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Six Month Rating

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Review by ImpldConsent See Profile

  • Location: Mcdonough,Henry,GA
  • Cost: $230 per month
  • Install: about 18 days
Good "FAST Service! Excellent install (except adding STBs)."
Bad "AT&T will suck you dry of every associated penny."
Overall "Fast; reliable; however, the UBB ruins the value."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

* UPDATE 18FEB2014: Wow, what a year. Just got home from being deployed to Afghanistan. The day I left for combat, wife up and moved. She was kind enough to put Uverse on hold at 19.00 month. She wasn't there at the welcome home and I had to beg for a ride home. Came home to a (nearly) empty house and got served divorce papers the next day. ... K, now for review: Re-estabished Uverse with my cell phone and it was up quick. I (had) 6 receivers, but only one of me and now only 2 TVs. I dropped down to U200 and bumped up internet to 45Mb. Waited 2 days for a tech and took about an hour total from changing to a new card at the VRAD and establishing the bonded pair. Hooked up a new RG (NV589) and it went green in about 5min. I then took 4 wired receivers to UPS and gave them back to ATT. Overall, as it relates to my Uverse experience, I am quite pleased. Couldn't be happier with TV and internet.

* UPDATE 8JAN2013: We dumped telephone service in lieu of VOIP. We are effectively saving 40./month (480./yr). We transferred our number so no loss. Ordered another STB (wireless) and should be in soon. I'll update the review if there are issues, but not anticipating any. Internet and TV are still ROCK SOLID.

* UPDATE 11JUN2012: No real updates. Still up and running while I'm still here in Afghanistan (at least my wife hasn't complained yet). We still pay a lot, but I can say this for U-Verse - it's stable and it's fast.

* UPDATE 6JUL2011: Added another STB for our 5th TV with this caveat: I pre-wired my house cat 5 to every liveable space (exclude bathrooms). I insisted that I wanted to do a self-install instead of paying them 55.00 to have a tech plug it in. AT&T insisted that there was more to it than just plugging it in. I relented. 'Lo and behold all the AT&T tech did was plug it in. AT&T SUCKS for not being able to determine the technical ability of it's customers.

PHASE III update now in place. FINALLY, my kids can pause live TV in any room. Great update.

* UPDATE 2MAR2011: UBB is going to be implemented May 2011. For me, that means I have to trust AT&T to tell me how much data is being downloaded and to tell me what is internet traffic and what is TV/Phone. I'm reducing my "Value for money" to "Worst" until I see what this does. For what it's worth - I have Max Turbo (24/3), 450 TV, Unlimited Phone (for now). I pay a lot of money for that service and a reasonable price for "Unlimited". Capping me now brings that to unreasonable.

* UPDATE NOV2010: OK, had this over 1 month now. Internet is awesome; however, TV is not so good. We have great signal, very few errors / corrections; however, most shows we watch are HD. It's fair, but not great. There is pixelization that you have to deal with. Wife is pissed. I think we might dump TV in favor of going to DTV (certainly NOT cable).


ORIGINAL REVIEW: 18days from notification of availability to installation up and running. I cannot complain about the length of time for service. The installer (Richard) was fantastic. Had the "outside" guy come out, do his thing, then the inside guy (Richard) come out and do the house. He had internet up an running within 30min, then spent the rest of the 4hrs connecting phone and TV (4 of them).

ATT used HDMI cables (thank you) for connectivity on each TV. The RG (wired + wireless) is working flawlessly. I did a speed test and am getting 22Mbps down and about 2.2Mbps up. A little loss of latency, but overall, I'm impressed. All this speed is coming to my house on copper. I couldn't imagine if I was on FTTH.

For speed freaks, this is fantastic. For TV freaks... dump the Dish! I did. The service is 1080i, not sure if I'll see 1080p just yet or maybe sometime in the future. The 65.00 I quoted is for internet only. For the U200 TV, VOIP phone and Internet, runs about 171.00 month. I'm saving about 50.00/month dumping Dish.

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member for 13.1 years, 1987 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 59 days ago




at&t uverse in kingsville TX

**Warning, this is a really long ranting blog posting. If you stay, there will be kittens.**

I'm deviating a bit today, to talk about my absolutely wretched experience with AT&T U-verse. It's rare that I get THIS worked up about something, but seriously? This has been a nightmare and a half.

It started with a series of emails and paper letters - eight in all - stating that AT&T High Speed DSL Internet was being discontinued in my area and I would have to upgrade to AT&T U-verse. I have been an AT&T DSL customer since late 2002 while living with my parents, and I've had an AT&T phone account since 2007, so I'm not a stranger to AT&T. In fact, I pretty much like it. Yes, I have had some problems, like when they charged me a full month of service twice to switch from my Mom's name to my name on my Internet account (they wrote off the extra month of charges), or when they told me that I couldn't bundle my AT&T phone and AT&T Internet because my phone number is a California number (work purposes) but my Internet address is in Texas... despite them both being under my account name and social security number, and the fact that the bills go to the exact same email address and physical address.... but hey! For the most part, it's been smooth sailing.

After letter 3, I called to set up my AT&T U-verse. I've been paying for the AT&T Elite (6 Mbps at ~$40 a month) internet for over a year so I was excited to be getting anywhere from 12-24 Mbps a second (since I was told it would be faster service). Despite me calling on September 12th to set up my order, I was told that the first installation date wasn't until November 8th. That didn't stop AT&T from overnighting my modem and router to my house - thankfully at no cost to me.

