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Six Month Rating

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Review by Jerome925 See Profile

  • Location: Denton,Denton,TX
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Symmetrical speeds (or better). Low latency. Fast!"
Bad "DNS Redirection (can be changed). CS/Billing Issues."
Overall "Get it if it's in your area!"
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Nortex Communica..
*** NEW 2014 REVIEW FOR 76207 ***

We moved to a home in north Denton, which already had FiOS service (built in 2008). I originally "tested" the 150/150 Mbps package, mainly to have a GPON-capable ONT installed in place of the dirty, older BPON unit. The original BPON unit was pretty nasty, especially the ethernet port, which still had the protective goo but was caked with dirt and some dog hair. I'm not sure I could have even made a connection with it, which is important to me for reduced latency. I ran a Belden 1700A Cat5e 100 foot cable from the existing hole in the garage under the ONT to a front room with a large window- the "office". I don't recommend spending time in a hot attic in mid-August Texas, but I just had to do it!

The installer was a nice guy, and arrived on time on the scheduled day. He quickly unmounted the BPON unit and installed the GPON unit in its place. He also secured the fiber line outside the garage, since it had come detached and was hanging out, with the sheath wire exposed (he cut that off). The install looks much better than before. My one regret with the install is that I didn't go with him to check out the OLT. He went to the end of our street to install a card? AFAIK, and I would have liked to see what the inside of the OLT looks like and the BPON->GPON upgrade procedure.

The speeds are above stated, and pings are low. I can ping my server in Dallas @ 5 ms. The service tested consistently 160 Mbps+ up/down on the 150 package. I downgraded from 150/150 to 50/50 the day after the install, but a few days later couldn't resist the upgrade to 75/75 for $10 more. I'm paying about $70/month incl. taxes for 75/75 (tests 84/93), which I think is about the best you can do currently in the US. There is an issue with the default VZ DNS redirecting bad addresses, but the last octet can be changed to 14 instead of 12 to get around that.

HOWEVER, CS/Billing has been a Pain to deal with. When I downgraded, and again when I upgraded, they sent me a new router. By the time I got to 75/75, I had three ActionTec Rev I routers (why would I need more than one and why would they not know I have one?). One of them they charged as a Rental and the other two as Buy. I was able to get the rental router taken off but haven't been able to get one of the Buy option routers off the bill. I returned two of them unopened almost a month ago, so I'm not sure why the adjustments haven't been made yet. Time will tell but I dread contacting them again, less I receive yet another router and charge. I'm not even using the first ActionTec and replaced it with an Asus RT-N66U (no problem there, and get max speed using 5 GHz).


Ordered 5/2 FiOS package on Friday, 7/27/2007. First month free. Months 2-7 -$10. $25 Target gift card (oh boy!).

Our VZ DSL had gone to crap in the past week. We went from a consistent 1.5 Mbps/384 Kbps to about half (with high latency to boot). The noise margin dropped from 14.5 dB to about 5 dB seemingly overnight (not a storm). I think it was an intentional change by VZ to get us on FiOS. If so, it worked.

Contractor for VZ came to trench on Tuesday, 7/31. Took them about 2 1/2 hours. They did a good job. Verizon Hooked up and installed the (complete all-in-one w/ backup battery) ONT inside the garage on Friday, 8/3; they were done in about the same time as it took the trenchers. They didn't tell us much about the install and kept to themselves. We already had a Cat5e installed to where we wanted the router. It went outside the garage, as we did not know they would install an all-in-one box on the inside. If I had known, I would not have run the line outside.

I also wasn't aware that they would only hook up one of our POTS line to the ONT. We had the main line hooked in to the ONT and the other two (office and fax) left as is. I would have preferred the office hooked in to the ONT but I didn't realize until after they had left.

Speed tests:

5133/1889 from testmy.net
5062/1837 from DSLR to SF, CA

First hop 4-5ms. Latency in Counter-Strike: Source is super-low; lower than our VZ DSL on fast path. First 100 servers or so range from 7-15ms.

