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Six Month Rating

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Review by jackintosh11 See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost: $180 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 18 days
Good "Reliable, fast, great price."
Bad "No data usage info, not available in all areas."
Overall "Get it if you can"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

I ordered 75/35 internet, voice, and TV Extreme. The price is $180 a month with a HD box and a multiroom DVR, and includes a $250 gift card, and requires a 2 year contract. The order process was very simple over the phone. The installer arrived at around 9 AM of an 8 AM to 12 PM window. He left at about 2:30. It took about 3 hours to run the fiber cables and install the Optical Network Terminal. However, I live in a house where the lines loop around through a neighbor's backyard before coming to my backyard, so this process might be shorter depending on where you live. After the ONT was installed, the installer had to go to the neighborhoods fiber distribution hub to activate the line. When he got back, I went and set up the router while the installer prepared the cable boxes. The phone worked as soon as the line was activated. One of the TV boxes got messed up during a firmware update, and needed to be replaced. Fortunately, the installer had extras of every piece of equipment for this purpose. The TVs didn't take long to set up. The internet connection needed to be activated, and the activation was very quick. I highly recommend using your own wifi network if you have N wifi or better. If you use your own router, you may need to change it to use bridge mode or DHCP with addresses other than 192.168.x.x. The internet speeds are great, the quality of the TV is great, the voice line is nothing special, but the voicemail can be accessed online. The TV boxes are made by Cisco, the router is made by Actiontec, and the ONT is made by Alcatel-Lucent. I didn't order a backup battery but they gave me one for free. If you get internet speeds greater than 100 mbps, an ethernet line will most likely be used to connect your router to the ONT. Anything less, a coax connection will be used if it exists. If you have old or low quality coax lines, you might need to get those replaced.

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Broomall, PA

Too much!

Why would anyone pay that much money for that. You need to go to Comcast.

Review by sonofsmog See Profile

  • Location: Ontario,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $195 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Faster than advertised, and that's FAST."
Bad "Top tier sports channels require HD Ultimate package (i.e. TWC Sportsnet)"
Overall "Pricey, but not as much if you don't need HD sports (NFL, Redzone, ESPN, etc)"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have had Verizon FIOS since before they even had a cable franchise agreement in my city, (Ontario, California.) since 2005. The service has always been the fastest and made me the envy of everyone who is unable to get it. The bottom line is until recently I wouldn't even consider moving anywhere without FIOS. It's just that fast. Now I could maybe live someplace with Google fiber, but that's about it. Once you go big you can never go back.

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lodged 310 days ago


Review by Rook008 See Profile

  • Location: Far Rockaway,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $169 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "High speeds, Solid equipment, Good prices (bundled services)"
Bad "Disconnect between Verizon's phone reps and their website."
Overall "New customer deals are great with Fios."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Ordered Verizon Fios Triple Play, which includes:

"Quantum Internet" 75/35 speeds (Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I)

"Digital Voice" Phone service

"Ultimate HD" TV package (Three Motorola HD QIP 7100 1 Set-Top Boxes)

Went online and ordered Fios on October 10, set up an install date of Oct. 22, from 1 to 5 PM.

Verizon sent me some mail confirming my appointment, and followed up with an e-mail as well. So far, so good.

The Install:

About 90 minutes before the beginning of the install window, a tech calls to see if it was ok for him to start the install early. He arrives at around noon and we walk around the house pointing out where everything is located, including the original phone line, the TV's, the PC and the previous providers' (TWC) cable wiring. He gives me some options and we decide on a plan for the installation. He gets to work.

He runs some fiber to the side of the house and installs the ONT there, drills a hole in the side of the house and installs the backup battery stuff inside the house near a power outlet. He connects the ONT to the old phone box outside to feed the existing phone wiring inside.

He connects the old coax to the ONT (outside) and puts a 4-way splitter on the other end (inside) for the 2 TV's and the router (coax connection). There's a small TV near the splitter that just gets OTA signals right now, but the installer said I could just get a box from Verizon to hook it up with the extra port on the splitter. That was a pretty good idea on his part, as I ordered a third box from Verizon a while later.

He hooks up the set-top boxes to the TV's and sets up the Verizon remotes to turn them on. He sets up the router and runs some software from a USB stick. He says he wants to install some software (including Verizon In-Home Assistant) that I could look through and delete if I didn't want it. So far everything checks out and is working.

He answers a bunch of questions I had and explains a bunch of stuff about the set-top boxes, the remotes, and the router. He says he'd be sitting in his truck for a little while doing paperwork if I had any more questions.

The whole process from beginning to end took about 2.5 to 3 hours.

The Service and Equipment:

The internet speeds are great. I'm getting slightly more than the promised download and the connection is stable. Downloading a 1GB file in 2 minutes instead of 15 saves a bit of time. The Actiontec router has a couple of complicated configuration pages, but a little time taken to understand them gives good results. There's also a lot of information in there about the STB's. Wi-Fi range is adequate. User-name and a few passwords (router config, WPA2, WPS Pin) are listed on a sticker on the bottom of the router. "admin" and "password" are no longer the defaults to get into the router's config pages.

