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Review by ocjosh See Profile

  • Location: Santa Fe Springs,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $110 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "My replacement of Clearwire due to Sprint's soon to kill it in an year or two"
Bad "super slow wifi G router, slow connections to overseas, Price not cheap, monopoly in the zone, no DSL replacement at all"
Overall "I was going to order TWC but their upload and modem fee... never mind."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Clear Wireless
10/24/2013 ordered 11/29/2013 installation done

I was very happy with clearwire home service ($60 take two plan, that's $30 for my line) with rooftop antenna, not till sprint took over-- slower (6-7 Mbps from original 15 Mbps+) and lack of maintaining the network (network frozen several time after merge with Sprint). New clearwire boss put a speed limits on all online video streaming that also apply to my clear 4G service. They are lacking of promises to upgrade or maintain the exist Clear customers. I have to look outside the box before my limited choices price goes up in my zone (Los Angeles market). My zone there is no copper service, so DSL Extreme or Sonic Fusion is not available that I verified with Nick from DSL extreme. That leaves me with TWC or FIOS left, but TWC's 50Mbps won't upgrade to 100 Mbps in my market anytime soon, plus, with TWC 1 Mbps upload and modem fee, forget it. Those $69 plus modem fee and slow upload, I passed TWC since I have Verizon FIOS in the area.

So I looked into Verizon FIOS instead. $89 first year $99 second, select TV, 50/35 Mbps and Digital voice to qualify the $300 card, $10 work discount, $12 HD STB fee, $99 upgrade-able to wifi N modem (I didn't go with it). But first bill after tax is $110+ that has free installation, free activation. Their billing sucks, the tax is near $8 only but $89+tax$8+HD STB$12-corp discount$10=$110?? They just won't honor their deal of $89 from their billing. Be aware of that.

I don't watch TV at all due to Verizon's great and competitive Select Pack and triple-play is lower than internet only plan after promotion, so I returned the box after a week. That took me a while to return it that I have to talk to retention for 2 days to work this out. I don't need their voice either because I used my VOIP. I ordered triple play is due to work discount and $300 as well as their 50/35 alone costs more than triple play with discounts.

I moved from Asia where internet is a lot cheaper and faster, so my review is ummm....pricy for my speed and slow global network. Verizon's connect is so bad connected to overseas. Only their domestic connection is upto claimed speed.


Verizon hasn't been able to provide the right bills so far and 3 months in a row. They haven't honored even $89.99 first year yet, no corp discount, only partially discount $10 from full price. I haven't seen the $300 gift card or Bank of America promotion.

Call billing ending up with a rep with attitudes. Wow, this is monopoly business, take it or leave it style. Buyers be aware. Those the rep on the phone claimed fixed the issue, but this is the third month I have to call in for closer amount. They still didn't honor $89.99 first year yet.

The speed to overseas is still s-l-o-w... Only daytime (I am away to work) the connection is better than evening to night. But decent domestic connections besides Netflix or Viki that I cancelled Netflix in the end.

sometime around worldcup 2014

We increased to 75/35 speed with higher charge to bundle Prime HD package for World cup, then got upgraded to 75/75 from Verizon weeks after. YouTube is stuck evening to night time as always.

Speed to local Los Angeles servers not always can reach the advertised speed, not to mention out of town speed, just half or less. Although one of LA server can deliver 10% over than 75/75 to 84/90 kind of speed, but it's still from time to time.

The issues were pretty bad when worked from home day time. Call reps and told a lot of non sense such as third party hardware not be able to reach the advertise speed or if we were using smartphone or it has to be wired lines reboot or reset so many times.

I only do one smart TV or one desktop at one time. They just can't deliver the speed.

Verizon charged more than Google Fiber's 1G speed but can't deliver quality network, not even local, state cities or domestic major cities at advertised speed. Shame on Verizon, charged us premiums with lousy network but claim fiber. They should say fiber service on old and narrow network who can't even run YouTube clips well so many times so far. How is that, Verizon?

11/25/2014 to 1/12/2015

Speeds: Our FiOS connections has a pattern now. It's fast to "local" speedtest servers during daytime; slow to YouTube at nights then turning to no connections, and weekend even having on-and-offs NetFlix experiences. Some nights will lost internet with no server found on any pages or sites.

Charge: as high as they could with bad quality

Customer services: There is non. They told you to reboot, then told me that I am using non Verizon (3rd party) equipment (my wired computer, just one connection) and they can't grantee it. Then change to laptop with LAN, same thing.

Conclusion: So after weeks, I know just use my Sprint Spark speed smartphone to go online at night, forget about Verizon FiOS. (I only get 13Mbps with Band41 if I am lucky to get on it or 3Mbps with band 25 with Sprint Spark, though Sprint coverage map shown turbo).

member for 2 years, 265 visits, last login: 34 days ago
updated 73 days ago





sucky select pack? You chose it didnt you? There are 3 other tiers, prime extreme and ultimate. To go to prime is just $10 a month difference.

united state
·Verizon FiOS
·Clear Wireless

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Re: ?

Let me modify it to Verizon's great and competitive Select Pack for the world.
Maybe you didn't read well why select triple play sucks. I don't need TV or phone, but their triple play is cheaper than internet alone after discounts they put up. That's make it sucky! You have to pay for everything you don't need because it's monopolized market, no much cheaper choice here.



Re: ?

So you dont watch TV but complain about the TV package? U know u can just return the HD box if ur not using it and that will be -$12 on ur bill. Want the basic chs and have a digital ready TV U still get that, but since u just wanted the internet I suspect u watch everything online like a lot of ppl. U dont need there voice either you say "$69.99/mo
for 1 yr. plus taxes, fees & equip. charges. Does not include sports channels. Offer & pricing details" right on there site. I cant get them so I cant see any other prices (says not aval at my address) BUT im sure data alone cant cost anymore then that.

united state
·Verizon FiOS
·Clear Wireless

Re: ?

triple play: $89-corp discount $10-Gift card$300/24-bank of america$100/24=$62.34/month then $72.34 2nd year
double play: $89-corp discount $5=$85/month and $95 2nd year
FIOS internet only: $59=$59/month and $79 2nd year

From above list for speed , triple play seems to be cheaper than internet only plan that I might get more and actually pay less 2nd year. I calculated this way as a regular consumer to get the most out of my pocket. I lived as one of cut-cord folks for years. If the internet only price is not so steep, I would have avoided the doubts.

