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Six Month Rating

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Review by tnsprin See Profile

  • Location: Bradenton,Manatee,FL
  • Cost: $215 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Excellent speed and reliablity, Great Video quality"
Bad "current PEERING disputes may make some streaming sites slow, No Imap Mail option"
Overall "Recommended"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

FIOS TV Ultimate, and all movie packages (HBO, Movie Completer)
FDV Unlimited phone (US, Canada, Porto Rico, US Virgin Islands)
Internet 50/25
Actiontec Wireless N router
ARRIS VMS (6 tuner) and IPC (no tuner satellite)

I find the TV service excellent. I currently Have the Ultimate package which has enough extras included that I recommend it. Lots of people keep gripping as their favorite channels is switched around in the lower priced packages. I find their free VOD programming to include lots of programs, but have never used the PAID VOD.

I have consistenly fast internet service. I do no some others having constanc problem with NETFLIX and other service, but I have rarely seen such delays.

I have had no problem with the FDV phone service. Phone call quality is excellent.

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Review by zerco See Profile

  • Location: The Colony,Denton,TX
  • Cost: $162 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "It works most of the time"
Bad "They nickel and dime you to death"
Overall "Over priced Over hyped Technology"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

I got Internet 50/25 and TV (Extreme). Where I just killed is with all these STB charges. 4 HD STBs for 4 rooms.

In about 1 year I've had two outages. They had to replace the ONT, the other time they had a hardware issue at the hub. Both times I was down for about 2 days.

Unless you need a great upload speed and very few do, there is no real benefit to FIOS internet. For me there is no discernible difference between FIOS and my old cable company and I am a power user. I work from home a lot, use VOIP, and my kids stream like crazy.

Fiber sounds great but it has been less reliable and my speeds/pings are the same as compared to cable...so who cares?

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updated 156 days ago


1 recommendation

162$/mo?!! Holy smokes! Highway robbery!

Wow that price tag is just shocking !

I actually think the product itself is excellent and I wish we had FTTH with
AT&T...but Verizon are a bunch of greedy crooks, I'd say they rank right up there with Concrap for outrageously high prices.

Review by VerizonCynic See Profile

  • Location: Lakewood,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $42 per month (24 month contract)
Good "rock solid, pretty cheap, cutting edge"
Bad "price is steep; no competition; evil non net neutraility company"
Overall "if it is available get it hands down. "
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Full review of the 2008 install here


I was one of the first in my city to get FIOS. At first triple play but now down to single play naked fiber internet. had to do a deal with the devil on a two year contract. if I die they will likely hold my estate to the contract.! The internet as it should be. No hiccups. Speed is exactly what you paid for. 15/5 is more than enough for any user. I was on 50/35 and really saw no difference as the internet as a whole is filed with choke points (now more fast lane slow lane BS on the way). So paying for 100/00 is just bragging rights. Time warner is only thing out there that competes price speed wise in my area. I was in an ATT "uverse" (just re-branded DSL) area that was all copper at 2.5/700 or some such speed. Horrid service. Horrid. Att does nothing right and charges top dollar. A company worthy of all the hate. Verizon got FIOS right but of course stopped installing it once it realized it was a good deal then started gouging those that had it. Verizon of course ripped out my copper drop in 2008 to make sure no one could ever use it again. Only reason to appreciate verizon fios is knowing what ATT customers have to put up with. As for phone I still use Obihan and google voice. We shall see how long that holds together

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Review by BioGeek See Profile

  • Location: West Orange,Essex,NJ
  • Cost: $195 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Speed, Clarity of SD and HD, Ease of Use, Features"
Bad "Not all Verizon reps know how to answer FiOS Questions, Software updates always seem behind on boxes and router."
Overall "Well worth it, better service than I ever got from cable at a similar price."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Verizon Wireless..
UPDATE 6/13/14: WOW, this is due for an update. I can't believe that it has been 6.5 years since this was installed. This week marks a changing point in FiOS for me. I have upgraded to Quantum TV and I am very happy with it. All of the limitations of the previous DVR have been blown away. The other added bonus is that I can now get HD feeds at all of my TVs with the same box. Previously, it would have required a higher priced box to get the HD. Now I have two VMS units which combined give me 6 times as many tuners and over 12 times as much hard drive space. The new interface is snappy, clear and effective.