What can I say about the TV and Phone portions of the triple-play except that they work as intended. HD Video on the TV looks just as good as it did with TWC cable. The guide works well and is relatively quick. There are a lot of On-Demand options available as well.

The Motorola STB is huge (17" wide) which I wasn't expecting. It barely fit in my TV stand. It has a good compliment of connections in the back (HDMI, Component, Composite, Coax, Digital Audio out, Optical Audio out) which is a plus. Logitech has the STB in it's database so configuring my Harmony remote was pretty simple.

The Digital Voice phone service sounds as good as my old Verizon land-line did. Unlimited calls to anywhere in the US or Canada (and Puerto Rico, I think) is a plus.


Losing NY1 (a cable news channel in NYC) was a bit of a tough pill to swallow.

The information that I got from the Verizon website is not the same information that I was given over the phone. The site doesn't work for a lot of stuff and tells you to call Verizon, where the reps have different information and pricing schemes. It's probably a good idea to check both before ordering if you're considering Fios.

The MY Verizon website is great when it works, but errors out often.

While the price I'll be paying is cheaper than standard TWC pricing (not introductory or "deal" pricing), it's still pretty high.

Other thoughts:

The installer was knowledgeable about the TV and Phone aspects of the triple play, was very professional, and was very patient about answering questions. I think he did an excellent job.

He re-used the existing coax to the TV's and the PC, which he said was in very good shape. I had run new RG-6 to one TV and the PC a week before because the old RG-59 wasn't looking too good. If he had to run new coax, I think Verizon would have charged me for the install and it would have taken longer.

I will update this review with the final price per month (after taxes and fees) as soon as I get my first bill and if anything about the service changes.

Any questions, just ask.

Update, July 2013: Went from "Extreme HD" to "Ultimate HD" and added a third STB. The total monthly cost listed above is accurate and includes all taxes and fees.

NFL Redzone is included in "Ultimate HD" as well as a bunch of movie channels.

All three aspects of the triple play are still going strong, no problems to report other than Hurricane Sandy causing me to lose power for about 20 days. Even though it wasn't Verizon's fault, I was issued a credit for that time period. That was pretty cool.

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Miles To Go
Far Rockaway, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Test Results

Speed Test:

Ping test:

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." - H. L. Mencken

Review by PhoenixDown See Profile

  • Location: Fresh Meadows,Queens,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Awesome speeds, TV is snappy and responsive, good quality."
Bad "I wish I had it five years sooner???? What's not to like."
Overall "Its FIOS, what more do I need to say??"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

The quality of FIOS speaks for itself.

The internet speeds are phenomenal as one would expect but its the FIOS television service that really caught my attention. Picture quality and experience are a huge step up from what I was used too.

Technicians were friendly and knowledgeable and did a great job installing everything.

Awesomeness all around.

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Review by greatwhite See Profile

  • Location: Orchard Park,Erie,NY
  • Cost: $99 per month (12 month contract)
Good "loving the fiber"
Bad "8 years and still goes like hell"
Overall "75/35 upgrade from 50/10 for next to nothing"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Upgraded to 75/35 from 50/10, What a difference..!!!
Had some issues with getting the system to accept the provisioning but once the router and ONT rebooted the problem was solved and we were warp speed ahead and peaking around 85/35..!!

member for 14.1 years, 231 visits, last login: 37 days ago
updated 323 days ago



too high or what?

Wait what are you paying 99$ for? just 50/25?

I pay for TV Prime HD + 75/35 84.99 w/taxes 96 something.


Orchard Park, NY

Re: too high or what?

That's for the 50/25 and FIOS voice..!!
Just wondering where you are and if you have voice on your contract too..??

the quote they gave me for the package with tv was for 2 room DVR and HD for around $150.00


East Northport, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Gigabit router

I called tech support and complained of low speeds on my new 50/25 service (which is actually more like 60/40). My speed tests only showed 32/28 (same as my original package of 25/25). They ended up just sending me the gen3 router (Rev. I) overnight, which is the gigabit one with the N wireless (red).

The wireless on it is REALLY high performing...more than you would expect from telecom equipment. It matches the throughput on my E3000 router running DDWRT on the 2.4 ghz N band (around 57 mbps on a different floor).

I signed a contract (finally had to lose copper...sign). I am paying $85 a month for 50/25, digital voice, and Extreme HD with HBO and Showtime included. I have a corporate discount of $10 so its actually $75 a month.


Re: Gigabit router

now tell me the secret how you are getting Extreme HD for same price I pay for PRIME HD please lol.

