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Six Month Rating

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Review by guppy_fish See Profile

  • Location: Lakeland,Polk,FL
  • Cost: $149 per month (24 month contract)
Good "6 years and counting, no issues"
Bad "Don't have anything bad to say"
Overall "Good service, great internet , if you want cheap, go somewhere else and complain"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Update 03/17/2014

Nothing new, just works, flawless internet and TV performance and quality

Might drop the TV to locals only and ditch the DVR this year ...

Update 06/12/2013

Like the energizer, just keeps going. Best service available, period!

Isn't the cheapest, I also don't drive a Yugo, very good value for the cost.

Currently have 75/35 Quantum, best internet one can get.

Update 11/30/2011

Pretty boring, no issues, have the new image 1.9 and it works fine, when I renewed I went to Fios Digital Voice, it only saves 3.50 but one gets a tone of features most VOIP providers have.

Phone, TV, internet all work great ... what else could one expect from a provider? oh I know there is a forum full of never to be happy people that will knit pick things to death, for everyone else, Fios is a great service

Update 12/4/2009

Nothing New, Flawless still, very happy customer. Waiting for FDV ( Fios Digital Voice ) to roll out for Florida and Quad Play discounts that the Northeast gets, but this will just be icing on the cake.

Update 8/29/2009

Flawless performance since last update. Verizon has come thru on all promotions, The VISA card came right on time and billing is correct even though I upgraded to the 25/15 tier for a 10 dollar increase over the 20/5 tier. Everything is working great, no issues or concerns

Update 5/27/2009

Well I signed up for Video, It was really hard call to leave DTV and pay the penalty for breaking my 2 year contract, I read daily the Fios TV forum and if you go by what is posted there its a scary thought to make the move.

The tech showed up on time, he let me do everything how I wanted as I am on Ethernet, he gave me a new westel router and I configured it to be behind the dlink 655 I use for the primary router. Total install for Video change over ( one DVR ) was about 30 minutes.

Had and issue with VOD and premium channels, Verizon keep escalating internally and each time Verizon called me with the status, at the end of the day it was fixed and we are very happy with the service. The DVR disk is small but with the VOD its almost pointless to record stuff as most content is available using VOD.

Only wish is that the guide was HD width, hear that is coming latter this year. Overall, we are happy with the switch and discounts and signup bonus will cover the DTV ETF fees

Update 3/8/2009

Things have been smooth, I signed up for the double play, billing finally got the some of the credits promised and service has been solid. I watch the FIOS TV forum as see there is progress there but for now I'm staying with just phone/internet. I have increased my rating on connection reliability as the service has had no interruptions in almost 3 months.

I'm using a DIR655 for the router now, mostly for 1G lan networking, nice to be on Enet as I can switch routers as I choose.

Update 12/15/2008

Well, all the promised credits never appeared, worse the contacts at Tampa office have all be reorganized and the people that promised the credits are no longer in charge. I have tried for 3 weeks to get things resolved, I did manage to get a partial credit but it no longer makes sense to have 20/20 as except for large torrents, no place on the net , including online backup services do not support 20mb upload speeds

I have gone back to the 20/5 and phone bundle.

Also, last two days , service has gone out twice and down for 5-6 hours ( internet and phone ) and had to call 6 times to get things resolved ( 3 hours on cell phone ), the first level techs are pleasant, but literally can't do anything, including putting in trouble tickets or even getting a network tech involved without a managers approval.

The problems were all CO related as my neighbors were also out.

The 3 year wait for FIOS is now the reality a fast local internet to a slow national INTERNET, billing which has three different departments,which one of ALWAYS turn down credits over 50 bucks

When a customer of Brighthouse I always got billing resolved with one call, when they go DOCIS 3.0 I'll look into dumping FIOS, Verizon is totally out of control on the support and billing and now with two outages, I'll never get the TV service, as at least I still have TV with DTV when FIOS was down on Sunday

Update 11/15/2008

Service has been flawless. Thanks to Karl, I am on the 20/20 service now, I'm not in a bundle but due to the BBR and Karl, I'm getting credits so in effect I am getting a bundle discount.