I have also gotten higher speeds than I started with. I used to be a 15/5 package and then it became 25/25 and then 35/35 as part of contract renewal deals or simple upgrades. Now I am at the point of deciding on 50/25 Quantum internet (I almost get those speeds now) or something like 75/35. I was one of the first in the area and as a result of that, I have a BPON ONT installed. My particular model is limited to 50/25 and 75/35 or above would require a tech to come and update it to a GPON ONT for higher speeds. The customer rep jokingly told me that I could get 500/100 if I wanted. I just can't justify that kind of $$$. Now the choice is down to $10 more a month for 75/35 and a tech visit for an ONT upgrade or leave it alone and just enjoy the new Quantum TV service.

I also appreciate the TV service more now that I can enjoy HD on all my TVs. The difference it made in the picture on all the other TVs is incredible. I never convinced myself to spend more for HD boxes all this time. Quantum TV was an appealing package that gave me a much better DVR (well, two of them) and a better network DVR operation than the MRDVR. The process also gave me a new router with faster wireless speeds and better range. Sadly, this was just a few weeks after I gave in and put another router on the main floor to serve as a LAN wired to wireless access point. The range on the old Actiontec was pretty short and the new Actiontec resolved that.

-Better TV than when I signed up

-Better internet than when I signed up

-Better router than when I signed up

-Still a happy customer.

-Still the envy of my coworkers who do not live in a FiOS area.

-Still not bogged down in the internet speed and usefulness when everyone comes home.

Ordered FiOS the day it became available to my area. (11/28/2007) Selected an install date two weeks away to allow for some cleanup and preparation as well as aligning the install date with a day off.

FiOS installed here on Wednesday 12/12/2007. I was the first and only install of the day for the tech. Online shows 8am window (not realistic). The day before there was an automated call and then a real person call confirming the install and gave a 9-10am window (more realistic). The tech showed up at 9:55 am. Came in, took a quick walkthrough of all the TV's (6 in all), the computer to be set up, and the inside install location for everything else. He went over the order, there was only one mistake, we were one box short on the order (most likely due to the accent and incredible volume of talking in the background at the call center). He had another regular box and remote in the truck, so that was a non issue.

Since an electrician lives here we already had clean homeruns of RG-6 to the basement install location as well and a Cat5e run from each computer or game console to where we wanted the router to be. The board next to the electric panel was clean, clear and offered the tech plenty of room to mount everything. There was even a clean hole to the outside where the old old old phone lines used to go out, once they were pulled clean a few days before install, we saw a nice hole for him to use. As easy as the install is ever going to get for this guy.

He goes out gets his tools and supplies, places some inside and proceeds to mount the fiber optic cable on the outside of the house. Just as he finished at the side of the house, the bucket truck came and quickly connected to the pole and took up the slack. He was gone a short few minutes later. During the tour of the house he had asked if I had a preference for the location of the ONT, I left it to his discretion inside or outside didn't matter. There was room on the board for the ONT inside and it was warm and dry inside (as opposed to the cold weather and rain/whatever going on outside).

He starts setting up, places the Motorola ONT 1000M on the board and makes his connections and goes about the rest with the battery, power supply, router and cable splitter all on the board. He line traces and hooks up the 1 phone line on the order (leaving the other two at the house on the other account on copper). The cables were then terminated at the splitter and the ethernet was connected to the router. Coax went from the ONT to the splitter and then coax to the router. All nice and neat on the board. He then went around and put all the STBs in and got them setup and ready for TV signal later. (6 TVs no small task)

Then came lunch, he was back an hour later. Now time to range the ONT..broke out his nice toughbook laptop and ran his software and ranged the ONT. Now for activation...taking too long and the lights on the ONT weren't right, but the laptop ranged and saw it. He makes a call and they start trouble shooting, suspecting the activation system was not working properly (as also mentioned in a recording while he was waiting). They go though some test and nothing. He tries a reset and calls again, still nothing, but the FSC suggests he may have the wrong light...i.e. wrong fiber. He makes some more calls and checks the hubs and nodes and connections. Calls for another bucket truck to come and check the connections in the Hub down the street. Truck was a little ways away and he had no choice but to wait. Lights on the ONT get flaky and he calls the bucket to see if he is there, he had just arrived, but not gotten up there yet, so it wasn't him. The bucket truck checks the hub, confirms all is well and the light is clean, strong, and correct. Notes that we are one of only two even connected in the box.