Review by old_wiz_60 See Profile

  • Location: Bedford,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $141 per month (24 month contract)
Good "good speeds, good quality TV, good Tech Support."
Bad "Billing Service abominable,but can be corrected with patience, recently unstable"
Overall "After two good years, FIOS has gone downhill."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have had FIOS for 1 year now in Bedford Mass. I was an early adopter. Installer was not familiar with my MAC, but I handled that part of it. I have only lost the connection once or twice and that was due to local power failure that left the entire neighborhood dark. I have not used tech support at all, so my rating for tech support is a guess. I have the lowest tier, 5MB, which was fine since I was on dialup. I have the dlink 624 router. Their website said it would not work wireless with a MAC, but it worked just fine. I suspect they say this so they don't have to try to do tech support. I don't use the verizon e-mail or their 'verizon central'. A little confusion on the install, they did it in two days, first day installed wire and the box outside, 2nd day inside. I ordered via web.


Updated 12/11/07. We upgraded to triple play with FIOS TV on 12/3/07. Interesting setup, needed new router (which they provided) since the schedule is received via the net. Saved a bit of money due to triple play (had Comcast before for cable). They were late arriving, but did call, and techs apologized and said other install went over expected time. Contrast to the original install, the techs knew more about the system (which isn't surprising as they've had time to learn the newer stuff). FIOS Tv runs fine, at least as well as Comcast, and we get more channels for lower price. No problems since install.


Update July 25, 2008. Now we have billing issues. In May, they raised the price of the internet connection by disconnecting and reconnecting, ignoring the fact we signed for two years. (Billing tried to fix it, but apparently they can't.) This apparently caused rest of system to think we no longer have the triple play. Our monthly bill went from $ 138 to $ 180! I'm now planning to dump FIOS TV; it's not worth the new prices. The billing people try to help, but they are stuck with a computer system that is hideous. FIOS TV is now $80 per month, where before it was $62. I can't figure out how they can get away with raising prices after agreeing to keep the price for 2 years!


Updated July 28. After speaking with a Verizon rep they told us the billing system is known to screw up like this. They apologized and told me they would issue a credit and it will be correct next month. I'm happy they can correct the billing - the service is great otherwise.


August 25, 2008. Not surprisingly, the Verizon billing is STILL screwed up! Despite repeated calls and "promises" to fix it, Verizon is unable or UNWILLING to fix it. Our bill should be 141 per month according to the Verizon reps, but this time it is $169. They are simply unable to fi x the billing system and I am getting very very tired of having to call them EVERY SINGLE MONTH to complain. The billing people TRY to help, but they are totally stuck with a system that . I guess it is time to finally file a formal complaint with the State public utilities. Verizon is simply unable to fix their own errors, or unwilling to do so.!!!!!


September 8, 2008. We checked with Mass Department of Telecommunications, and they said to write to Verizon first, so we did that and got ahold of a supervisor who said the only way to fix the problem is to do a new Triple Freedom package. He went ahead and entered a new package. Today I get a e-mail from Verizon stating that we haven't accepted the TOS for our new package. I did this then re-read the mail from Verizon and found out that the new plan was for a ONE year contract, where the orignal plan signed in November 2007 was for TWO years. So Verizon has again managed to screw the billing. We're also going to be billed "partial month" for service change, which usually is not well pro-rated and costs more than it should. On top of all this, due to the disconnect/reconnect (again) we got a SALES call from Verizon trying to get us to 'come back' to Verizon! It is so sad, because when you talk to the Verizon people they REALLY TRY to help, but unfortunately they can't really fix the billing system. It is so frustrating since the service itself has been so good; phone, internet, and TV have all been top quality. We expect more hassle with Verizon to keep trying to get the original contract price and period, but I suspect we will just wait for next month's bill and go to the Department of Telecommunications and file a formal complaint.


Update 9/15/08...Well, Verizon's Customer Advocacy people called us after I complained to Mass Department of Telecommunications (public utilities) and e-mailed two contacts provided here via IM from two Verizon friends or employees. I explained the situation, and they understood my point of view perfectly - I had a two year contract and they should honor it. Next a supervisor from billing called, and said that it is impossible to get the two year contract anymore, but instead they would give me the one year contract at the original two year price and then a credit so I'd pay that price for 2 years. They fully understand my reasoning, especially when I pointed out that if I was a contractor for Verizon and tried to get out of a two year contract they would never let me get away with it. They promise my monthly bill will be no higher than it should be for the term of the original contract. Our monthly bill goes out this week, so it should be interesting. I'm expecting to have to call them a few more times until the billing settles down. I suppose it's acceptable, but it just sounds like the billing system is causing them so much trouble. Why can't they fix it? I'm certainly not the only person having these troubles. The Verizon reps have all been polite and helpful and do their best, but it's sad to see they can't simply fix their billing system.


Updated 10/20/08. Surprise? Despite promises from Verizon that my bill would be no more than 141, this month they charged me for $168! Verizon is very good at appearing to care, but in fact they really don't want to fix it. Despite complaint to public utilities, e-mails to various Verizon executives, they are overcharging and we have to call every **** month and argue with them again and again. If there was a workable alternative I would dump them in a heartbeat. Comcast is available, but they are probably no better or worse.


11/11/08. Finally they have the billing straight. It only took from July to November, numerous phone calls, numerous e-mails, and not one but two complaints to Mass Departent of Telecommunications and Energy (public utilities). sheesh.


