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Six Month Rating

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Review by ARMYSLDRNET1 See Profile

  • Location: Beaumont,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $350 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Overall "NICE"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)


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Review by dianac See Profile

  • Location: Demarest,Bergen,NJ
  • Cost: $70 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Rock solid: fast and reliable...even stayed up through Hurricane Sandy."
Bad "Expensive to buy broadband alone"
Overall "Buy the triple play bundle"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Have been a FiOS subscriber since the first week it was offered in my town (fall of 2006) and have been very happy with the service provided. Fortunately, FiOS mostly just works, and so interaction with Verizon's technical support is minimal (their support is still as bad as when they were part of Ma Bell).

We added FiOS-TV to our bundle in June of 2014 (using TiVo Roamio DVRs and Minis, not the Verizon Quantum TV Home Media Center, the VMS1100). So far we have been happy with that service as well, again having no issues that caused us to call support. By buying TiVos instead of using Verizon equipment we save almost $80 per month.

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updated 138 days ago


gary snyder


routing issue - poor customer service

Starting today, packets routed to my static ip range are not showing up at my router. A call to customer service was unable to resolve the issue - they could not even diagnose beyond a simple ping, without sending a truck to the site.

Packets destined for my mail server @ are being presented to postfix1-gtkcentral.net. (not my domain!!!!) Verizon business fios support was unable to diagnose - beyond a ping - which of course succeeded even though it was bouncing off the wrong host. I was unable to escalate to someone who could diagnose network routing issues.

As I am off site and will be for several days, this situation absolutely sucks. My name server, mail server, and web server are essentially off line. This is clearly a routing issue - worked yesterday, not today. No one to talk to. Piss poor. I will be seeking a new ISP upon my return home.



Re: routing issue - poor customer service

U should maybe go to the support page here for Verizon customers. Also dont post ur IP. Not only can I ping ur IP, witch means its working I can now scan for open ports and do other bad things. All tech support can do is ping. Looks heres a trace route. The 2 timeouts just might not be pingable. Thats normal. I dont know what issue your having but you have an IP and without being on site or even able to remote in to test them the server you cant just blame Verizon for what could be your problem. Maybe setup VNC so you can do that next time.

TraceRoute from Network-Tools.com to 71.162.XXX.XXX
Hop (ms) (ms) (ms) IP Address Host name
1 0 0 0 xe-4-2-0.er2.dfw2.us.above.net
2 17 6 0 above-vzb.dfw2.us.above.net
3 Timed out Timed out Timed out -
4 Timed out Timed out Timed out -
5 40 40 40 71.162.XXX.XXX mail.gary*********.com
Trace complete

Review by neuronix See Profile

  • Location: Tampa,Hillsborough,FL
  • Cost: $80 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Worked 2 years without downtime"
Bad "Hulu works poorly, price increased over 50% with no notice/explanation"
Overall "$80/mo for 15/5 internet only that doesn't work well with Hulu? forget it."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

The summary says it all. Paid $50/mo initially and the rate was jacked up to $62/mo after one year. Called to cancel 1 year ago, was talked into another year of $50/mo service. Credit was only applied one month then back up again. I got busy and just paid another year. Then price increased to $75 then 3 months later to $80/mo. Meanwhile, despite 15/5 service confirmed on speedtest, Hulu even at lowest resolution got worse and worse to the point of barely functioning. Called to cancel, rep tried a hard sell to keep me yet wouldn't budge on internet only price at all ($80/mo minimum rate for FiOS internet only). Canceled, have direcpath now with 10/10 connection and Hulu works flawlessly on highest HD setting.

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Review by agilityman00 See Profile

  • Location: Carmel,Putnam,NY
  • Cost: $94 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Great speed and low latency,"
Bad "None"
Overall "Great performance for the money"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I now have 50/50, which actually is around 60/55. No problems, except I returned a cable card and didn't get credit for it. However calling tech support was a pleasant surprise...answered right away, gave me an instant credit on my account for the charges for the cable card, so I have given a better review to tech support. Still very happy with FIOS.

Still great after 6 years and no outages ever. Constant 20/5. I now have an htpc and run the TV through Media Center via a cable card...works great!