Still using my own WRT54G and again the installation tech was great, my neighbor now has FIOS and did a similar install

One things I notice is the speed tests are useless for testing upload. I have no issue getting my rated speed using torrents and using Verizon speed test. but the fact is the Net is NOT wired for 20mbs upload from residential accounts.

Verizon has been easy to work with, again thanks to Karl, I have the local contacts and they have been fantastic in two minor billing issues ( getting charged for activation but came from DSL ) and the package change.

I'll keep milking the DTV thing until I won't get dinged canceling, currently I just call up to cancel and they keep giving me credits to stay and free movies, probably next year when the FIOS video issues are all address, I'll go triple or even quad play when Verizon finishes on buying Alltel, my current cell provider

Original Post:

Well today I got FIOS, 20/5 package and The Freedom Phone Package. I decided to wait on the triple play as I have monitored the BBR FIOS forums since day one and the Video issues still have problems ( mostly DVR issues ). I'm also under DTV contract and am happy with the service so I'll wait it out and then NOT have to give DTV 400 bucks to switch

The Tech was great!, On time, professional and installed exactly where I wanted it and we used my WRT54G as the router, never even took the Actiontech out the box. No issues, worked first try, my 3 year wait is over and couldn't be more pleased!

member for 10.3 years, 4978 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 32 days ago


Review by jackintosh11 See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost: $180 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 18 days
Good "Reliable, fast, great price."
Bad "No data usage info, not available in all areas."
Overall "Get it if you can"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

I ordered 75/35 internet, voice, and TV Extreme. The price is $180 a month with a HD box and a multiroom DVR, and includes a $250 gift card, and requires a 2 year contract. The order process was very simple over the phone. The installer arrived at around 9 AM of an 8 AM to 12 PM window. He left at about 2:30. It took about 3 hours to run the fiber cables and install the Optical Network Terminal. However, I live in a house where the lines loop around through a neighbor's backyard before coming to my backyard, so this process might be shorter depending on where you live. After the ONT was installed, the installer had to go to the neighborhoods fiber distribution hub to activate the line. When he got back, I went and set up the router while the installer prepared the cable boxes. The phone worked as soon as the line was activated. One of the TV boxes got messed up during a firmware update, and needed to be replaced. Fortunately, the installer had extras of every piece of equipment for this purpose. The TVs didn't take long to set up. The internet connection needed to be activated, and the activation was very quick. I highly recommend using your own wifi network if you have N wifi or better. If you use your own router, you may need to change it to use bridge mode or DHCP with addresses other than 192.168.x.x. The internet speeds are great, the quality of the TV is great, the voice line is nothing special, but the voicemail can be accessed online. The TV boxes are made by Cisco, the router is made by Actiontec, and the ONT is made by Alcatel-Lucent. I didn't order a backup battery but they gave me one for free. If you get internet speeds greater than 100 mbps, an ethernet line will most likely be used to connect your router to the ONT. Anything less, a coax connection will be used if it exists. If you have old or low quality coax lines, you might need to get those replaced.

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lodged 34 days ago


Broomall, PA

Too much!

Why would anyone pay that much money for that. You need to go to Comcast.

Review by somebodeez See Profile

  • Location: here
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
Good "100% Fiber Optic Connection, wonderful speeds, No monthly caps"
Bad "Keep an eye out on your billing"
Overall "Haven't looked back since switching from Comcast"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

The very moment I was aware that the service was available in my area, I ditched Comcast and switched to Fios. That was 2006 and so far to this day (March 2014) I've been very happy

member for 12.5 years, 5855 visits, last login: 14 days ago
updated 36 days ago


Review by HarleyYac See Profile

  • Location: Allendale,Bergen,NJ
  • Cost: $190 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Speed ,Pings (Single digits),Gaming, streaming,"
Bad "they out priced themselves "
Overall "Simply the best solution to date "
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Still the Best but has out priced itself in my House hold. We stream more than anything for Video, Premium channels are really not watched that much.. we went BACK to CV based on cost and Internet speed 101/25.. very good

member for 12.5 years, 4800 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 36 days ago


Review by rexbinary See Profile

  • Location: Plano,Collin,TX
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Fast, low latency, more bandwidth for a better price then any competitor"
Bad "None at all"
Overall "Better then any Cable or DSL connection hands down"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had FiOS installed since 8/1/05 and to date I have had no problems or issues with it at all. I have the 15MB down and 2MB up package.