I took the ActionTec router out as soon as they installed and got it running. I put our Belkin Pre-N Wireless router with MIMO (MAC address from VZ router cloned) up high in its place where we terminated the Cat5e. Computers get a much better signal with the Belkin.

Overall pleased initially with the service.

member for 11.9 years, 716 visits, last login: 138 days ago
updated 143 days ago


Review by mlohr See Profile

  • Location: Ellicott City,Howard,MD
  • Cost: $114 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Fixed Ip no blocked ports"
Bad "Price and Actiontec"
Overall "Good connection Moderate power consumption"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

Residential add on

After numerous attempts to get the Comcast working without morning and evening 30 minute disconnects only on sunny days I contacted Verizon to investigate the ability of 2 internets to a residence. After numerous misinformations they accepted an order for 50/50 internet, telephone and TV. After a 8 day delay from original install and a refusal by me to disconnect the business fixed IP internet they arrived to install service. Tech seemed unfamiliar with the ONT supplied for the installation.
It required a change of the ONT to the O21-me unit. The unit provides 2 internets, 8 phones and 1 MOCA interface. They also added a large power unit Flexnet FMPS with 4 batteries. The pictures are included with the review. Changing the ONT took under an hour.
Activating was more challenging, the phone and the business internet cam up very quickly with the fixed IP preserved. The MOCA interface for the residential internet proved difficult. An Actiontec MI424WR rev I router was required for Quantum service. After over an hour of the FIOS tech with his network support person the MOCA interface was activated with a residential 50/50 internet with Extreme TV service. The FIOS tech setup up 5 boxes (2HD) in less than 30 minutes, including configuring the remotes. The analog boxes include RCA baseband outputs unlike comcast rf only output.
After 3 ½ hours installation everything seemed fine.
For the next nine days the ONT randomly rebooted(up to 8 times a day) and 3 FIOS tech visits and numerous phone call reset temporally restore service. Each reboot killed most services for up to 3 minutes. Killed any transfers during the outage.
Finally it was decided to change the ONT. The whole swap took less than 1 hour including the tech watching for something called bounce. The internet address changed but otherwise everything was uneventful. The fourth tech had only seen a few of the O21-me units and never 2 internets.
For the last 9 days the service has been rock solid with no issues. Phone service got rid of the annoying toll charges for us long distance and included caller ID in the price. Business internet was unchanged by the swap. Residential internet tested solid at 55/55 with 9 ms pings to speedtest.net.
For Price $100 installation and $155/month for triple play with 5 set top boxes for 2 years. Purchased router for $100
Minor glitch the Fios router rev i has a heart bleed problem with dyndns.org at this time. I used a Linux client to track IP address changes.


Update after a year

Everything is still great and no problems. Some neighbors with residential FIOS have had outages (~hours) but the business has never been down. Speed is still good but switched to Google DNS after a couple of months to get rid of failed DNS lookups with their half second delays. The Comcast circuit that we kept has had a few outages similar to the FIOS residential complaints. Some problems with billing trying to add inside wiring insurance.

Kept my POTS and DSL to allow a reasonable overlap of services. Installer was very knowledgeable and flexible. He ran the fiber to my basement eliminating the unsightly box from the exterior of the house. Discovered that I needed a UPS to have service work when power goes out. The battery backup is only for FIOS Phone which I didn't get. The router was $99 and the standard Actiontec MI424WR firmware 20.10.7. It's okay but I preferred the Linksys that I had previous experience with. Technician insisted that the 100 M BPS WAN to LAN speed of the Actiontec is required to fully experience the 25/25 service promised by Verizon. The 15 watts of the Actiontec demands excellent air circulation. The ping times are 14-20 ms to early hop and reports as OC-48. Speeds have been ~25/~25 M BPS as promised by Verizon. Overall the experience was good and there have been no outage. Mail has to forward through Verizon.

The installation was $99 router was $99 FIOS modem $99

The results




first hop
L300.BLTMMD-VFTTP-37.verizon-gni.net ( 5.452 ms 5.542 ms 5.713 ms

No dropouts of service yet.

