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Review by ZeCanard See Profile

  • Location: Euless,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $46 per month (999 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Fast, cheap and very stable"
Bad "Very slow to fix the one time I had an issue"
Overall "Awesome when it works, but thankfully extremely reliable"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I got lucky that I moved into my new house in January 2010 just when AT&T had a 999-month (lifetime) promotion for Max Plus at a fixed $40 per month. Around 2013 however, I’ve had the equipment rental fee tacked on to my bill, but it’s nothing compared to the base prince increases that I’ve been protected against (I believe this tier now costs $61/mo., but I’m still only paying $40).

Service has always been quite reliable, and my speeds very stable. I was getting a consistent 16/1.6 Mbps originally, slowly increasing until the speed bumps late last year, which originally took me up to 23/1.9 Mbps, then back down to 22/1.9 Mbps. Now it’s back up to 23/2 Mbps while my monthly cost hasn’t changed.

The installation itself was very painless. I had it scheduled for the day I moved in, and the tech worked while I was still driving my U-Haul back and forth. Since the house was already wired with coax for U-verse, everything went smoothly and he was done within an hour or two.

In 2011 I started having intermittent disconnection issues for a week and had a tech come to my house to investigate. He blamed it on my signal being too strong because I was too close to the node so he installed an attenuator. Of course since my disconnections were intermittent everything was fine when he left, and the problems started again within 15 minutes. The next tech came a few days later and threw his hands up in the air. After I told him about the attenuator he said he wasn’t surprised it didn’t resolve my issue. He said it might be the box outside my house that had defective wiring but that it was very unlikely, so he didn’t want to bother. Since he was out of ideas anyway I asked him to go outside and check. He was out there for half an hour. When he came back inside he said the wiring had degraded and he simply replaced everything to be safe. Everything was fixed from there on out. If I remember correctly he still said my signal was running too hot and he still attenuated it from the node, but I can’t remember for sure.

One word of warning about AT&T: I only very rarely have issues with my service, but in my experience whenever AT&T’s Internet service goes down, it goes down for the rest of the day/night. I had AT&T DSL for 6 years before switching to U-verse and I found this to be consistently the case. It pretty much never came back up that night if it died in the evening. I don’t know if they only sent techs out to fix issues in the morning, but you should keep this in mind if you opt for U-verse voice.


08/13/2014: Internet started going down intermittently for 5-15 minutes at a time about every hour starting the evening of 08/12. Outages seemed to last longer and longer. Called around 2:30 p.m. on 08/13, was told by the IVR that the soonest AT&T could send a technician over was today (I was shocked) between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The technician arrived at 4:15 p.m. and checked the box outside my house (NID?). His tests indicated that the signal was very strong and clean, but that I might have a defective filter. I had previously had problems with the installation, which is as old as the house, so I wasn't too surprised. He replaced it, then unplugged the coax splitter (since I don't have any TVs) to make a direct connection from the line coming in to the RG. He ran some additional tests to make sure everything else was fine, and that was it. In total, he was over for about half an hour. He left me his direct phone number as well as his manager's in case my problem isn't addressed.

In the past I've been pretty jaded with AT&T's support, with technicians showing up long after the scheduled window, then needing 2 or 3 visits at least to fix my problems. If my disconnects are fixed, I'll be very impressed indeed.

member for 12.2 years, 803 visits, last login: 57 days ago
updated 126 days ago




-1 recommendation

AT&T U-Verse

I was enticed about 3 years ago to switch from High Speed DSL to U-Verse by a lower price and faster internet. Since then, I have lost phone service and internet at least every other month and sometimes twice a month. After spending 30-40 minutes on the phone with AT&T Tech Support, they do a reset and most of the time it comes right back live. About 5 times they have sent a technician to our home (which involves waiting for someone who has a 4 hour window to respond) and have pulled in new wires twice, changed modems 3 times, and found problems at the main panel 3/4 miles from our house. AT&T has given me a free month of service and reduced my rate to retain me as a customer. I have requested they replace my High Speed DSL, to which they tell me that once you have U-Verse, there is no going back even though they can't keep it running.
My advice to anyone considering AT&T U-Verse is save yourself the grief and stay with DSL. Also, unload any AT&T stock you own because AT&T reps tell me that eventually, U-Verse will be the only options their customers will have. This means AT&T is going to get slaughtered in the marketplace, because their U-Verse is a horribly un-reliable product that was apparently untested and unproven before putting it on the market. This is quite apparent as their technicians have replaced my equipment with newer versions since the equipment they installed 3 years ago is considered obsolete. Hence, the customer becomes the research and development guinea pig.