Tampa, FL
·Verizon FiOS
·Bright House Net..

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Verizon Fios Select TV Triple Play ...

Although I am one week in, I have had no major issues and enjoy the picture quality compared to the cable company I was once with.

... And with the current price, I was hard for me to pass up.
B-Movie Trailers / Dodge Shadow ES / Goldust (FanPage)

Review by elefante72 See Profile

  • Location: East Amherst,Erie,NY
  • Cost: $90 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Almost everything. 25/25 means 25/25, all the time"
Bad "STB are NOT energy efficient. 15W minimum. Billing, oh my god"
Overall "Compared to TWC there is none"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Update: 1/8/2015

Verizon is now almost half the cost of a comparable TWC package (their internet maxes out at 50/5), so there really is no choice. When Comcast takes over, probably more of a bargain... They are seeming to make it more difficult for cablecard customers, however I have had no issues. Below the line fees are growing (construction, modem, RSN) so while the base pricing is still competitive there is creep in the actual out the door fee. Their billing is getting much better, and for the first time in 20 years I pretty much understand my Verizon bill. Since billing is the only real time I deal with Verizon (service is solid), that is the only "waste" of time however I usually get forwarded to LI call center staffed by Americans so the conversation doesn't waste time in translation.

I had yoyos doing construction and hit my cable. Verizon came and took care of it, however it took a few calls and escalation to get it dealt with. Once in the correct hands, taken care of professionally.

With Netflix paying bounty to Verizon, streaming is now quite reliable and no adaption issues. It just straight up loads. I am seeing some slowdown at night, so my 75/75 could go to 50/50 or lower and probably get the same evening speed. They are starting to saturate...They gave me a free upgrade, but I think I will revert back down once the promo is over.

Update: 1/24/2012. Time Warner is amping up the competition. $20/month for Internet ( I wouldnt consider cable -- pic is horrible at neighbors house). They dont mention speed, but prob 10/1. I have 25/25 now, so probably not.

I have had FIOS 3Play for almost a year, and 25/25. Had an issue w/ CallerID which lasted about 3 weeks. I called asking to remove phone, and a knowledgeable USA, English speaking tech got on, updated the ONT firmware and 5 minutes later it was fixed. They credited me the whole month for the inconvenience. Now I call that customer service.

I had TWC for 11 years prior (it was really Adelphia), and of course since this was their home market the product was great. Service @ Adelphia was great. Once TWC took over, it sucked. Now these are the same people and equipment mind you (people spoke to were in buffalo and rochester), so it could only be the poisonous piss poor corporate culture causing this. That and my fees would go from $40 to almost $60 for 15/2 (and I use VPN so the (2) sucks). The speed was 15/2 however. As my neighbors kept leaving TWC for FIOS, I absolutely had the freeway to myself. Well I was calling to ask about possible getting TV from them (I just had internet), then the lady looks at my account, and tells me I am not paying enough for my internet, and they are going to jack up my rate $6/month. Well, goodbye Mr Tom. So I was the last holdout on my block, and EVERYONE went to FIOS, and there is a reason why: Price and Customer Service. I mean TWC wanted $160/mo where VZW wanted $99, and TWC was still some half analog Frankenstein. They must be dropping customers like flies in Buffalo, because in the last month they are actually under $100 for triple play (I mean in my area) because there is competition. I am sure if there wasnt, it would be $200/month with the same substandard service. Anyways enough of TWC, they are in my top 5 of worst companies ever, which is sad because their product is a B (not A+ like FIOS), but they should at least be priced as such.

Verizon install: Received a number of emails updating me on install progress. Day before a human calls to remind me and confirms. The day of the tech calls and makes sure I am available (oh BTW, they told me they would call so I didnt need to wait around my house all day), and 20 min later he shows up. He is a real verizon employee (I ask before I let him in), and first thing he does is out on medical slippers (duh. so he doesn't wreck my nice hardwood floors.) Two pluses there. I've worked in the optical field for 15 years, so we have a great time during install (which takes 6 hours--OMG), however he ran the cables where I wanted them, lit up the GIG (not Moca), and cleaned up everything professionally. 3 plusses. TWC would always send out some contractor on the first call, which would ultimately need a TWC employee to come out to fix the issue. The diagnostic equipment for the contractor was like an old HP calculator, compared to the $5k piece of high tech the TWC employee had, so I dont blame the sub. You get what you pay for.


Well the #1 by far downside is the Motorola STBs--the power vampires. I guess energy star is not in their vocab, which the govt should mandate. I heard STB are like the #1 power user in a house, I believe it. Mine is my hottub, but hey... My DVR hovered around 25W, and each HD STB 15W, and we are talking 24/7/365. No turning these things off. For the STB, reboot is a few minutes so forgetabout the power plan there. I'm anal about power consumption, so this is inexcusable when my roku does it in 3W. Chalk it up to proprietary encryption schemes costing Americans billions and wasted barrels of fuel. In any case, I could take it no longer, so I turned in all my devices (saving on STB inflated costs BTW), and swapped it for a single cablecard ($4/mo) and HDHRP which records 3 shows at a pop, and uses 5W total. I swapped STB with used xboxes (70-100$ each--ROI 1 year and portable), and turn them on only when needed (boot in about 40 seconds -- reasonable). They suck on power too (75W), but they are only on when needed. My kids don't watch TV, so it's not an issue (netflix baby - 3W). My W7MC sits in the basement as a VM, so it is sharing infrastructure with my work stuff, so additional power is 6W (two GREEN hard drives added). Got to love VMware, and my drives are mirrored. So VZ now will have an Xbox app, even better. Keep the innovation coming. The whole house DVR over Moca worked tho, so props to that. They started adding too many widgets in 1.9. Way too confusing. I hate commercials, so recorded shows will suffice. I cant remember what blue, green, yellow does so those are a waste.