Much faster upload than my Comcast circuit $48. Comcast provides 12/2 M BPS. Verizon pings are lower on FIOS and DNS lookups are faster


Followup finally got email forwarding working with a lot of help from Verizon support lady Roberta Z190227. You need a parent FIOS account to create sub accounts. Good help for Linux.

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updated 143 days ago




Decades of bad service

It is almost impossible to list everything that has gone wrong for over a decade with phone, then internet and now (Sept 2014) FIOS. I have had something like 8 or 9 new set top boxes in just over a year, half of which were not necessary but due only to incompetent techs. Half the time I have to explain to them what is wrong. Techs who dont know features (eg. chaptering). The field guys generally are good, when they show up (despite the constant, annoying pre-arrival calls to confirm that I will be there, the guy never showed today, no explanation). I pray daily that some firm with a better rating will come along. A modern, multi-billion dollar technology company that can't give me proper service for over a year? Come on.



Flexnet PS

Your Flexnet powersupply MUST have all 8 batteries installed. Ther is an M + P on it. Call in and have them send a tech to do it.

Review by Jemand See Profile

  • Location: Richmond,Henrico,VA
  • Cost: $80 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fast, 99.99% uptime, Price"
Bad "Support and billing issues"
Overall "Comcast can't touch the symetrical speeds"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I got a 2 year price lock for 69.99 (non contract) for Preferred HD and 50/50.

member for 8.1 years, 2838 visits, last login: 149 days ago
lodged 151 days ago




switch from DSL to Fios

Given many many promises from Verizon. Still have slow youtube and everything else. No truth to Verizon claims and no follow up with comparative speed. - cause it is poor!


Gouldsboro, PA

symetrical is a joke

Your right, Comcast cant touch the symmetrical speeds....but at least with Comcast I could watch Netflix and You Tube......I have a 75/75 line and both of those services are useless on FIOS....Ill be back on Comcast as soon as my contact is up...you can count on that!

Review by bendychicken See Profile

  • Location: Winter Haven,Polk,FL
  • Cost: $80 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "VERY reliable fast connection. I can't even remember the last time it went down (that wasn't my fault)."
Bad "HORRID customer service. Late on install. Repairs done poorly and usually late. Never attained contract speeds"
Overall "Great hardware/network. Anything that involves talking to or getting work done by a human is god awful."

I've had the FIOS internet for more than 5 years. The connection has never gone down for reasons that weren't my fault (cutting the line with a shovel in the yard). Even back when I had the base fios package it blew the "competition"(as if we are talking about a free market here) out of the water in terms of speed and reliability.

That said, I have NEVER called in and got a human being on the phone in less than 1/2 an hour on the phone. Many times it's more like an hour. Their automated phone system is without a doubt designed to try and keep you from getting a human on the phone. It requires a LOT time and patience to get through the automated system to talk to a human. It's kind of funny how when you actually get through the "person firewall" they are ALWAYS "experiencing higher than normal call volumes" and you wait for a minimum of 1/2 an hour. My last phone call duration with them was over an hour with 45 minutes of that being hold time. Then when you do actually get someone on the line you must always give them all of the information that the automated "person firewall" has already had you enter(account number for example).

I upgraded to the 75/35 package a year or 2 ago and have never come even with 50% of that. Even with a brand new top of the line mac book pro with solid state drive and a hard wired ethernet cable I have NEVER tested out at higher than 20mbs down and 20mbs up. Last test I did just now was 17/12.5. The majority of the time I get with 10% of that test speed. I just spent the usual hour on the phone to get them on the line to downgrade my speed. Since I'm not getting even 1/3 of the contractual speeds why should keep paying the extra money for it? Of course they transferred me to tech support and the guy tried to tell me my router is old and that's the problem. First they wanted me to pay them $100 for a new router. I told him my current router is capable of 100mbps so it's pretty obvious that over a wired ethernet connection. So it's pretty obvious that ain't the bottleneck. He then tries to tell me than it's "old and worn out" and that's the problem. Now I know a thing or 2 about solid state electronics. They either work or they don't. There are no drives that get filled up here. It either works at 100mbps or it doesn't work at all. Anyway, reluctantly, I agreed to let them send me a new router (for free). I know it won't solve the problem and it's just a stalling tactic to keep me paying the higher rate for another month. I'll post an update if that magically solves the problem. My bet is my next update will be that I downgraded to a lower package because they are obviously throttling it.