att u verse

Its not all its suppose to be just changing your tv or room around you need a tech for that and it cost you 150.00 just to change your room around then the bill is high each month make no sense at all im leaving and getting comcast back

The Cosmic Duck

Euless, TX

Re: att u verse

You don't. I don't know about new Cat5 installs, but with my coax setup I just followed the cables in the attic and rewired the box outside my house.

Review by adrenatek See Profile

  • Location: Asheville,Buncombe,NC
  • Cost: $39 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "connection quality is excellent, very stable"
Bad "had some initial issues upon starting service but they were resolved"
Overall "works good for me"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

I have ADSL2+ Uverse "Max", and it has been very good so far. I get the expected/advertised speeds and the connection is more stable than my cable internet connection was...not as fast but it's fast enough for me. Had a line noise issue at first but the local office fixed that within the first week. Have not yet bothered switching to fastpath but the ping times are still better and more consistent than my prior cable internet ever was. Glad I subscribed. I've heard AT&T actually wants to keep their customers unlike the cable co I was using.

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Plastic advertising cards

just received an 81/2"x6" HARD PLASTIC advertising card from AT&T. It is not recyclable! Why on earth would you send out thousands if not more non-recyclable hard plastic cards for advertising?
Another reason not to use your services. So anti-environmental...


Re: Plastic advertising cards

why isn't it recyclable?

Internet its


how badly at&t it sucks ass

AT&T is the worst f****** company to get internet from so if you guys are looking forward to f****** getting at&t you're going to waste your money because they suck a lot of f****** ass can't even watch a movie

Review by Mcmurdy1980 See Profile

  • Location: Newhall,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "The Speed is there"
Bad "The Residential Gateway is not good and requires a third party router"
Overall "Att needs to get their act together"

Power is the speed that a lot of people could get as long as you are within 2200 feet of the VRAD(VIDIO READY ACCESS DEVICE). The advertised speed is 45 Mbps/6Mbps. The reality is it is not that especially if you have IPtv working on your network. I need to be honest. I am a perm tech and I install this service. I am reviewing my service and the experience I have installing this service. My home is a MDU (multi dwelling unit). This means I have a lot of Wifi interference.

The power service is a bonded pair service similar to the old iNID. It requires a distance of 2200 feet and the two pairs need to be clean and balanced. The distance between the two pairs needs to be as close to each other as possible. In an MDU, it is a very difficult service to run. The existing IW (inside wiring) in most cases is not up to standard. I personally had to run a new wire from the MPOE (minimum point of entry) to my rg location. It was not an easy task at my home, and I do this for a living. Most techs cannot and will not run a new home run for MDUs because of time and if it's not owned by you, they need permission from your landlord. Most landlords feel that is not their problem, and Att doesn't own a single wire beyond the MPOE. If you can get the landlord to agree to run you a new wire before we come, it will make it easier.

The NVG 589 is not a bad (RG)residential gateway. It's no where near fantastic. It is the best that ATT has to offer. It has gigabit ethernet, and wireless n. It lacks the 5Ghz frequency, and still has no way to control the QoS. It is smaller then the other ATT RGs and has a cool slot for a BBU ( battery backup unit). Gone are the days of a huge BBU that is heavy and bulky. Now as it applies to power. The ethernet signal is fantastic. The Wifi signal sucks. I get 50% of the speed on the wifi. I have changed channels which this RG has the capability to scan for, and I can't see a change. I have too many WiFI signals to contend with. The 589 cannot work with coax except only to feed the TVs. The days of a diplexer are gone with this RG. Its a blessing because Coax sucks and its a curse because a lot of homes are already feed with a coax feed for the VDSL (the uverse signal).

