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Six Month Rating

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Review by Mike See Profile

  • Location: Pittsburgh,Allegheny,PA
  • Cost: $142 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Installer was good, far better than Comcast in ever regard. Performance and quality is so much better."
Bad "A lot of rare HD channels that no one wants instead of other useful HD"
Overall "Bye Comcast. Hope to never see you again"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Finally. After as long as fiber has been out I can finally get the thing.

I got a call one night that the fiber was lit up on my street and placed an order on the spot. I'm getting Digital Voice (VOiP), IPTV, and Data - 25m/15m.

5 days later the installer showed up, cut down the copper, put up aerial fiber, and hooked up everything.

I get a call at 9:25am that the fellow will be out here (one guy) to do everything. He shows up at 9:45am since traffic was good.

He's based about 20 miles away to the north. Everything is going to go off of coaxial. ONT / Power will be inside.

I showed him the ropes he said it isn't going to be too bad.

Now the fun starts.
Verizon isn't even good to Verizon.

None of us could see the fiber drop. He went to the back alley then lit up a cigarette. Can't see anything. He picks up his cell and is on hold for like 15 minutes.

Apparently the initial fiber lay is about 200 feet too short so he's going to have to go back to his depot, pick up a terminal, a line truck, and then extend the fiber, install a terminal, THEN he can tear down the copper.

Estimated time to completion - 7 hours.

This is turning really, really bad.

So after he comes back he clips the copper, runs the fiber, runs everything.

Now the configuration part... yeah not so much.

The HD box and one standard was DOA so he got another of each and each worked. He said a lot of these are DOA.

The Motorola 7100 HD and apparently any Onkyo product = instant green screen because of a parity bit error because "there is no HDMI standard" according to the installer.

So you can't quite use HDMI sound. You need to use optical out. He gave me an optical cable and said have fun and peaced out.

As of now the IMG is release - 1.6.2, Build 08.58, QIP-7100 PI.

I did have to call Verizon tech support because the installer locked me out of my new FiOS router - Actiontec MI424-WR Rev. D (Taiwan).

However, I would like to give one last big FU to Comcast. It took 35 minutes to cancel my account. I was transferred 4 times and the last guy who actually claimed to cancel gave me lip for a good 5 - 10 minutes about how it was a bad mistake and tried to FUD Verizon. What an ass.


03-01-2010 update

My firmware is now 1.7.1 and I changed a standard box to a HD box. That fixed all HDMI problems with the Onkyo.



Completely solid. 5 hours of downtime in 2 years. Not bad. A shame that the roll-outs have stopped.



It still works great. I have no complaints. I added a third party Asus RTN66U wireless router and turned off the Actiontec wireless. The range and performance is better.

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Carnegie, PA


roll outs havent stopped.. theyre building mt washington now. (mebe you meant somewhere other than the burg?)
if it aint broke, tweak it!!
currently on FiOS (kick aZZ!)

Review by Eebobb See Profile

  • Location: Floral Park,Nassau,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "It works and doesn't have much downtime"
Bad "It sucks for gaming and thats what I got it for and they overbill me 4 months in a row. Too expensive $157 for basic triple play"
Overall "Stay away from them if you game and want a good connection. Their tech support doesn't know anything about tech support"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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·Verizon FiOS

1 recommendation


Bad routing and terrible gaming go hand in hand on Verizon and has been known for some time on here. It's unfortunate but that's how it currently is. If you want a decent gaming experience, seek a cable competitor if possible. If you do go this route, please let us know which ISP you go to and how it compares to Verizon.



Re: Truth

If you want the truth, check out the average speed, ping and latency of any fios sub. If YOU had a problem it is very uncommon.


1 recommendation

Re: Truth

You can have full speed verified by speed tests and still have packet loss.