Update: Well looks like I was totally wrong. The new router arrived a few days after I made the call to customer service. Speeds have improved. Last test I did was 54/23. Close enough. I'm going to stick with Fios for now.

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updated 161 days ago




-1 recommendation


So you know you had slow internet speeds for over a year or 2 and just not decided to call? A lot of factors go into internet speed tests, I can tell you from experience you have to do it their way or no way. Im no tech but with my ISP I have to test on there speed test site and make sure im wired and have no other devices connected. I have had times the modem/router was the issue and replacing it fixed it, I hope that works for you.
Hatboro, PA
·Verizon FiOS


I feel you pain. Verizon usually does a sond and a dance when you complain about not getting what you are paying for. My review starting with their DSL, then FiOS, Verizon Voicewing - all required at least one [long] phone call to get problems at their end straightened out. They just don't get it.
"from a broken heart to a hole in the sky"

Lanham, MD
·Verizon FiOS


You aren't going to get your rated speed using Verizon provided WiFi. I have the same problem with the 2.4GHz 802.11n router from Verizon. I get no more than 50Mbps up and down. I pay for 150Mbps up/down.

There probably multiple 2.4ghz WiFi signals interfering with yours. If you add a 5ghz access point to your network and connect to that signal or use Ethernet, I'm sure you speed problems will go away. I get 100Mbps from my phone connected to the 5Ghz signal vs 50 or less connect to the Verizon router.

Review by AhnHEL See Profile

  • Location: Bayside,Queens,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Upload speeds and Ping latency is superior to Cable."
Bad "Pricing can always be better"
Overall "A step above cable."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

On the GPON 75/75 plan and receiving 83/92 with over provisioning. Came from TWC Maxx, and very impressed with service thus far. Installation went smoothly and within the install time window. Symmetrical speeds are a vast improvement despite losing a very fast download speed when I was on TWC Maxx. Requested a Ethernet install from the ONT which was provided without hassle and allowed me to use my own Router and leave the FIOS router as secondary for my STBs.

Highly recommend over Cable.

member for 14.3 years, 2971 visits, last login: 5 days ago
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Review by tooch See Profile

  • Location: Bradley Beach,Monmouth,NJ
  • Cost: $85 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Faster speed than advertised."
Bad "Gets slightly pricier after one year"
Overall "A good deal, probably better than the cable company in your area."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Plan: It's a promotion; 35/35, Ultimate HD with Showtime for one year, ~$95/mo with taxes for year one, then I think ~$110/mo taxes for year two.

Internet: Speed is great! I had Cablevision for three weeks and canceled it because I was paying for Boost Plus (50/8) and getting an average of about 30-35/7.5. FiOS supposedly gives you a speed bump on the download side if you subscribe to TV, so my speeds are 42/33-35 depending on speed test.

TV: We don't really watch it but it's a better value to add it into your plan. Channels are good and the menus/channel changing are a lot faster than Cablevision.

February 2012

Downgraded to 25/25, internet only, since we weren't watching TV. $75/mo with taxes. Only problem we had was reps trying to re-sell us to TV because they couldn't believe that we really don't watch TV that much. Also, the 35/35 tier was surprisingly overkill for me. I rarely uploaded at a full 35Mbps and only downloaded from websites at 35Mbps a handful of times.

November 2013

Upgraded to 50/25 + local channels because with a two year contract it came out to $60/mo, or $15/mo cheaper than the 25/25 internet only for $75/mo. The 50/25, being that we have a video package, comes out to 58/38 which is a nice bonus.