The wire I ran is cat 5e twisted pair wire. I preferred Cat 6, but it is more expensive. It took me all day and It was one of the hardest Homeruns I have done. Who knew my own home would work me.

The day of the installation was interesting. The tech called me and I told him, "are you ready for the easiest bonded pair of you life?" I could hear him smiling. I told him to go to the vrad and wire the service then meet me at the MPOE. The tech goes to the box and I hear nothing. So I call him. I tell him what he needs to do, and he seemed lost. So I went to the Box and I showed him how to do it. He then wires my second pair. I had existing single pair service already, so all he had to do was wire the second pair. We then go to the MPOE. He places his meter, and I have sync on the second pair, but I don't have sync on the original pair. He has to go back to the VRAD and check his wiring and change ports. He changes the ports and rewires then comes back. He has sync on the first pair and no sync on the second pair. This time I step in. I find two clean and balanced pairs and send tone on both. He now gets it right. He has no work to do in the inside. I did it already. My home was ready. I tell him I have it from here and we departed ways. I noticed my Wifi signal was only working at 50% but my ethernet was clocking at 47Mbps. I knew I was getting wifi interference and that the 589 was not up to par for the MDU environment but 10 times better then any other RG att had to offer.

I needed a way to compensate for att's deficiency in equipment. I have 4 tvs, no phone service, and over 22 devices. In the field, I see the same thing for the Power service. The wifi is never enough. I have installed internet only and the wifi is still not enough and this was in single family homes. A little tech knowledge: Att sends you a profile speed. Its the amount of bandwidth they send from the VRAD. For the power, they send 55Mbps. This is to compensate for TV service and phone service. Att will prioritize the TV and the phone before internet. In other words, if you turn on all your tvs, and call on your phone, the remainder of bandwidth will be whats available for internet. You can see this by turning off your tvs and you will see your speed increase for your internet. So the reality is your 45Mbps witll fluctuate from 35 to 47 depending on what you are using, and thats wired services.

I compensated for the equipment with a NETGEAR router with duel band frequencies. The 5Ghz signal really works well in my environment. The down side is the 5Ghz signal doesn't broadcast as far.

Overall, I am happy with the speed, but I am upset that I had to purchase a third party router to even enjoy it on WiFI. The sad part is majority of people who may read this don't have the skills that I posses. Att needs to train their techs better. Currently, they go to class. They have a period of ride alongs with other techs ( and some of those ride alongs consist of another tech who has only been with the company a month longer then the new tech). Finally, Att needs to provide better RGs or allow third party companies to make Rgs for Uverse.

Lastly, The reason I wired my MDU is because power can be denied if the MDU is not up to par and pulling a wire is not reasonable. The reason I needed an appointment is because I can only do so much when I am not on the clock, and doing my own job on the clock is against the rules.

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Review by PBRam See Profile

  • Location: Higden,Cleburne,AR
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Normally friendly reps on the phone."
Bad "If things go bad, they may not fix them when they say they will."
Overall "If there was an alternative high speed internet service in the area, I would not be with AT&T."
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I have been an AT&T high speed internet user for several years, first with DSL and for the past four years with U-Verse. Almost every year I have issues with connectivity and download speed and this summer has been no different. The cost of the service is about $60 per month, a bit high for what I'm getting, but I've been living with it. I am on the Max 18 plan, so my downloads should be close to 18 (though I would be happy with getting 16 if only I could). Recently, my speeds have degraded and I've seen from 2.5 to 11 Mbps downloads. These hop up and down and today I had an AT&T tech come by to look at the issue. He did something at the box by the street and came in to look at my speeds. Still sitting at only about 8-11 Mbps each time we tested. He said he didn't know what the problem could be and gave me his cell phone number while asking me to call him later if we experienced problems. He left WHILE we still experienced problems! He did not check the router or the entry point on the back of the house and I reset the router after he left hoping it would work...it did not. I tried calling him directly and he did not pick up. I contacted AT&T chat online and after talking to a rep as well as his supervisor, they contacted dispatch in this area who promptly told them the ticket was closed and I would have to have another ticket filed before they could come out again. I took the time today to be here, and was here, and the guy left without fixing it. They have given me another appointment time three days from now, but I'll have to miss work and it will cost me about $125. I told the ATT supervisor I would appreciate a credit of this amount on my U-Verse bill to compensate me for losing this, but he wouldn't do it. So, I'm about to lose money on this even though I made arrangements to be here today and this company messed up. I've contacted the Better Business Bureau, the Facebook page of ATT U-Verse and emailed the company directly, but I'm not seeing anyone budge to help. I thought I would try here.