The install took about seven hours as they had a little trouble going under the driveway with the fiber, other then that the install went smooth. They supplied a D-Link Router, but I am using an Apple AirPort Extreme router instead.

I am getting a little over the installed speeds both up and down. Gaming is very nice, on many first person shooter servers my ping is 3 or lower. I have been accused of being an admin on gaming severs because of my ping.

I am very happy with FiOS and I would recommend it to anyone that has access to it.

UPDATE 10/8/06:

After having FiOS for over one year now, I am still just as happy with the service. I have experienced no losses of service, other then one brief scheduled maintenance that was in the middle of the night during the week. I have lost power twice since FiOS was installed, and my telephone still functioned as advertised, no problem. FiOS is unmatched by any other service provider in my area.

The service uses PPPoE. Some people tend to consider this a negative, as in theory the PPPoE induces overhead to your connection causing it to be slower then say a DHCP connection. I am consistently getting my full 15MB/2MB speeds as advertised, and my latency is extremely low. Rumor has it that at some point my connection will be converted from PPPoE to DHCP, I will update my review then with any differences or lack of differences at that time if/when I am converted to DHCP.

UPDATE 8/29/07:

My service is still stellar. No outages or trouble to report, technical or billing. Still getting full speeds and low latency. No throttling or bandwidth shaping that I have detected. I am still on PPPoE, and the last I heard they decided not to convert original customers to DHCP as it was just unnecessary work and cost. I have no complaints about that at all, as it has caused me no grief of any kind. I simply cannot express how happy I am with my FiOS service.

UPDATE 4/15/08

I upgraded to the 15/15 service on 11/26/07 which costs me $59.99 a month. The service is still outstanding, and I would never purchase DSL or Cable again by choice. Still no outages to report since 8/1/05.

UPDATE 10/19/08

Everything is still working perfectly. Still running 15/15 package with my Apple AirPort router. No outages to report. To say I am pleased with the service would be an understatement.

UPDATE 8/10/09

I have upgraded to the 25/15 package. Everything is still working great and no outages to report. But on this upgrade, I having a hard time reaching my maximum bandwidth. I have called Verizon twice to verify I am provisioned correctly and I have also ran the FiOS Optimizer under their favorite operating system Windows. I am still investigating if it is an issue on my end, and I will report my results.

UPDATE 9/12/09

Lightning Strike! Sounded like a bomb went off in my backyard. Took out all the FiOS equipment plus my router, two switches, and the Ethernet port in two of my desktop PCs.

I called Verizon Friday night. They quickly concluded I would need service and scheduled a technician for Sunday morning. To my surprise the technician arrived about 7pm Saturday night. I was very pleased.

The technician said my FiOS equipment was five generations old and replaced all of it including the battery. It took him about an hour to complete the work. I replaced my old router with an Apple Time Capsule 1TB, and I replaced my old switches with Cisco 5-port 1GB switches.

I am now getting my full 25/15 speeds. I do not know what corrected the issue but it could be one of three things.

1) The ONT had never been reset since it was installed in 2005. Maybe if I had reset it, which I planned on trying, could have possibly corrected my speed issue.
2) My five generations old FiOS equipment was replaced with current equipment. Maybe my old FiOS equipment just couldn't handle those speeds.
3) My router was replaced with a much more current router. Maybe my old router couldn't handle those speeds.

It could be a combination of 2 and 3 as well. Either way, Verizon's service was outstanding. Not only am I back up and running quickly, but I am now getting my full speed.

UPDATE 3/30/10

Everything has been still working very well for the most part, but I have had three outages since all my equipment has been upgraded. That is more outages then I have had since I have had the service installed before the equipment upgrade.

