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Six Month Rating

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Review by sludgemaster See Profile

  • Location: Bronx,Bronx,NY
  • Cost: $139 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Substantially cheaper than the alternative -- cablevision"
Bad "Horrible customer service, internet speed no where near what is claimed"
Overall "If you need to save $75 - $100 a month go with Verizon, otherwise Cablevision"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Optimum Online
I pay for 75/75. Every day between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. the speed slows to 10. Cannot stream Pandora or use VPN. I have a SamKnows white box, so my connection speeds are being recorded automatically from the router -- no operator error or mis-configured computers involved. FIOS is supposed to be a dedicated fiber line. Obviously, local congestion is making the connection useless during peak periods. They make it very difficult to contact tech support. When you finally do, the excuses range from "its a problem with your computer" (not - there is no computer involved in my speed tests), to "our system shows that you have 50/25" (the SamKnows box reports 75/75 and they are billing me for 75/75), to "we don't support any router other than Verizon's" (this has nothing to do with the router). Its 4:30 pm. Speed is already down to 35. By 6:00 it will be down to 10. Verizon doesn't see any problem.

member for 9.2 years, 206 visits, last login: a few hours ago
lodged 133 days ago




I am familiar with your pain and I only wish I had to option of going to CableVision...I would do it in a heartbeat.

Bronx, NY

1 recommendation

Re: Truth

Thanks for validating my experience. I guess its back to Cablevision.

Review by julesism See Profile

  • Location: Lewisville,Denton,TX
  • Cost: $140 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Service never goes down and I always get the speeds I pay for."
Bad "Billing is a complete mess. Still behind on HD content."
Overall "FiOS has lost it's new car shine/smell."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

I've wanted FIOS for years but never lived in an area where it was available. How I lived without FIOS for so long baffles me. Now that I have it, I'll never be able to live without it. The internet speeds are unheard of and are stable\reliable. Internet is most important to me so I'm golden. I'm using my own router. My internet is Ethernet\DHCP so all I had to do was release the DHCP lease on the Verizon router and plug the Ethernet drop into my Linksys WRT610Nv2 running TomatoUSB. The routers supplied by Verizon are yawn.

TV is pretty good but here is where my complaints are. The hard drive size is not very big. FIOS TV is missing several HD channels that many other providers have. For me, I'm disappointed that Fox Soccer Channel HD and BBC America HD are not available. I had Remote DVR Access working using my Linksys router but they disabled my access because I am using an unsupported router. I understand if it's not supported but don't disable mine when it's working fine. Not happy about that but I'll live.

My bill will go up to ~$170 a month ($155 if I drop FS+) after my first 6 months. First month is ~$135.

Signed up on 4/26/10. Live on 4/30/10
FIOS 35/35 Internet
Ultimate HD with EPIX
1 x Home Media HD-DVR STB
1 x HD STB
Fox Soccer Plus a la carte (+$15)

UPDATE 11/2/10
In late July, I returned the Home Media DVR and the HD STB for a HD DVR box to save some money. It took until October to get the billing straightened out but each time I was properly credited, just a hassle to call and fix it. It's all good now. My bill is now ~$135\month after promotions\credits. I'm getting $20 credits and HBO\Cinemax free until December.

UPDATE 12/22/10
I just dropped FiOS TV but kept FiOS internet. I now have 15/5 for $54.99 a month. I switched to TWC for TV because they have 3 soccer channels (FSC, FS+, and GOLTV) in HD. FiOS has 0. As soon as FiOS catches up with FSC and FS+, I plan on going back to FiOS TV.

UPDATE May 2011
I came back to FIOS TV after the footie season was over and also went with a triple bundle. I currently have Ultimate HD with a MR-DVR in the living room and a stand alone HD box in the bedroom, 35/35 internet, and digital voice for ~$136/mth including taxes and after discounts. I'm happy with the newer STB's and FSC-HD is nice. All I need now is FS+HD and IMG 1.9.

UPDATE 11-28-11
Bill went up $10 to ~$146. Lost a discount. Following another members action, I've decided to lower the value for money option. I'm constantly debating whether or not I should go back to TWC for TV. FiOS TV has fallen behind with HD additions. TWC has FS+, GolTV, ESPN Deportes, and soon Fox Deportes all in HD. FiOS has none of those. It was like pulling teeth getting FiOS to give us FSC in HD. I'm pretty sure I can count the number of HD additions since April 2010 on both hands. Really wish FiOS exec's would make some decisions on their plans to combat this but nothing but fuzzy math and logic so far.