11/3/09. Billing has been correct for almost a year now. However, I'm running out of the 'introductory' price, so I don't know if it will go up soon. The connection continues to be stable, good speeds, and TV works well.


1/21/10. The HD SetTopBox died yesterday. It would go off, then come back on blank, then restart itself then work for a few minutes, then die again. Did live chat with Verizon Tech Support agent Eva in Texas. She sent a reset and all seemed well. Half an hour later it died again. Back to live chat and got Eva again and she said we'll just send you a new STB and you should receive it Friday. Received the new STB this morning (Thursday) and installed with no problem, used the web based self install page, entered the code and it ran for 10 mins or so and now all is well. The new STB is a little different, but works fine. Very happy with the Verizon Tech Support.


4/25/2010. Price increases have now raised the monthly bill to $ 165. It went up $18 in just one month. Unfortunately there was no new features or anything, just a higher rate and an invitation to log on to their site to look at new and exciting options (which of course are not free). I'd try to drop some options, but that would probably send me back to billing hell.


11/30/2010. We are receiving messages from Verizon saying that our 2 year contract is up and inviting us to renew it. While we're happy with FIOS, we also know that if we want to change anything while under contract it will be a terrible mess in billing so we will probably just leave it alone and not renew.


06/21/2011. Our router died; no lights at all. Called Verizon and spoke to support and they shipped a new router; no hassle and no difficulty. It arrived in 4 days, but to be fair we called on Friday afternoon amd it arrived the following Tuesday. Replaced the router and re-configured but didn't use the Verizon assistant since I'm on a Mac. The router has been fine since then.


09/21/2011. No issues since replacing the router. We're considering reviewing our account and options viz TV packages, but don't really want to go to the hassle.


04/23/2013. Bill shock today..Our monthly fee, in one month, went up $21. We've decided to cut some of the programming, but trying to do it via the Verizon web site is extremely difficult - they have huge web pages with large type and graphics and you can't view the whole page even on a 24" monitor. We were partly successful, but were not able to do everything we were trying to do. We had the Verizon chat person helping us, but we lost the connection to chat 3 times and the third time we got a different person who had no idea what was going on. We will have to try to call them tomorrow to fix it. I HATE having to call Verizon - it is a huge pain to reach the right people and then to get them to be willing to actually help us.


Updated 05/03/13..Downgraded to fewer channels and cut the movies out. We thought of upgrading the internet connection to 25 mb, but found out that's only available if you have a higher tier TV service. I think they don't want people to switch to watching tv via the net since they want people to pay high prices for TV. Also wondering how soon they will start capping the internet; they don't want people downloading movies from iTunes or Amazon Instant Video since that means they will not be buying pay per view movies from Verizon. They did move us up to 15 mb tier, but it's turning out to be very unstable. We have to reboot the router at least once a day. Maybe the old router just can't cope with the load?


Updated 01/26/2014.. FIOS internet and TV have gone downhill in recent months. The internet and TV will drop and the router shows no connection...Call support, nothing wrong on our end, they open trouble ticket, then a couple of hours later TV and internet are working again and they cancel the trouble ticket. They were saying "possibly construction"... on Sunday?? We lose internet for about 2-4 hours around once a week that we notice; it might be more, just could happen when we are not using it. Very annoying. We now have backup for the TV - an OTA antenna for the times when FIOS is dead. Phone still works though.

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Review by cchhat01 See Profile

  • Location: Elmhurst,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $51 per month
Good "Consistent speeds, speedtest are always fast, always on, 0 downtime"
Bad "none that i can think of at the moment"
Overall "get it if you can (afford it)!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Earthlink Cable ..
So I've had Verizon FIOS since Jun 2013. I only subscribe to their internet service as I am locked down to DISH Network for their TV package for a couple of years.

I have their 50/25 package and pay $49.99 per month. Recently, Verizon sneaked in a $1 fee and as such my bill has increased by a dollar but that's about it.

So far, we've had about 7 months of reliable service with ZERO downtime. I am really impressed. I previously had RCN Cable and was really frustrated with their peak-time slowdowns for nearly 6 months. Nothing was being done to fix these slowdowns and therefore, so I just pulled the trigger. I am paying a higher price (about $15/month more for introductory year) but the consistency of FIOS is the difference.

I've not really experienced any slowdowns. Speed tests are always consistently around the 58/38 Mbps range (added fluff).

I sometimes feel that there are peering issues slowdowns where certain sites load slowly at certain times in the day. And some sites I've noted are slower on FIOS than on cable (wikidevi.com for example). Not sure why. But overall I am satisfied. I am not sure I will continue service after the 1 year period as its simply not something I can afford to pay $80+ for 50/25 service. I will definitely try calling them around the 11 month mark and discuss continuing at the same rate for an additional year but I'm not holding my breath.

YouTube HD and Netflix SuperHD streams without any hiccups (so far).