All three required a call to Verizon to reset the ONT, and one call required the ONT and the dataport itself to be reset. All three times phone service was unaffected. I will ask them to investigate if I have any more issues with connectivity.

UPDATE 10/13/10

I've experienced a couple of disconnects since my last update that required recycling the ONT, but they have become rare now. I believe the newer equipment I received after the lighting strike is just not as good as my old equipment. Regardless, I am still very happy with the service. I am still getting consistent speeds and low latency.

UPDATE 5/11/11

Service is still superb. Still receiving my full speeds with no throttling or slow downs, and the same great low latency. I have still had one or two disconnects since my last update. I am convinced my current revision of ONT is just not as reliable as what I had the first few years of service. Still, I have not even considered looking at alternatives. Go FiOS Go!

UPDATE 11/17/11

Happy Thanksgiving! My FiOS is still running great. No disconnects or issues to report. Still great speedy service. No equipment changes to report. Sorry this update is so boring, but a boring update means great service in this case.

UPDATE 6/2/12

Summer time is almost here, but my FiOS is still delivering awesome speed without breaking a sweat. No outages, disconnects, or issues to report since my last update. I am still on the 25/15 tier and still getting full speed. Rumor has it new speed tiers will soon be available. I will post an update if I change tiers to let you know how it goes. As usual, I still highly recommend FiOS!

UPDATE 1/27/13

This is going to be a rather boring update, but in this case boring is good! No issues to report since my last update. No outages, no slowdowns, just great service! I have been lazy and have not yet called in to have my speed upgraded to one of the new tiers. I will make another update once I do that an let you all know how it goes!

UPDATE 7/12/13

I finally got around to upgrading my service. I went from 25Mbps/15Mbps to 75Mbps/35Mbps for $5 more a month than what I was already paying. Had I opted for 50Mbps/25Mbps it would have been the same price. I just couldn't pass up 75Mbps/35Mbps for only an extra $5 a month.

It took them a day or so to upgrade my speed. I ran Verizon's Broadband Speed Test which can be found here:


My results: 83.79 Mbps Down and 38.39 Mbps Up

As you can see I'm getting a little 'fluff' in there with some extra speed.

No issues or outages to report at this time. I am still very happy with my service!

UPDATE 3/12/14

Another boring update.

No issues or outages to report. My FiOS just keeps chugging along.

I am looking at finally adding FiOS TV to my account. I am nervous about adding it as I have had such good luck with my service, but the show must go on! I will update with the details and the results of adding FiOS TV service once it occurs. I plan to have them retain my legacy 10Base-T install. We'll see how that goes...

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Ashburn, VA

Thanks for the updates

Nice to know things are still great 6 years down the road.

I'm 1 week in as a new customer. Still loving the 150/35 (155/50 actual)



5 to 7 megs

Your review is very helpful, When I called for Fios, inet only, the agent tried very hard to close me on the first call, but i wanted to research it more. He told me I can get five to seven megs for about $55 a month. But the guy said they have no other options to upgrade the speed. That is my only choice.

Seems fishy to me.

Plano, TX

Not happy in Plano

Very unhappy today, both voice and data have been down 14 hrs+ so far ...have received two estimates for neiborhood issue to get resolved and both not met. (even received an automated voicemail 8 hrs ago indicating incorrectly issue had been resolved. What if I had to make a 911 call from fios data line?

Have received conflicting information from my 3 calls to customer support. Hope resolved soon

Review by artofkicking See Profile

  • Location: Chesapeake,Chesapeake City,VA
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "nothing"
Bad "Expensive, incorrect speeds (several tests), HD issues"
Overall "Switching to Cox...wish me luck..will post"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Constantly having problems and getting through to customer service takes forever...a good sign I am not alone. Many HD channels play like satellite in a storm...very lots of static and artifacts. They recommended a specific speed test which does reflect the internet speeds they advertise, but upon using other tests I think the recommended one is wrong as it is the ONLY one that reflects the advertised speeds. I had Cox before and there speeds were reflected in all tests. I am going back to Cox at 100/25 mbit.

member for 2.8 years, 5 visits, last login: 48 days ago
updated 48 days ago


·Verizon FiOS


your probobaly used speedtest.net and that server couldn't handle the speeds.

