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Apogee page on DSLReports
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Review by LogicalHare See Profile

  • Location: Mcallen,Hidalgo,TX
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Nothing of note"
Bad "Slow and unreliable service"
Overall "Avoid at all costs"

I ordered internet service from Apogee in Austin since they are partnered with my apartment building. They supposedly specialize in providing residential networks for various universities. I ordered their premium package that advertised 8 Mbps down. However, I hardly get more than 1 Mbps, and the service is unbelievably laggy. There have been a few good days that have seen around 5 Mbps down, which I have experienced using Roadrunner before, but it does not feel like you are getting that speed. Pages seem to hang indefinitely before loading. Also, Apogee has suffered from a few unadvertised blackouts that have lasted about half a day, all in a 6 month period. I have talked to their tech support many times trying to fix these problems, and all they do is open work orders and tell me they'll call me back in a couple days. However, they have NEVER called me back, I have always had to call them back. After a few phone calls I've managed to get them to do more than open a work order; they had a technician "work a weekend tinkering with the network" to see if they could up my speed, to no avail. They've also reached the conclusion that my computer is at fault, saying it is probably loaded with spyware and viruses. I know this to be false, and asked them to send a tech up here with a laptop they knew to be clean to see if he could achieve good speeds. They declined. That's when I knew my efforts were futile. In the end, I wasted three weeks talking to them, and for all I know the work order is open to this day. Remember, this service is slow. I am not simply complaining about not getting what I paid for (8 Mbps), but about not receiving broadband, period. I can't go on Youtube and stream videos. I have to wait a long time before they load. I often get no better than 30-40 KBps when I download from servers. Avoid Apogee.

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