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AT&T U-Verse page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by cprussak See Profile

  • Location: San Diego,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $50 per month
Bad "Service seems to be deteriorating. "
Overall "Uverse vs. regular DSL is not all it was made to sound like."

Speed has slowed down from 10+ megabit download to mid 6s. Also seems to be a burst mode that rolls back fairly fast. Streaming from Amazon has become problematical.

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Review by banana_fing See Profile

  • Location: Los Angeles,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "The connection only went down three times, and at that, they were brief downtime. Advertised as 6mbit, I was quite satisfied. "
Bad "The cost. Really expensive if your contract runs out. At renewal, the prices and packages and prices may be different. "
Overall "It's a good company, but be on the lookout for deals because otherwise you might end up with a larger bill after the contract. "
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I had this service for a year -- and it included very limited phone service (I opted for the cheapest landline). Customer service is what you expect anywhere -- it might take a few tries to get your issues sorted, in my case, re-negotiation of a contract, but if you're patient and consistent, will be resolved.

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updated 183 days ago


Review by Hermana See Profile

  • Location: La Crescenta,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $29 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Works great"
Bad "Took a couple truck rolls to resolve a stuttering connection"
Overall "Reasonable value; happy camper"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·AT&T DSL Service
In December 2013, I called ATT sales to explore how to reduce my overall service cost. I was offered a U-verse bundled package (6.0 internet $29 / phone $35 12 month promo price) with a free truck rolled installation. While the original DSL 3.0 $35 / phone service $35 had more than adequately satisfied my technical needs, I was happy to pay less to get more.

The installation was schedule for 2 days later with a 4 hour afternoon time slot. The on-time, installation technician swapped out the existing 2-Wire modem for a PACE Model 5031NV modem. The service was up and running in about 5 minutes.

A few weeks later, I realized that while streaming Netflix that the new "faster" U-verse connection intermittently stalled whereas the previous DSL "slower" connection had been rock steady. Additionally, I realized that I wasn't able to pick up my voicemail.

The night owl in me called tech support at 2 AM, got a tech to test the line and a truck roll was scheduled for the next day. The field repair tech tested the line and indicated that he had identified a Central Office provisioning issue that caused the intermittent stuttering connection and he instructed me on how use the U-verse voice mail portal.

A few nights later while again streaming Netflix, the connection seemed to stutter again. My midnight call to 611 resulted in the answering technician testing the line, his declaration that he saw an issue and his dispatching another truck roll for the following day. This time the field tech diagnosed the problem as "bridge tap" and indicated he was able to resolve the problem.

The connection appears to be reasonable reliable and my Netflix "binge streaming" appetite is now unimpeded. The delivered download speed of 7.9 exceeds the promised speed of 6.0. Bottom line—happy camper.

member for 12.7 years, 216 visits, last login: 36 days ago
updated 186 days ago


Review by StevenCL See Profile

  • Location: Belton,Bell,TX
  • Cost: $1495 per month (6 month contract)
Good "Price"
Bad "You get what you pay for"
Overall "There is nothing else available in my area"

AT$T U-verse service has never given us even half the speed they advertise. The service drops up to a dozen times a day for no apparent reason. Their have never pro rated our bill. It feels like they don't care that the service is this bad where I am located. The first service provider that offers service to my house other than AT&T is getting my business.

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updated 189 days ago


Review by ruckusronn See Profile

  • Location: West Hills,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $67 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "no log-jams"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

order install was painless and pretty fast only two days.Ended up buying a new router(had two of my own)but it's the price of doing business I guess. Had Time Warner got tired of the log-jams especially in the evenings. This is really nice, speed is where it's supposed to be,no bottle-necks at night. I NEVER got the speeds they advertized with Time Warner. Value for the money,...well spent!

member for 5.5 years, 50 visits, last login: 195 days ago
updated 195 days ago


Review by smithmg66 See Profile

  • Location: Bowling Green,Warren,KY
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $35 per month (36 month contract)
Good "Cheaper than just phone service alone"
Bad "Tech incompetent and slower than DSL"
Overall "Can't have "
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

A small nonprofit that I work with was interested in updating their phone service and considering internet service in the future. AT&T offered local phone at $35 and long distance phone at $10 along with Uverse $35 which was cheaper than what we had been paying for just local and long distance. We delayed installation to get approval of the building owners, and AT&T assured us that we could cancel the 36-month Uverse deal and still get the cheaper phone. The phone connection was so bad when making this agreement that we missed about every third word and the guy apologized saying that AT&T use internet phone service and that it was a really bad connection that day. Maybe that should have been a sign that a communication company with bad internet phone service is not a good thing. The guy later called to say that we wouldn't be getting the Samsung tablet after all since it wasn't part of the special package along with the $100 gift card after 90 days.

Contacted the building owner and they were not supportive in having Uverse installed. The year before they had had it installed and have continued to have problems with it and could not recommend it. They produce short video segments and the Uverse has never had the speed promised and has actually been slower than the DSL they had before. We had not realized it last year that they had gotten Uverse, but the tech who installed their new service actually disconnected our office's phone lines at the time. We didn't have phone service for almost two weeks because we first thought it was our phones, not realizing that the lines had been worked on. AT&T kept telling us that it wasn't the lines and it had to be our interior phones and lines. Another tech finally came out and was able to reconnect our service. We did get credit for the two weeks we didn't have service.