Review by JoeIac See Profile

  • Location: North Chelmsford,Middlesex,MA
  • Cost: $100 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Internet is rock-solid"
Bad "Bill keeps creeping up, feel nicked and dimed, "
Overall "Waiting for a better alternative"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update 11/19/14

Moved again, signed up for fios again (in December 2013, it took me a while to get back to this). Getting the hang of this now, got a nice deal on 150/75 so i was guaranteed Ethernet and GPON. Installer was fairly knowledgeable but had some issue activating the ONT, had to send someone else who replaced it with one of the "Router Looking" ONTs but that sits inside of a box in my basement. I've got the triple play with Phone, TV, and currently the 75/75 internet. I'd love to upgrade back to 150/150, but i would be looking at something like a $50 a month spike in my bill. I can't justify that. I also haven't been happy with the netflix performance the past couple of months which i do blame on verizon. It's much better now, finally but i'm not happy that netflix had to pay to improve service i already pay for. I'm getting more and more concerned about the direction that Verizon is taking. Between the alleged 10TB cap, the price hikes, the lack of interest in FTTH. I'm not as convinced that the service is worth it, but I love the reliability, and the upload speed. When my contract is up, we'll see what they offer and i might look into some sort of comcast / dual-wan setup, or dropping and giving comcast another try. I don't have any love left for Comcast, but i no longer think that verizon is any better. At this point it's just making a realtime call about which of the two is the lesser of two evils.

Update 3/19/2012

Moved locations, signed up for fios again, parents are still at the other house. with 35/35 connections at both places i can sustain a 4 MB/sec transfer between computers with my untangle /open vpn site to site setup. Still loving fios, the install here was much better, and makes up for the underground guys. the tech was helpful, a little messy, but i just let him do his thing and then once he left went ahead and switched to ethernet and installed my router. Still extremely happy.

Update 10/13/2010

Fios continues to be awesome, i dropped down to 25/25 (which has been 30/25 lately) and upgraded my router to an untangle server which currently has over 90 days of uptime, and the internet as far as i am aware has not gone down once in at least the past year.

Update 3/30/10

The service has stayed great, we have rebundled and get blazing fast 35/35 internet, in addition to more HD channels than we have any use for, and also added our verizon wireless account into the mix so all costs are included in the $420 / month figure (35/35 internet, tv with 5 stbs, phone, 1400 min wireless plan with 2 droids and a total of 5 lines)

Yes, $400 a month is extremely expensive, but their doesn't seem to be any relief in site on that front.

Original post from ~3/09:

Switched from Comcast ~9 months ago, and it was a great decision! Fios has proven better all around, with faster, more reliable internet, Great TV selection, a great Hi-Def multi-room DVR, and very good set top boxes!

We have the basic digital TV package and 20/5 internet, in addition to the standard phone offering, and overall everything is excellent, we have had one intermittent signal problem on some of our TVs, but Verizon was here the next day, and had to replace our ONT, but its been fine since. The router has worked well, i dont love it, but it hasn't been worth the effort of adding a 2nd router.

The only problem I've had so far with Verizon has been the installation coordination, from when they ran orange conduit everywhere (underground utilities here) until they ran fiber through it, until we were able to get Fios was a 2 year process, and our installation appointment was originally scheduled for January, but the ground was frozen so it had to be set back until May, but this was only realized when a tech arrived, and discovered that their was no fiber from the sidewalk to the house, and no way to get it there in the interim.

Overall, fios is great, and i'd recommend it to anyone, especially those who aren't stuck with underground utilities.

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lesser of two evils?

Wow I find it amazing you slam Verizon for the Netflix deal, yet Netflix signed a deal with Comcast first, but somehow Verizon takes more heat for it. Also you're not happy with the price difference between 75/75 & 150/150, yet you would consider a downgrade with another carrier as ok.

Review by Modus See Profile

  • Location: us
  • Cost: $45 per month
Good "Internet speeds are on point no fluctuation"
Bad "The hdmi cables they give are garbage! To get the most out of your Fios tv buy some better HDMI cables"
Overall "The Fios Tv service is also awesome it's such a big difference in comparison to cable tv"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have since transitioned to a chord cutting life style. I don't have the Fios tv service anymore, I am now using my own router on the internet only service and i love it. The Fios tv service was great but i noticed that they were increasing the price every year and i thought to put a end to that which i did. The internet service so far still is great, plus i don't have my bill increasing every year which is nice.