Three years now and FIOS hasn't missed a beat! Even the original battery is still going. I now have the double play, internet and video. I dropped the land line.

Still going strong Hasn't been down at all since install (as far as I know). I now have 20mb down and 5mb up. No video available yet :-(


I've had FIOS for a year and a half now and can't be more happy. No down time at all, at least that I am aware of. Speed is as advertised and low latency. I don't use Verizon's mail servers, so I can't comment on that. I just wish they would get the TV going here too.


I've had it for a week now and couldn't be happier. Verizon called twice to confirm the time and gave me a more definite time on the second call...between 8 and 10am. Tech arrived at 8:30 and after checking out with me the best way to go about installing the ONT and the power supply, he got to work. After four hours, everything was installed, but there was no light in the fiber. I had horrible thoughts of getting some excuse and not being able to get my fios today. To my pleasant surprise, after a phone call by the tech, within 20 minutes there were four Verizon trucks in front of my house. The problem turned out to be a bad splice down the road. They had light to me in about an hour and after setting up the router and my computer, everything worked great.

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Fios is terrible

I'm sorry, but today is my first time having them, they came and installed the equipment around 9am, but its after 5pm and I still can't access my WiFi! I called Verizon a hour after it was installed a lady said, it's pending and should be on around 12pm - 1pm. I called back the same day, because its doing the same thing. I been on the phone for a hour now. And no help, I switched from my old company for this?

Review by pommard See Profile

  • Location: Scarsdale,Westchester,NY
  • Cost: $169 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Fast Internet"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Long overdue for this review. Have been on FIOS for two years. Was on CableVision since it was first available in my area of Yonkers. Never had a problem. Switched to FIOS due to getting a deal for being a retired employee(1968-1997). Do not regret it internet is very fast. Have not had any downtime since it has been installed. Nothing to really report on it just works.

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Review by qpfox See Profile

  • Location: Fort Belvoir,Fairfax,VA
  • Cost: $135 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Fast enough, generally reliable."
Bad "Expensive. Repeat customers are treated like garbage. Aging modem."
Overall "Marginally better than the competition, but they've been trading on the name too long."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My first two year contract was up last month, and when I tried to renew, I was told that the currently available deals were only for new customers. Since I have no choice but to go with FIOS (I live on an Army base in base housing), I had to bend over and accept whatever they wanted, which means I'm paying a significant amount over what I was paying. When I complained about this, the customer service person's solution was to suggest I downgrade my services (pick a lower TV package and lower internet speed), and then it would be "only" ten dollars more than I had been paying!

So... I should pay more for less service and be glad about it? I could seriously see the nipple rubbing a la South Park's cable company episode in my head during this conversation.

FIOS has gone from being the most coveted ISP in the country to one that's struggling to stay in the middle of the pack these days. I'd be giving Comcast's Xfinity a try if I wasn't forced to stay with FIOS by the Army base. Verizon has been trading on the goodwill they generated by forging ahead with fiber a decade ago, but the shine is off the apple.

Come and save us, Google Fiber.

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updated 156 days ago

NYC Girl
Bronx, NY

Ha ha.

I cant WAIT for google fiber to be available.

Review by drake See Profile

  • Location: Baldwin,Nassau,NY
  • Cost: $114 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Customer service and always on-and-ready connection."
Bad "None as of yet."
Overall "Great promotions when you order triple play service; can't beat the price for fiber."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Called Verizon on Feb. 20th for FiOS information and availability, which the sales rep. was extremely helpful with. The guy found all these on-going promotions for us which saved us $60 off the Triple Play Extreme package deal and totaled to $83.80 / month. Sweet.

Installation day, 8am - 12pm appointment: tech showed up at 10am; ran a few wires, checked the floor's router a few times then went to work. The ONT and battery devices were already at the apt. before move-in date so it was a bit less hassle for the tech.

We were supplied with an ActionTech MI424-WR WiFi modem/router and streaming 25/25mbit service.

The only service interruption after installation (but before the tech left) was the TV service: the head-end was not recognizing new accounts so it took about an hour additional of making a phone to his colleagues about the issue until it was finally resolved.