Bucket truck comes up the hill to come to the rescue. He rechecks the light inside and again the signal is strong and clean. We are the only ones at the pole connection. The bucket truck tech first admires the first tech's clean install on the board and suggests a new ONT. Fortunately our tech had another, which shocked the bucket tech as he felt the motorolas were in short supply. They swap ONT's and retry activation, VOILA! it works. First ONT was dead out of the box...expensive lemon. All is well now, phone works, lights on the ONT are good.

Then we run around for STB activation and computer setup. First the computer and TV in the same room. He checks signal at each TV and applies attenuators when needed (and they were needed). While I download the software and register the computer. After a restart, I do a speedtest and ....oh yes it is fast 20/5 for sure. He gets all the STBs active and sets up the widgets with the zip code. All is well, channels and TVs come online a little at a time.

Another little order snag, the order showed the High Def MR-DVR, but not HD content. Easy fix, quick phone call, a minute later, wham clear HD in all its glory. All TV's are good, all signals are good, channels work, phone works, internet is smokin', VOD time.

Tech leaves at 7:30pm thanks to the dead ONT. Now it is all fun time. We check out the channels and DVR functions and then watch a VOD from food network. Part way though at 9:30pm that night WHAM! signal cuts out and the box restarts....wow, what the?

TV signal is still there, but DVR that restarted has no guide data or VOD. Check the internet and phone, they are gone. All TVs still have internet and whatever guide data was downloaded onto them. Ok...check ONT and there is a red fail light, not good. @ hours and its dead?

Call FSC and find out there is an active work order underway in our CO to change out a PON card that just happens to serve our neighborhood. FSC is hesistant to give an exact time, but expects it to be done by midnight, ok new stuff is good right?

Morning comes....TV works...no phone, no internet, no VOD....ok maybe it will be done by the end of the day. Come home yesterday (12/13/07) and still not working. The old man had gotten home (My father the electrician) and called up the FSC, the tech runs a test and some diagnostics, getting some really strange readings from the ONT he doesn't understand. He runs another diagnostic and BOOM! out goes the TV signal....dispatches a tech for onsite diagnostics as he could not figure out what the wacky results were and prepared for an ONT replacement.

By 7pm, the tech doesn't come (In his defense, it was sleeting outside, icy, cold, nasty, I would not have come either. Also found out a tree took out a swath of poles up the hill blowing up a few transformers in the process)

Call up FSC again to see what the deal is and get a different tech. This time I am calling and I mention the PON card from last night...tech is intrigued by this and puts me on hold while he reviews the ticket and then comes back to ask me to wait while he grabs a network tech to look over this case. Holding...and then he updates me, network tech is examing the case and believes the problem is a network issue on their end. Hold again and then he comes back and says the network tech can see our ONT and another guy's ONT ghosting on the network (We are the only two in the hub, remember?) as well as two preprovisioned soon to be installed lines waiting to go. After hearing the PON card comment and checking the CO work orders he confirms that it was indeed changed and was the cause out the outage last nite, but should have been back up quickly. Diagnostics of the PON card confirm it is not seated correctly or has some other connection error. Work order is put in national queue for repair and we go asleep back on our old comcast system.

This morning I wake up and....its all fixed, TV is back and clear as crystal, phone works, internet is fast and VOD and guide data are back.

Some may flame me as to why install, reliability and support still get 5's.

Install gets a 5 because the tech did an excellent job, was proffessional and stayed with us until the service worked, rather than leaving. The same for the second tech, he was a great help and he came at a time when most would be going home. Tech support gets the 5 for giving me the correct info when I called and solving the new problem promptly when I called back. ( I feel good having been part of a network equipment failure diagnosis.)