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Review by wilitos See Profile

  • Location: Reston,Fairfax,VA
  • Cost: $170 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "reliable, fast speeds, and good enough for what I need"
Bad "price"
Overall "Reliable service with no interruptions."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had FIOS since 2009 and the service has been very reliable with no interruptions. Down side is price. There are other options out here which I have considered but one thing I need to have is a good reliable service which FIOS has done in my area. I had comcast a while back and I always had issues with their service in my experience with them. Although, now with the new xfinity tv(which looks impressive) and the genie from DirecTV... I may give them a try in the future.

my tv plan:TV Preferred
my internet plan: 50/50 QGR

Fair warning: reviewer joined this month
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Review by ARMYSLDRNET1 See Profile

  • Location: Beaumont,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $350 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Overall "NICE"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)


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Review by dvarona See Profile

  • Location: Richmond Hill,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $144 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Faster download speeds!"
Bad "Still spotty connections to some sources"
Overall "Good choice if you need fast connectivity, but they do have cheaper options"

My Other Reviews

·Covad Communicat..
I originally had a specialized DSL with COVAD (10Mbps +5 static IPs, $175/mo) and a separate cable TV package with Time Warner ($90/mo for standard digital). My new service with FiOS replaces both of those with a net savings of $120/mo. However, most other FiOS users don't come from a $175/mo DSL package, so obviously my savings are outsized from the norm.

Order was done by table reps outside my building; filling out the details took annoyingly long (about 35 minutes to type everything into a tablet). However, the installation was scheduled for a few days later. They had already put all the fiber into the building, so all they had to do was install the equipment into the apartment. Installation was mostly painless, except that I wanted a DVR that I was not given the option for until the installer added it extra. So that bumped the price up a bit, but I was not complaining about it.

The main reason I wanted FiOS, and dearly for the past 10 years or so, was that most of my other Internet options were technologically lame. Cable users all seem to get clogged in the evenings during peak times. DSL speeds were limited. And Verizon just seemed to indifferent to actually give FiOS to people who wanted it. However, I signed up for the 75/35 Mbps package, which was recently "upgraded" to 75/75 Mbps. My download speeds have been as fast as 10MB/s (that's MegaBytes), compared to my previous DSL speeds of about 1MB/s.

Otherwise there's not much else to notice for Internet usage. In general web browsing is a bit snappier, but Verizon also seems to have poor peering connections with some other ISPs. For example, Steam videos (showing game previews and highlights) can be inexplicably slow. Similar behavior is found for imgur.com. These all seem to be site-specific, while I have these slowdowns I have no problem to other sites. But those relatively small Steam videos just ... won't ... load...

The TV service is somewhat underwhelming. I do miss NY1 from Time Warner, but it's not worth it continuing to put up with TW's mediocrity-- despite their fancy new customer centers and media blitz. But, the FiOS TV channels are laid out in very odd arrangements, with about 20 public access channels right near the lower end of the number range. Channels get repeated because each channel has a higher-numbered HD channel to go with it. And then there seems to be a higher duplication even further up. There is no "start over" feature like TW has.

Video quality is significantly improved over TW since Verizon doesn't have the bandwidth restrictions that TW has; the video doesn't need to be compressed so hard. MPEG artifacts are much less noticeable than they are on TW cable. Set top box is much more responsive, in boot time, channel changing, and video shifting on the DVR.

Oh, I also got a phone number with my "triple package". I couldn't care less about the phone number, it just keeps the price low. Presumably in a couple of years the price will change, but I'm sure I'll adjust it easily then.

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Review by dianac See Profile

  • Location: Demarest,Bergen,NJ
  • Cost: $70 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Rock solid: fast and reliable...even stayed up through Hurricane Sandy."
Bad "Expensive to buy broadband alone"
Overall "Buy the triple play bundle"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Have been a FiOS subscriber since the first week it was offered in my town (fall of 2006) and have been very happy with the service provided. Fortunately, FiOS mostly just works, and so interaction with Verizon's technical support is minimal (their support is still as bad as when they were part of Ma Bell).

We added FiOS-TV to our bundle in June of 2014 (using TiVo Roamio DVRs and Minis, not the Verizon Quantum TV Home Media Center, the VMS1100). So far we have been happy with that service as well, again having no issues that caused us to call support. By buying TiVos instead of using Verizon equipment we save almost $80 per month.

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gary snyder


routing issue - poor customer service

Starting today, packets routed to my static ip range are not showing up at my router. A call to customer service was unable to resolve the issue - they could not even diagnose beyond a simple ping, without sending a truck to the site.