Pre-sales: I'm rating this category as 3-star because of their "add-on-bogus-fee" tactics and here's why. I completed most of my pre-sales online and ultimately when it was time to select a date for installation, I decided to save the configuration and gave the sales team a call to see if there were any earlier dates available for install (sooner than the date available on their online calendar). They were accommodating and gave me an earlier date. Great. However, when I received an email confirming the install date, they added an install fee of $39.99 spread over 3 months. WTF? I called back and disputed it, clearly stating that this was wasn't present before. Their response was, we cannot remove this at the moment. However, after the install, they would credit me for the fee. Not happy with the response, I called again and tried speaking with another rep and again was told the same thing. I cancelled the order. Wasted a couple of days of time. Ultimately ordered FIOS completely online. No finagling with the billing etc by their reps. Everything was pretty smooth this time. Bottom line, If you can get the deals without calling customer care, ORDER ONLINE and save yourself from the low-balling of their sales team trying to sell you something you may not want. Of course, do this if you're well informed of what you want.

Install: Fantastic. The guy showed up very early (around 8AM). Was very courteous. I had a pre-wired FIOS installation from when we "tried" and cancelled before. I had also ran my own Shielded CAT5 cable from the ONT to my router. I told him I was not planning on using their router because of lack of 5GHz and the limited bandwidth on the 2.4Ghz Wifi. He was quite impressed with my WDS setup. He said that if I had wanted, he would have run a CAT5 cable himself (since I was getting JUST their internet services). Since all of the hard work was already done on a previous install, this was just a plug and play install for him and he was in-and-out in less than 20-25 minutes. Service was blazing fast since the first run.

Connection reliabilty: Has been rock solid (knock-on-wood) since install. Speed-tests are consistent. I have set up DSLR Smokepings several times and I barely see any packet loss through out my 14day smokeping. If your setup is in good shape, you will not have to worry about connectivity. THIS is why people want and go with FIOS. Because it is very consistent. No peak-time slowdowns (YET).

One odd thing that I have seen is that if I release and renew my IP through the router, there are about 10ms of discrepancies between the "Line Quality" test from lq2.dslreports.com based on the IP pool I am in and I have yet to determine the cause of this problem. So I wrote a script that releases-then-renews and checks pings to DSLR lq1 & lq2 until I am satisfied with the ping timings. If you have no idea what I am talking about, don't worry about it.

Tech Support: Its hard to rank them here because I have not needed to call them, EVER. But at a point in our previous usage of FIOS, we had to call them in for switching from COAX to CAT5 data on the ONT and they switched us over fairly quickly.

Value for money: I say this is the best thing you can get in my neighborhood. Sure Cable companies advertise similar speeds for less but in my experience, they dont come anywhere near FIOS. I don't have to deal with peak-time slowdowns. However it does become quite expensive after the first year so it is something for me to think about. I'll cross that bridge when I have to.

I will try to update my review whenever I get a chance to do so over the course of time.



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Quantum 500 is Amazing

I have a USA Office in Zip Code 11530 -- Long Island, New York. I am connected by Verizon (FIOS) Quantum.

I have consistent local speeds of 500-525/100-115 Mbps. On SpeedTest.Net, I connected to the SoftLayer DataCentre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I got a connection of 465 Mbps. inbound and uploaded at my full 100 Mbps. I need the speed to manage domestic and foreign dedicated servers.
I'm astounded. This is the very fastest Internet connectivity in North America that I have ever seen.
NYC Girl
Bronx, NY

1 edit


This is how they make their money. You sign up for one package with all kinds of discounts and when you get the comfirmation email there's a different price which has INCREASED.

I was thinking of switchjng back to optimum; HOWEVER, internet speed choices are either 15, 50 or 101. What Fios doesn't charge for optimum does, which makes up for the taxes optimum doesn't charge (20.00) from Fios.

They all suck and they know we need them.



Funny thing...

When I got FiOS 7 years ago (early 2007), it was cheaper than cable and way faster. Now speed is almost irrelevant and pricing is fairly equivalent. FiOS also used to be completely reliable with no issues in getting to any sites (Netflix etc.); now there are nothing but issues (not technical issues really, just Verizon being penurious). I've switched [back] to Comcast and getting the same speeds for half the price (promo, but still cheaper for the next 2 years). For the most part Comcast has been very reliable in my area--no worse than FiOS. (Frankly, all Verizon had to do to keep me as a customer was to not jack up my monthly fee by $8 [with no prior notice]. I guess they just really did not want my business.)

Review by altermatt See Profile

  • Location: White Plains,Westchester,NY
  • Cost: $100 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Fast, reliable, great bundle price that they renewed"
Bad "Must have landline to get decent bundle; surcharges; MANY billing errors at first; mail service spotty"
Overall "Great value; watch your bills."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Can't believe it's taken this long for me to post a review of my FIOS service. Switched from Verizon DSL two years ago. MAJOR billing issues for the first few month---a story that MANY users echoed at the time. But they seem to have gotten their act together about this, and I was lucky enough to "know someone who knows someone" and finally got things worked out. So much so that when my "introductory pricing" was up, a gentle nudge (and the fact that cable was offering a deal) got me a continuation of the pricing via a monthly discount.