I must say, aside from the interruption, everything went quite smoothly.
It's better than going with the option of Cablevision's Optimum Online service which isn't bad, but for pricing, Verizon should carry CV's head as an trophy.

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Review by PJL See Profile

  • Location: Long Beach,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Consistent speed -- always slightly above advertised"
Bad "none"
Overall "great service."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

The best ISP service I've ever had. Speed are consistently higher than advertised on multiple speed test sites. The TV has the best picture quality of any I've seen. The only regret is that upgrades and channel adds take forever, but when they happen they happen everywhere. Update to symmetrical up/down speeds was nice to get with no increase in bill.

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Review by guppy_fish See Profile

  • Location: Lakeland,Polk,FL
  • Cost: $70 per month (24 month contract)
Good "7 years and counting, no issues"
Bad "Don't have anything bad to say"
Overall "Good service, great internet , if you want cheap, go somewhere else and complain"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Update 10/20/2012

No issues, No STB's now, only use QAM for local TV

Update 03/17/2014

Nothing new, just works, flawless internet and TV performance and quality

Might drop the TV to locals only and ditch the DVR this year ...

Update 06/12/2013

Like the energizer, just keeps going. Best service available, period!

Isn't the cheapest, I also don't drive a Yugo, very good value for the cost.

Currently have 75/35 Quantum, best internet one can get.

Update 11/30/2011

Pretty boring, no issues, have the new image 1.9 and it works fine, when I renewed I went to Fios Digital Voice, it only saves 3.50 but one gets a tone of features most VOIP providers have.

Phone, TV, internet all work great ... what else could one expect from a provider? oh I know there is a forum full of never to be happy people that will knit pick things to death, for everyone else, Fios is a great service

Update 12/4/2009

Nothing New, Flawless still, very happy customer. Waiting for FDV ( Fios Digital Voice ) to roll out for Florida and Quad Play discounts that the Northeast gets, but this will just be icing on the cake.

Update 8/29/2009

Flawless performance since last update. Verizon has come thru on all promotions, The VISA card came right on time and billing is correct even though I upgraded to the 25/15 tier for a 10 dollar increase over the 20/5 tier. Everything is working great, no issues or concerns

Update 5/27/2009

Well I signed up for Video, It was really hard call to leave DTV and pay the penalty for breaking my 2 year contract, I read daily the Fios TV forum and if you go by what is posted there its a scary thought to make the move.

The tech showed up on time, he let me do everything how I wanted as I am on Ethernet, he gave me a new westel router and I configured it to be behind the dlink 655 I use for the primary router. Total install for Video change over ( one DVR ) was about 30 minutes.

Had and issue with VOD and premium channels, Verizon keep escalating internally and each time Verizon called me with the status, at the end of the day it was fixed and we are very happy with the service. The DVR disk is small but with the VOD its almost pointless to record stuff as most content is available using VOD.

Only wish is that the guide was HD width, hear that is coming latter this year. Overall, we are happy with the switch and discounts and signup bonus will cover the DTV ETF fees

Update 3/8/2009

Things have been smooth, I signed up for the double play, billing finally got the some of the credits promised and service has been solid. I watch the FIOS TV forum as see there is progress there but for now I'm staying with just phone/internet. I have increased my rating on connection reliability as the service has had no interruptions in almost 3 months.

I'm using a DIR655 for the router now, mostly for 1G lan networking, nice to be on Enet as I can switch routers as I choose.

Update 12/15/2008

Well, all the promised credits never appeared, worse the contacts at Tampa office have all be reorganized and the people that promised the credits are no longer in charge. I have tried for 3 weeks to get things resolved, I did manage to get a partial credit but it no longer makes sense to have 20/20 as except for large torrents, no place on the net , including online backup services do not support 20mb upload speeds

I have gone back to the 20/5 and phone bundle.

Also, last two days , service has gone out twice and down for 5-6 hours ( internet and phone ) and had to call 6 times to get things resolved ( 3 hours on cell phone ), the first level techs are pleasant, but literally can't do anything, including putting in trouble tickets or even getting a network tech involved without a managers approval.

The problems were all CO related as my neighbors were also out.