The local channels were also a surprise, because I was expecting the basic national broadcast networks plus a couple local NJ stations, and we actually get 95 stations. Sure, most are crap/filler, and some aren't technically "stations" (10 or so channels of non-stop commercial loops for TV services?) but regardless, 95 is still a lot. I don't even need a receiver for them (despite the best efforts of uninformed sales reps saying otherwise); my TV has the QAM digital tuner required for receiver-less viewing.

Again from my previous reviews, I had two reps try to upsell me to a higher TV package when I called in with a question, a mere ten minutes after activating my new package.

17 August 2014

Just received the free upgrade to symmetrical speeds this afternoon. 50/50 becomes 58/61 with fluff. Now at 58/61 + local channels for the same price of $60/mo.

member for 7.3 years, 595 visits, last login: 1 days ago
updated 166 days ago


Review by miataman See Profile

  • Location: Chelmsford,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $250 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "HD quality, good, but seems to be getting "
Bad "support services (beyond abysmal) but online chat is better. .TV channels suck"
Overall "Ultimate Employee discount is dealmaker for me"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

As a former VZ / BA / NYNEX / NET C.O. technician (retired) I expected more from the service side of the house. my bad.

This is an update after a year. picture is great, awaiting new sware update, so can't comment on that. Billing-wise, I'm now into my 2nd week of trying to get my bill straightened out. I replaced a non-hd stb with a hd-stb. My bill arrived and it increased by $ 120.00 !!!!!. It looks like my Ultimate Employee discount was removed, and other services added. Having spent years in the muck with them, I know what's going on. I know the only way to get it straightened out is to "keep on keepin' on". A call or two every day, perhaps a stop by the local FIOS store, I'll wear 'em down eventually!

Update: 02/11/2012....
Took 3 bill cycles to straighten out. I have actually talked myself out of adding some premiums for fear they'll mess the billing up again!

Update 12/08/2012....
Billing has been much better for at least a year, I have made changes, and all flowed smoothly thru. Cost is getting up there, but I'm loving the IPad viewing APP. took long enough to get though.
The few service issues I've had were handled smoothly via online chat.

Update 11/15/2013...
Billing has been stable, even with "One-Pay". Picture quality seems to be less of a concern on Verizon's end, and 2-tuner DVR is just about obsolete.

Update 8/15/2014...
I'm now using Quantum. Original software was deficient since it was based on an obsolete version of the non-quantum software, features were missing.
Anxiously awaited the software update to improve and re-add the missing features.
The update came, and has introduced so many bugs it is laughable.
I can't understand how it even got released, they have a focus and slow-roll group, but it's pretty apparent that NOONE beta tested this software before release. Word at Verizon is that FIASCO is happenin'.

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Chelmsford, MA
·Verizon FiOS

Update: 12/8/2012

Billing has been much better for at least a year, I have made changes, and all flowed smoothly thru. Cost is getting up there, but I'm loving the IPad viewing APP. took long enough to get though.
The few service issues I've had were handled smoothly via online chat.
"My hat, my cane, Jeeves".

Review by CamboDK See Profile

  • Location: Fairfax,Fairfax,VA
  • Cost: $120 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Speed, Reliability"
Bad "Customer Service"
Overall "Great as long as you don't have a billing or technical issue"

Ordered the double play bundle including Internet and TV. Internet was originally 50/25, but recently was upgraded to symmetrical 50/50. My TV package was the Extreme package (300+ channels with 80+ in HD).

The order turnaround was quick and install was painless. The installer installed the Verizon box in the garage and actually took the time to do a great install. Routed the wires properly and cable management looked great. Only issue was activating my cable card. The card provided to me by the installer wasn't not in their system under my name. There system says it was inventoried in their warehouse and not even under my account. Call numerous time to get it resolved with wait times as long as an hour. They eventually sent me a replacement cable card. Customer service via phone is non-existent at the time of service install.

I've heard in the past billing issue can be a pain, but I haven't encountered any issues with my bills.