The install went smoothly, with a fairly savvy installer who accommodated requests. The ONT was the new smaller size and went in a closet space and was done neatly. Quickly got my promised 20/5 (19.7/5.20) with little tweaking and no need to install any of their software. Service has been quite reliable. A recent email outage, though, repeated the old negative experience with Verizon tech support refusing to acknowledge an outage that is widely reported by users for quite a while.

The promised free trial of the DVR took three months of arguing to get; when I did, I was sure I'd return it after the free trial but loved it too much to give it up! The $150 gift card promotion took a while to receive, but did come in as promised and was most welcome.

The big caveat for new users is to WATCH YOUR BILLS. When I signed up, many users reported serious billing problems, and I was no exception, with discounts not applied, offers not fulfilled, extra erroneous charges showing up. Neighbors who have more recently gotten FIOS are reporting much less problem with this.

I wish I could get, instead of my Triple Play, a Double Play of TV and Internet without phone at the same discounted per-service price I'm paying now (comes out to about $34/each service) so I could just go to an unlimited wireless phone plan, but that isn't offered here AFAIK---only Internet and Phone, which seems counter-intuitive.

My other big gripe is the many surcharges and fees that are tacked on to FIOS bills that aren't on cable bills. VZ says they are charged gov't. fees as a telco that cable companies aren't charged, but to my mind, that's a cost of doing business and should be reflected in the advertised price.

Other than those nits, I love my FIOS service (as I loved my DSL service), am thrilled to avoid cable altogether, and would recommend it highly to others.

20/5 triple play, $95/mo. plus surcharges, fees and taxes, two STBs plus Home Media DVR (getting a partial rebate each month on that), Freedom Essentials with no extra premium channels, Actiontec RevE router.

LATER EDIT: System just nagged me to update, and reading over my original review, pretty much everything still holds: reliable service (fairly consistent 25/5, which was my tier when I signed up---for a while got "fluff" close to 30 but it's gone), billing issues now all resolved (fingers crossed), tech support still wanting, and with some of my promotional pricing expiring again, I'm concerned that if my "contact" is no longer around, I might be paying quite a bit more soon. I mentioned that I had a major hassle getting the free DVR trial, and that despite my doubts, I ended up hooked and paying for it at a good discount, which is expiring. I don't know how I lived without it ; it's addictive. They have recently nuked some channels; so far nothing critical to me (on the Extreme TV tier). And my annoyance with the surcharges and fees continues unabated---latest bill has a note that the notorious FUSF fee is undergoing changes and to watch for them---my guess is that ain't good news.

So all my kudos and caveats still pretty much apply. I'd still highly recommend FIOS over cable barring some incredible deal from cable.

UPDATE 10/2012: The last month or so has seen a serious decrease in mail performance, to the point of unusability, with little response until last night, when it seemed to get back to normal---time will tell. Also unhappy with price raises and channel changes, and both caller ID and caller ID on TV occasionally not working. But overall, still think this is a fabulous value compared to competition and continue to recommend FIOS to friends and family.

UPDATE 1/2014: About a year ago, I re-signed another contract with a complementary speed increase to 25/25 that usually works out to about 30/28. Service remains reliable and consistent, and I have stopped using the Verizon email so no more hassles there. Had to switch out STBs a few months ago, and that was (finally, after escalating) handled very well. Regular tech support remains awful; luckily, I have a "connection" in the rare cases I've needed help, and I've gotten very good discounts. HOWEVER, everything I hear indicates that Verizon no longer cares about retaining old customers---they continue to offer very good pricing (compared to cable in our market) for new users, but old users whose contracts are expiring are consistently reporting not only huge increases, but a total lack of flexibility in terms of "retention" discounts. If my experience in a few months, when my contract expires, reflects others, my bill with DOUBLE and I will finally, after being such a huge FIOS fan, jump ship for cable; they are offering very attractive new user pricing around here (same as FIOS offers to new customers). What a stupid business policy on Verizon's part.

I continue to recommend FIOS to new users, and would continue to use FIOS forever if I could keep my pricing (or with reasonable increases). The service itself is reliable and very functional. I do wish they would (as competitors have) allow you to DVR two shows and still watch a third. Phone service is reliable and fully functional.

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Review by cbrain See Profile

  • Location: Silver Spring,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Professional install on schedule, stable, low latency, great speed both ways"
Bad "Verizon bureaucracy, bad phone routing, more concerned with procedure than customer satisfaction."
Overall "Flawless connectivity since 03-2005, Verizon does things their own way."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

-------update 06-15-2012-----------

My FiOS service was flawless all year. I'm now on a month to month basis. I reviewed the past years charges at contract end. Around the second month Verizon billed about $110 extra. I called and was told this was for their router. Verizon agreed this was an error and credited all but the sales tax. It wasn't worth another call. Everything else was as expected.