The 3 year wait for FIOS is now the reality a fast local internet to a slow national INTERNET, billing which has three different departments,which one of ALWAYS turn down credits over 50 bucks

When a customer of Brighthouse I always got billing resolved with one call, when they go DOCIS 3.0 I'll look into dumping FIOS, Verizon is totally out of control on the support and billing and now with two outages, I'll never get the TV service, as at least I still have TV with DTV when FIOS was down on Sunday

Update 11/15/2008

Service has been flawless. Thanks to Karl, I am on the 20/20 service now, I'm not in a bundle but due to the BBR and Karl, I'm getting credits so in effect I am getting a bundle discount.

Still using my own WRT54G and again the installation tech was great, my neighbor now has FIOS and did a similar install

One things I notice is the speed tests are useless for testing upload. I have no issue getting my rated speed using torrents and using Verizon speed test. but the fact is the Net is NOT wired for 20mbs upload from residential accounts.

Verizon has been easy to work with, again thanks to Karl, I have the local contacts and they have been fantastic in two minor billing issues ( getting charged for activation but came from DSL ) and the package change.

I'll keep milking the DTV thing until I won't get dinged canceling, currently I just call up to cancel and they keep giving me credits to stay and free movies, probably next year when the FIOS video issues are all address, I'll go triple or even quad play when Verizon finishes on buying Alltel, my current cell provider

Original Post:

Well today I got FIOS, 20/5 package and The Freedom Phone Package. I decided to wait on the triple play as I have monitored the BBR FIOS forums since day one and the Video issues still have problems ( mostly DVR issues ). I'm also under DTV contract and am happy with the service so I'll wait it out and then NOT have to give DTV 400 bucks to switch

The Tech was great!, On time, professional and installed exactly where I wanted it and we used my WRT54G as the router, never even took the Actiontech out the box. No issues, worked first try, my 3 year wait is over and couldn't be more pleased!

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Review by Frankg0 See Profile

  • Location: Loudoun, VA
  • Cost: $72 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Knowledgeable sales rep, great and fast installer, fast speeds,"
Bad "I need to get new computers or at least faster wireless NICs. Noticed some slow down at times but not bad."
Overall "Should have done this long ago, fast speeds and lower cost from what I was paying before."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Verizon Online DSL
Verizon has been calling/emailing/mailing me almost non-stop since FiOS was available in my neighborhood. I just procrastinated. I had DSL and 2 phone lines.

So finally I decided to switch. First sales rep was OK but I was not ready to act when he called. I asked him to send me an email with all we discussed but he said he could not do that. (2 lines, 15/5 for $85)

I called and this rep was not as nice he wanted to charge me $80 activation when first guy said it was waived. (2 lines, 15/5 for $85 plus activation fee) So i decided to wait for them to call again.

2 days later got a very nice rep and we chatted about what I could get and without me asking she asked me to check my email and I had a quote from her with everything plainly laid out. 2 lines, 50/25 and no fees for install/activation for $85 total. So I said let's do it. This was on the 10th. Scheduled install on the 18th.

I moved some hardscaping out of the way for the fiber install. That was done on the 13th.

I cleared the area for the ONT and BBU and cleared the area for the router. There is a home run coax cable from the ONT location to this room so I pulled the wall plate so he could terminate the end after toning it out.

Installer showed up at about 11:30 on the 18th after calling saying he was coming in an hour. He surveyed the locations and got to work. He was done in about 2 hours. Installed the BBU inside next to an outlet. ONT (I-211M-K) outside in an enclosure. Toned out the coax and terminated both ends. He hooked up the router (MI424WR-GEN3I) and got the internet going. Then he went back out and hooked up both phone lines and tested each one. After he left I set my wireless back up and was connected to work in a matter of minutes.

The install was completely painless and fast. The only issue I had was with the sales reps but it was no big deal. Now I have faster internet and clearer telephone service at a much cheaper price than before (85 vs 148).

Now I just have to learn my new router details and tweak my home PCs a bit. I do need to buy a new home PC. This one is ancient...

4/1/14: Update - Dropped 2nd phone line so price is now down to 72 total with taxes.
10/2014: Update - Now getting 50/50 speeds.

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