So Verizon: Think about putting the screws to Motorola, you could decrypt on an mcard in the DVR and save the CC from the STB. These STB 5 Watts or you are wasting your time. If you think about it a DVR is a joke too. This is one app that belongs in the cloud. I want a little roku cube, 3 watts, and all IP. You can have your precious shows in the cloud and the broadcasters can be happy knowing I'm not pirating shows. I have no interest in such. I just want to push the button, and watch what I payed for, when I want it, and where I want it, like my ipad--thank you. We are all not criminals, so stop making me pay for it, put in in the cloud.

Unbundling pricing:

Verizon really likes you to have their phone (I can see why, who really needs it), so they price their packages so that if you nix the phone, it will cost you. I dont like that because I don't like the landline porting process (not seamless like wireless--duh because the govt lets them get away with it). So this brings me to the f#2 downside, billing. If you EVER change anything on your account be very afraid. I had 10 semesters of calculus and have a hard time figuring out the billing statement. I'm sure there is an accounting reason for it (shuffling revenue around), but there is no way to actually figure out how the costs are intertwined in the 3play package. When I turned in my STB I was worried, but those were line item charges, so I didnt get bit. Package changes, nightmares I have heard from neighbors. So my recommendation it dont ever change the package if you can, and if you do copiously document everything because you will be spending time on it.

They gave me 1 year free DVR (I just turned it in to save on the $20), and 2 years locked in price for under $100. Taxes bring it to $106/month (this is NY). So if they try to jack up my rates in a year, then I talk to TWC, because I really don't want to change Verizon, so don't get greedy. I will drop phone and cable in a second.

It's a shame they are stopping their FIOS for LTE, but it makes sense in urban areas. It would take 20 years to wire Manhattan with fibre. The only way FTTH is going to happen, is to shut down the USF and spend it on wiring every home. Imagine the jobs claim the government could make on building that It's beyond retarted that I have twisted pair, coax (3 of em), and fibre coming into my prem. A properly buried fiber will last over 100 years, then let the companies compete. It's almost too easy.

BTW - The Verizon guys are union, and they rock and do their job, so don't bash unions it's the CORPORATE CULTURE -- plain and simple. They talk about putting 30 years in... Imagine that. I switch jobs every 6 months..

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Review by aod951 See Profile

  • Location: Moreno Valley,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $89 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "upload speed"
Bad "routers, and terrible lag 2pm-7pm pt"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Customer service needs better knowledge of internet router settings better routers too just hate the lagg in afternoon

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Review by gs0b See Profile

  • Location: USA
  • Cost: $160 per month
Good "Fast, reliable product."
Bad "Verizon's always changing deals and rising prices."
Overall "Great product, as long as Verizon doesn't raise the price too high."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

50/50 Internet
Prime HD TV with one M-DVR ("free for life") and one HD STB.
Two FDV Phone Lines

Current pricing: about $160/mo, but going up soon. Grr...

I've had FiOS for more five years or so. The install went fine when it happened, although the installer was late by several hours.

Overall the technical capabilities of the service have been great. My biggest grip with Verizon is their constantly increasing pricing. Even with my "free DVR for life" promotion, FiOS is getting as expensive as Comcast. If they keep increasing their pricing, I will most likely switch to Comcast and get a new customer deal.

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updated 85 days ago


Review by cbrain See Profile

  • Location: Silver Spring,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Professional install on schedule, stable, low latency, great speed both ways"
Bad "Verizon bureaucracy, bad phone routing, more concerned with procedure than customer satisfaction."
Overall "Flawless connectivity since 03-2005, Verizon does things their own way."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

-------update 12-30-2014-----------

Coming up to 10 years flawless FiOS service. Had my first genuine service issue last spring when I discovered no service Saturday morning. The problem was my ONT. Verizon quickly diagnosed a bad power supply, scheduled a tech and I was back up late Sunday afternoon. I'm very happy with such service!

Some time this spring Verizon added $7/month to my bill. I don't have a Verizon phone, get no paper bill, don't recall any prior notice and couldn't find anything looking back other than the increase. While logged into & reviewing my account I was presented an offer to add FiOS TV for the price I had been paying for internet only plus fees & equipment. ...

-------update 06-15-2012-----------

My FiOS service was flawless all year. I'm now on a month to month basis. I reviewed the past years charges at contract end. Around the second month Verizon billed about $110 extra. I called and was told this was for their router. Verizon agreed this was an error and credited all but the sales tax. It wasn't worth another call. Everything else was as expected.

If Verizon could fix their flawed and aggravating bureaucracy, they would really become a great company I would be happy to buy more services from.

-------update 04-03-2011-----------

Got a gentle nudge back to Verizon when they terminated their wholesale agreement with DSL Extreme. Looking forward to a long, uneventful relationship.

If we can do internet with less drama this time ... I may just need to add Verizon TV service for entertainment.

»Review of DSL EXTREME by cbrain

-------update 03-30-2010-----------

A friend has worked for Verizon over 20 years. For the past two years she's lived in fear of being let go and is sure she won’t make it to pension. She tells me Verizon has warehouses full of FiOS TV equipment they expected would be in customer homes by now. I wanted to get FiOS TV well over 3 years ago. Verizon handled my calls poorly, gave me so much vague and downright wrong information I decided to wait until they were more experienced. I still don’t have their TV, dropped their phone service in December ’08 and now get my FiOS internet through a reseller.

A company that provides such great internet service deserves our attention and consideration. I love my DirecTV with TiVo and the price is right, but, internet is more important to me. I’d rather spend that money with Verizon.

Why does Verizon make it so hard on its customers?

For 3 years I made repeated attempts to convert my account from PPPoE to DHCP. DHCP has been available to my neighborhood for over 3 years. All new FiOS users get DHCP and can’t order PPPoE. Senior Verizon techs confirmed this is technically simple but there is no official procedure to make this change. Twice Verizon accepted my order to make this change, but failed. When I dropped my land line I was down 3 days and the rep promised I would come back online DHCP. NOT! At any point I would have added TV and kept the phone line if Verizon gave me what I wanted and packaged the change to DHCP with a 1 year additional commitment.