If Verizon could fix their flawed and aggravating bureaucracy, they would really become a great company I would be happy to buy more services from.

-------update 04-03-2011-----------

Got a gentle nudge back to Verizon when they terminated their wholesale agreement with DSL Extreme. Looking forward to a long, uneventful relationship.

If we can do internet with less drama this time ... I may just need to add Verizon TV service for entertainment.

»Review of DSL EXTREME by cbrain

-------update 03-30-2010-----------

A friend has worked for Verizon over 20 years. For the past two years she's lived in fear of being let go and is sure she won’t make it to pension. She tells me Verizon has warehouses full of FiOS TV equipment they expected would be in customer homes by now. I wanted to get FiOS TV well over 3 years ago. Verizon handled my calls poorly, gave me so much vague and downright wrong information I decided to wait until they were more experienced. I still don’t have their TV, dropped their phone service in December ’08 and now get my FiOS internet through a reseller.

A company that provides such great internet service deserves our attention and consideration. I love my DirecTV with TiVo and the price is right, but, internet is more important to me. I’d rather spend that money with Verizon.

Why does Verizon make it so hard on its customers?

For 3 years I made repeated attempts to convert my account from PPPoE to DHCP. DHCP has been available to my neighborhood for over 3 years. All new FiOS users get DHCP and can’t order PPPoE. Senior Verizon techs confirmed this is technically simple but there is no official procedure to make this change. Twice Verizon accepted my order to make this change, but failed. When I dropped my land line I was down 3 days and the rep promised I would come back online DHCP. NOT! At any point I would have added TV and kept the phone line if Verizon gave me what I wanted and packaged the change to DHCP with a 1 year additional commitment.

When a customer doesn’t have a phone line, Verizon requires auto billing to a card. Around 60 days after canceling my land line, my internet died. Turned out they did not have my card on file. The rep turned my service back on without payment when I again gave my number and expiration date. I asked if Verizon would have accepted this service change before getting billing info. The rep said no. I was unable to pay the balance on the website but was told Verizon would catch up on the next billing cycle.

About 4 months later I realized no Verizon payments had billed. I could see my account online but it wouldn’t allow me to complete a payment. I tried to make a payment on the Verizon phone payment system. Did you know they add a fee to pay by phone. The phone company charging an extra fee to pay by phone … ironic. Turns out I was not able to pay because I did not have a phone number. They no longer accept payment at a local office. After several hours on the phone over 2 days Verizon was unable to take my payment. I mailed a check. I had now alerted Verizon to the fact I was now about 5 or 6 month overdue and feared they may cut service before my check processed. I made another call late in the afternoon. I called the FiOS toll free number, pressed all the right numbers and eventually reached a very competent rep … in the copper department. She made an extra effort and was able to explain why my payments did not go through. My card number and expiration were on file but no CVV code. Verizon won’t process a payment without one. She was unable to make the correction in the database because only FiOS reps can make changes. She noted my check payment. In all these calls and contacts over the next month, not a single rep made an effort to correctly enter my card information as required by Verizon. Inertia? I made my next payment through my banks electronic payment system. Only took minutes to set up.

Around June 20, I scheduled Verizon to terminate my account on July 31 unless they could switch me to DHCP. I got several calls from retention reps but all were unable to get it done. My online account showed several tickets opened and closed on July 4 but no change. In mid July a rep called me to complete my requested change. She said she would need to cancel my service then open a new account but should be able to do both hopefully within an hour. She completed the disconnect order, gave me a confirmation number then started the new order. She asked me to wait for that order number when my line went dead along with my internet.

Eventually, we discovered Verizon was unable to process the new order because I had a "final bill" that was never paid. I told Verizon this was my only account but they wouldn't accept that. Turns out Verizon established a new account number when I disconnected my land line. There were several transfers between accounts but they still showed a balance due. Verizon never mailed or emailed this bill and this account did not show on the online account page I could access. Because it was over 6 months old they couldn't give details. I offered to put the amount in dispute in escrow with Verizon while we figured all this out. Verizon refused. Lucky thing I didn't have cellular or TV bundled on this account!

I ordered FiOS through a Verizon reseller and service was back up in about a week ... on DHCP ... without an on site visit. My first reaction was to forget Verizon, but, as I cooled off I thought it better to resolve things. I found my bills for the problem period. When everything was finally settled, I got two checks from Verizon. One for each account.

My private label FiOS internet service is still flawless. I'm finally on DHCP and keep the same IP. My trash is filled weekly with multiple copies of colorful FiOS promotional material ... many individually addressed. I can no longer order Verizon TV while I'm with a re-seller, but I'm happy. Is Verizon well served?

»Review of DSL EXTREME by cbrain

»Can't get anyone to take my money!

»Anyone sucessfully switched from PPPoE to DHCP?

»[northeast] PPPoE to DHCP

-------update 06-24-2009-----------

I decided not to settle for what Verizon was willing to allow me and insist on getting what they provide new clients by default. I was unable to get such a concession and scheduled account termination for 7/31/2009.