Overall, if you can get FiOS--get it, but don't expect much from their customer service department.

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Review by rexbinary See Profile

  • Location: Plano,Collin,TX
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Fast, low latency, more bandwidth for a better price then any competitor"
Bad "None at all"
Overall "Better than any Cable or DSL connection hands down"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had FiOS installed since 8/1/05 and to date I have had no problems or issues with it at all. I have the 15MB down and 2MB up package.

The install took about seven hours as they had a little trouble going under the driveway with the fiber, other then that the install went smooth. They supplied a D-Link Router, but I am using an Apple AirPort Extreme router instead.

I am getting a little over the installed speeds both up and down. Gaming is very nice, on many first person shooter servers my ping is 3 or lower. I have been accused of being an admin on gaming severs because of my ping.

I am very happy with FiOS and I would recommend it to anyone that has access to it.

UPDATE 10/8/06:

After having FiOS for over one year now, I am still just as happy with the service. I have experienced no losses of service, other then one brief scheduled maintenance that was in the middle of the night during the week. I have lost power twice since FiOS was installed, and my telephone still functioned as advertised, no problem. FiOS is unmatched by any other service provider in my area.

The service uses PPPoE. Some people tend to consider this a negative, as in theory the PPPoE induces overhead to your connection causing it to be slower then say a DHCP connection. I am consistently getting my full 15MB/2MB speeds as advertised, and my latency is extremely low. Rumor has it that at some point my connection will be converted from PPPoE to DHCP, I will update my review then with any differences or lack of differences at that time if/when I am converted to DHCP.

UPDATE 8/29/07:

My service is still stellar. No outages or trouble to report, technical or billing. Still getting full speeds and low latency. No throttling or bandwidth shaping that I have detected. I am still on PPPoE, and the last I heard they decided not to convert original customers to DHCP as it was just unnecessary work and cost. I have no complaints about that at all, as it has caused me no grief of any kind. I simply cannot express how happy I am with my FiOS service.

UPDATE 4/15/08

I upgraded to the 15/15 service on 11/26/07 which costs me $59.99 a month. The service is still outstanding, and I would never purchase DSL or Cable again by choice. Still no outages to report since 8/1/05.

UPDATE 10/19/08

Everything is still working perfectly. Still running 15/15 package with my Apple AirPort router. No outages to report. To say I am pleased with the service would be an understatement.

UPDATE 8/10/09

I have upgraded to the 25/15 package. Everything is still working great and no outages to report. But on this upgrade, I having a hard time reaching my maximum bandwidth. I have called Verizon twice to verify I am provisioned correctly and I have also ran the FiOS Optimizer under their favorite operating system Windows. I am still investigating if it is an issue on my end, and I will report my results.

UPDATE 9/12/09

Lightning Strike! Sounded like a bomb went off in my backyard. Took out all the FiOS equipment plus my router, two switches, and the Ethernet port in two of my desktop PCs.

I called Verizon Friday night. They quickly concluded I would need service and scheduled a technician for Sunday morning. To my surprise the technician arrived about 7pm Saturday night. I was very pleased.

The technician said my FiOS equipment was five generations old and replaced all of it including the battery. It took him about an hour to complete the work. I replaced my old router with an Apple Time Capsule 1TB, and I replaced my old switches with Cisco 5-port 1GB switches.

I am now getting my full 25/15 speeds. I do not know what corrected the issue but it could be one of three things.

1) The ONT had never been reset since it was installed in 2005. Maybe if I had reset it, which I planned on trying, could have possibly corrected my speed issue.
2) My five generations old FiOS equipment was replaced with current equipment. Maybe my old FiOS equipment just couldn't handle those speeds.
3) My router was replaced with a much more current router. Maybe my old router couldn't handle those speeds.

It could be a combination of 2 and 3 as well. Either way, Verizon's service was outstanding. Not only am I back up and running quickly, but I am now getting my full speed.

UPDATE 3/30/10

Everything has been still working very well for the most part, but I have had three outages since all my equipment has been upgraded. That is more outages then I have had since I have had the service installed before the equipment upgrade.