My friend Nick decided he was going to switch to AT&T U-verse as well, and called after I did and received an installation date of December 27th. However, his representative gave him an email address to write to see if they could "install faster", and sure enough, he was able to get his installation date moved up first to November 22nd, then all the way to October 13th. AT&T sent out his modem and router but it never arrived to his apartment (AT&T later reported it lost/stolen) so he asked the AT&T technician if he could borrow my router/modem, use it for a few days until his replacement ones arrived, and then give them back to me to use. The AT&T technician said that was no problem so I handed over my stuff to him, and waited for his to arrive. He also never received an email with the confirmation of either modem being sent, so he never had a way to track either package.

While waiting, I decided to call AT&T to see if my installation date could also be moved up and was told yes - I could have it installed on October 18th. I wouldn't have to do anything at all but wait until 8 p.m. to install my modem/router.

October 18th arrives and my technician arrives nice and early. From there, it's all been downhill. First, he asked me if I had canceled my existing DSL. I told him no - I just transferred to U-verse. He informed me that if I didn't explicitly say "Cancel my DSL", I would keep being charged for DSL and also start being charged for U-verse at the same time. He specifically said "This has been a problem for a lot of AT&T customers who are transferring to U-verse from DSL and they don't realize it for several months of getting double bills." Now granted, I'd notice after bill one, but that's because I don't have a random $40 to throw out the window. I immediately called AT&T who confirmed that my DSL had not been canceled and placed the blame on my U-verse representative who "should have said that first thing before staring a U-verse order"... Right. Despite my DSL being manually cut by the technician that day, AT&T wouldn't issue a disconnect until October 20th. My billing cycle had just ended 3 days prior, so I asked if I would be charged a pro-rated bill from October 15-18 (actual days I'm having service) or October 15-20 and was told I'd be charged the 5 days. I'd only be losing around $2.50 so I figured whatever - have your $2.50 for your mistake.

The actual installation also had problems. First, the technician had to get to my phone box. Unfortunately, that box had been placed behind a wall that we put in when we closed in our carport. This meant we had to take down the wall (thankfully it wasn't finished - just plywood) and remove the insulation (not fun) so he could get to the box. We agreed to cut a hole into the wall for future maintenance as it would cost us up to $150 for AT&T to run a new line to the outside of the new garage. Now granted, my Dad argued with the technician for good long while because when AT&T originally ran the lines, they ran part of it under our walkway without any type of protection to the line, and we haven't been able to do any kind of maintenance to the walkway because of it, but that's not this technician's fault. After much testing and retesting of the lines, the technician said that he was finished and even though he was getting a strong 6 Mbps signal, my U-verse account was only set up for 3 Mbps. I was pretty upset at this point because why would I upgrade to U-verse, just to have my account downgraded in speed? He told me not to worry, wait until I got my modem/router installed, and call AT&T in the morning to upgrade back to 6 Mbps.

That night, Nick brought my modem/router back so we could install it. We were able to get everything done except the actual validation of the account. We called AT&T and explained how the modem/router had been used already, but was told that was not an issue. We were bumped to Tier 2 (the second level of customer service that most people never have to deal with) and spent over an hour on the phone trying to figure out why my modem/router wouldn't work. The Tier 2 representative couldn't figure it out, and said he would send out a special U-verse technician in the morning to fix it.

October 19th: The technician arrives and first thing he asks me is if we've used the modem/router before. I said we have, and he said that was the issue - the modems/routers are proprietary to an U-verse account and cannot be used twice. This is to insure users don't try to resell the modems/routers if they choose to use something not provided by the company (to get more ports or smaller equipment etc). I told him that Tier 2 assured us that the modems/routers are NOT proprietary and he just shrugged and said "Well, they are." He went to grab another one from his truck which SURPRISE - didn't work either. He returned to his truck to get a third set which finally worked. He also confirmed that I was getting a 6.7 Mbps signal but that my U-verse account was only wired for 3 Mbps and that I should call to get it upgraded.

After he left, I called AT&T and asked to have my account upgraded and was told that because of my address location, it could not go higher than 3 Mbps. I tried to explain that not one but two technicians plugged into my modem got a solid 6 Mbps signal and the response from AT&T was that I had to call the technician that was in my house (thankfully, he did leave his number), who would then have to call the engineer, who then could verify my address location, who then could call sales, who then could upgrade my account. I wish I was making this stuff up.

Mike (I'll leave out his last name and phone number) told me that he would attempt to get a hold of the engineer but "he's really hard to get a hold of." And that's where I was left with that.

At this point, I had Internet (yay!) but a decreased speed. For most people, this probably wouldn't matter much. I work full time for an Internet gaming company, so having Internet isn't just fun - it's work. I am very wired from my computer to my laptop, my iPhones (yes phones) and iPad... I even have my DirecTV, my XBOX and my Blu-Ray all connected. And that's just for me... when I have friends or family over, they tend to bring their electronics too. This was also a matter of principle for me. I wanted as much Internet speed as I had before - why would I upgrade to downgrade?