All is well now. I have tried surfing, gaming and downloading on the internet and all is as it should be..FAST!. The TV is clear, clearer than comcast was on its best day. We have FiOS TV Premier, HBO/Cinemax, movies package, 5 SD STBs, and 1 MR DVR. VOD selection seems fine considering all the premium channels have content there as well. HD is fine for now considering this is our first HD box and we are not used to having x amount of HD channels from another provider. Having seen HD....I like it, I love it, I want more of it...and it is coming next year. Also our first DVR, loving the pausing of live TV and the ability to record and watch it in a different room. Overall, I am very satisfied.

The backup bucket truck said something interesting when they were replacing the ONT:

"Don't let this fool you, its really an excellent system once everything is working right."

He is right, it is an excellent system. Nothing is perfect. No system, company, service, network, software, etc. is free of mistakes. How they handle it when it does fail is the truest test. In my case, they pass.

Now that everything is working as it should...it is a pleasure to be "riding the light" Although I looked outside at the truck...that little boy must have been delusional...I didn't see any lights coming out of the back of that truck....

In the end, its worth it, get it, try it out, compare it. We like it. Only thing left is to see the bill and look for the Triple play to be properly applied. Until then, all is well.

6/29/2008 - Lets call this a 6 month update.

FIOS has run smoothly for 6 months. There were absolutely no billing issues these past 6 months. I got the Free TV from the offer. It took awhile, but did come. The service has remained clear with no outages other than the initial issue mentioned above. Since ordering and reviewing the install and FIOS service, we have been switched to the new IMG. The new IMG has been patched a few times already and manages to be attractive as well as functional now. The multiroom DVR is a wonderful feature that we have found much use for. The hard drive size on the DVR is in serious need of enlargement, especially when recording HD content.

The boxes have all behaved and still work. The ONT, BBU and Router (Actiontec) all have performed very well. We are about a month away from a channel realignment to organize and make room for some new SD and HD channels. The service has gotten better and better and the contract has kept the price locked as it should.

The phone service has worked perfectly, its just POTS afterall. It does what it should and it even works in a power outage like it should. No complaints there.

The internet has constantly proven itself as the best we have ever had. We have not been throttled, capped, badly routed or shut down. Its amazing having multiple computers using youtube or online gaming and not having any issue whatsoever. This is "only" a 20/5 plan, faster plans are now available, but sadly are a bit pricey. There is no clear need for more speed.

After 6 months, I am still a happy customer and it appears that FIOS is on its way to stay here for the long run.

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Review by JeepMatt See Profile

  • Location: Wilmington,New Castle,DE
  • Cost: $270 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "HD Content - Kills Comcast"
Bad "So Far - Not Much"
Overall "If You Care About HD - FIOS TV is your #1 Choice"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

**UPDATE - 6/13/14**

After being back with Comcast for 2 1/2 years - I had to take a look at what I was paying for. I want HD channels - I want HD premium channels - Yes, I want HD. Not On Demand, not on my computer - I mean, I spend all day on a computer for work - why would I want to watch TV on it?

FIOS is the leader in HD when comparing the two MSO's. Just since I came back at the end of March - they've added 5 HD channels - and have capacity for more. They now carry both of the Philly Comcast sports channels in HD. They have beIN Sport in HD - they have Spanish soccer channels in HD. I think you get my point. They have a plan. Comcast - all they care about is X1. They haven't added an HD channel in my area in over 2 years. Yes - TWO years. I could now order MLB Extra Innings again and get all 9 HD channels. The new Quantum TV is excellent. 6 tuners, 1TB of space - and the satellite boxes are all IP based. This is actually a step ahead of the X1 boxes.

Internet side - my employer pays for my monthly service - so right now we're on the 150/65 package. Yes, it's $120/mo as part of our Double Play, but again - not paying for it. Hopefully they bump that up soon based on all the other providers bragging about 300 down plans. And I get that full speed - even wirelessly. As part of my install - they replaced my old ONT from 2007 with a brand new GPON ONT in my basement.

Billing has been perfect as well - and all of the technicians that came to my home - above and beyond professional.
Happy Matt.

**UPDATE - 11/14/11**

Internet remains perfect - 35/35 package cannot be matched by cable.
Phone & Wireless - no issues

TV - As I mentioned 6 months ago, FIOS TV is now severely lacking and behind the competition with HD channels. I lowered the Value for Money rating as a result.

