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Cable TV of East Alabama page on DSLReports
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Review by kcato See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $100 per month
Good "none"
Bad "service, customer service, price, reliability, CLUELESS employees in their office about both technology and policy."
Overall "Almost enough reason to not live in Phenix City"

There are hardly enough words to describe just how bad this company is. Combine that with the virtual monopoly they have in Phenix City and you get the idea of how bad your broadband options are. I left them over two years ago, but still feel compelled to leave this review in order warn others to stay away.

I've lived in Phenix city for 15 years. I was with Phenix Cable\CTVEA for the first 12+ simply because they were the only option. I pretty well literally counted the days until Bellsouth offered DSL in my area and Directv offered local channels and left CTVEA the very moment I could. From the SLOW internet speeds (no where close to the 6 mbs down they advertise) to limited and expensive television, especially for what they offer in cable tv. This place really is the worst I've ever dealt with.

I don't claim to know the inner workings of the Phenix City Government or the pretty obvious corruption therein, but it is just astounding to me that a company as awful as this can be allowed to have such a iron grip on a city for so long. Bellsouth's DSL is not a dynamo of speed either, but in comparison they are miles ahead of this service provider. If Charter, Knology, AT&T's Uverse, or any other "modern day" technology ever finds a way to get through the veil of corruption set up and policed by Broad Street, I would feel pretty safe in predicting that CTVEA would be out of business within a year.....and good riddance to them.

Find any alternative to these idiots. Directv and Bellsouth aren't perfect, but at least you get the feeling that grown ups are running those organizations.

member for 1.8 years, 0 visits, last login: 1.8 years ago
updated 1.8 years ago


Queen Anne, MD

As of two years ago anyway...

A review based on two years old experience and information borders somewhere between useless and worthless.

Review by darinedwards See Profile

  • Location: Phenix City,Russell,AL
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "Local company"
Bad "Dishonest business model and downright offensive customer service"
Overall "Don't walk..Run from this company!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

DishNetwork should be providing rebroadcast local channels by 6/3/2010. This has been the stumbling point for many customers as they could only get their local affiliates from Cable TV of East Alabama.

This company is dishonest. The customer service is the worst of any company I have ever dealt with in my adult life. The prices go up $3 - $4 every couple of months. They lie to their customers and tell them HD channels require a digital set top box when the locals are available without a box for free as required by the FCC. They require their customers sign up for basic cable simply to have high speed internet, even if the customer has DishNetwork or DirecTV.

Bottom line:

1) GET DSL - it is the half the price of CTVEA and twice as dependable. You get decent customer service from Bellsouth. You don't have to waste $50 a month on basic cable JUST TO GET HIGH SPEED INTERNET. You can get 'naked DSL' now without a phone line for just $19.95 and the service is STABLE, TROUBLE FREE.

2) Get DISHNETWORK. Dishnetwork will be offering local channels by 6/3/2010. CTVEA now has TRUE COMPETITION. Let me say that again after living in Phenix City for 44 years. CTVEA now has true COMPETITION. The politicians of Broad Street can no longer protect their buddy Mr. Greene. With Dishnetwork, you can get up to 100 HD channels compared to CTVEA's 10. The prices are better at Dishnetwork, or DirecTV for that matter.

3) If you are a DirecTV fan, the locals should be coming to you by November/December timeframe.

In closing, RUN from this company. I have been a customer for years and they have steadily given me grief and attitude. I am checking DishNetwork's website daily for the locals. When they come, I GO! GOD BLESS COMPETITION!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

UPDATE Tuesday, June 8, 2010. I've went with Dish Network. Just a few HD channels with CTVEA would have cost me $85 a month. With Dish it was $39 first 12 months, $55 second 12 months. Signal is digital, sound is Dolby Digital or stereo, not mono like CTVEA. I will be getting Columbus locals and 70 HD channels.