UPDATE 4-11-12
I decided to lower the pre-sales and tech support ratings. The product works great but when I have to speak to six different reps to make changes to my account, it's frustrating. Anytime I have made changes to my account, it's been painful :/

UPDATE 4-9-2014
We dropped TV service many months ago. FiOS TV is still way behind on HD content for our interests so we have TWC for TV. We currently have 50/25 internet only. Bill runs just under $74 a month. Considering bundling with TWC but 25mbps up is nice.

UPDATE 7-31-2014
Added TV back just before the World Cup in June. Upgraded to 75/75 speeds on 7/20. Just got my first bill it's $15 higher than what I signed up for. Thankfully I still have the order information with the price I agreed to. Waiting on Verizon to sort it out. Billing issues plague Verizon FiOS. Don't get me started on the fact that you cannot order TV service with a cablecard online or a phone rep...

UPDATE 10-12-2014
I've relocated out of state and no longer have Verizon FiOS. Overall, the past 4.5 years were ok. FiOS is still a bit behind on HD content (FS2, Fox Soccer Plus, NBCSN PL Extra Time) for me and billing still struggles to get it right the first time. FiOS is by far the most reliable service I have ever used. I cannot recall a single outage that was the fault of FiOS infrastructure.

member for 13.2 years, 2763 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 137 days ago


Review by fbruno See Profile

  • Location: Berwyn,Chester,PA
  • Cost: $49 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "It works as advertised."
Bad "Was quoted a lower price but charged higher rate. Billing support is terrible."
Overall "Better and more reliable than Comcast. Works during extended power outages."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

-----------------------Update 10/5/14---------------------------------------
Still using FiOS for Internet connectivity. Currently getting 25/15 service for $40 as part of a double play bundle including video. Scheduled for a free bump up to symmetrical 25/25. Service has been rock solid with no perceived bandwidth limitations during peek times. During electrical power outages, my large UPS device, whole house generator, and fiber to the home topology means that we never loose service. My neighbors with generators and Comcast can't expect such uninterrupted service.

My 24 month price guarantee is due to expire next month and I am not under contract, thus a price increase is on the horizon. I hesitate to enter into a contract with Verizon because it goes against my better judgement to give them the upper hand. Verizon just added a $3.48 regional sports fee and regularly sneaks in stealth price increases by shifting channels to higher tiers. Plus, I resent paying $11.99 to rent their STB.

One option is to drop video service because our family increasingly streams Netflix and Amazon Prime on a Roku device. Naturally, dropping video service will result in an increased monthly price for data only service.

-------------------------Update 11/3/08 -------------------------------------
Relocated to suburban Philly. Continued to use FiOS. Not as fast or stable here as it was in suburban NY. Got charged almost double the quoted rate during sales call. That rep seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Thus, I feel cheated. Link is slow during peak times and there is some jitter of VoIP at times even with QOS on a Cisco 1800 platform, (with and without the Actiontec)

------------------------- Original comments -------------------------------

I decided to get FiOS with the primary purpose of getting rid of Cablevision Optimum Online. A secondary objective was to provide a reliable circuit for VoIP, especially during a power outage, (I have a huge UPS with extra batteries that can power the ONT for 36 hours).

The online ordering was easy. The installer showed up on the correct day at the correct time - not a hitch in the process. He spent about two hours completing the install using the 1" plywood board I installed in the electrical closet. He was happy about that!

Since then the circuit has been rock solid and fast. I believe it is set for 10/2, and I am getting just about that throughput.

I ditched the Actiontec for a Cisco 1811, and changed from the coax port to the Ethernet port on the ONT.

So far. I am a happy camper.

member for 14.9 years, 2985 visits, last login: 20 days ago
updated 144 days ago


Review by real_goose See Profile

  • Location: Apollo Beach,Hillsborough,FL
  • Cost: $130 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Sucks less than alternatives"
Bad "Painful install - abysmal billing - poor support"
Overall "FiOS works but I dread dealing with anyone from Verizon"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

3/31/12 Original Review

New house had option of Brighthouse or FIOS. FIOS had a better reputation and so far it's working out. I'm glad I studied the FAQ here, but I was still not prepared to understand all the install issues I would encounter. Billing and tech support have both been underwhelming.

