, but download speeds have been as fast as 10MB/s (that's MegaBytes) compared to my previous DSL speeds of about 1MB/s. In general web browsing is a bit snappier, but Verizon also seems to have poor peering connections with some other ISPs. For example, videos from the Steam gaming platform can be inexplicably slow. Similar behavior is found for imgur.com. These all seem to be site-specific, and only periodically spotty, while I have no problem to other sites. But those relatively small Steam videos just ... won't ... load...

The TV service is somewhat underwhelming. I miss NY1 from Time Warner, but it's not worth it continuing to put up with TW's mediocrity-- despite their fancy new customer centers and media blitz. The FiOS TV channels are laid out in very odd arrangements, with about 20 public access channels right near the lower end of the number range. Channels also get repeated because each channel has a higher-numbered HD channel to go with it. And then there seems to be a higher duplication even further up. There is no "start over" feature to back up to the beginning of a program; I also miss that TW feature.

Video quality is significantly improved over TW since Verizon doesn't have the bandwidth restrictions that TW has; the video doesn't need to be compressed so hard. MPEG artifacts are much less noticeable than they are on TW cable. Set top box is much more responsive, in boot time, channel changing, and video shifting on the DVR.

Oh, I also got a phone number with my "triple package". I couldn't care less about the phone number, it just keeps the price low. Presumably in a couple of years the price will change, but I'm sure I'll adjust it easily then.

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Review by RickYeager See Profile

  • Location: Conshohocken,Montgomery,PA
  • Cost: $385 per month (48 month contract)
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Awesome speed"
Bad "Delivers website differently than Comcast or RCN so ZyWALL USG 100 won't allow FiOS users to get to my websites I host"
Overall "High speed with questionable QoS"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have FiOS triple play for business. 150 up & down. Tested speed is as advertised. I also have Comcast as a backup.

I host several CRM websites. We have 15 VoIP phones on a hosted service, Vonage Business (Vocalocity).

Vonage recommended the ZyXEL Zywall USG 100 gateway to replace my Cisco RV042G.

Turns out FiOS delivers, gets or filters website delivery to its customers, when they try to open a webpage, differently than Comcast or RCN do.

At this time my employees who are Verizon ViOS customers can't get to my CRM website, but all other employees with other ISPs can. Verizon is trying to blame the problem on the ZyWALL even though all other ISPs deliver my website to their customers without any problem. They say I should find a way to adjust the ZyWALL to correct the FiOS issue.

Now I know if I use our FiOS connection and I go to a website that comes up as not found it may be caused by Verizon FiOS and not the website.

Update: After reviewing logs on The ZyWALL & Verizon router I found that the reply from our ZyWALL is being blocked by the Verizon Router. Now working with ZyXEL to try to overcome the Verizon issue.

Update: 1/21/2014 - Turns out Verizon uses PPPoE on their networks, but they set their routers with MTU set at 1500 instead of 1492. To overcome this issue I had to change the MTU size on our ZyWALL USG 100 from the default 1500 to 1492. Now even FiOS users (employees) can get to our CRM website from their homes.

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