I've had that problem with Optimum Online server and still it doesnt always reach my 75/35 speeds.

They were right to use verizon speedtest to make sure you do get your speed.



Re: vz

I agree that their customer service line is abysmal. The automation takes forever to get through to a human. You have to walk through all the troubleshooting tips eveery time you call.
But other than that my speeds are always above the 25/25 I pay for. TV has no glitches, phone is clear and internet streaming of netfix and gaming is flawless.

Downingtown, PA

Not to split hairs

But you would not get static or snow on Fios. It's impossible. Degradation would be pixelation and 99% of the time is based on a poor moca signal due to a bad splitter or bad coax. Either way, if the tech would have used the correct tools and did a proper install you likely wouldn't have had these issues.



Re: Not to split hairs

Not for ME to split hairs, but you are misinformed. Video pixilation is due to bad RF signals, not Moca. Moca carries their internet, on-demand, mrdvr video, etc not the regular video.

Review by dave See Profile

  • Location: Littleton,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $130 per month (12 month contract)
Good "It's fast and it's here"
Bad "Complicated billing system"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)


No real review yet. I've been using Verizon DSL since it was Bell Atlantic DSL in 2000; I started at 640/90 kbps and ended with 1500/384 kbps. I've been awaiting FiOS since it was announced, but although it was in my town, it took 5 years to reach my neighborhood (underground utilities!).

But today my FiOS installation was completed. I've subscribed to the so-called Triple Play package (phone/TV/network), which seems like it'll work out a little cheaper than my previous complicated household communication arrangements(Verizon local service on 2 lines, AT+T long distance + international, Comcast for TV, Verizon DSL).

But of course billing is so complicated that I can't be too sure until I actually get billed.

My particular moan is that I have the 'Extreme HD plus premium channels' package (the 'best' triple play) but getting a statement of what those premium channels are is kind of difficult. It doesn't map exactly to any category you can find on the online channel listing. It's not HBO for sure. It includes Showtime but not Encore. What's the logic here? At least structure the channel listing so I can see it!

But this is a network forum. Nominal speed is 25M/15M. Initial tests show around 20/10.

Ordering and installation couldn't have been smoother. The tech was knowledgable and efficient, and quite happy to pitch the conversation at the right level (me = network competent but FiOS ignorant). He was in and out in rather less than the projected time.

Switching the internal house network from DSL to FiOS was no problem at all. For half a day I was running the two in parallel (two phone lines, remember) and then simply moved the internal LAN from one to the other without problem.

One minor glitch: once I was happy that FiOS was working, I called to have my DSL service discontinued. "I'm using the same mailboxes through FiOS so please make sure they're not disabled". "No problem". 5 minutes later, guess what? No mailboxes. I called tech support and they said it'd take 'em 24 hours to fix; I insisted that since it only took 5 mins to screw me over, unscrewing me shouldn't take much longer. I got an expedited request and was back emailing within an hour.

But apart from that one problem, it's been painless.


Still pretty happy, one year later. Now all the introductory offers have evaporated, my actual bill is $195/mo. for the Triple Play deal, with HBO/Cinemax/Showtime, 25/15 Mbps internet, 300 minute/month international dialing plan, and including every last nickel-and-dime add-on fee (oh for straightforward pricing, rather than this "put one over on the people who pay us" horseshit). Pricey, but about $50 less than what I was paying for the total household telecomms bill beforehand.


I'm getting pissed off with all this horseshit about Netflix. I pay Verizon money so I can use the internet and internet services. I expect them to use the money I give them to provision their network to carry the traffic I want to receive.

The bottom line is that I think broadband companies have a conflict of interest between being suppliers of network access and being content providers. Common-carrier regulations should apply.

member for 13.9 years, 7502 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 50 days ago



·Verizon FiOS


You can be upset about Netflix all you want, but not even Netflix agrees entirely with you as they just made a huge deal with Comcast.

Netflix accounts for what? 50% + of all internet traffic, and only the last mile providers should be responsible for that cost? They are now talking about 4K video requiring 15mbps MINIMUM, and again, people like you believe its only up to the last mile providers to bend over backwards for Netflix? lets get real.