All three required a call to Verizon to reset the ONT, and one call required the ONT and the dataport itself to be reset. All three times phone service was unaffected. I will ask them to investigate if I have any more issues with connectivity.

UPDATE 10/13/10

I've experienced a couple of disconnects since my last update that required recycling the ONT, but they have become rare now. I believe the newer equipment I received after the lighting strike is just not as good as my old equipment. Regardless, I am still very happy with the service. I am still getting consistent speeds and low latency.

UPDATE 5/11/11

Service is still superb. Still receiving my full speeds with no throttling or slow downs, and the same great low latency. I have still had one or two disconnects since my last update. I am convinced my current revision of ONT is just not as reliable as what I had the first few years of service. Still, I have not even considered looking at alternatives. Go FiOS Go!

UPDATE 11/17/11

Happy Thanksgiving! My FiOS is still running great. No disconnects or issues to report. Still great speedy service. No equipment changes to report. Sorry this update is so boring, but a boring update means great service in this case.

UPDATE 6/2/12

Summer time is almost here, but my FiOS is still delivering awesome speed without breaking a sweat. No outages, disconnects, or issues to report since my last update. I am still on the 25/15 tier and still getting full speed. Rumor has it new speed tiers will soon be available. I will post an update if I change tiers to let you know how it goes. As usual, I still highly recommend FiOS!

UPDATE 1/27/13

This is going to be a rather boring update, but in this case boring is good! No issues to report since my last update. No outages, no slowdowns, just great service! I have been lazy and have not yet called in to have my speed upgraded to one of the new tiers. I will make another update once I do that an let you all know how it goes!

UPDATE 7/12/13

I finally got around to upgrading my service. I went from 25Mbps/15Mbps to 75Mbps/35Mbps for $5 more a month than what I was already paying. Had I opted for 50Mbps/25Mbps it would have been the same price. I just couldn't pass up 75Mbps/35Mbps for only an extra $5 a month.

It took them a day or so to upgrade my speed. I ran Verizon's Broadband Speed Test which can be found here:


My results: 83.79 Mbps Down and 38.39 Mbps Up

As you can see I'm getting a little 'fluff' in there with some extra speed.

No issues or outages to report at this time. I am still very happy with my service!

UPDATE 3/12/14

Another boring update.

No issues or outages to report. My FiOS just keeps chugging along.

I am looking at finally adding FiOS TV to my account. I am nervous about adding it as I have had such good luck with my service, but the show must go on! I will update with the details and the results of adding FiOS TV service once it occurs. I plan to have them retain my legacy 10Base-T install. We'll see how that goes...

UPDATE 5/1/14

FiOS TV is installed!

I placed my order online. The technician installed an Actiontec MI424WR (New Rev. I) via coax to my ONT, and re-used the existing coax wiring in the house to connect the set top boxes. I disabled the N-band wireless in the Actiontec, and connected my Apple AirPort Extreme N-band router in bridge mode.

Everything has been working fine except I noticed my DVR function was not enabled later after the install. After a lengthy phone call to Verizon, that was resolved. Apparently the set top boxes I have are so new that their support mentioned they are still learning how to deploy and administer them properly. I have no prior experience with FiOS TV to know the difference unfortunately. Internet speeds are exactly the same post TV install.

UPDATE 5/15/14

Mini-update here. I've since learned more about the equipment I received. The router is a New Rev. I Actiontec MI424WR (Dark Red Band), and I received the Quantum TV VMS and STBs.

UPDATE 6/7/14

I made a post in the Verizon Direct forum on this site and requested to be converted from PPPoE to DHCP. A short time later I noticed my router restarted, and guess what? No more PPPoE! And this was on a Saturday!! GREAT SERVICE THANK YOU VERIZON!

UPDATE 7/21/14

I just received my free upgrade to symmetric service for all FiOS residential customers. I went from 75/35 to 75/75 for free! Here are the test results from (»my.verizon.com/services/speedtest/) : 84.07 Mbps down and 86.65 Mbps up
Thank You once again Verizon!