This is when I sought out the AT&T Social Media - as I was told that they had whole teams to help out. After my 3rd attempt at getting someone to answer me, I got an answer to email x address. This is the email I sent out (I've removed my personal info):

This is response to the Tweet located here: »twitter.com/#!/ATTTeamSusan/stat···92786688

My DSL account was xxx-xxx-xxxx-xxx-x I was paying for AT&T HSI Elite (6 mb)
My U-verse account is xxxxxxxxx.
My cell phone number is (xxx) xxx.xxxx
My service address is

I was informed that by upgrading to U-verse, I'd be getting the "same speed for only $14.95 for the first year."

When the technician arrived on 18 October, he asked me if I had canceled my DSL account. I didn't know I was supposed to, and he told me yes, I had to. I called AT&T and canceled my DSL but was told I was not getting it disconnected until 20 October, even though the tech had manually cut the line as of 18 October.

The technician verified that my account was receiving 6 mb but said that U-verse only had my account set at 3 mb. I said that was a mistake, and it should be 6 mb. He told me to call customer service after I set up my modem/router to resolve this issue.

At 8 p.m. (the designated time to set up your U-verse), we had nothing but problems with the modem/router, which Tier 2 was not able to resolve. Another technician had to be sent out 19 October.

That technician figured out immediately the issues with the modem (that they are proprietary to one U-verse activation, and my modem had been used by another U-verse account member under the guidance of an AT&T tech). He also verified that he was showing 6.7 mb speed but my account was only set for 3 mb. I asked if I could be upgraded to the 12 mb, but was told I lived at 10,045 feet and the signal for 12 mb stopped at 8,000 feet.

I called AT&T to upgrade my account back to the 6mb and was told "it is not available for your area." This is obviously untrue since I was paying for and receiving 6 mb prior to switching to U-verse, and both technicians were able to see the signal holding strong at 6 mb. I was told I had to call the technician personally, who would have to call the engineer, who then could override Customer Service's computer screen to upgrade me to 6 mb.

When I called the technician (who probably regrets giving me his number at this point), he said that he would "try" to call the engineer but that the engineer is "really hard to get a hold of." That was on 20 October and I haven't heard anything since.

That was sent on October 24th. On October 26th, I received a phone call saying "We received an email from you saying that you wanted to cancel your U-verse service. Please verify so we may proceed."

Head. Desk.

Next I spoke to James in Tier 2 who assured me that if I was getting 6 Mbps signal before, I should be getting it now. He said he would send out a technician for an Address Validation to show that yes, my house gets 6 Mbps, the sales system would be updated and bam - done. And it would only take 48 hours max.

Now it's October 28th, 10 days since this all started. I asked to talk to Tier 2 but was first asked to "answer some questions." When the woman had no idea what I was talking about, I told her to get me a manager. For the first time in 10 days, I got really upset on the phone. The manager told me that he had no record of James saying that he would send out a technician - the ticket had been closed out and that he could set up a technician visit but it would cost me anywhere from $75-$150 depending on what was wrong and I'd have to pay the technician, not AT&T, and it would take a few days to send a technician out. I told him that my case was with Tier 2, and that I needed to speak to them and he told me "I'm not going to argue with you. Either take this, or we can't help you."

That's when I started screaming and crying. Not my hottest most mature moment, but I was beyond angry. I said to get me another manager NOW.

The "floor manager" - Kristen - got on the phone and I told her "Look, this is obviously a losing battle. I've spent 10 days and several hours on the phone just to be told that my case was closed so I wanted to cancel my U-verse and put me back on DSL. I know I could get 6 Mbps with DSL, and I wanted it back. She explained to me that because the area was transitioning, DSL might not be available but she would get the retention department back on the line.

However, she never got back on the line, and neither did retention. I'm sure I was labeled as a "difficult customer" after my little fit... Instead, I spoke to Patrick in Tier 2 - the first person to not only explain everything in detail but gave me his employee number so I could contact him again, and not get caught up in the "normal" customer service line that I had to deal with earlier.

Patrick explained that James did NOT close my ticket, but rather had escalated it but forgot to expedite it. Because AT&T is "so far behind", Address Validation takes 5 weeks, not 48 hours unless you expedite it. He told me that he would have the Address Validation expedited and if I hadn't heard anything by Halloween, call back, ask for Tier 2, and give his employee number to who ever answered the phone and he would deal with it personally. Finally, a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately though, Halloween was spent with me in a dark quiet room as I had my first migraine in months. We didn't even go Trick or Treating as I couldn't even sit up without crying. If you have had a migraine, you know what I'm talking about.

When I called the next day, Patrick wasn't working (which I knew would be the case as he said he was working Sunday and Monday, but not Tuesday). I was told that my account had been escalated once again to "Miami", and that the notes in my account said that any time I called it, to be routed to her (note: it was said "her" - as in a person). The first person I talked to tried calling Miami 3 times and left 2 messages and told me that I would get a phone call back.

You know I didn't get a phone call back.

To continue my frustration, I got a "final DSL bill" from AT&T. If you recall, it was supposed to be prorated for 5 days of service (even though I only had 3 days of service), but no, it was for a full month. When I called to inquire, I was told that the bill was posted before the cancellation (I called on the 18th, the bill was printed on the 19th, the cancellation went through on the 20th), and that a new prorated bill for $5.25 would be sent out. I'm happy to say that I did get that new bill (corrected) and paid it promptly.

