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Review by ericjwill See Profile

  • Location: Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Great support, symetrical speed"
Bad "Speed can fluctuate given your wiring conditions - Double NAT"
Overall "After finding a good outlet - (support will help) awesome connection!"

With Cincinnati Bell I could only get 1.5mbit down max... and I refuse to deal with Time Warner cable. This ISP really needs to advertise more in the Cinci area! I never knew they existed until my landlord mentioned them.

Connection is a good 3mbit down AND up, which is sweet. Ping times are very low as well and steady.

Only cons are that you are behind double NAT (have public IP address but router gets a 10.x.x.x IP address) however you can call and get all ports opened on their end making it very transparent. BPL is VERY dependent on the wiring in your home (more so than DSL and Cable from what I can tell) but their support is great at helping with this.

I am very happy with this service and was surprised when sales answered all of my tech questions before ordering. Install was painless. $35/month plus tax for 3mbit by 3mbit and dynamic IP is what I pay.

Overall: I really enjoy my service and would recommend it!

member for 6.5 years, 67 visits, last login: 1.6 years ago
updated 6.5 years ago


Review by scrod7 See Profile

  • Location: Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Best ISP I have ever had"
Overall "I Really Enjoyed this Service"

I signed up for Current.net about a year ago (when still living in Cincinnati) when I switched from TimeWarner cable to DirecTV for television. I was really tired of dealing with the horrible service TW offered, the cable internet connection was unreliable, would die during peak usage hours (of course) and it seems like every employee of TW was just an escaped mental institution patient.

Before TW I was using Zoomtown DSL which was not much better.

When Current.net came along offering BPL I signed up right away, and have never regretted it. The tech support was very good. The outlet you plug you modem into can impact performance and they can monitor my modem as I walked around the house plugging in the modem finding the best outlet.

Installation is that easy. They mailed a modem to me that looks like an AC outlet that you plug into an electrical socket. The modem has a ethernet jack that you run to the router/pc. That's all there is to it.

The service is fast and reliable (I'll try to post some specs later today). Outages are very rare and maybe due more-so to problems on my end with multiple cheap routers then issues on their end. Connection speed seems steady even during peak-usage times (5-7 pm usually in my neighborhood). There are a lot of people on my block using it already but performance seems to remain very steady, it does fluctuate but not nearly as badly as TW did.

It is very affordable at $35/mo for 3Mbs connection.

Downsides: Technology is still new. Current customers are really involved in a large scale beta test. The service area is still very limited.

I would continue BPL for as long as I could or until FiOS became available. My only regret is that I am moving to a city with no BPL (Denver). I recommend Current to anyone living in the Cincinnati area who has service availability.

member for 7.8 years, 6 visits, last login: 7.6 years ago
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Review by danprtr See Profile

  • Location: Cincinnati,Hamilton,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Tech support is quick and smart (no BS answers)"
Bad "IMAP Webmail is slow and flaky in Firefox"
Overall "Overall good value"

Long term, the more options available, the better price and service will be. Since BPL (Broadband over Power Lines) is relatively new, it makes sense to support them hoping the service will spread. Plus, it feels good to support a tech company that at least tries when it comes to service (unlike most broadband, cellular, and software companies).

member for 8.1 years, 5 visits, last login: 7.8 years ago
lodged 7.9 years ago