When a customer doesn't have a phone line, Verizon requires auto billing to a card. Around 60 days after canceling my land line, my internet died. Turned out they did not have my card on file. The rep turned my service back on without payment when I again gave my number and expiration date. I asked if Verizon would have accepted this service change before getting billing info. The rep said no. I was unable to pay the balance on the website but was told Verizon would catch up on the next billing cycle.

About 4 months later I realized no Verizon payments had billed. I could see my account online but it wouldn't allow me to complete a payment. I tried to make a payment on the Verizon phone payment system. Did you know they add a fee to pay by phone. The phone company charging an extra fee to pay by phone … ironic. Turns out I was not able to pay because I did not have a phone number. They no longer accept payment at a local office. After several hours on the phone over 2 days Verizon was unable to take my payment. I mailed a check. I had now alerted Verizon to the fact I was now about 5 or 6 month overdue and feared they may cut service before my check processed. I made another call late in the afternoon. I called the FiOS toll free number, pressed all the right numbers and eventually reached a very competent rep … in the copper department. She made an extra effort and was able to explain why my payments did not go through. My card number and expiration were on file but no CVV code. Verizon won’t process a payment without one. She was unable to make the correction in the database because only FiOS reps can make changes. She noted my check payment. In all these calls and contacts over the next month, not a single rep made an effort to correctly enter my card information as required by Verizon. Inertia? I made my next payment through my banks electronic payment system. Only took minutes to set up.

Around June 20, I scheduled Verizon to terminate my account on July 31 unless they could switch me to DHCP. I got several calls from retention reps but all were unable to get it done. My online account showed several tickets opened and closed on July 4 but no change. In mid July a rep called me to complete my requested change. She said she would need to cancel my service then open a new account but should be able to do both hopefully within an hour. She completed the disconnect order, gave me a confirmation number then started the new order. She asked me to wait for that order number when my line went dead along with my internet.

Eventually, we discovered Verizon was unable to process the new order because I had a "final bill" that was never paid. I told Verizon this was my only account but they wouldn't accept that. Turns out Verizon established a new account number when I disconnected my land line. There were several transfers between accounts but they still showed a balance due. Verizon never mailed or emailed this bill and this account did not show on the online account page I could access. Because it was over 6 months old they couldn't give details. I offered to put the amount in dispute in escrow with Verizon while we figured all this out. Verizon refused. Lucky thing I didn't have cellular or TV bundled on this account!

I ordered FiOS through a Verizon reseller and service was back up in about a week ... on DHCP ... without an on site visit. My first reaction was to forget Verizon, but, as I cooled off I thought it better to resolve things. I found my bills for the problem period. When everything was finally settled, I got two checks from Verizon. One for each account.

My private label FiOS internet service is still flawless. I'm finally on DHCP and keep the same IP. My trash is filled weekly with multiple copies of colorful FiOS promotional material ... many individually addressed. I can no longer order Verizon TV while I'm with a re-seller, but I'm happy. Is Verizon well served?

»Review of DSL EXTREME by cbrain

»Can't get anyone to take my money!

»Anyone sucessfully switched from PPPoE to DHCP?

»[northeast] PPPoE to DHCP

-------update 06-24-2009-----------

I decided not to settle for what Verizon was willing to allow me and insist on getting what they provide new clients by default. I was unable to get such a concession and scheduled account termination for 7/31/2009.

-------update 06-20-2009-----------

Everyone at Verizon is courteous and completely comfortable not resolving whatever you call about. Even if you are trying to pay your bill when their auto billing isn't, and their website won't. They simply can not complete an electronic payment when the customer doesn't have a phone number even though their policy requires it. Verizon seems to have designed the system to require at least 2 people to complete any task. The problem starts with an IVR system unable to deliver incoming callers to the chosen place. It then appears there is no penalty for any rep not fixing a problem but they can be fired for taking corrective action.without following all the steps. The result being ... I love the service but not the company. I will most likely go back to Comcast for a few months then come back as a new Verizon customer so I get speeds and DHCP they give all new users but wont give a loyal 4+ year customer.

-------update 4-07-2008-----------

Still working. If you never need to speak with Verizon, it is a great service.

-------update 3-14-2007-----------

It just works ... and works well.

Verizon customer service is as bad as their service is good. I can now get FiOS video. I made several calls for information. After getting contradictory, inconsistent and downright incorrect information, I decided to wait until Verizon has more TV experience. The good news is, I have no need to call about my basic service.

----------3-15-05 ------------------------

Verizon FiOS Review - originally submitted 3-15-05 by email but there was not yet an ISP category for fiber.

Original review, 2 month update and real time questions. »FIOS - First 7 days reviewed

My FiOS connection has been flawless since my install 3-08-2005 except for 1 16 hour power outage. Up time, latency, stability and speed all great. BBR monitor shows 100% up time with very stable pings from all 3 monitors. All my logs look good. My IP changes every time I reboot my router but have never lost an IP between changes. When I test or make changes the connection comes right back up but with a new IP from a very large subnet (no setting a range to get access to IP secured servers). Port 80 incoming is blocked (Verizon confirmed) but seems to be the only one. The Verizon supplied D-Link DI-604 works well with both FIOS and Comcast Cable. My router/firewall connected instantly on a test and has been on FIOS since the first night. My Broadband reports monitor shows a steady Verizon ping that looks like a rectangle; about .10 + ms. lower than Comcast from all 3 locations. Comcast graphs looked like a pretty mountain range. The latency is a better plus than the speed in comparing this connection to Comcast.

Verizon DNS works and is fast. Nice to know DNS can be an always on service. I set up 3 email accounts online. Simple procedure, names must be a minimum of 6 characters and the system gives the option for alias. I don't know how this affects your total accounts. The email accounts worked with Outlook and Verizon web mail immediately. I never really started using Verizon email because I have other options and Verizon firewall rules block some incoming mail, including Broadband Reports, without notice. This mail just disappears and Verizon support was unable to unblock my requested domains or IP's. Newsgroups work well, no limits and are fast.