I called CTVEA to disconnect my cable on June 7. I have no cable box, only straight basic cable. As far as I'm concerned, it is done. RIGHT? No wrong. Cable TV of East Alabama had to get one last crooked jab in. The lady explained to me it may TAKE UP TO 15 DAYS to come out and disconnect, and that I would pay for that length of time that the cable was still hooked up (even though I now have DISH NETWORK). I don't quite know what to do. This is fundamentally wrong. This is stealing. CTVEA could strong arm me into paying half a month ($26) if they drag their feel on when they disconnect. I assume I could file a small claims suit, but to be truthful I am just so thankful to no longer do business with this company. If it costs me $26, so be it.

member for 6.5 years, 8 visits, last login: 4.8 years ago
updated 4.8 years ago


Review by firefighter6 See Profile

  • Location: Phenix City,Lee,AL
  • Cost: $49 per month
Bad "slow, doesn't come close to quoted speeds, expensive, terrible customer service"
Overall "they have a cable monopoly so theres nothing we can do, bellsouth's dsl isn't much better"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Doesn't work most of the time
6-Meg (max available) service never gets close to 6-Meg
Customer service is horrible
$30 setup fee, even if you install yourself
outsourced customer service, who basically just tells you to reboot computer & modem

member for 5.7 years, 2 visits, last login: 5.7 years ago
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Review by DirtyApu See Profile

  • Location: Salem,Lee,AL
  • Cost: $49 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "None I can think of"
Bad "Expensive, poor service, poor support"
Overall "If you have any other option... Take it!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Unfortunately if you live in Phenix City, Alabama and you’re out of DSL’s reach you really have no other choice but Cable TV of East Alabama (CTVEA). I moved two years ago from an area serviced by Charter Cable. I wasn’t a big fan of Charter Cable but I would pay extra to have their service back.

I work with several people who have subscribed to CTVEA for some time. They told me horror stories about this service but I always felt they were exaggerating until I had to deal with them myself.

I ordered their service two years ago and the price has gone up 3 times in the last 2 years. My cable works most of the time but is extremely pricey for what I have. For their basic service, 70 or so channels, I pay $49.00. Internet is another $49.00 plus a $3.00 modem rental per month for a 3mbps downstream 256kbps upstream connection. I was paying about the same for Charter but had 100+ channels, HBO, Cinemax, and STARZ plus 5 HD channels and a 6mbps downstream and 512kbps upstream connection. (and the internet actually worked)

From the first month I had their internet service it has been a crap shoot every time I try to use it. Sometimes it works sometimes it don’t. When you call their tech support they are quick to blame it on your computer or your router or anything to get you off the phone.

Not to long ago my connection was flapping (going up and down) and when I called they had a pre-recorded message saying they were having trouble. The next day the connection was doing the same thing but when I called, the tech told me the problem had been corrected and proceeded to insist that I go through all the usual trouble shooting procedures of rebooting the modem and router and PC. When he couldn’t figure it out he insisted that I either had a virus on my machine or something was wrong with my router. The next day it was working and for the next 48 hours it worked normally then back to flapping on the third day. Tech support still insists that it’s a problem with my computer or router. What do you do when you can’t get support???

I hate those satellite dishes that hang off the side of people’s house but I am seriously considering a move to them for my internet and television service.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing cable or internet service in Phenix City Alabama seek out any option you can other than Cable TV of East Alabama or you’ll be sorry!

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Review by mustbme See Profile

  • Location: Smiths Station,Lee,AL
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 999 days
Good "None"
Bad "Ignores Customers, Won't Return Email, Won't Call Customer If Long Distance, No Tech Support"
Overall "Don't Bother, Forget Dealing With This Company, Get DSL!!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

When I called Cable TV of East Alabama (Formerly Phenix Cable) and twice talked to individuals without a clue as to cable modem service, I should have known trouble was brewing. I plugged up my modem, got a block-sync, then headed for their office to sign-up. Walking into the office, it looks like they've never moved in, or are moving out, there's nothing there.

The woman behind the counter knew nothing besides typing info into a computer. This company charges $30 to provision (type in the MAC address) of a modem, in addition to the highest monthly rate of any broadband service I've seen besides DirecPC/DirectWay/Hughes. I returned home, was online, checked the speed of the modem with the utility provided on this site, and then it lost sync.

That was four days ago, and I have yet to get back online. There is no signal on the broadband channels, and minimal signal on the CATV channels...

Calls to the office met with the same idiots I spoke to before I signed up. Emails from the company's web site have been ignored. Calls to their tech support line, a third-party service 100 miles away, yeilded trouble tickets that were immediately closed without resolution. I was told the last time I called tech support that the office had sent me a LETTER via. US Mail, that Cable TV of East Alabama couldn't call me because it is a LONG DISTANCE call. One of the tech support people I spoke to says Cable TV of East Alabama is the worst cable company he knows of, and that I should get DSL if I expect to be able to get online and stay online.

I should have know I'd have problems with Cable TV of East Alabama, all of the signs were there, but I needed to get online before my DSL is installed. No Sprint or Verizon EVDO in the Columbus Georgia area yet, so DSL, cable, and sat. are the only options.

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