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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Purgato
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "all seemed ok until..."
Bad "I got charged for services I didn't order!"

I've just got ripped by them, so I thought I join the list.
I've been with them for over 5 years and used them to buy/store domains.
Never hosted anything with them, no extra services, nothing.
A few weeks ago I've found two charges on my invoice for TWO Exchange
Servers for a total of =A359.94! The problem is, I never ordered them! I
remember one of their stupid indian cold calling agents asking me about
those a while back, and quite clearly rememberd telling them I was not
interested it, and I mentioned the fact that I use another company for
hosting/exchange etc...
So, I called their 'billing' department and spoke with of their indian
a pleasant chap who confirmed they've had some problem with sales agents
signing people up for stuff they did not want/ordered. He told me
cancellation was straightforward, just email ''
they would sort it out. Well, two emails later I got the 'supervisor and
supervisor" decision, backed up by the "this policy change and the
guidelines for us to enforce it has come from our headquarters in
(no less) rubbish that - in short - they won't cancel the invoice! The
option now is to contact the office of fair trading and trading
but I don't expect much and prolly this theft will go unpunished. BE
CAREFUL WITH 1 AND 1 and ALWAYS, ALWAYS CHECK Account Management / Next
Date (under: Contract Data / More Features) to see what they plan to
from you!

(review was emailed from domain
lodged 4 years ago