I called again the next day and was told that my account had to be routed to Miami. The representative tried twice to get Miami on the line but couldn't. He asked me to please hold because he was going to try and get authorization to give me Miami's direct number. Sir, I don't remember your name, but I still wish I could hug you. A few minutes later, I had a number. A real number - not a 800 or 888. I didn't recognize the area code, so I asked where it was so I could call in the proper time limits for the time zone and was told "Miami is in Florida." I don't know why my first representative talked about Miami like a person and that she would call me back and she wasn't answering the phone but whatever.

Of course I called right away and got a busy signal but I wasn't going to stand for a busy signal. I called and called until someone answered "AT&T". I explained that I was routed to them and he said "Well this isn't a customer service number" to which I explained I knew that but this is what I was told - so kind of... fix it? :] He then told me that the Address Validation was being done and he would call me back by the end of the day.

Do I really need to tell you that no one called? Again?

Move to November 7th and I called and talked to "Jackie" who promised me she would call me back in 24 hours to update me.

So after the 24 hours that she didn't call, I decided to call back and she was called to the line and told me that she talked to an engineer but that it's a lot of technical jargon so she didn't want to confuse me. She said "We're looking to pair..." to which I interrupted her and said "Pair two lines to my house so that instead of one single 3 Mbps, you'll be pulling 2 different 3 Mbps, which will give me a 6 Mbps signal again, right?" She laughed and said "Oh you do understand?" I tried to find the humor, but this was now day 22 and I was tired of fighting. She told me she'd call me back by noon of the next day (but that she was working until 4).

Day 23: Jackie didn't call me back at noon, so I waited until 3:45 to call her back and she told me that they couldn't pair my account but they would look at getting me back to my 6 Mbps DSL. I told her that I asked for that a week ago and was told no, but she said that she would try anyway.

Day 25: Yesterday. I got a phone call from the Miami office but it wasn't Jackie. The guy on the line told me that they were able to push my speed back to 6 Mbps U-verse. "Have a great day."

I wanted to see how many times and how many minutes I spent on the phone with AT&T, because I know it was a lot. The day that I spoke to Patrick and the 2 managers (including the one that I had the fight with) was a three hour phone call. I pulled my most recent phone bill to find out SURPRISE! AT&T doesn't include/record phone calls that are made to their phone numbers (in this case, an 800 number). How convenient, hmm?

Now, despite my obvious reservations with my experience, I set my little brother up with AT&T U-verse as well in his apartment. We did have installation issues as well (no 4 digit pin was ever provided to set up the account) and had to call Tier 2 to fix it but otherwise it was fine... until today. We received his first bill and instead of the original $100 charge for the modem/router/installation and $20 for the service (one year at $19.95/month), he was charged the full $48.05 a month for a 3 Mbps signal. When I called billing, the system hung up on me saying it was closed, despite the online website saying that it's open on Saturdays until 4 PM CST.

And Nick? He got his first bill and was charged for the the replacement modem/router that was reported stolen/lost so now he has to call to remove the $100 in charges. They also originally told him that he'd have his $36 installation charge waved, but they didn't wave it on his bill.

I don't expect AT&T to really do anything about this. I'm not looking for compensation for my time and irritation, as I don't think they'd give it to me anyway. I did fill out every single email survey that was sent to me about my experience and I haven't been shy to explain how I am very dissatisfied and I would cancel my account today if something else was available in my area. Unfortunately, the only other option in my town is cable internet at 7Mbps for $82 compared to AT&T 6Mbps for $38. (How my brother's 3Mbps is $48 and my 6 Mbps is $38, I don't understand - more stuff for me to ask on Monday...)

So there you have it. AT&T, I'm not happy with you.

For those who read this all, here is your kitten!

UVERSE night


Re: at&t uverse in kingsville TX

No Kitten please. My story has been going on for over a year now. Bottom line, fiber optics ends more than 2500 ft away and then pushed through old copper lines and then underground to house. They would not let me out of contract but I was allowed to drop the TV part so now it is just Phone and Internet with both go down several times a day. I finally filed FCC complaint after ATT Rep Nancy ID#NR8400 told me to go home and call her from house (phone don't work) so she could do a test. I reminded her phone did not work so she suggested I go around the neighborhood and borrow a cell phone to make the call. When my blood pressure finally calmed down I called back and goat a nicer person.

I also received a call from a ATT Supervisor asking when they could do to fix problem. They said FCC would not allow them to keep offering service if they could not do it 100% so they offered me $200 for all my time and aggravation. At lease I can watch TV when phone and internet go down.

Frustrated in Costa Mesa

Jeff Robin


AT&T lied bate and switch

They sold me with 92 a month then I got a bill for $230 and the boxes suck don't believe uvers promise



a sucker is born every minute with AT&t -stay away U-VERSE

I have nothing but trouble with AT&T billing in the past so it was with great great trepidation I called and got Uverse for $14.95 a month - told the modem was free (when I told them I did not want their modem) - no mention of any activation fee - only informed about data limits when I am activating it with a rep who tells me I am wrong - there's no data limit. Just got the bill - my $14.95 service morphed into a bill for $228. - UNBELIVEABLE - went to complain on the PUC site and discovered they don't handle internet complaints - where can I go - BBB???