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try emailing them here...

try emailing attcustomercare@att.com David See Profile who used to be a good guy here got a promotion and isn't here anymore.
Expand your moderator at work



AT&T Uverse

My letter to AT&T

"On the 4th of August my wife was informed that her email her address book had been hacked. She tried to change her password, using the online ATT pages. She was unable to do so.

At that point she initiated a chat session with one of your representatives, a man named Phillip. As soon as the process began, I could no longer access my email account, since our two email accounts had been linked.

I then called AT&T. I was told that since my wife was having a chat session, there was little that could be done, yet, in an attempt to help me, I was kept on the line for an hour. Your representative on the phone had told me that it was a “simple matter” to address my concerns and that it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to resolve the issue.

Our two email addresses were using the same password. We asked that the two addresses be separated so we could each have our own passwords. At the end of the 2 and half hour chat session, my wife could access her email. I was also able to access my email.

The following morning, my wife and I could not access our emails. I called. I was told it would take about ten minutes to resolve the issue. I was told it would take more time and that the individual helping us, would call back in about ten minutes. We never received a phone call. After waiting an hour, I called again. Once again I was told it would be simple matter to resolve. In the course of the conversation I was passed along to three different representatives. At one point I was told that we would have to wait 24 hours to access our email!

I was then told that the representative would work on it. I requested that he call me back in 30 minutes regardless of whether or not he was finished addressing the problem. While waiting I received a text message: “AT&T Msg: Thanks for contacting us regarding your U-Verse service. For troubleshooting or general service questions, visit us at att.com/ufix” Can you imagine getting such a message at this point in my attempts to get my problems resolved. I can understand that it was simply a program message, but perhaps you are used to being treated rudely by organizations, but for me, it was outrageous to receive such a note. Think about it, sure it was a programmed message, but if I were to take it seriously, how would I fix my problem when five of your service representative have been unable to do so?"

They don't return phone calls, the will tell you that they can fix a problem quickly and then never fix it.

Review by San Diego See Profile

  • Location: San Diego,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $111 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "TV is better than Time Warner - by far"
Bad "Zero customer service, Internet speeds vary from 4 to 20, unable to port phone number (8 different dates)"
Overall "If nothing ever goes wrong and the install goes well, not bad. Otherwise, run the other way"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Had TW for all three services. Lousy equipment and too many outages lately. Neighbors all have Uverse and the price was right. Signed up for Uverse 35 days ago. Install has been a nightmare. No phone service, bonded pair lines failed twice, one hard wire TV box failed, Promised 8 different dates for phone service. Gave up with Uverse phone after 23 days and went back to TW for phone. Uverse people have been at my house for 53 hours over the last three weeks. At least the tech people in the field try hard. Customer support seems to be in the Philippines, where the people that answer are polite, say I'm sorry very well, but do not listen to the customer (instead pick a problem that is unrelated to the issue), schedule a tech to come to the house even if the problem isn't in the house, and have refused to let me talk to a US based support person (so I can understand the support person). I have been lied to again and again. Except for one tech, Uverse people NEVER return phone calls or answer e-mail. Latest, today, the tech that was supposed to be bringing a replacement box for a TV never showed - another day wasted on Uverse. Have about 30 hours or so on the phone with Uverse, mostly on hold for someone that does not understand American English and who is difficult to understand. The price is very good, and for those that never have a problem or watch more than one TV at a time, the service is good. For me, Internet speed is about 17 with no TV on, 15 with one TV on, and 11 with two TVs on. Adding a second computer to the mix drops speeds to about 4, with sometimes the speeds too low to measure. Had Phone service been ported, that would take another 3. In short: zero customer service, truth and honesty from anyone except the tech that comes to the house does not exist, and it is essentially DSL. This means the farther way from the end of the fiber optics, the less bandwidth available. I am so far out at 3000 feet that a bonded pair is used by Uverse. Even then there isn't enough bandwidth for all 4 of the TVs to be in use at the same time and get even reasonable internet service - and that is without phone service.