I wanted the installer to install the ONT at the house NIB, but he said he could not install the power in the laundry room or the attic overhead. Even though he told me it wouldn't work, I insisted he run Cat5 for Internet from the ONT. The network interface location where the coax and Cat5 come out would mean Verizon would have to put the battery unit on a kitchen wall.

The ONT is on my separate garage and then both coax and Cat5 runs are direct buries underground to the network interface on my house. The cable run is about 100 feet from the ONT to the splitter in the wiring closet and then more than 150 feet back to the TV in the room over that garage. All wiring is a home run back to the structured wiring enclosure in the MBR closet.

I have been unable to reliably watch local HD channels via FIOS QAM on the TV over the garage. The channels are there, but the signal level is too low for most of them to stay locked in. The SD signals found on totally random channel numbers are solid.

I tried a chat with Verizon support which was an exercise in frustration. The first tech denied that FIOS provided signals over QAM. He sent me to sales who sent me back to a second support tech who told me Verizon will not take trouble reports for QAM signals and would not support QAM in any way.

My next trip down, I will take advice I got in a forum.that I can run my own coax to the ONT and split it there.. The run from the house to garage loft is very close to the ONT and I can use the existing coax or at least fish new coax along the same path.

My other alternative for the over the garage TV is to live without the Verizon feed and just use over the air HD. I'm less than 10 miles from the local towers in Riverview and can receive everything with trivial antennas. I will lose 1 SD station I want that is broadcast far north of us but carried on Verizon.

The installer had never installed a cablecard and was afraid of the TiVo. I had already set up the TiVo for my zip code and downloaded the preliminary data. I walked through the menus until he found the cablecard number he needed to enter. The whole process was much easier than my Comcast experience.

The other attractive thing about FIOS is we are not living full time in Florida so we can suspend and reactivate the account for no fees in Florida. They tell me I have to pay for a minimum 3 months every year. My account has been shutdown, but they didn't manage to suspend billing. After I got a bill I called and was promised it would be corrected, but so far it has not. The total time on the call was about 1 hour because the CSR had to get management approval for every step since it was over $50.

12/9/12 Update

FiOS is fine but I find Verizon very difficult to work with for billing or support. I lowered my tech support rating after a very bad experience.

Internet is still fine but I don't use Verizon DNS.

Weak TV in loft over the garage is now fixed after multi-day process to get a support call. I moved the FiOS box out there and could not get several channels. It took more than 5 calls over 2 days to get someone scheduled. Each call took more than 1 hour and always involved more than 2 transfers. Support is even more painful than was the install. The tech installed an amplifier that turned out to be defective and led to another comedy of errors and false claims about what must be wrong with my wiring. A different amplifier worked and now I get all the channels.

I wanted a second cable card for another TiVo, but I balked at paying for shipping. The sales agent told me I could drive to a Verizon store, but he told me the closest was south of Sarasota. Later I talked to a FiOS sales rep in the local mall in Brandon and he told me there was a Verizon store in the strip center across the street. I went in and got my new CableCard within 30 minutes after they entered my order and had to wait for it to 'take' in the system.

I called to get billing corrected and got almost no where. The first time I got about half the overcharges refunded, but I was informed the rep who told me there was no charge for the suspend was wrong. It cost about $20 to suspend and nothing to restart. Each call was very long as the person on the other end puzzled over the billing details. I was promised a manager would contact me within a day, but that never happened.

Finally in desperation I was ready to file a complaint with the BBB, but my wife convinced me to just forget about it. The amount is small so the effort is probably not worth it, but I remain irritated.

The other thing I notice that seems to make customer service hard for me is that I not have a Verizon phone number of any sort either cell or wired. Even though I had my account number they insisted on looking up my account via phone number and then told me they had to use other means to 'find' me. Yes I have a registered phone number with them, but they can't seem to use it unless it is a Verizon number.


I just accepted my first 2 year contract for FiOS, previously I had been month to month. I seriously considered switching to Bright House, but ultimately I decided to stay. My plan was to switch to a 6 month low ball plan from BH and then be able to go back to FiOS as a new user. With BH each TiVo would need a tuning adapter and most channels are copy protected unlike FiOS.