Packets destined for my mail server @ are being presented to postfix1-gtkcentral.net. (not my domain!!!!) Verizon business fios support was unable to diagnose - beyond a ping - which of course succeeded even though it was bouncing off the wrong host. I was unable to escalate to someone who could diagnose network routing issues.

As I am off site and will be for several days, this situation absolutely sucks. My name server, mail server, and web server are essentially off line. This is clearly a routing issue - worked yesterday, not today. No one to talk to. Piss poor. I will be seeking a new ISP upon my return home.



Re: routing issue - poor customer service

U should maybe go to the support page here for Verizon customers. Also dont post ur IP. Not only can I ping ur IP, witch means its working I can now scan for open ports and do other bad things. All tech support can do is ping. Looks heres a trace route. The 2 timeouts just might not be pingable. Thats normal. I dont know what issue your having but you have an IP and without being on site or even able to remote in to test them the server you cant just blame Verizon for what could be your problem. Maybe setup VNC so you can do that next time.

TraceRoute from Network-Tools.com to 71.162.XXX.XXX
Hop (ms) (ms) (ms) IP Address Host name
1 0 0 0 xe-4-2-0.er2.dfw2.us.above.net
2 17 6 0 above-vzb.dfw2.us.above.net
3 Timed out Timed out Timed out -
4 Timed out Timed out Timed out -
5 40 40 40 71.162.XXX.XXX mail.gary*********.com
Trace complete

Review by neuronix See Profile

  • Location: Tampa,Hillsborough,FL
  • Cost: $80 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Worked 2 years without downtime"
Bad "Hulu works poorly, price increased over 50% with no notice/explanation"
Overall "$80/mo for 15/5 internet only that doesn't work well with Hulu? forget it."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

The summary says it all. Paid $50/mo initially and the rate was jacked up to $62/mo after one year. Called to cancel 1 year ago, was talked into another year of $50/mo service. Credit was only applied one month then back up again. I got busy and just paid another year. Then price increased to $75 then 3 months later to $80/mo. Meanwhile, despite 15/5 service confirmed on speedtest, Hulu even at lowest resolution got worse and worse to the point of barely functioning. Called to cancel, rep tried a hard sell to keep me yet wouldn't budge on internet only price at all ($80/mo minimum rate for FiOS internet only). Canceled, have direcpath now with 10/10 connection and Hulu works flawlessly on highest HD setting.

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updated 13 days ago


Review by agilityman00 See Profile

  • Location: Carmel,Putnam,NY
  • Cost: $94 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 9 days
Good "Great speed and low latency,"
Bad "None"
Overall "Great performance for the money"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I now have 50/50, which actually is around 60/55. No problems, except I returned a cable card and didn't get credit for it. However calling tech support was a pleasant surprise...answered right away, gave me an instant credit on my account for the charges for the cable card, so I have given a better review to tech support. Still very happy with FIOS.

Still great after 6 years and no outages ever. Constant 20/5. I now have an htpc and run the TV through Media Center via a cable card...works great!

Three years now and FIOS hasn't missed a beat! Even the original battery is still going. I now have the double play, internet and video. I dropped the land line.

Still going strong Hasn't been down at all since install (as far as I know). I now have 20mb down and 5mb up. No video available yet :-(


I've had FIOS for a year and a half now and can't be more happy. No down time at all, at least that I am aware of. Speed is as advertised and low latency. I don't use Verizon's mail servers, so I can't comment on that. I just wish they would get the TV going here too.


I've had it for a week now and couldn't be happier. Verizon called twice to confirm the time and gave me a more definite time on the second call...between 8 and 10am. Tech arrived at 8:30 and after checking out with me the best way to go about installing the ONT and the power supply, he got to work. After four hours, everything was installed, but there was no light in the fiber. I had horrible thoughts of getting some excuse and not being able to get my fios today. To my pleasant surprise, after a phone call by the tech, within 20 minutes there were four Verizon trucks in front of my house. The problem turned out to be a bad splice down the road. They had light to me in about an hour and after setting up the router and my computer, everything worked great.

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Fios is terrible

I'm sorry, but today is my first time having them, they came and installed the equipment around 9am, but its after 5pm and I still can't access my WiFi! I called Verizon a hour after it was installed a lady said, it's pending and should be on around 12pm - 1pm. I called back the same day, because its doing the same thing. I been on the phone for a hour now. And no help, I switched from my old company for this?