Support: Support is enthusiastic and attentive but disorganized. Verizon provides a special FiOS number but the call routing has failed on all 3 of my attempts, the last in October for a DHCP question. My first call got routed to a rep that could not handle calls from my state. My second call failed the auto routing but I spoke to a friendly rep that didn't have an answer.

This hasn't been an issue because the service works so well I have never needed to make a problem call. Bottom line; what better review could I can give any support program!

Ordering: Seinfield could do a show about my attempts to order FIOS from Verizon humans. After 4 days I gave up and started a web order for an un-needed phone line. I was offered FIOS, chose a number, passed credit and set the install date online. I hadn't had a land line in over 2 years. Verizon policy allows FIOS without phone service but seems unable to deal with such primitive customers.

Installation: Verizon confirmed the install. The week before outside techs ran fiber to the entry point and removed the copper. Two friendly professional techs showed up on time and did a great job. They offered but did not make me use Verizon software. Set up a username & password. They left the software and instruction and would have stayed to help me if necessary.

Router: Works. Easy to set up and change. Has several features including port forwarding, dynamic DNS, filters and firewall. Port forwarding works well. The Verizon D-Link has predefined rules for commonly used ports. You need only enable the port and set the internal IP. The D-Link writes the port forward and a firewall rule. I'll continue to use my own router because of QOS and traffic shaping.

Cost: about $55/month including a limited phone line.

After my install I moved my workstations and server to the Verizon Wan. I then turned off my old routers DHCP, changed the internal IP and added my Comcast connection to this LAN. I could then configure workstations to use either gateway (Verizon or Comcast) or DNS to access the internet. This way I could have workstations on either Comcast or Verizon and route workstations out one connection and back the other. I shifted the connections between routers 2 times. Everything worked well and both routers worked as expected. Both connections were good but I kept Verizon.

FiOS would be the perfect residential service if Verizon offered a static IP. DHCP with a stable IP could be a good alternative. My reason for this is because many networks I access use IP authentication.

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Review by Network Guy See Profile

  • Location: New York
  • Cost: $106 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Comparable video quality to cable, consistent stable Internet, CableCARD-ready"
Bad "Bullshit taxes compared to cable, less channels compared to similar cable package"
Overall "Very good alternative"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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So I happen to live in an area served by Verizon FiOS and Cablevision for some time. After years of putting it off being content with cable, I decided to check them out.

I opted for the Preferred HD + Internet 25/25 package. Instead of getting raped in DVR and STB rental fees, I bought the compatible Actiontec router on eBay and re-used the Silicondust HDHomeRun Prime network tuner that I used with cable. CableCARD rental currently costs $5 per card/month compared to $9/month for a standard, non-DVR STB. Modem rental will also set you back $5/month. With my setup, I have three TVs and I can record content on all of them while watching something else, the same way that TiVo works. That's $51 per month in fees versus $10. You do the math.

The video quality of their TV service is nothing to brag about. To me it looks the same as cable. Same compression, same artifacts during high-action sequence. Depending on your local market and franchise agreements, you might also access local programming. I get the same local channels I had with cable with exception of cable-owned and branded news & other assorted BS.

Their true worth in my opinion is the Internet. It is consistent, over-provisioned 25/25 service that normally gets me closer to 30/30. Netflix does not stutter and neither does YouTube. I also use Voice over IP services from other providers and so far Verizon doesn't seem to be standing in the way of me using them as before. All my calls still come through and still sound loud and clear.

New York City customers can expect at least an additional $16 in bullshit taxes/fees/"Because We Can" surcharges and whatnot tacked on to your monthly bill. It's the reason why my total bill comes to $106 instead of $90 for the actual services. Promotional, non-contract customers like myself will find it delightful to call and cancel without detrimental financial consequence should the "below-the-belt" fees start rubbing the wrong way.

The install took forever and a day despite my aiding the tech in identifying which coax he could use, and where he could drill for the ONT. The tech started off nice and appeared to know what he was doing, and this was true until we needed to get the TV service working. Even though I told him on arrival I should have CableCARD's in my order, he conveniently decided to forget this and was happily ready to install STBs instead. Two hours later and a 15-minute call to Verizon repair, TV service was finally on.

Bottom line...... Internet is fast, TV works fine. Plan to give up an entire day for first-time ever installs. And don't let the tech jerk your chain. This is nothing to wet your pants about, but it's definitely a good alternative.

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Review by klipko See Profile

  • Location: Portland,Washington,OR
  • Cost: $160 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 11 days
Good "Reliable FiOS internet service "
Bad "Week upload bandwidth with new plans "
Overall "Internet worthwhile service to get"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Frontier Communi..
2014 - December update

We cut the cord for two reasons:
1) Hardy watched TV, est about 7 hours a week in front of the flat screen
2) 90% of what we watch can be received OTA

When Frontier updated their FiOS Interplans from 15/5, 25/10, 35/15 to 30/5, 50/10, 100/15, we took the plunge and dropped TV and phone service. We still can't live without a DVR so I purchased a Tivo Roamio and ported our phone to Ooma.

...Stopping. This review should move to a Frontier FiOS review type.

March / 2010 - update

Been a while since last update. So here a list of all that has happened. Dates are approximate. This is a work in process.

* Mar - Updated to 1.7.1
* Mar - Added HD feed of Comcast Sports Network NW (CSN NW - ch 577). Surprised by this since it seems that Comcast will not share CSN NW (SD/HD) with any satellite or other cable providers in the NW.
* Feb - Updated to 1.7
* Jan - Added HD feed of local ION station (ch 505)
* Jan - Added HD feed of MSNBC (ch 602)

* ??? - Added HD feed of local MyTV Network (ch 513)
* ??? - Added Viacom HD feeds of MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and others.
* Oct - upgraded triple bundle TV, 25/15 mbit Internet, phone, multimedia DVR and HD box for 160.00 (including tax). New bundle is $10 more plus no longer have the -$10 discount. Paying $20 more per month.
* ??? - Remote DVR now with stream HD recordings. Swapped SD box for HD box.