Bottom line: The price is low, but you get no customer service/support and poor performance.

Noted Install co-ordination and Tech support not showing on the graphic (upper right). Both are worst.

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I start new work on
Granite City, IL
·AT&T Midwest
·Google Voice

1 edit

Even though I am no longer here

You can email my peers at attcustomercare@att.com. They will need your account info but they should be able to sort it out and get you fixed.

Might give them a holler and let them know-


P.S. I let them know you are possibly coming, they are standing by.
Thanks again folks- David.



Re: Even though I am no longer here

Hi, I called in for TS last night and was walked thru several troubleshooting options (which I had already done, twice). I was told that the problem was with the line. The first available appt. was 8/3. I called back this morning and was able to get a 7/31. Still no good. Is there anything that I can look for in the line or outside to figure out the problem....I work from home and cannot be without service...


I start new work on
Granite City, IL
·AT&T Midwest
·Google Voice
Depending on if you have a signal or not, if you don't there really isn't a whole lot to do remotely. Most you could probably do is try testing with your RG/Modem at the NID/SNI/Network interface and see if you get a signal there. If you do not, you would need a tech at that point.
Thanks again folks- David.

Review by sogden See Profile

  • Location: Crowley,Tarrant,TX
  • Cost: $37 per month (12 month contract)
Good "It's available and mostly consistant."
Bad "Everything else. Speed available, HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE, price for the speed"
Overall "Go else where if at all possible."

My Other Reviews

I have had DSL/ Uverse with AT&T at this house for about 4 years now, but have had AT&T DSL for most of my life. But it has only been for lack of options. That is where I am at now. Because AT&T installed the junction box poorly for my house when the housing development was being built I get a max of 3mb download. and 1mb up. My neighbors get normal UVerse speeds from the same box.

When they installed the service, they ran a cable through my back yard. They did not explain to us that the contractor was coming at a different date to bury the line. My wife came home to our dog struggling to breath from getting the cable wrapped around her neck. My wife had to cut the cable. So that was another delay to wait for the line to be redone. We never received as much as a sorry from AT&T.

Calling their customer service is a nightmare. It will require at least 1 hour of your day. I get transferred at least 3 times. Normally hung up on in the "transfers" and then I have to call back and start it all over again. They have sent out technicians but all they can tell me is my speed is maxed.

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So True

Trust me I have been a customer of theirs for the past 5 yrs and this past yr they have went to complete S***. I have been dealing with them since saturday and still haven't figured out why the cable and internet isnt working. the customer service rep passes you off to this person or that person no one is willing to help nor give you answers. then if you call after 7pm you get stuck speaking with someone in another country and i have personally been yelled at by them because I asked one to many times for them to repeat what they said. I am so beyond annoyed with how terrible at&t has become. I highly recomend any other company but them.

Review by Archangel83 See Profile

  • Location: Kent,Portage,OH
  • Cost: $51 per month
Good "Happy with the service"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I have the Max Plus plan is good for downloading large files quickly as well as uploading large files. The tech who Installed the service was top notch fixed many problems on my line and installed a new jack. The gateway is a Pace 5031NV-030 and is easily configurable. The only problems I have encountered with the service is during those primetime hours HD streaming of netflix can be tough.