Review by oldgringo See Profile

  • Location: Marfa,Presidio,TX
  • Cost: $42 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "No down time"
Bad "System buggy "
Overall "Not as advertised"

Installation was done in a decent time-frame, however my impression of the installer was he had limited knowledge in the field. The system is reliable but appears to have unresolvable issues. AT&T has many 3rd party vendors involved in the service, and as a result the service is not what it could be. There seems to be no communication between these 3rd party vendors and AT&T in regards to the quality of service provided to the consumer. Over all, not bad but far from good.

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Review by Darknessfall See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "TV features, uptime, and price"
Bad "Same service for 5 years :)."
Overall "Good product, but should upgrade their speeds"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

How I'm installed:

All coax except for one TV by the gateway which has Ethernet while using the 2Wire 3801.

Equipment Review:

RG -The 3800 has been going strong for 4 years so far expect for the summer of 2010 when it decided to lose signal a lot but since then it hasn't dropped out once at all.I haven't gotten to use the ethernet for my computer since it was placed as close as possible to the NID so I mainly use wireless and it has been pretty decent while only having two bars. Pinging my gateway usually gives 1-2ms latency BUT sometimes our gateway may have a random wireless seizure every couple of months for a few days where your wireless becomes incredibly laggy but other than that it has been fine. The wireless performance is kind of poor on max speed though due to using wireless G still. I kind of wished they kept the modem/router separate since it makes it a little more annoying if you want to add a router ; ).

- Changed to 3801 model after posting this. Not much difference. -
- The 3801 seems to get really hot - 6/28/2013
- Would like to add that with my WNDA4100 adapter I now get full bars through a lot of walls on my gateway. Wireless G still makes it a little at this distance though.

STB(1x Motorola VIP1216/2x VIP1200s) - While I cannot comment on the recording feature since we barely use it they still are in good condition and well... work...
- Update: I seem to see random moments when all STBs in our home refuse to turn off with the physical power button on the STB. Usually clicking the "Menu" button on the STB fixes it.

Remote - All I can say that is it's very well laid out and doesn't feel too bulky.


SD - It's pretty decent. Clear on CRT and on a HDTV it can either be clear or maybe a little blurry depending on original format.

HD - Clear and soft edged. Some channels seem a little blurry at times though while others are great.

Audio - Clear and no drop outs.

Pixelization - I barely see any at all except for the rare moment it may randomly do it for less than a second after months.

On Demand - No comment since we barely use but movie buying was quick and easy. One thing I like to note is that the On Demand section is a little empty at times.
Note: Movie rentals last 2 days I believe.

Menu - Always fast and no lag but sometimes I find myself going through menu options that should of been closer to the start of it all.

Channels - We love the channel selection on U-verse that other companies such as Comcast do not have. There are usually two or so channels of the same channel in case you want to watch something else on that channel during a certain time.


Quality - Decent

Caller ID on TV - We've always loved this feature and it hasn't had a glitch for us.
Caller ID on Phone - Works, sometimes. Usually get "Incoming call" on the phone.

Responsiveness - Good but when we first got the service we had dial problems that fixed themselves.

Internet:(No longer have internet service)

Latency - We usually get about 25ish with 1ms jitter.(Wireless)

Advertised vs real world - We are only on the 3 down/ 1 up plan and get about 3.1 down/ 1 up(Wireless)

Speeds - Decent for an average user.

Internet Consistency - Always on. Never went down when our power remained on.


Errors - None

Problems - None

Price changes - Get yourself on a promo price .

Paying a bill: Fast

Old customer bonuses: Well... pretty poor. Most they give you is $5 off for a few months when you upgrade and such. They give out free previews of the other channels over major holidays though. $10 promo card to upgrade to paperless billing made me laugh a little though.

- Update: Got added onto promo pricing .


Opinion - We hadn't had much luck with support at all. First time the rep helped give us a temp solve that we would have to keep using at the time then another rep began to blame our computer and repeatedly ask us to buy something for $99 until we said we were hanging up(Turns out the whole issue was because of the cheap 2wire USB adapters we had). I also had good reps over live chat that seemed to be nice and answer my questions well. Like most companies you can either get the dumb or the great people. The wait time wasn't too bad but they like to swap you around to other people a lot. When we recently asked for new equipment there were no questions asked, quick and easy. We got our equipment the next business day.

Update: Got 3 free remotes. Declined offer for free wireless receiver upgrade.

Update: 6/28/2013
Service is still running good with no downtime. Line seemed to have dropped in quality VERY slightly. I get a couple thousand corrected blocks over time in my RG's error table. Random link retrains/ DSL Training errors on bootup.

I'm hoping we get the new RG in our area soon. Still no RG firmware update for our 2wire 3801 and Motorola STBs.
- Got the RG firmware update today - 6/29/2013

Was offered Max Turbo for $33 for 2 years but didn't take it at this time. Will look later to see if Comcast can offer me Blast for $34.99. Hopefully AT&T decides to speed up their upgrades.

Update: 11/27/2013

Still only U300 + Unlimited Home Phone

No real issues still. Dreading the annual price increases. The price has gone up by quite a bit since almost 5 years ago.

