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Lyse Telecom page on DSLReports
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Review by Methanium See Profile

  • Location: Norway
  • Cost: $35 per month
Good "Fast, reliable, good price and little downtime"
Bad "Not always a stable latency (bounces a bit around)"
Overall "A ISP which gives you the speed they say, for a good price and are reliable with little or no downtime."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

6 mbps (up and down) for the price of approximately 35 $

The install process went easy and ordering it was even easier.

Home equipment consists of a homebox, fiberoptics running to your house. (Other services also available over same line)

Dynamic IP, with the option of Static IP (for a extra buck)

Speed is pretty much stable, sometimes a bit more than expected. Little downtime (no unscheduled downtime so far.)

Stability on the latency is a bit bad, but you can live with it.

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