* ??? - Verizon added boatload of HD channels
* ??? - Redid the channel lineup. HD and SD channels are now offset by 500. e.g. USA Network channel 50, USA Network HD feed channel 550. Music Choice moved to 1800, Urge Radio moved to 1900.
* Aug - Remote DVR was enabled for VHO 12 customers. Love this feature.

February / 2008 - update

FiOS TV was released in December '07 so when things slowed down a little (I just became a first time dad and boy is it ever a lifetime changing event) I went to the mall FiOS kiosk in hopes to switch from Comcast.

One requirement was the ability to port my home number from Comcast. If switching just TV my phone service from Comcast would cost $5 more and I felt that I was paying enough already. At that time my Comcast bill was ~$140 a month:
* Standard Cable (includes basic and expanded basic)
* Preferred Package
Phone (Digital Voice)
* Phone service
* Modem rental

Switching TV and Phone to Verizon I would pay ~$140 for all three:
* multi room DVR w/ Home Media
* Movie & Sports package
Phone Service
* Phone service
Internet (installed the year prior)
* 5 Mbit / 2 Mbit

I've called Comcast various times throughout last year to see if they'll lower my bill one way or another but with no budge. In December (my second to the last call) I mentioned that I've been getting letters from Verizon about FiOS TV, they offered to cut my service right then (I didn't have FiOS TV installed nor ordered so again score one for Comcast). It was obvious that they didn't want to lower my bill at all nor keep me as a customer and I've been with them since Viacom / TCI / AT&T Broadband days. So on to Verizon.

Pretty much painless. The guy at the mall kiosk (Washington Square Mall) knew what he was selling and reiterated the same prices and plans schemes that was on the website. First check on of my number came back that they could not port it over. Disappointed, we chatted some more about when Comcast's new SportsNet NW network (new home to the TrailBlazers from Fox Sports Net NW) will be on FiOS (irony?) and during that time decided to check again. Bingo, it was portable so with that I ordered FiOS TV and Phone to complement my FiOS Internet. Install was scheduled between 1 - 3 pm 10 days after my order.

Before Install Date:
Inquiring on the order on Verizon's website three days before the install date it showed that it was canceled. I called about it. They had no reason why but a new one was created and schedule for the same date and time so I didn't worry. She thought it might have something to due with the number porting but that was just a guess.

Install Day - FiOS TV:
The installer called just before 10 am said that he was going to be at my house in 10 minutes. SO I left work (during a meeting). Not happy about that. Got home and my neighbor was talking to him. He had singed up for the triple service and coincidentally it was scheduled the same day so he thought the installer was at the wrong house. Result was the installer was dispatched to do both installs and decided to work on my house first because I had the ONT installed prior for FiOS Internet. (Score one for me, neighbor zero.)

He ran the new coax along side the existing Comcast cable. He was going to charge me extra to do that but ended up not because I made it really easy for him with pull strings everywhere to help speed things up.

In short description of the run:
* ONT to input of 3-way splitter
* Router (Actiontec) to 3-way splitter
* 3-way splitter to DVR
* 3-way splitter to STB

Both the DVR and regular STB boxes were fresh from Motorola. I think it took him more time to unpack them then running the coax.

Once plugged in the DVR took 10+ minutes to download the firmware, the STB 2 minutes. During that time I looked over his order and noticed that Multi-Room DVR wasn't on there. (It was on my original order.) He called headquarters and got it taken care of but not without being on hold for 20 - 30 minutes... not joking. Multi-tasker he was, he finished installing the boxes and made sure that all the channels I ordered were viewable, setup the widgets and ran an application that checks the router settings for current firmware, On Demand and TV guide are current. Once getting the OK on the phone that the Home Media DVR is "on" we tested it with success...first try.

Install Day - FiOS Phone:
Not too exciting here, my big worry was not getting my number ported over. Turned out to be a lot of worrying over nothing. On the scheduled install date the number was automatically ported which explained why my wife not answering the phone when calling to warn her about the installer coming early.

The side of the house, the ONT replaced the old box that housed the copper line from street, house phone wiring is feed from that location so all that was need was to feed the house pair to line one inside the ONT. Done. Phone was working instantly.

First Impressions TV:
Holy cow. The graphics, picture quality. Amazing. Just the menu alone is impressive. Lots of color and icons of the networks. Both boxes display the same menu baring any functions that they don't support (ie. DVR or Media Center on the regular STB).

The positives over Comcast:
* changing channels is quicker [SD and HD]
* menu graphics
* better (much much better) picture quality on SD channels
* HD looks a little better (I believe the standard HD stream of 19.2 Mbps is too much compression in general)
* NO DVR lockups
* DVR larger drive (Verizon 160G, Comcast 120G - no a lot but a little helps with HD recording)
* more channels [SD and HD]
* more music channels
* more clear QAM channels
* On Demand programming includes CBS and NBC shows
* less expensive for more programming/channels

Same between the two:
* DVR response, slow to bring up the menu after hitting the button

The negatives over Comcast:
* No HD On Demand programming at all
- I knew about this before making the order in hopes that it will come this year ('08)
* On Demand menu takes a longer time to come up
* Time on the DVR takes a while to display when changing channels or viewing recorded shows
* DVR rebooted twice while watching a show between 4 - 5pm on a weekday over a two week period

First Impressions Phone:
This is where I wish I would of done more research on. The phone service works find but I diffidently got the better deal with Comcast when it comes to features.

The positives over Comcast:
* cheaper when paired with Internet and/or Fios TV

Same between the two:
* Voice quality is the same
* Caller ID and call waiting work just fine

The negatives over Comcast:
* no online access to phone/voicemail
- this is kind of a big deal, with Comcast's system allowed a lot of control over the phone's functionality.
* $.40 more for Call Waiting Caller ID - (throw it in for free Verizon)
* Voicemail
- no online access to retrieve messages
- can't modify number of rings before VM picks up
- no option for email notification if voicemail was received
- voicemail notification does not show up on the phone (my phone [Panasonic KX-TG8232B] display "voicemail" if there is one, worked with Comcast Digital Voice and the older service Digital Phone)

Over all I am satisfied with making the switch but the phone service's lack of features does kind of suck. This was an over site on my part as I concentrated more on the TV aspect of FiOS and didn't do any comparisons between Comcast & Verizon on phone service. I will keep the Verizon phone service because it will be too expensive to move back to Comcast but I do hope that they will improve on it. I can see why people are moving their service to the Cable Co. if they all like Comcast provide a wide range of control and functions.