Line stats at the time of this update:
Downstream Upstream
Max User Rate 59785 kbs Not Available
Noise Margin 19.2 dB Not Available
Attenuation 10.3 dB Not Available
Output Power 4.3 dBm -21.2 dBm

Update: 2/17/14

Have U300(3 receivers) + Unlimited Home Phone + Max Turbo now

Got into another promotion and everything together totals $124. May downgrade to the 200 minute plan.

It's been 5 years now of having U-verse.

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Update - Data Collected for 15 Hours


Under Siege
Mcdonough, GA
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: Update - Data Collected for 15 Hours

Good review. Detailed and a good read. My only confusion is why the screenshot with only 15hrs of time? It'd be more helpful with about a week of data collected.
That's "MISTER" Kafir to you.

·AT&T U-Verse

Re: Update - Data Collected for 15 Hours

said by ImpldConsent:

Good review. Detailed and a good read. My only confusion is why the screenshot with only 15hrs of time? It'd be more helpful with about a week of data collected.

I just reset my gateway then decided to post it so it was too late . I'll probably post another error table soon to replace it. Still looks the same at the time of this post.

Review by trinity350 See Profile

  • Location: Anaheim,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $34 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 60 days
Good "They let me out of my contract"
Bad "Unacceptable service to the area"
Overall "I have little choice as a consumer."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
(ratings below consensus)

I moved to Anaheim, CA about 2 months ago. I live less than 4 miles from Disneyland!! Yet, I could not get REAL Uverse service from AT&T and no feedback as to when it might improve. This was documented by their technician and to their credit will be excused from the contract.

To be fair, my building is not cabled so my modem must connect to the nearest "box". I'm told I'm too far away!!
Again, I don't live in a rural area. I have Target, restaurants and business all-around me.

Because of the exact placement, I cannot use a satellite service.

This is so ridiculous. - I'm hoping AT&T will read this and make plans to better service this area. - Co workers say "yeh. AT&T sucks!".

I know i could use a hot spot, but (like millions of people) I like to stream movies. - I'm trying CLEAR internet. - It's not great but for now a little better and AT&T.I called Sales to inquire if there had been any upgrades to Internet in my area. I was told they had upgraded the equipment and I should get increased DSL speeds. (I had the service 6 months ago and AT&T confirmed that I could not get 1.5 Mps download speed.)

Fed. 2014
I wanted to see if there were upgrades to the area.
Everything seemed good while speaking to the sales team, but things changed.

1) A day later, I received an email that something was wrong with the order. I was given an order # and phone number to call. It took 3 days of waiting on hold to get someone who could address the issue.
2) I referenced the order # in the email. The attendant could not locate the order this number.
3) I was transferred to someone else, even though I called the number provided.
4) I was on hold for 3 different people.
5) I asked for a refund for the $19.95 I was charged for Geek Squad DSL installation assistance. - I was told I would set up the equipment but that they wanted everything to go well and that the Geek Squad would check my settings upon installation. - Since I had decided to cancel DSL service, I wanted a refund.
6) There was no record of AT&T taking my money. I was told to call Geek Sqad. - This didn't make sense to me since I had not completed the order or called them (as instructed by AT&T). Through more phone calls, I was given a phone number that "might" help me get my money back from the Geek Squad.
7)Rather than wait on hold again, I search on line and found a Geek Sqad/AT&T support web site. I emailed 2 of the email addresses listed. They bounced back as invalid. - I am waiting on a response from a third email message.

All of this and my DSL speed might not have improved at all. - I asked originally if a new tower or CO or something had been installed in my area. I was told the sales person didn't have that info, but the equipment was upgraded. - After my experience this past week, my confidence in AT&T is even lower than before.

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This service is poor. I've had recorded programs get cut off after only a few minutes left or cut off before the program is to begin, leaving only 15-17 minutes of the end of the program. today, the weekly recorded program of Resolution displayed that it recorded in the recording list but when I opened it to watch, the whole program was a black screen! We pay a lot of money with little service!

hours are m-th 1130-10p central
Granite City, IL

We can work on the problems if you wish.

Contact me if you need help, it's what we are here for.

Review by Matt7 See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Franklin,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Great speed, great tv picture... Overall very happy"
Bad "None at this time"
Overall "Great deal go for it!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Insight Communic..
Very happy with my AT&T UVerse install so far.

Ordered Uverse on 10/12/09 with an install date of 10/26/09.

Tech called me about 11:30 am on his way here from his previous job (my window was 11a-1pm).

Tech showed up. We chatted a few.. I have DT (POTS) so he checked my phone heard the DT then said he needed to go jumper (at the VRAD)

He was gone a few mins and then came back... brought the equipment including his test set.. Could get DT but could not see a response back from the VRAD.. so he headed out again after checking the wiring in the MDU ( We chatted about how awful MDU wiring can be) ... etc...

He went out and sure enough the place he jumper on the VRAD was bad ( he said he sees this often on a lot of VRADs) I chuckled and said "it's amazing that this technology works on such old phone system.."

He then replaced my wall plate (installing a baun in the wall to separate the POTS from the jack for the UVerse RG)

Then he setup the RG and the DVR box... while he did that (I was talking tech with him as I do support for a cable company in another state) while he finished setting up the DVR I configured my laptop with the provided SSID and WPA key... and we where online

Great install.. Overall I am very pleased with the service. the 6 MB / 1MB is on target with the speed tests and so far the DVR is working wonderful and the picture (even on my SD TV) is better than what I had with Digital cable with Time Warner.