As I compared prices, it became obvious that neither duopoly alternative is competing on price. I would prefer to be paying a fair price for Internet only, but both price it so some sort of TV needs to be added to the bundle.

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verizon bundle

When I received my first bill from verizon, I noticed that they were other fees that they never mentioned before when I was asking for prices and information. I had been paying over 230 dol since I got the service. It's been 2 months already. On the top they are charging me for 4 tv services instead of 3 that I always have. I wish I could change the service I'm really upset. .

Review by asalamon See Profile

  • Location: Bethesda,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $153 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Great Sales Rep"
Bad "Bad Service - Resulting from poor install"
Overall "Run away... "
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

Had service for 90 days. Had SNR issues on primary STB. VZ wanted to charge a fee for truck roll if problem was not their fault. Hard to believe it could have been anything else but their problem as we recently moved in. As of yesterday Xfinity X1 is in and works great!!!

member for 240 days, 0 visits, last login: 153 days ago
updated 153 days ago


Review by somebodeez See Profile

  • Location: here
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
Good "100% Fiber Optic Connection, wonderful speeds, No monthly caps"
Bad "Keep an eye out on your billing"
Overall "Haven't looked back since switching from Comcast"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

The very moment I was aware that the service was available in my area, I ditched Comcast and switched to Fios. That was 2006 and so far to this day (September 2014) I've been very happy

member for 13.4 years, 6066 visits, last login: 2 days ago
updated 154 days ago


Review by RJW1678 See Profile

  • Location: Wilmington,New Castle,DE
  • Cost: $77 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Ordered a double play with Digital Voice Unlimited and FIOS Quantum Internet 50/25."
Bad "Found out that the copper telephone wiring in the house was a real mess."
Overall "Everything is working. It is very fast."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Ordered 50/25 and it is running at 58/37 so I am getting everything that I am paying for. The tech said my old phone wiring in the house is shorted somewhere. I have one phone jack now working correctly - so I have switched to cordless phones. The install went real good,took about 2.5 hours - 57/37 is real fast. The ONT is a Motorola 1000GT4 - Router is an Actiontec MI424WR Rev I - Motorola BBU with 12V 8AH Battery.

member for 12.1 years, 337 visits, last login: 32 days ago
updated 158 days ago


Review by buckingham See Profile

  • Location: Buckingham,Bucks,PA
  • Cost: $204 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Outstanding performance for both Internet and TV. Phone is the same as it's always been. Reliable."
Bad "Limited Free VOD without subscribing to movie package"
Overall "Outstanding"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

installation in late August 2010 was outstanding and on time. No billing errors to-date. 35/35 Internet performance is as expected. Phone is reliable as expected. TV service is outstanding for PQ and the latest firmware release adds a lot of good stuff to the boxes. My only disappointment is the limited free VOD available without subscribing to a movie package, especially with the top level *Ultimate" service package.

UPDATE: Upgraded to 75/35 when the contract renewed and still very pleased. Effectively getting 83/38. TV remains excellent in quality.

UPDATE 9/2014: Upgraded to 75.75 automagically and effectively get 83/92. I occasionally have some routing/network issues, likely caused by peering "out there". TV remains excellent quality; in fact, it seems crisper since moving to the VMS/IPC. Quantum boxes. Current package is Preferred TV - 75/75 Internet - FiOS Digital Voice

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updated 162 days ago


Review by chakey See Profile

  • Location: Gladstone,Somerset,NJ
  • Cost: $60 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Fast and reliable internet, phone, wireless and TV!"
Bad "Billing is hilariously bad"
Overall "If you are willing to spend hours fixing billing, you'll have a top notch service!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

This review is reverse-chronological. Go to the bottom for install and the top for the latest.

9/17/14 - We dropped TV in 2012 and have been only internet and phone since then. We miss cable only when there are live events, but a friend is letting us use their user and password to stream TV online (sports, New Years, etc). Works out well. We were getting a very good rate for internet and phone alone (about $60/mo) for a two year contract, set to expire this December. Speeds are now a symmetrical 75/75. In July, I received a notification that we were receiving an "ineligible bundle" and they jacked up our prices to $120/mo. I called in and escalated until I found someone willing to take $60 off our bill/mo until our original contract expires. Another example of how their product is top notch, but the billing is hilariously bad. We will shop around in December, because I don't feel like paying double for the same service.