**UPDATE - 5/13/11**

Things continue to roll along - 35/35 internet is stable, fast, and reliable. TV - great PQ - wishing they'd finally get around to adding more HD - as VZ is now trailing most providers. Only thing I'm wishing for at this point.

Also, rolled my VZ Wireless account into the main parent one. 1 bill - 4 services.

**UPDATE - 1/20/10**

Updated today to the Fios Ultimate HD Triple Play package - which includes every channel and 35/35 internet along with home phone. With 3 STB's this will run me around $215 / mo.

Can't complain - as FIOS blows away any other provider in my area.

**UPDATE - 3/26/09**

FIOS TV and Internet continue to blow away the competition. New HD channels this month push the total here to 108. Comcast in Northern DE? 37 total. Yep..seriously.

With the latest firmware release, all DVR issues have been corrected.

If you have a choice of FIOS in your area, it's a total no-brainer.

**UPDATE - 9/25/08**

Well, I gave FIOS TV another try, and signed back up on 8/6/08. Despite the year of horror I had experienced in 2007, based on Comcast's inability to add anything new to this area, I gave Verizon a 2nd chance.

All I can say is WOW. Whatever had caused my prior problems obviously has been fixed, and i've just witnessed 54 new HD channels appear in my guide in the past few weeks. With 20+ more scheduled in the next month or so.

The updated guide is a breath of fresh air - and so far, i'm loving it. Next big date will be 10/16, when this area is to receive the 1.6 software update. Looking forward to streaming shows to my HD box.

**UPDATE - 6/24/08**

Updated to the 20/20 tier. Not bad.

Last result:
19219/17324 Kbps

**UPDATE - 5/20/08**

15/15 tier continues to rock. FIOS Internet cannot be matched in Northern Delaware. I still laugh though reading the TV horror stories in the FIOS TV forum.

**UPDATE - 11/20/07**

Upgraded to the new 15/15 FIOS tier yesterday. Here's the results:

Download Speed: 15462 kbps (1932.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 14112 kbps (1464.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Awesome. Fios Internet continues to rock.

FIOS TV? Don't get me started. The whole offering is one big cluster-f**k.

**UPDATE - 11/28/06**
It ended up taking 12 days to fix the issue listed below, but now the routing is back to normal, and service levels are back to excellent. I've since given Comcast the boot for telephone - and now have VZ for both phone and internet.

Now, i'm just waiting for TV to roll out in Delaware.

**UPDATE - 11/11/06**

Well, once again, FIOS is having major issues with their backbone and Alter.net routers out of Philadelphia. After taking 2 days to even open a ticket for me, i'm now on Day 3 of the 300% increased latency.

Something happened at exactly 6am on 11/9 to cause this - so obviously some type of routing table change was made.

I love FIOS, don't get me wrong, but these issues cropping up every month or two are getting really annoying. It's almost like I have to babysit the network. I've lowered Tech Support to a 3 - because I was asked "what's the importance of seeing latency go up 300%?" Oh boy.

**UPDATE - 8/1/06**

Okay, it's now almost 3 months since I signed up for FIOS. Time for an update.

Over this time, connection has not gone down once except for when I lost power 3 times. That would be Delmarva Power's fault, not Verizon.

There have been however 3 occasions where a Verizon router or an Alter.net router (which is owned by Verizon) has died and caused major speed and routing issues. It took 5 days to fix the first one, and 4 for the second. The 3rd was a 2-hour long hiuccup.

I raised my tech-support rating from 3 to 4 as for the times I used the VZ Direct forum here on DSLReports and the times I called on the phone, the responses I received were good - and they knew what i was talking about. None of that, reboot your router crap.

As with any fledgling service, VZ has been ironing out different peering arrangements, etc. For the last few weeks however, it seems they are back on track to perfection.

My only other gripe is that we're still at 15/2 here in Delaware. My install tech told me we'd see the 20/5 upgrade by the end of May. Well, it's August and still no upgrade. I find it a bit unfair that people in NY/NJ/CT are getting higher speeds and paying the same amount of $ for the same service. No matter if it's cable or FIOS, that's a very shady business practice.