Currently subscribing to UVerse U200 for Video and 6MB/1MB for the Data.

Update 03/12/12 : I got rid of DVR in NOV 09 due to cost... Finally moving to cable 3/12. Uverse was nice but I really want a higher bandwidth package than 24/3 and AT*T seems not willing to update to Fiber to support DOCSIS 3 type speeds.

Update 10/1/12 : Signed back up with UVerse for HSI. Great service so far (64mbps sync as I am only a stones throw away from the VRAD)

Constant speed on the 18M down / 1.5M up Tier - Little pricey $56.00 a month and they started to charge a $6.00 equipment fee.

Downgraded on 4/10/13 to 3M down / 1M up Tier .. Looking at cable again as DOCSIS 3 will be here this summer and offer faster tier speeds.

** 9/2/13 called and requested AT&T UVerse install U200 with 12/1.5 Speed Tier.

Service installed on 9/7/13 between 11-1pm. Very great tech -- Installed a RG3800 - Max Sync 61,000 - 400 ft from the VRAD -- Service great so far.. Hoping they come out with a single pair solution for 45/6 soon

11/08/13 - Terminate Uverse HSI but keep UVerse U200 video service for $44 a month on promo.

1/29/14 - RG went down and came back up .. my RG 3800 is now synced at 61,000 kbps down / 9800 kbps up Max rate (which means I got moved to a K or N Card).

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Review by Mr Fel See Profile

  • Location: Louisville,Jefferson,KY
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Works Great, Get Full Speed"
Bad "Caps, order screw up"
Overall "Past initial install works fine."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T DSL Service
02/03/14 Finally got my own place, and with that my own hsia connection. Being a UVerse tech is nice with the employee discount, went with only the Max (12Mbps) hsia package since it is the fastest that can be ordered for a self install. No need for the tv service, get all of my content online or just buy season box sets. Got my own 5031NV from work and took care of all the wiring inside my apartment. My coworker pulled the facility ticket and had sync for me in under half an hour from his arrival at the xbox and onto to the pedestal serving the mdu. He did have to smart chat in however, whoever wrote my order put it in wrong and locked up the account so that service would not flow through. So he contacted order management and got that fixed. From time of arrival to finish was just a little under an hour. Getting my full speed on ethernet, about half on wifi, to be expected in mdu's, will probably buy a 5Ghz access point to bypass the slow 2.4Ghz speeds. Will contact sales again now that I have the service up and upgrade to Max Plus (18M). Most of the time on pure ethernet it will pull 20M+ down, worth the extra $10 a month I believe, and by going the csi route don't have to pay for the fti either. Not a fan of the caps though, but still a soft cap from what I've seen.

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Review by me1900 See Profile

  • Location: Oklahoma City,Oklahoma,OK
  • Cost: $36 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fast connection Good tech support"
Bad "New billing cycle hard to determine."
Overall "Excellent alternative to pricey Cox Cable!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

The techs were kind of slow to get my service switched on at the CO. Only because their is 1 guy working the switch at the CO performing connects and disconnects for multiple patrons. Not the install tech's fault. Once they got me switched on it was 10 minutes then I am online. Service has been stable everyday. Periodic modem reboots were necessary after heavy usage. No big deal as electronics of all kinds are never going to be perfect!

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Another abused Uverse customer

They installed uverse broadband and phone on 1/22/14, and as of 1/27/14, they have yet to get the phone working. The service dept is a joke. Very polite, but can't seem to fix anything. I call or use chat to contact the service dept every day, and it's always the same story. Usually they claim to find a "problem with the order" that they are happy to fix but it will take time so check back tomorrow. It still doesn't work the next day, so you get to describe the whole problem all over again to a new person. Now they have put the order in to get it fixed, but they won't be able to get to it until 1/30, a full 8 days after the original scheduled connection. Three time during this I was disconnected while on hold, and they didn't bother calling back even though they did have my cell phone number. At other times they said they'd call back, but didn't. There isn't even anyone at AT&T to complain to about this because they just forward you back to the service department.

Un happy U v


Re: Another abused Uverse customer

I am having the same trouble. I was an AT&T DSL customer and was pretty much told that I needed to switch to U verse so I did. Have had nothing but trouble since. My U Verse account when set up wasn't linked to my phone number and to top that off they had the wrong phone number. I have been with them for 15 years as a DSL customer. With the sales pitch I was told that I needed to pay a $100 fee for phone installation. When I asked what the fee covered, they told me to run fiber optics from the pole to my house. Come to find out I am on a D-slam service or slam box service which means Fiber optics stops at the AT&T hub. It's not even ran on the poles yet in my area. Now, where I could stream ESPN with DSL service, with U Verse I can't. Extremely unhappy customer here. I am looking elsewhere for service and I agree, customer service is a joke. In speaking with 8 different people about all the problems since the switch, including some managers, I got 20 different answers. Not Happy At All!

Don Sinclair


Variable Pricing AKA the big game

Several months ago my ATT bill went up substantially. I called and explained to the customer service rep that I did not want to do business with a company that played games with their pricing. What I wanted was a reasonable price that would remain consistent. She work with me and came up with a price that I thought was reasonable and so I stayed with ATT. That price lasted 4 months and now it has gone up $22 a month and when I called to find out why I was told that I had several promotions that expired at different times and I would see more increases as other promotions expired. So much for honest pricing!