1/12/11 - After experiencing some issues with one of our DVR boxes, they came out and gave us a new one without much issue. Since we watch most of our content on Netflix now, I called to see how much my triple play would be reduced if I dropped TV all together. The rep said we would save $34 a month. I said that was great and to go ahead and cancel the TV. He told me to hold for a minute and came back with an offer to reduce our bill by $30/mo for a year as a "Customer Appreciation Credit". I could not argue with that! Internet and phone remain rock solid.

3/31/10 - Nothing much to report! The service and billing have been completely stable since the last update. What a pleasure to not have to spend an hour on the phone each month fixing something with billing! Internet is stable at 26/22. I ordered an HD movie on demand the other night, and although horribly overpriced (IMO) at $5.99++, it streamed through with no hiccups or problems. Hopefully it will not incur some phantom charge on my bill...

7/2/09 - Upgraded Internet Speed

More as a result of the Docsis3.0 invasion into Fios territory than a few of us wailing about being "limited" to 20/5, Verizon now has new, higher internet speed tiers. For $10 more/month (from 99.99 to 109.99) I now have 25/15 and Showtime and a couple of other movie channels. I've done a speed test several times since upgrading and it is consistently coming in at 26/22, much more than the advertised 25/15. I absolutely LOVE the new upload speed, it has revolutionized several aspects of my daily life on the computer!

I have not received the bill yet, so fingers are crossed....

5/9/09 - Unable to upgrade my internet service

When I first signed up for the service, nearly 2 years ago now, I signed up for the 20/5 internet service with TV. When I added phone to my plan in October of 2007, I upgraded my internet to the 20/20 service and still had it as part of my triple play. It cost about $10/month more to have 20/20 vs 20/5. When I rebundled to a new Triple Play package in 2008, the 20/20 went back to 20/5. It is completely impossible to have a triple play of 20/20, Phone and TV. In order to get 20/20 at this point, I would have to cancel my triple play, incur an early termination fee for each service of $179, bundle JUST the phone and TV and pay for 20/20 a la carte. Instead of being a $10/mo upgrade, it would DOUBLE my bill. I have escalated this issue all the way to the office of the president of Verizon, and no one will allow me to bundle 20/20. It was apparently decided by "Marketing" sometime in 2008, that 20/20 does not need to be a bundled service. I just can't believe that I am WILLING to give a company more $$ per month for something (within reason) and they will not take it.

On the positive side, billing has been great--only once in the past year was there an errant charge. I called it in and it was fixed for the next bill. The services continue to be 100% rock solid. I have BBR monitoring my IP and my internet has never once been down.

4/11/08 - Well, it was nice while it lasted

I had a wonderful 2 whole months where my bill was correct. I got a bill this month that was all messed up. For some reason, unknown to anyone, I got bumped off the two year contract and into a month to month contract, which negates all bundle discounts. My bill was over by $100 this month. I suppose 2 months out of 8 with a correct bill is a 25% success rate--better than 0%. I was beginning to enjoy the extra 2 hours each month I got back when I did not have to call Verizon. Oh well. Back to the drawing board. I lowered Tech Support to a 3, because billing is not an option. I have never had to call Tech Support because all my services are rock solid. It's just the billing that so incredibly bad, it is becoming comical.


Although I did not in a million years expect it, I just received a bill which combines all my services (voice, internet, cell and TV) into one lovely price. They got it right, folks. It took since August of 2007, but they got it right. I do not need to block off an hour or two to call customer service this week. I can change my avatar tagline from "Awaiting Correct Vzn bill since Aug 07" to "VZN GOT MY BILL RIGHT!"


Can you believe I'm really happy about getting a bill for over $200? I can't believe it either. It feels as if I just gave birth. Oh, the euphoria....