-------update 06-20-2009-----------

Everyone at Verizon is courteous and completely comfortable not resolving whatever you call about. Even if you are trying to pay your bill when their auto billing isn't, and their website won't. They simply can not complete an electronic payment when the customer doesn't have a phone number even though their policy requires it. Verizon seems to have designed the system to require at least 2 people to complete any task. The problem starts with an IVR system unable to deliver incoming callers to the chosen place. It then appears there is no penalty for any rep not fixing a problem but they can be fired for taking corrective action.without following all the steps. The result being ... I love the service but not the company. I will most likely go back to Comcast for a few months then come back as a new Verizon customer so I get speeds and DHCP they give all new users but wont give a loyal 4+ year customer.

-------update 4-07-2008-----------

Still working. If you never need to speak with Verizon, it is a great service.

-------update 3-14-2007-----------

It just works ... and works well.

Verizon customer service is as bad as their service is good. I can now get FiOS video. I made several calls for information. After getting contradictory, inconsistent and downright incorrect information, I decided to wait until Verizon has more TV experience. The good news is, I have no need to call about my basic service.

----------3-15-05 ------------------------

Verizon FiOS Review - originally submitted 3-15-05 by email but there was not yet an ISP category for fiber.

Original review, 2 month update and real time questions. »FIOS - First 7 days reviewed

My FiOS connection has been flawless since my install 3-08-2005 except for 1 16 hour power outage. Up time, latency, stability and speed all great. BBR monitor shows 100% up time with very stable pings from all 3 monitors. All my logs look good. My IP changes every time I reboot my router but have never lost an IP between changes. When I test or make changes the connection comes right back up but with a new IP from a very large subnet (no setting a range to get access to IP secured servers). Port 80 incoming is blocked (Verizon confirmed) but seems to be the only one. The Verizon supplied D-Link DI-604 works well with both FIOS and Comcast Cable. My router/firewall connected instantly on a test and has been on FIOS since the first night. My Broadband reports monitor shows a steady Verizon ping that looks like a rectangle; about .10 + ms. lower than Comcast from all 3 locations. Comcast graphs looked like a pretty mountain range. The latency is a better plus than the speed in comparing this connection to Comcast.

Verizon DNS works and is fast. Nice to know DNS can be an always on service. I set up 3 email accounts online. Simple procedure, names must be a minimum of 6 characters and the system gives the option for alias. I don't know how this affects your total accounts. The email accounts worked with Outlook and Verizon web mail immediately. I never really started using Verizon email because I have other options and Verizon firewall rules block some incoming mail, including Broadband Reports, without notice. This mail just disappears and Verizon support was unable to unblock my requested domains or IP's. Newsgroups work well, no limits and are fast.

Support: Support is enthusiastic and attentive but disorganized. Verizon provides a special FiOS number but the call routing has failed on all 3 of my attempts, the last in October for a DHCP question. My first call got routed to a rep that could not handle calls from my state. My second call failed the auto routing but I spoke to a friendly rep that didn't have an answer.

This hasn't been an issue because the service works so well I have never needed to make a problem call. Bottom line; what better review could I can give any support program!

Ordering: Seinfield could do a show about my attempts to order FIOS from Verizon humans. After 4 days I gave up and started a web order for an un-needed phone line. I was offered FIOS, chose a number, passed credit and set the install date online. I hadn't had a land line in over 2 years. Verizon policy allows FIOS without phone service but seems unable to deal with such primitive customers.

Installation: Verizon confirmed the install. The week before outside techs ran fiber to the entry point and removed the copper. Two friendly professional techs showed up on time and did a great job. They offered but did not make me use Verizon software. Set up a username & password. They left the software and instruction and would have stayed to help me if necessary.

Router: Works. Easy to set up and change. Has several features including port forwarding, dynamic DNS, filters and firewall. Port forwarding works well. The Verizon D-Link has predefined rules for commonly used ports. You need only enable the port and set the internal IP. The D-Link writes the port forward and a firewall rule. I'll continue to use my own router because of QOS and traffic shaping.

Cost: about $55/month including a limited phone line.

After my install I moved my workstations and server to the Verizon Wan. I then turned off my old routers DHCP, changed the internal IP and added my Comcast connection to this LAN. I could then configure workstations to use either gateway (Verizon or Comcast) or DNS to access the internet. This way I could have workstations on either Comcast or Verizon and route workstations out one connection and back the other. I shifted the connections between routers 2 times. Everything worked well and both routers worked as expected. Both connections were good but I kept Verizon.

FiOS would be the perfect residential service if Verizon offered a static IP. DHCP with a stable IP could be a good alternative. My reason for this is because many networks I access use IP authentication.

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The best part about FiOS IS the TV. Try it out. Maybe you can qualify for the free DVR and free standard box.

Review by Xanax2mg See Profile

  • Location: Garden City,Nassau,NY
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $300 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Best provider I have ever been privileged to use. Phone bundled, too."
Overall "If you have the bucks, go for it!!!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

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