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InPhonex page on DSLReports
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Review by rkaushik See Profile

  • Location: Thornhill,ON
  • Cost: $10 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "prepaid service, good rates, easy to set up, feature rich, good phone customer service"
Bad "very user unfriendly website for managing account and payments, call quality to India is pretty bad"
Overall "good for north america calling"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Signup: was easy and I had a working line quickly with a temporary number

Number port: ported my vonage number within 2 weeks

Plans: many plans and you have a lot of flexibility. I have pay by the minute rate. Once I know my average monthly usage I will move to a more cost effective plan with the

Features: very rich set of features. love it. Especially the fact that they have locall access numbers when you are on the road.

Customer Service: very good over the phone.I am an English speaker and they are mostly spanish speakers but have never had communication issues. Always very friendly and courteous.

Website: the worst overall experience I have ever seen. God forbid if you ever have to recharge online. The account and payment system is confusing, misleading and not intuitive. I complained to customer service and they were in denial.

Call quality to North America: pretty good

Call quality to India: I call North India. Quality is pathetic. Calls connect after many tries and drop often.I use the Airtel calling card instead of my inphonex

Overall recommendation based on my experience:
Would not recommend it to non-techie users and users who need to use the service to call India.If you are looking for a decent sip provider with lots of features then this is it.

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Review by jacobslive See Profile

  • Location: Toms River,Ocean,NJ
  • Cost: $21 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Excellent Customer Service, Easy to setup, SIP Credentials, Local Access"
Bad "Not really bad, but SIP call quality is not satisfactory"
Overall "Average quality good for those who don't care about call quality"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

In general inphonex service is ok for the price they offer with World Unlimited calls, especially with the SIP credentials. Howerver, for me I found the call quality is more important than the flexibility and found it is bit lower than vonage call quality. You might be able to save almost $10 per month compared to vonage price and services. I have not tried the telephonic customer service, but their online customer service is excellent. They are very fast to respond and give accurate information all the time.

I would recommend iphonex for those who don't mind about call quality and bit delay in dialing etc. but to save some bucks a month.

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updated 3.6 years ago


Review by Toollio See Profile

  • Location: Brazil/Cda
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Good value, good service, great forwarding options"
Bad "None that bother me"
Overall "Good provider at a good price"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I use Inphonex's world unlimited plan, which I consider excellent value. Previous to that I had used Inphonex DIDs and per minute plans.

I get great service at a great price and enjoy their excellent configuration options, particularly call forwarding. There isn't much you can't do with Inphonex.

In the past I had trouble with DIDs in Brazil. I no longer use those, but have a DID in Canada that works very well. To be fair DIDs in Brazil are a problem for many providers, and are often the fault of Brazilian VOIP partners.

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Review by Test99 See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $13 per month
Good "Great call forwarding options"
Bad "No notification that payment has not been made"
Overall "Just about everything I need in a VOIP service"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

This review is about Inphonex's pay-as-you-go plans. I make only a few hundred minutes of calls per month, so an "unlimited" plan does not make sense for me. I use my own adapter and soft phone.

An Inphonex account comes with 5 extensions (referred to as virtual numbers). Additional extensions are available for an annual fee. Each extension is usually assigned to a different adapter, IP phone, or soft phone. Multiple simultaneous calls are allowed. Extensions can be in different physical locations. For 911 purposes, each extension has its own 911 address. Calls between extensions are free.

Outgoing calls to the US cost 2.5 cents per minute. DIDs (numbers for incoming calls) are available in the US, Canada, and England. Each US DID costs $7.95 per month for "unlimited" incoming calls. You can choose the DID area code and prefix, but unfortunately the last four digits of the number are assigned by customer support. I wrote a note describing the kind of number I would like to have, and was pleased with the number that was assigned to me.

In the control panel, you can specify which extension is associated with a DID. An incoming call can ring any combination of extensions and PSTN phones that you specify. Inphonex has the most elaborate set of simultaneous ringing, sequential ringing, and call hunting features for each extension that I have seen. See my earlier post for details: »[Inphonex] Extensions and Forwarding .

Inphonex provides incoming caller ID name, though cell phone and VOIP phone names appear to be mostly missing from the database. Incoming calls forwarded to PSTN phones show the caller ID of the Inphonex DID, rather than the ID of the original caller. This is one thing I would like to see changed.

Inphonex supports at least these codecs: G.711, GSM, iLBC, and G.729.

Inphonex's charging policies seem pretty rational. There are no hidden charges and taxes. What you see is what you pay. There is no recurring charge for 911 service. But each 911 call costs $25. So people who don't want or need 911 service do not have to pay for it. Calls forwarded to PSTN phones are charged at the normal rate for outgoing calls. So Inphonex does not have to block forwarding to international numbers.