I finally received a bill which combines all my Verizon services (Phone, Internet, TV, Wireless) into one bill. However, because of the "non-payment" fracas last month, there was a $199 "early termination" charge as well as a $29.97 "activation" fee when they turned the internet back on. Other than almost passing out when I opened a bill for $605, and the extra charges, things seem to be in order finally. I called the billing department, was put on hold for 25 minutes and disconnected. I called back and the second CSR took care of everything. I was able to go online and create an account. I paid my bill with no issues

The FiOS TV 2.0 Guide arrived yesterday. I honestly think that it is a bit faster than 1.0 and certainly more pleasant to look at. The main hang is when you call up the Guide the first time. That takes about 4 seconds and gets you to press the button three times wondering why it is not reacting. Once the guide is up, it is faster. I still long for the day we get "page up/down" buttons on the remote. All my DVR recordings were intact and organized in a better way.


Well, all the stories about Verizon's billing department(s) are true. It has been 6 months since install and I have yet to receive one correct bill. In fact, I have not been able to pay my bill for the past two months because they are billing my services to the wrong phone number. After several phone calls and hours on hold bouncing around to 15 different departments, nothing was resolved. My issue was "escalated". My internet service was turned off for a day and after another round of phone calls, was restored. I still have not received a bill and I cannot see or pay anything on my online bill. I suppose someday they'll figure it out. I am just growing weary of calling them about the same problem and having no resolution. Every time they try to fix something with the bill they are unable to help because another department deals with this. They play "pass the customer" and I sit in awe that this great company cannot do anything on the back end without a running into itself.

Still, it's a great service--internet has never been down (except that one day for "non-payment") and the TV is great. We added a landline a while back to take advantage of the bundle discount. I think that's what started this mess. Their system can handle someone adding services to an existing landline, but not the other way around.

Bottom line--the service and price are still worth the billing aggravation. Just realize it will take you a while to straighten out the bill. The CSR's are accommodating, you just have to be persistent.

11/2/07 UPDATE:

I upgraded to the 20/20 internet service and added a landline yesterday. Everything is still BLAZING fast and rock steady. The HDTV channel line-up could use some work, but they promise to have 150 stations by the end of '08. Let's see if they do it!

Background and price:

We were lucky enough to move into an area that has FiOS internet and TV service available. We signed up for the 20/5 internet and Fios TV Premier level with a DVR box and a regular set top box. The total cost per month is supposed to be $97. There is a one time $19.99 activation fee. There are no taxes on the plan since it is considered "data services." Their phone service is only $7/mo, but when you add all the taxes that come with a landline, you end up closer to $30. We hooked up our Sunrocket Voip to the Verizon router and all is well and it works well. (Since Sunrocket is down, we've switched to ViaTalk which works just as well).

Presale info:

As soon as I heard that we could get Fios in our new residence, I called Verizon. Their pre-sale info was right on with what the website said. The rep was very helpful and took time to explain everything. I scheduled the install for 6/25/07.


Verizon called twice before the install to confirm that we would be present and have a power outlet near the ONT. The installer came at 10:15 during an 8-11 window. He brought the fiber line in from the street first. Then, he very professionally installed the ONT and UPS in the basement and wired the rest of the house for TV and internet. The Verizon wireless router provided is excellent and covers the whole house with an encrypted signal. It took him 6 hours.

Impressions (so far):

The download and upload on the internet tests at 20.6/4.6. The connection is lightning with no wobbles in service so far. The TV service is excellent. Crystal clear picture with a fantastic DVR menu.

Bottom Line:

Get it if you can! If you can't--call and bug them!!!

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Review by amarryat See Profile

  • Location: Marshfield,Plymouth,MA
  • Cost: $210 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Internet reliability & stability, HD TV"
Bad "Expensive, and still climbing"
Overall "awesome"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

35/35 internet totally consistent.

4 years with one outage for several hours. Reliability is fantastic.

Steadily getting more expensive. Was $180/month, now I'm paying $210/month

Update 9/2014 - even more money, but this is what I got:
1). Higher speed - 50/50
2). Quantum - one central DVR with more capacity than the combined two DVRs from before, and client boxes that are smaller than the original set top boxes.
3). At some point along the way, they updated my router for free to the "N" wifi version. However it's still nowhere near as nice as 3rd party routers you can buy on your own such as the ASUS and Netgear flagships. Therefore I'm still using my own router to do wifi at home.
4). My ONT in the basement had to be replaced because it got fried somehow. What is strange is that they moved the battery from the fried ONT into the new ONT, and this is the original battery from 2008??? I thought they only lasted a few years.

So I'm happy with the upgrades.

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