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Review by GypsyRN See Profile

  • Location: Dayton,Montgomery,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Great Selection of Programing"
Bad "customer no service. loss of signal strength"
Overall "I went back to time warner cable"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

I decided to give up Time Warner Cable TV. I was not watching it that much and to get the channels I really did watch, Discovery,History, TLC,National Geographic ect I had to have the premium bundle of shows.

I called Dish Network and was able to get the America's 250 with more HD programing to boot. They set up the install date as 3 days from when I called. The installed showed up on time, his installation was pretty fast, at least that is what I thought. He showed me how to use the remote and the programing setup. He installed an HD for the living room and a regular TV setup for my bedroom. The satellite dish went on the roof in the back of the house.

I noticed prior to calling them there were a lot of Dish Network dishes up around where I lived, in fact, my next door neighbor was using them. So far he had been pretty pleased with the service.

So, I have an 18mos contract with Dish Network. As of today it is working great, I really do like the bigger selection of HD programing.

If something changes I will update my review.

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I went back to TWC for my Cable TV service, got the DVR HD etc... I was loosing signal strength with Dish. I called them several times, the hold time was painful to say the least. I ended up several times finally getting some real person just to have them hang up on me either accidentally or on purpose. The service center is in India, it was very hard to understand anyone when I did get a real person.

TWC just made the call, it was all set up, they came out, bingo back in business 111.00 for the entire bundle with HD and DVR, including show time.

It has been much better with TWC. I sent all the components back to Dish, the UPS guy said they send lots of these back every day! I should have asked UPS first what they thought of DIsh!!!!

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