June / 2007 - update

Still with Verizon FiOS and I canceled service with Comcast in February '07. Much to my surprise there was no "Please don't go" or "We'll offer you this price for ..." from the Comcast rep. It was like he didn't care that I was leaving and service ended right after hanging up the phone.

Still no FiOS speed upgrade for Oregon but Verizon did say in a press release that "some of the 11 other states" will see upgrades before the end of the year (»newscenter.verizon.com/press-rel ··· its.html) . Hopefully Oregon will be one of them but some how I doubt it. It seems like Verizon and Comcast feel no need to duke it out over speed / price in this area. Friends with FiOS or Comcast HSI service in Seattle area are seeing the same thing. It could be that most of the NW is QWEST and they pose no threat of being a real broadband leader in the near future. Question being, do I really need a boost in speed... At this time no but could prove to be useful within the next year. I've started experimenting with IPTV (ok picture quality, content is lacking) and more family members are subscribing to some kind of broadband service with the hopes of doing video conferencing (grandparents seeing their "first grand child" via IM in Jan '08). I had hopes to be able to have a device to rent HD movies via some download service but still find that market a big disappointment so that still is far off. XBOX 360 and AppleTV maybe but still lack in movies and features.

OK so back to my update review, in mid March '07 a neighbors water pipe broke near the meter and during this fix the contractor cut my fiber line. (My fiber line crosses over their water service.) The contractor called it in but didn't tell my neighbor. That evening when I discovered the cut I talked to my neighbor, he didn't know that it was cut (nor was knowledgeable in FiOS in the first place... ugh.) so I called it in. Verizon didn't have on record that my "outage" was reported before so a new ticket was created. Weak I thought. Next day Verizon was out and laid a temporary [fiber optic] cable on the ground so we could have some service and created a ticket to have their cable bearing sub-contractors come to replace the broken line.

Week later coming home I noticed the new fiber line coiled up next to the ONT. Another week went by and no transition from the temporary to the permanent so I called. Was told that they will be out in the next week to make the change. The "week" went by (it's now mid April) and my wife called me to tell me the sub-contractor was there to put in the new cable. Huh? I talked with him on the phone but his English was very limited so need less to say we got nowhere. I told my wife to just have him do what ever. We were getting tired seeing the temporary cable being a part of our landscape. Just like the other two, they managed to do a good job for the third one. No cut electrical, water, sewer and gas lines. Then finally about 8 days later Verizon made the switch to the new fiber line.

From the initial cut to the final switch over it took about 5 weeks. Even though service was disrupted three short times (when the fiber was first cut, to switching to the temp line, then to the permanent) I wasn't pleased in the time frame the way Verizon handled it. I wish Verizon could of updated me with the progress of the job via phone call or access online.

So the service is still going strong. Online speed tests show 14.8 - 15.5 Mbit down and 1.7 - 1.9 Mbit up. One part about Verizon broadband service we really like is the integration with Yahoo or MSN. We are a Yahoo family so we linked up our Yahoo accounts with Verizon. Now we have access to most or all paid Yahoo services. Unlimited email storage, POP3 access, no adds viewing email via web interface, CD quality streaming music (not quite close to CD quality according to my ears), free CA anti-virus software (if going MSN they supply McAfee), larger online briefcase storage and so on. An added benefit switching to FiOS from Comcast HSI.

Other than that, nothing else to report. At the beginning of getting FiOS I thought that signing up for the 15/2 service would be over kill but I find that the wife and I are able find ways to use that bandwidth, mostly streaming video but also streaming music and VPN. Hopefully Oregon is on the list to see the upgrades and when it does I'll post another update.

-- old review --

Fiber was laid in my neighborhood in late August early September '06. Some time in October I was illegible for service but I waited to see if Verizon would do a speed increase for FiOS customers in Oregon. At the time I had Comcast HSI ( 6 Mbps / 384 kbps) and I was hoping to move FiOS's 10 Mbps / 2 Mbps service that is offered in other Verizon states. The idea of paying $11 less a month for faster service...(drool).

Comcast HSI: $45.95 - $42.95 (for 6 Mbps / 384kbps) + $3.00 modem rental
Verizon Fios: $34.95 - 5 Mbps / 2 Mbps (10 Mbps / 2 Mbps in some states)

In late December it never happened so I called up to order the $44.95 service (15 Mbps / 2 Mbps). Thinking that I can always drop back to the lower tier of service if I felt that it's too much. Order was placed on December 23 and schedule for Jan 3, 2007 @ noon. Bonus was that install is free and I get the first three months of service for $29.95.

Dec. 26, the sidewalk, part of my landscape and walkway were marked for all underground utilities. It's Winter in Oregon and so I didn't care if a plant or two nor my bark dust had spray paint on them. It will go away.

Dec. 27, a Verizon representative stopped by the house to scout out a location for the fiber to access the house from the street. My wife was home to meet with her and they both picked a very good spot. (The way the Fiber was laid in the street it was not possible to use the same path as the old copper line.) My only requirement was to remove about 10 bricks from the walk way for the fiber cable to poke out. The Verizon rep. said that their contractor will be out as early as Friday (Dec. 29) to bury fiber from the street to the house.

Jan 2 Verizon's fiber contractor showed up around 10:00 am ish. Wife was home to meet with them and answer any questions. I did speak with one of them on the phone just to make sure that the fiber was to come out where the Verizon rep. said. He reiterated what the rep. said and I felt comfortable after hanging up. The job only took 2 hours and no damage to any of the utilities. Gas, water, power, old Verizon copper and storm/gutter drains is what they had to navigate around. (I wish I could watch them do it.) They did leave a tarp in my neighbors yard.

Jan 3. I ended up taking the whole day off so I could finish up preparing for the install. (A different and long "lesson learned" type of story.) While at HomeDepot that morning (8:00 am ish) I got a call from the Installer asking to come over at 8:15 am. Their morning install didn't have the fiber to the house yet (mix up between Verizon and the fiber contractor). No problem to come early since I had the day off.