I wouldnt worry too much, Netflix is likely to make this type of deal with every major ISP, including Verizon.

Chicka chicka yeah
Fairbanks, AK

Re: responsibility

Disagree. Netflix pays their peering providers for the transit bandwidth they need to serve their customers. Broadband customers pay their carriers for the bandwidth they need. The carriers should ultimately be responsible to serve the speeds customers are paying for regardless of what online service is demanding that bandwidth. Plain and simple.
Tube surfin' at 100Mbps/5Mbps



Re: responsibility

Yes, and this debate can go on forever, yet Netflix is paying the cash. Oh well for that.

Review by penske1 See Profile

  • Location: Mohegan Lake,Westchester,NY
  • Cost: $102 per month (48 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Fast for everything except Netflix"
Bad "Terrible Netflix performance, duplicate account/double billing issue, outages"
Overall "In my experience, Fios does not live up to the great reviews"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Got the triple play:

50/25 Internet
Select HD TV
Digital Voice Unlimited

Service has been good and internet is fast, but Netflix performance is "mysteriously" bad. Terrible unwatchable quality between 3pm and midnight. I'm considering switching to Optimum because they have no issues delivering Netflix content.

TV video quality is decent, but pixelates during intense motion or confetti scenes like everyone else. The HD DVR only records 2 programs at a time, however, which is pathetic. After having experience with U-Verse, Dish Network, and Charter, I didn't realize anyone still made 2-tuner DVRs.

Voice was basically a freebie because of the bundle. Voice quality is good. I like that it uses my existing phone wiring and phones. No IP phones are required.

I wish I had known about the Netflix fiasco before I signed up. Hearing that Verizon is opposed to net neutrality is also very disappointing. I don't good financially supporting this company.

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updated 52 days ago


Trapped Cust


Verizon Fios

The average cost is not 89/month for bundle that is the fish and bait costs. Once you are a customer they creep the price up every signing and it is impossible to even get 25% close to the sign up cost. It is a monopoly price hike to the max. There is alot of hype in the advertisement and this company continuously gets away with misrepresentation in marketing......
NYC Girl
Bronx, NY

Re: Verizon Fios

YES, they do sneak in charges and do a bait and switch on pricing once you get the confirmation email for your order. How do they get away with this. And if you switch to optimum pricing is the same as optimum charges for stuff verizon doesn't which makes up for the lower price points in optimum.

Pittsburgh, PA

30-Day money back guarantee

My suggestion to you would be to take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee that you _should_ have before it's too late.

Edit: Sorry, I was going by the update date. I just noticed the dates of the other two comments.


·Verizon FiOS


There are 6 tuner DVR's coming in the next few months.

Any "pixelating" during "intense" motion is not the FiOS service, I have never experienced such a thing on any of my 3 HDTV's. Go into your settings and switch to 1080i / 720p and see if that helps.

Review by sonofsmog See Profile

  • Location: Ontario,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $195 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Faster than advertised, and that's FAST."
Bad "Top tier sports channels require HD Ultimate package (i.e. TWC Sportsnet)"
Overall "Pricey, but not as much if you don't need HD sports (NFL, Redzone, ESPN, etc)"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have had Verizon FIOS since before they even had a cable franchise agreement in my city, (Ontario, California.) since 2005. The service has always been the fastest and made me the envy of everyone who is unable to get it. The bottom line is until recently I wouldn't even consider moving anywhere without FIOS. It's just that fast. Now I could maybe live someplace with Google fiber, but that's about it. Once you go big you can never go back.

member for 10.6 years, 64 visits, last login: 32 days ago
lodged 64 days ago


Review by ocjosh See Profile

  • Location: Santa Fe Springs,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $110 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "My replacement of Clearwire due to Sprint's soon to kill it in an year or two"
Bad "super slow wifi G router, slow connections to overseas, Price not cheap, monopoly in the zone, no DSL replacement at all"
Overall "I was going to order TWC but their upload and modem fee... never mind."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Clear Wireless
10/24/2013 ordered 11/29/2013 installation done