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5 to 7 megs

Your review is very helpful, When I called for Fios, inet only, the agent tried very hard to close me on the first call, but i wanted to research it more. He told me I can get five to seven megs for about $55 a month. But the guy said they have no other options to upgrade the speed. That is my only choice.

Seems fishy to me.

Plano, TX

Not happy in Plano

Very unhappy today, both voice and data have been down 14 hrs+ so far ...have received two estimates for neiborhood issue to get resolved and both not met. (even received an automated voicemail 8 hrs ago indicating incorrectly issue had been resolved. What if I had to make a 911 call from fios data line?

Have received conflicting information from my 3 calls to customer support. Hope resolved soon

West New York, NJ

Question about your router

I have FiOS TV, Internet, & Phone and I also have my Time Capsule as my router instead of using the Verizon Router for wireless access. How can I disable N wireless so there's no interference with the wireless network from my Time Capsule?

I would appreciate your help. Thank you

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  • Location: Chesapeake,Chesapeake City,VA
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Bad "None at this time"
Overall "Beats Cox's Communications Hands Down"
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UPDATED 08/06/2014

FIOS working great tested media server and returned due to tivo preference. I now have a 150/150 package as part of triple play. I have 2 tivo roamio's pro, 2 sling boxes, 4 mini's, and one vulkano and have no streaming issues. in near future may test the 500/500 offering. the down time has been none so overall I am happy.


Updated 02/26/2009

I have the 20/20 package and have added a sling box as well. I have had no service outages for any of the triple play services. I have personally converted most of my apartment complex to FIOS. I know that in my complex we are now working on our forth splitter and when ever i see a moving truck I have no problems sharing my bad Cox's experiences and what a great service FIOS is.


Updated 08/24/2008

Been almost three months and have only had one issue and that was a result of Tivo. Verizon pushed their new HD channels and realigned almost all of their channels in the process. So for one evening my 7 Tivos recorded some strange programs. I have upgraded to the 20 / 20. I have managed to convinced 21 people so far in my complex to drop Cox and go to this service. The picture quality is unreal. I also used the refer a friend option with my neighbors and have received the maximum of 12 each $50.00 gift checks that I can apply to my bill. That means at this rate my first 6 months are costing me about $24.00 a month which is a steal. On all of my speed tests i have exceeded the 20 / 20. If your are in the Newport News, Virginia area and can get Fios I say drop Cavalier, Cox, Directv. I have only had Cox's service and it was in most cases worse then Charter and Suddenlink. I have had no billing issues to date and when I have called in the people I have spoken to were nice and quite knowledgeable.

***********************************************************************************************Ordered the triple play on Thursday May 28 around lunch time. and was given an install date of May 29th time window of 8-12. I was like wow technician showed up at my door at 10 am called me about an hour before to let me know his arrival time. This is in a MDU and form the time the work started in the MDU to my activation was 4 weeks plus. He did an excellent job installing ONT and running the required wires in the MDU. I was very impressed. He set up all three of my HD Tivos with cable cards single stream since they apparently dont have dual stream cards yet here. That was only draw back I had to take 6 single stream cards. I will contact the business office to see if they dual stream and if any one knows please hit me up and tell me. Overall I wish I had this 18 months ago Cox's service here in the MDU was really bad and they did not care. I plan to go door to door and let me neighbors know and come in look at the HD. Took 15/15 data plan


10/21/2011 FIOS 35/35 No problems with service worked great through hurricane. I did have a router die this week and I jumped on an open network connection and worked with the online help group and was done in 10 minutes.


02/03/2013 update

Fios has been outstanding and they seem to have corrected their customer service issue / billing issues so it has only gotten better. I also know that they have started to overlay more area in the hampton roads area with fios


upgraded to quantum 150/65 process took less than 2 hours. test well above advertised speeds as always verizon fios superior for just $7.50 more a week.

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Id love to see some speed tests.