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updated 156 days ago


Review by nitsua1992 See Profile

  • Location: Saint Clair,Saint Clair,MI
  • Cost: $58 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 26 days
Good "Above provisioned speeds (18/1.5), very stable connection, usage cap isn't enforced"
Bad "Ping is somewhat high (50ms+), Line is capable of ~50-60MB but still cant get above 18/1.5 (23/2)"
Overall "Very happy to be rid of 3g/4g cards, still would prefer cable if available"

Semi-rural area, up until this year neither comcast nor AT&T was available. After a couple address verification requests, i was able to get service despite being ~1200 feet "too far". I was fortunate to have larger gauge wire than normal running to my house. Looking forward to potential speed/ping upgrades when 17a and vectoring are released, but the stable connection with an unenforced datacap will suffice for the time being.

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updated 157 days ago


Review by kramsde2 See Profile

  • Location: Toledo,Lucas,OH
  • Cost: $144 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Good quality service"
Bad "Packet loss during hard rain storms"
Overall "Great product for less money"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

AT&T U-verse truly is a good product. I had a hard time getting U-verse as AT&T's online database and customer service reps told me U-verse was not available at my home YET lots of my neighbors had it and a AT&T sales rep came to my house wanting me to go with the product. At that time, I was not interested in switching. I was extremely hesitant switching from cable to U-verse however U-verse has proved to be a stable and reliable product.

PHONE- When switching from my old cable provider to U-verse, getting my phone number ported from the old company to u-verse was nothing less than a nightmare. It took over 2 months to get my number ported over. I called AT&T and would get the answer that my old provider did not release the number. I'd call the cable company to figure out why they did not release the number and would get the answer that they did release the number and U-verse did not pick it up yet. Nevertheless, this went on for WEEKS! I got to the point where I'd do a three a way call between Buckeye (old provider) and AT&T U-verse to get this problem figured out. When that didn't work, I contacted the FCC to get the problem resolved. Before I did get the FCC's final letter, AT&T did port over my number. In this case, I don't believe it was Buckeye's fault. The FCC report to me found that AT&T continued to cancel my order to port my number over. Why...I'll never know. After getting my number ported over, I had an issue that anyone calling me from a Buckeye phone (whom was my old provider) could not call my U-verse phone although I could call a Buckeye phone without any problems. I called Buckeye and they fixed the issue. So total time getting my old number back was about 2 1/2 months.

TV- I truly think this is the best part of U-verse. While I do NOT subscribe to their HD service, the picture & sound is very clear and crisp. Whole home DVR works great too. I find it much easier to schedule my shows from my phone/computer opposed to the TV. I find scheduling on the TV's much more cumbersome. An issue I've noticed (not often - once in a blue moon) is that my TVs will freeze during very heavy rain storms. I'm not sure if this is because there is a leak in the line someplace or what. I had AT&T come out and they told me everything was perfect with my setup and no issues were found yet customer service found issues on my lines. I've not pressed the issue because it doesn't hardly happen.

INTERNET- Works great and I get the speed that I pay for (sometimes a bit more too). I did get faster speeds with cable, but in my neighborhood 18Mbps is the max AT&T offers.

Overall - I'm very happy with AT&T and I don't regret switching. It's a great product for the price!

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updated 157 days ago


Review by rab See Profile

  • Location: Saratoga,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $35 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Fast (compared to old AT&T DSL), very reliable"
Bad "AT&T billing/customer support is nightmarish"
Overall "Happy, once they figured out how to bill (3 months of crap)"

The service is great. Fast and reliable.
Installation was pretty painless.
The customer support is as bad as Comcast, maybe worse. Mixing wireless, UVerse and "home phone" services and billing, these guys don't know how to route a call. Add to that the geographic differences ("Oh, you're in California -- I'll transfer you...") and you'll never speak to someone who knows anything.
Billing is able to adjust your bill UNTIL you reach a $100 adjustment, at which point, no one at AT&T has authority. So, never have them owe you $100 or more.
Now that I pay what I contracted for, I'm happy.

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DVR box

The DVR stops working at times. This very very annoying. When the technician come to repair it, he can never fine anything wrong. All the other services work well except of course the TV service.



Re: DVR box

Is your DVR wired via coax or Ethernet? I'm betting it's coax. If possible use a Ethernet wire. Needs to be connected to the RG/modem (yellow port)