I was very happy with clearwire home service ($60 take two plan, that's $30 for my line) with rooftop antenna, not till sprint took over-- slower (6-7 Mbps from original 15 Mbps+) and lack of maintaining the network (network frozen several time after merge with Sprint). New clearwire boss put a speed limits on all online video streaming that also apply to my clear 4G service. They are lacking of promises to upgrade or maintain the exist Clear customers. I have to look outside the box before my limited choices price goes up in my zone (Los Angeles market). My zone there is no copper service, so DSL Extreme or Sonic Fusion is not available that I verified with Nick from DSL extreme. That leaves me with TWC or FIOS left, but TWC's 50Mbps won't upgrade to 100 Mbps in my market anytime soon, plus, with TWC 1 Mbps upload and modem fee, forget it. Those $69 plus modem fee and slow upload, I passed TWC since I have Verizon FIOS in the area.

So I looked into Verizon FIOS instead. $89 first year $99 second, select TV, 50/35 Mbps and Digital voice to qualify the $300 card, $10 work discount, $12 HD STB fee, $99 upgrade-able to wifi N modem (I didn't go with it). But first bill after tax is $110+ that has free installation, free activation. Their billing sucks, the tax is near $8 only but $89+tax$8+HD STB$12-corp discount$10=$110?? They just won't honor their deal of $89 from their billing. Be aware of that.

I don't watch TV at all due to Verizon's great and competitive Select Pack and triple-play is lower than internet only plan after promotion, so I returned the box after a week. That took me a while to return it that I have to talk to retention for 2 days to work this out. I don't need their voice either because I used my VOIP. I ordered triple play is due to work discount and $300 as well as their 50/35 alone costs more than triple play with discounts.

I moved from Asia where internet is a lot cheaper and faster, so my review is ummm....pricy for my speed and slow global network. Verizon's connect is so bad connected to overseas. Only their domestic connection is upto claimed speed.


Verizon hasn't been able to provide the bills so far and 3 months in a row. They haven't honored even $89.99 first year yet, no corp discount, only partially discount $10 from full price. I haven't seen the $300 gift card or Bank of America promotion.

Call billing ending up with a rep with attitudes. Wow, this is monopoly business, take it or leave it style. Buyers be aware. Those the rep on the phone claimed fixed the issue, but this is the third month I have to call in for closer amount. They still didn't honor $89.99 first year yet.

The speed to overseas is still s-l-o-w... Only daytime (I am away to work) the connection is better than evening to night. But decent domestic connections besides Netflix or Viki that I cancelled Netflix in the end.

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sucky select pack? You chose it didnt you? There are 3 other tiers, prime extreme and ultimate. To go to prime is just $10 a month difference.

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Let me modify it to Verizon's great and competitive Select Pack for the world.
Maybe you didn't read well why select triple play sucks. I don't need TV or phone, but their triple play is cheaper than internet alone after discounts they put up. That's make it sucky! You have to pay for everything you don't need because it's monopolized market, no much cheaper choice here.



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So you dont watch TV but complain about the TV package? U know u can just return the HD box if ur not using it and that will be -$12 on ur bill. Want the basic chs and have a digital ready TV U still get that, but since u just wanted the internet I suspect u watch everything online like a lot of ppl. U dont need there voice either you say "$69.99/mo
for 1 yr. plus taxes, fees & equip. charges. Does not include sports channels. Offer & pricing details" right on there site. I cant get them so I cant see any other prices (says not aval at my address) BUT im sure data alone cant cost anymore then that.

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triple play: $89-corp discount $10-Gift card$300/24-bank of america$100/24=$62.34/month then $72.34 2nd year
double play: $89-corp discount $5=$85/month and $95 2nd year
FIOS internet only: $59=$59/month and $79 2nd year

From above list for speed , triple play seems to be cheaper than internet only plan that I might get more and actually pay less 2nd year. I calculated this way as a regular consumer to get the most out of my pocket. I lived as one of cut-cord folks for years. If the internet only price is not so steep, I would have avoided the doubts.