Two guys, one has been doing installs for 20 years with Verizon, the other, an apprentice worked in sales for 5 years than moved to installs. Both very friendly and didn't mind if I just stand around and watched.

I had them remove the old POTS box ( I current have Comcast Digital Voice for phone) and place the ONT in the same location. (It was obvious that the primary installer had been do this for years. He was very cautious when drilling holes making sure that they are clear of power or other obstacles.) They coiled up the old copper and left it in the ground. They said it's required by the county or State (I don't remember) to leave it in case I wanted POTS service from some other Company (Integra, Eschelon, MCI/Verizon).

Hour later the power supply was installed in the garage and the ONT installed outside. Fiber connected to the ONT and power on...but no blinky lights. They did something out in the street and then it started working. Next, service in to the house.

I had them place the CAT5 box up in the closet of the computer room. It was the easiest since the ONT and that side of the closet are on the same side of the house. He drilled a hole for the CAT5 access and ran it along the house. (My house is pretty much light in color so the CAT isn't noticeable unless you are trying to look for it.) The computer room is on the second floor so he stapled the CAT along a groove on the exterior down to the foundation. There he ran along the foundation to the ONT. Installed the connector on the CAT for the ONT and did the same for the small service box in the computer room.

They un-boxed the router and hooked up my computer to it. Powered up the router, initialized my account and then finally ran a speed test from www.speedtest.net (Seattle server). Speed at first jumped to 15 Mbps then dropped drastically to about 4 Mbps. He said my machine's TCP/IP parameters needed to be configured to run at a faster speed so we went to www.speedguide.net and ran the TCP Optimizer. Rebooted, ran the speed test again got the advertised speed 15 Mbps down and 1.8 Mbps. Not quite there on the upload but it's still 4 to 5 times faster then Comcast.

Currently I haven't canceled Comcast service because I wanted to compare the two. What I do mostly is listen to online radio (Shoutcast or my XM Radio subscription) and work remotely. Having the jump in upload has greatly helped my speed when VPN to work and syncing files or dealing with 5 - 15 meg attachments. Once in a while I need to download a Linux ISO or software from MSDN and I get a kick seeing download speeds of 1 Megabyte per second ( ~ 1.7 MB to be more exact).

After having the service for a week now, I just love it and of course Verizon has me hook on the 15/2 service. Now my only complaint is that some servers I access have slower connections then me so I'm forced to slow down. ( oh darn.)

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Review by cotm See Profile

  • Location: Stephens City,Frederick,VA
  • Cost: $120 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "awesome bandwidth and not a single hickup in a week. unlike comast"

The Fios Speeds can't be matched . My Installer was very knowledgeable . Attention to detail superb.
the price includes DirectTv with a HD package...

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Review by TwinBing See Profile

  • Location: Plano,Collin,TX
  • Cost: $192 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fast and reliable"
Overall "Best choice if available"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Monthly cost includes internet, FiOS TV Extreme package and FiOS Digital Voice phone.

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Review by aztr0 See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $96 per month (2 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Internet is fast, TV is speedy and filled with features."
Bad "Expensive"
Overall "This is a good service, and Verizon has really made an effort to "get with the times" in terms of TV and internet."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Let me preface this by saying that I have been a Verizon hater. I still am not fond of them. What they have done to my family few years back when they pretty much made me pay for crappy DSL that disconnected every 5 seconds (tech service calls did not help) and a land line that didn't work, but they wanted me to pay $100 for a tech to come out to fix it. They won't even come look at it unless my family paid that tech fee up front. So now you may ask. Why am I doing business with them now? Honestly, I have no other reason other than to try something different. I have been a loyal Optimum customer for many many years. I have no problem with them, but I felt that it has been many years, and that I was moving. I'll give Verizon a shot one more time.

Onto the ordering process. It was easy. I had a question and needed an answer from a representative. I decided to use Live Chat and the representative stayed with me and held my hand through the ordering process, even though I didn't need it. But she did give me a $5 discount off my bill for the duration of my 2 year contract for my 25/25 double play.

When the install day came, Verizon was pretty much on schedule. I had a request for the tech to not drill any holes in my house and use the pre-existing coxial wiring. The FiOS box was installed at my garage level and kept out of sight. No one would even know it exists, its so well hidden and neatly placed. No holes were drilled and the tech had everything set up nicely. He even helped me zip tie some of the loose coxial wires I had outside my house. He set me up with one of those Actiontec modem/routers. It probably isn't the latest hardware they got, but it works fine.

When I finally got a chance to test the internet, the speed was as advertised. The TV was the service where I felt I seriously upgraded. If anyone knows Optimum, they have been using these horrible Samsung boxes that are slow and laggy. Not to mention, the Optimum guide isn't necessarily pleasing to look at as well. It looks old, and as much as they have tried to update their software, it just didn't work. But one positive about Optimum is their app. I can watch all the channels I paid for on their app. With the Verizon app, it is limited to only a selection. That is where Verizon falls short. Another issue I have with Verizon is the router page. When I try to log in and key in the login information, it never registers the keys I hit. I have to type my password in Notepad, copy paste and then delete a couple extra letters the router page decide to automatically tack on in the end. It is weird, I've tried different browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox) and they all yielded the same results.

So to sum it up:

Good: Ordering was smooth, install was great, the TV service is an upgrade from what Optimum was.

Bad: Expensive. Even with my Verizon Connections discount and the other discounts. It still is pretty expensive. Also, I have had this service since October 2014 and there has been two instances where I have experienced downtime of 5-10 minutes. I had to disconnect the power a couple times and finally it picked up signal again.

At this point, I'm not sure if I will stay with Verizon. There are some factors that will contribute to that decision. How Optimum is doing. How the tech service of Verizon will be like. And how they will try to keep me in two years. We shall see.

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Light Guy

Somerville, NJ

Router Password

As far as the password entry in the router, it is a security feature designed to hide the # of characters in your password from anyone who might be watching.
Just ignore the extra dots and type in your full password and it will work fine.