Needless to say I will be looking at every other service provider or multiple providers to get internet and TV and possibly phone.



Re: Variable Pricing AKA the big game

I had the same issues.. ATT is the worst service I have ever had!!!

love lost


The Worst

I am so disappointed with AT &T uverse service. It is the worst service you can ever get. A big Fib, fast speed, it is horrible. You will do better with dial-up. It took 3 techs over a 3 week period to get the services installed only to not work properly. The connection constantly gets lost. They also fibbed about the rebate on the so called uverse modem. Have not received the letter yet. It has been 3 months. AT &T is The WORST.



AT&T Uverse boondoggle

Brought in fast talking salespeople from another state to sell uverse. Signed up, changed EVERYTHING over, messed up my billing, didn't work, 3 weeks later -when I finally say "pull it", find out from AT&T DSL guy that my house was too far away to support Uverse. ON TOP - they reset my home phone, dsl and wireless up on different account numbers rather than old bundled one. I paid my bill, it got credited to old account and they had no way to take it out of old account and credit to new account number and insisted I pay AGAIN - they were yelling at me. Until finally got through to a manager who after 1/2 an hour figured out what happened and fixed it. This was after a total of about 17 hours on the phone with various AT&T "customer service" folk trying to get the whole thing fixed. I HATE AT&T - and am, unfortunately, tied to them with wireless. Recently got rid of Dish and went with Roku, and am now going over DSL limits with AT&T! I can't win.

Review by TMMerlin See Profile

  • Location: Oxford,Oakland,MI
  • Cost: $204 per month
  • Install: about 11 days
Good "Excellent HD picture and Internet speed"
Bad "None in my household"
Overall "Great price/performance"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

AT&T U-verse with U-450 and 18Meg DSL.
Performance is "excellent"..! I receive 3-HD streams, too. TV is far superior to
my old Directv and I get no rain/snow fade or mysterious dropouts. The DSL is
virtually error free.

Note: The U-verse killer is "bridge-taps" on your copper. Make sure your installer tests for and gets the outside wireline folks to get rid of all bridge taps.

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Review by RPM Jack See Profile

  • Location: USA
  • Cost: $42 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Easy self-install, support has been responsive, technicians are capable and helpful."
Bad "Too many outages, support attempted to sell upgraded package while service was down."
Overall "Good value for existing SBC/ATT DSL customer, most of the outages are not related to my equipment, plan to stay with AT&T."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Stopped by AT&T store to purchase a new Samsung phone in 2011, representative checked account and recommended moving to U-verse DSL. Placed the order for U-verse Pro when I purchased the phone, did not switch to U-verse voice, was shipped the self-install package on a timely basis. PIN was not received via USPS until after the cutover date.

I had no significant issues performing the self-install as scheduled beyond some minor issues configuring the Linksys router; luckily I remembered the PIN. The Motorola modem functioned well for several years. I had several significant outages that were resolved without entering the premises While chatting with a support representative while I was at work during one outage, the representative attempted to sell me an upgraded package, which was poor timing on his part.

I had an outage before Thanksgiving 2013, and a technician arrived the next day (Friday), replacing the modem with a more current Motorola NVG510 modem, which eliminated the need for the Linksys router. I noticed my AT&T landline was dead on Saturday, and my U-Verse DSL died on Sunday. Another technician arrived on Monday and resolved some wiring issues at the box. He blamed the problem on the recent cold, wet weather. He also rewired the box in the wall of my bedroom to better match the standard U-Verse configuration. My speed tests after the second visit by a technician were significantly higher than after the first visit (1.7 download versus 2.8 download). Wi-Fi performance by my phone, tablet, Roku, and Windows PCs on the new modem have been excellent.

I may be moving in the near future, and at this point, I plan to stick with U-Verse DSL and I will probably move to U-Verse Voice, eliminating my landline.

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Att uverse

Our setvice is out as much as it works. In 6 months they have been out 7 times. Still has problems. Save yourself the time of a contract they wont let you out of. Uverse tv and internet is worthless

Review by Graystoke See Profile

  • Location: Stockton,San Joaquin,CA
  • Cost: $240 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "HD Picture Quality, Support, DVR"
Bad "Several non premium cable channels, such as FX channel, not available with on demand."
Overall "Overall, I'm happy with U-verse."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

I've had U-verse for seven years now. After a shaky first year with the voice portion, TV, internet, and voice, have been running smoothly all these years. Customer service, when needed, has been very good.

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U verse

U verse internet sucks there wifi is horrible, we never get wifi signal any where in my house excep right next to the modem, and AT&T snoop around your history so if u download something your not supposed too, AT&T send u text messages saying there going to shout down your Service pulse they even look through your old history from years ago.
Expand your moderator at work



att sucks

I have NEVER had issues like this with Comcast. when we moved I feel as though att took advantage of us with their lies to claims of being better. dear God let this contract end so I can drop this company. three months of awful awful services, billing errors, long outages and continually messed up equipment. yay for att!

Stockton, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: att sucks

Wow. I've never had any billing errors or long outages in all the years I've had U-verse. No problems with WiFi either. I have had some problems with equipment, STB/DVR, and 2Wire gateway had to be replaced, but those issues were resolved very quickly.