Some things to know about billing: monthly charges for DIDs are billed directly to a credit card or PayPal. Credit for outgoing calls is purchased separately. I elected to pay for the DID via PayPal. When the charge for the second month of DID service was due, I received an email message saying that Inphonex wished to be paid $7.95. I went immediately to the PayPal site and made the payment, or so I thought. But no receipt arrived. Perhaps there was some transient problem at PayPal. Four days later, calls to the DID received a message that the number had been temporarily disconnected. Sure enough, the payment had not been made. My second attempt at payment was successful, and service on the DID was restored within seconds. But judging by this experience, payment via PayPal is fragile. And Inphonex does not warn that service is about to be shut off. I'm going to suggest that they send daily warnings when payment has not been made.

Customer service is responsive. I was able to get prompt email responses to questions on New Year's Day. When I reported that calls forwarded to a T-Mobile cell phone did not provide caller ID in my local area, customer support said it was T-Mobile's problem. But the problem was resolved a couple of weeks later.

In the 2 months that I have been using Inphonex, the only interruption of service was the one caused by the PayPal payment glitch. According to Inphonex's web site, their Internet backbone connection is through InterNAP "with failover to UUNet and XO". The SIP server is in Florida. I don't know where the PSTN gateway is located.

Overall, Inphonex's service is a great match for my needs. Apart from the payment problem, service so far has been quite reliable.

Update 2007 December

InPhonex has been my primary phone service for 2 years now. There was a problem about 18 months ago where Inphonex's CLEC in this area did not handle several incoming calls to the DID correctly. Callers heard strange tones instead of ring tone and the phone did not ring. Calls between virtual numbers/extensions were not affected. The problem was fixed promptly, recurred, and was fixed again.

Incoming caller ID name is nominally supported, but apparently there is no access to the number-to-name database for most numbers. So incoming calls usually show only the caller ID number. When a call is forwarded to my cell phone, the cell phone shows the InPhonex DID number, not the number of the original caller. Customer support said several months ago that they were working on it, but it has not been fixed.

InPhonex now advertises that their systems are triple-redundant, with no single point of failure. That is consistent with my experience: no failures of InPhonex equipment in two years of service. Recently I converted to dry loop DSL. No more POTS service for home or business.

Update 2008 September

The problem with incoming caller ID on calls forwarded to a cell phone did get fixed. The cell phone now shows the ID of the original caller, not the InPhonex DID.

InPhonex technically supports incoming caller ID name. But they don't have database access for most phone numbers. So they do not supply incoming caller ID name.

As pointed out by commenter priller below, there is a $25 charge only for non-emergency calls to 911. Customer support confirms that there is no way to test 911 calls without incurring the $25 charge.

This thread: »Re: [Other] Question about inPhonex shows the control panel's call forwarding options.

InPhonex has been my primary phone service for two years and nine months now. I have detected no outages during that time.

Update 2009 May

No outages detected in more than 3 years of service.

I recounted my experience porting a number to InPhonex here: »Porting Out From T-Mobile Prepaid

When porting was completed, I no longer needed my old InPhonex DID. So I asked by email how to go about canceling the old DID. The prompt email response said that the DID had been canceled. That was not quite what I had in mind, but perhaps I didn't make it clear enough that this was just an inquiry. Obviously customer support was trying to be helpful.

But I was not prepared for what happened next: when I went to make a call, I discovered that inbound and outbound calls on both the old DID and the new DID were disabled. Nothing worked. For each of the 5 extensions, the control panel showed 911 Freeze, or words to that effect. Only after I associated each of the 5 extensions with the new DID did inbound and outbound service resume.

This was not good. The service had stopped working quite unexpectedly. If I had not happened to check email, I would have had no warning at all that anything had changed. Perversely, InPhonex's attempt to comply with the 911 regulations had left me with no ability to call 911. This implementation needs work. A triple-redundant system with no single point of failure should not have a single point of failure.

A DID comes with 5 extensions/virtual numbers. If I make a call to a PSTN number from an extension that is the designated ring-to extension for a DID, the outgoing caller ID will be the number of that DID. But if I make a call from an extension that is not the ring-to number for a DID, the outgoing caller ID will be some other number. It may be area code 588, followed by the 7-digit extension number, or it may be some other number. Either way, the person called will not be able to call me back by dialing the caller ID number displayed on their phone. This is a bug. The called party should be able to use my caller ID to call me back.

These somewhat obscure features of the service should be more user-friendly. But overall, I'm still happy with InPhonex.

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