I decided to finally get set up with FIOS since it just became available in my neighborhood. Signed up on 5/1, installed today, 5/9. I'm the first in my immediate neighborhood to sign on.

Price point is fantastic - $44.95 / month for the 15/2 service, which supposedly will be increased to 20/5 shortly.

You can follow my BBR thread with pics, speed tests, and tracerts here.

»[northeast] FIOS Now Available to JeepMatt in Delaware!

Tech support haven't used, so I just put in a 3. My install tech was fantastic. Great guy - personality, cleanliness, you name it.

All I can say is Comcast really should be worried. I used to be a doubter, but hell, this speed and for less money?? C'mon now... I'll most likely be cancelling my Comcast HSI account within the week.

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Fraudulent Charges Poor Customer Service

They are a bunch of crooks. They are charging me for service that they claim was done to my cable. I explain to them that the tech never came to my house, never serviced my cable, and I never signed for anything. They stated that because it is in their notes, that the charges are valid. No one can tell me what the notes say. They claimed they called the tech and he stated that he came out to my house and serviced my cable but when i mention that I did not sign anything and that he has nothing with my signature on it, they keep repeating that the charges are valid and they ignore me when i say that I did not sign off on him coming or doing any service. No matter who i speak, the chat line, email, or the phone, they all have the worst customer service. Especially on the phone, it sounds like they pick up bums from the corner and have them be CSRs. They are not professional and not courteous. I am cancelling my cable as soon as my contract ends. They are not professional and they are they are crooks. No evidence of service and no proof provided by the customer that they were there and they still charge you. Never again will i ever use them. I also will never recommend them to anyone. I will always speak badly of them to anyone who asks me or if i hear someone speaking of Verizon.

Review by sam64 See Profile

  • Location: Newtown,Bucks,PA
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Great install, excellent customer service, very reliable"
Bad "None"
Overall "FIOS rocks. Would never use anything else if available."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Had DSL and cable before. Switched from DSL to cable for better speed and switched back to DSL becacuse of poor reliability with cable.

One of the first FIOS installs in Bucks County, PA. Have had it since July 2005. Only one outage - due to power failure last year. No fault of Verizon - could not use service even if it was available.

D-Link Router installed.

Excellent install coordination, follow up and after sales service. Tech support is first class.

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Review by focuser See Profile

  • Location: Elmwood Park,Bergen,NJ
  • Cost: $210 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 16 days
Good "No longer a Great Deal"
Bad "Greed"
Overall "Think Carefully before signing a contract"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Optimum Online
I spent many years with Cablevision, and seven years with their internet service, it was the only show in town for me. I had their Gold package for TV, and 10/1, then 15/2 internet service, I never had their phone service, I need a reliable phone.

I always used Verizon as my voice provider, and hanging quite a few extras on the line jacked the price up to about $80 a month, plus Cablevisions monthly bill of $157, including DVR service, etc, etc. took me up to $240 or so. Their service (CV) was OK, not great.

I called Verizon regarding a small problem, and they told me Fios was available at my location, so I asked the rep to give me some quotes. They offered me the TV service, all the HBO's, Showtimes, Movie Channels, Starz, Encore, Flix, Sundance, all but Cinemax. Unlike CV, All the premium On Demand channels included. Many other VOD services included, two HD boxes, one being a DVR. A consistent 20/5 internet connection, including a wireless router, plus my phone service remaining unchanged, for $145, before taxes, plus a free 20" LCD HD TV.

I jumped on it.

I don't want to totally rip up CV, they are OK, if that is all that is available, but nowhere near the quality of Fios. Picture quality is far superior, particularly on HD, real sharp program guide, internet speeds are consistent, no prime time slow downs, like CV , and no CS telling you to reboot, it's probably your computer. The tech that did the install was a pro, all the people I spoke to on the phone were very knowledgeable, everything went great, start to finish.

All I can say is, if you can get it, do it, better quality, and better price......

Just a quick update, it just keeps getting better, tons of HD, and last month when they went all digital, they provided me with 3 extra boxes at no cost to be sure any other sets in the house would receive full programming...............

It's been three years, and just keeps getting better..............

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------

Four years in, and I still think it is a good product, but the prices are climbing, you are locked into your bundle price, but the equipment charges keep climbing, DVR, boxes, etc. They've added some junk channels, removed some minor widgets, and are doing away with the media manager feature. My contract was to expire in 2013, When upgrading my internet speed, I was locked into another contract that expired in 2014, and when dropping into the next lower tier to try to lower the price, I was locked in again to a contract that expires in 2015. So be careful in any changes you make. Again, a good product, but if it climbs any higher in the short term, I am going back to Cablevision.

At least I will be out of these ridiculous contracts.....

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

Update: Since my last review, my monthly fees have gone up by $40 a month, after downgrading my service from Ultra to Extreme. Verizon has gone from a company with a great attitude, to a hell with you mentality. They are nickel and diming their rates, they are now charging $30 for a backup, which previously had no charge, along with a $4 a month router fee. Should your remote wear out, you now have to pay for a new one, stb boxes continue to rise in price, broken widgets are not being fixed, channels are being removed without notice, and unexplained taxes are being added. They have turned into a price gouging entity with no conscience. In the beginning, I was one of their biggest fanboys, now the next time a Cablevision rep rings my doorbell, I am going to invite him in, if the offer is good, I am gone.

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Robbed by Verizon not once but twice!

I switched to FIOS once more after leaving them a few years ago in total disgust. During my previous nightmare in 2009, they charged me $350 for an 30 minute overseas call that was made from my home phone. I never make international calls and had explicitly asked to block that feature. They refused to credit me for these charges. I switched to Comcast and was quite happy for 4 years.

Earlier this year (2013), tempted by a triple play deal, I switched to FIOS. I noticed after the install that 2 specific channels - Disney and Food Network were not available in HD. I was able to watch many others though, in HD. After a few months of watching in SD, I decided to call them and ask for support. The phone agent tried, unsuccessfully, to reset the set top box remotely and said that she would need to send an tech to my house. She advised me to add a wire maintenance plan, along with a $40 initial charge, to cover the visit. I agreed to do that.

The Tech showed up a couple of days later as scheduled and spent 20 minutes at my house and said the problem was fixed. A couple of weeks later, the bill shows up along with $400 of additional charges (3 hours of technician labor and one data jack for $50). Needless to say, I was stunned since the tech had not performed any wiring work at all, let alone install a data jack, since that was not remotely related to any problem I had called in for!

I proceeded to make calls to Customer Service and after 2 separate calls and 2 hours over the phone, an agent agreed that I should not have to pay for any of the charges and said she would issue full credit, subject to higher approval. I kept checking and the credits never showed up in full. When I called, I was told the credits were denied since the charges were accurate.

I have emailed and sent a letter to Verizon expressing my disgust and that I felt I was being robbed in broad daylight. I asked for details on what work was performed for 3 hours at my house since I needed to know. I have not received any response and it has been a few weeks now.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Their corporate policies are to rob the customer and since they have gotten so big, they figure a few bad incidents and lost customers don't hurt them one bit.

I will continue to battle with them for these totally incorrect charges have decided never ever to do business with them again.

If you are having an ok experience with them so far, pray every day that nothing goes wrong and you don't turn into a victim like me, since there is no recourse whatsoever!



Re: Robbed by Verizon not once but twice!

Did he actually fix the problem? That 3 hour charge and jack fee was caused by that spaz of a technician inputting what he did.

Review by Pathfinder See Profile

  • Location: Mount Vernon,Westchester,NY
  • Cost: $100 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Always up and speed is consistent"
Bad "None yet"
Overall "Get it if available"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

Aug 22,2013:

I have had the service for 8 months now and have never had any outage. My speeds are consistent and reliable. I was able to switch from Freedom Essentials to Digital Voice and am very happy with it. I also changed my speeds from 35/35 to 50/25 for no change in price.

In December of 2011 I had switched from Verizon DSL to Time Warner Triple play. I had been very satisfied with DSL but the increase in TW cable tv made the switch and easy economic choice, I knew that Verizon was wiring my apartment complex for FIOS and I thought that I could have it within the year.

FIOS became available 1 month after my year with TW was up and TW had increased my bill by about $40. As a Verizon retiree I am entitled to the employee plan which is the Ultimate TV package, Freedom Essentials phone and 35/35 internet for 79.99. The cost of 2 boxes is 13.98 bringing the total before taxes and fees to @$94.

I couldn't be happier. The internet is fast, the phone reliable and the tv is great. No pixelation as I was getting with TW. No sudden modem reboots as I got with TW, sometimes in the middle of a telephone conversation. And no BS $3.95 modem rental fee.

I am very satisfied and, even at full price, the service is worth every penny.

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wow that is your discount?
I pay same exact amount for 75/35 PRIME HD and 1 set box

Review by Angelicfury See Profile

  • Location: Buffalo,Erie,NY
  • Cost: $102 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Always on."
Bad "No major bad problems"
Overall "Good choice for good money."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I've waited for FiOS so I could dump RoadRunner. I was happy with Adelphia (as per previous reviews) but everything changed once my service was switched over. Instead of calling everytime my service went down (approx 4 times a week) I just waited for Fios. I'm happy I made the switch and am not looking back.I set up the install for a Wed. and it took under 3 hours. The tech was knowledgeable and dedicated. One other small hiccup was I got charged for an additional computer set up when that wasn't the case.

UPDATE: I have not had any outages since my last review. The speed has always been constant and pings are always low. I have never been happier since leaving TWC. Now i'm sitting back and waiting for FiOS TV.

2nd Update: Still with FiOS as it is still a better deal for me then what anyone else offers. Ditched their router for my own wireless solution. TV and Internet for a hair over $100

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Superbly sucks

We cannot get consistent service. Channels are consistently out and pixelated. They flicker all the time. It makes the expensive nature of comcast seem worth it. Game of thrones at broadcasted time: out. Ender's game at broadcasted time: out. Davinci's Demons at broadcasted time: out. Penny Dreadful on demand: goes to black and flickers every few seconds. Problems reported: reset box. They reset the box 6 times and it didn't work. That is service that sucks


Buffalo, NY

Re: Superbly sucks

Is this on FiOS TV? If so I don't think I'm looking forward to it.

Review by mig288 See Profile

  • Location: Cherry Hill,Camden,NJ
  • Cost: $160 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Excellent speeds and very consistent"
Bad "None at this time."
Overall "Great value and much faster than cable"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I currently have the 35/35 package and the router provided is the Actiontech MI424WR Rev I. The installer completed the job in about 6 hours. He was very neat which I appreciated. I'm very happy with the service/experience at this time. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who could get it.

Update: I have had the service for approx 8 months and have upgraded to the 150/75 internet package. Verizon sent a technician to upgrade the ONT and run an ethernet wire from the ONT to the Actiontech router (not sure why). The speed is great and has been very consistent. I haven't had any problems with my service. Great job Verizon!

Update: I have had the service for 2 years and have further expanded the reach of my connection by adding two Moca LAN adapter to reach basement were I noticed weak WiFi signal and now the coverage is excellent. I moved from the 150/75 connection to 75/35 due to the limitations of the Moca adapters only able to run at about 96 Mbps down and when the new adapters capable of achieving those speeds are released, I will consider again upgrading.

Overall, I'm happy with the service. I wish the set top boxes would be more responsive as I have noticed they sometimes are stuck in limbo. Moreover, I have noticed that the cable companies have started to increase their speed packages at reasonable prices. I hope that Verizon recognizes this and raises the "bar" again.

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Tampa, FL

ethernet wire from the ONT to the Actiontech router

Can't obtain the 150/65 over coax, and If you had an older Bpon ONT it can't obtain 150/65 either. Needed to upgrade you to a GPon ONT. Those are the reason's they made the changes.

Cherry Hill, NJ

Re: ethernet wire from the ONT to the Actiontech router

I understand the need to upgrade the BPON ONT to GPON, however, what eludes me is why they would need both coax and ethernet plugged into the router?

New York, NY

Re: ethernet wire from the ONT to the Actiontech router

said by mig288:

I understand the need to upgrade the BPON ONT to GPON, however, what eludes me is why they would need both coax and ethernet plugged into the router?

Coax is for the set top box to receive guide.
75/35 Fios, Triple Play Extreme.