We now understand why the building owners don't want any other techs coming to work on the lines. I called to cancel our new Uverse service installation and was told that so many were canceling their services that the cancel order wouldn't go through until the day after the installation. The guy even checked with his supervisor and said that that was the only way it would go through the AT&T software. We were assured that the phone services would still be at the cheaper rate since they were a separate deal. Sure enough, the day of the cancelled install the tech called to double check on the address and I had to tell him it had been cancelled. Called AT&T and she was able to cancel it for that day, however, she said that we would not get the phone service as cheap as agreed because it was part of a bundle after all. Nothing was said about the $100 gift card. It will be interesting to see what we are finally charged for the phone service now. I explained that we had to cancel the new Uverse service because the building owner did not want any further work done on the lines. She checked and we cannot get DSL service. She suggested "mifi" for our small nonprofit at $50 per month. We don’t know anyone who has this service or if it is really compatible. Is "mifi" something that would work for our small single phone line nonprofit?

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Michigan, US

Regarding MiFi

MiFi is not a reasonable alternative. It's a cellular Wi-Fi hotspot with a very limited amount of data per month and it's not cheap. It would essentially be useless unless people only used it for very basic things.

Review by gig_gy See Profile

  • Location: Bay Saint Louis,Hancock,MS
  • Cost: $63 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Professional Installation "
Bad "2 DSL Line Bad"
Overall "Sometimes slow - not speeds as advertised"

Installation was conducted very professional - used all the proper tools for installation. Was an employee for AT&T and not a sub-contractor. Speed test was as advertised, however more and more neighborhood ordering Uverse the speeds started to decrease, (WHAT THIS IS NOT CABLE). Speed test was normal - but when I would visit sites the pages would load very slow, I couldn't even close the browser until it page cached. 30 t0 60 seconds. I called numerous times but the tech says everything is fine. For 12 meg for 63.00 and 30 meg for 45.00 from cable company - what do you thing is the better solution?

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updated 204 days ago





I switched to ATT Uverse in January because I was having far too many problems with Time Warner Turbo. So far today is the first outage for ATT and I called and they said the problem was in our area and was being resolved, we'll see. Other than that, the service is just as fast as TWC and much more reliable at a cheaper price. I think that the service you get with either company depends on the area in which you live. Time Warner customer service is a disgrace and my blood pressure has gone down since I've stopped dealing with them. That alone was worth the switch.




Had Max Plus for an entire year. Speed test.net shows high speeds but it's only a burst speed!
NetFlix re-buffers and webpages don't load fast like they should. It's kind of like the pipe is to small or they are throttling the connection. Promotion ended and I got this big bill in my email for $65...
Thought what the crap... This service is not work $65 and down graded to Basic. Was so slow I can tether faster with my boost G-2 or so called G-3 cell phone for the same price I was paying for Max on promotion. You pay double for everything in the Midwest and in most places AT&T is the only game in town.




my internet on at&t is great, and fast, 100mbs for me is perfect but sometimes watching hi def movies it does slow down

Review by jagnew81 See Profile

  • Location: 66141
  • Cost: $60 per month (6 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "nice install techs and phone Customer Service/Sales"
Bad "no want to fix customer issues if they can't be fixed over the phone."
Overall "not worth it better options in KCMO for internet Time Warner and google fiber where available."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

consistently slow since we had got u-verse, customer support puts a band aid on it by "boosting the signal" and that works for about a day or two, then back to 0.25Mbps upload speeds, i am not posting this to get anything at all. I just want to warn other potential customers that At&T U-verse service will leave them wanting another service provider. »www.speedtest.net/my-result/3227314544

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Title pretty much says all that I need to comment in here.

Lees Summit, MO

My Uverse is great...

I live in Lee's Summit,
not at all unhappy...»www.speedtest.net/my-result/3391216904

Review by ccureau See Profile

  • Location: Saint Rose,Saint Charles,LA
  • Cost: $97 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Native IPv6"
Bad "Coordinating the installation"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

This review might be a little biased against AT&T...I've had more than my share of issues with the new AT&T both in business and personal environments. When BellSouth was here, at least I could be sure that the guys on the ground were knowledgeable about how to solve the issues. No such luck so far with AT&T. Take from that what you will.

On 3/14, we were approached by an AT&T salesman who was in the neighborhood. He told us that the trucks we had been seeing around were upgrading UVerse in the area. And, after speaking with him and looking over the channel lineup, we decided to give it a try. Currently we have no ISP and no TV provider, and the $70 off the normal price for 12 months helped. And, to ease my wariness, we have 30 days after installation to cancel.

We signed up on the evening of 3/14. The first shifty thing AT&T demanded was that my payment be drafted from my checking account. They don't want to send me a paper bill. This bothers me. The next problem was the bait-and-switch tactic of telling me there is a $49 activation fee AFTER I agree to get the service installed. Big red flag...but hey, this is AT&T...I expect this. Our install date is scheduled for 3/17 between 9am and 11am. I arrange to take the morning off from work.

Bright and early on 3/17, the line tech called to confirm the appointment at 9am. He actually came early and looked over the premises. He then drove down to the VRAD to connect the wiring. He came back after about 30 minutes and tested the NID -- no signal. He then climbed the pole and still couldn't get a signal. After another trip to the VRAD we finally got voltage on the line, but no signal. So he calls in a senior tech for assistance. He then calls his supervisor, who tells him that we need to reschedule the inside install so that they can finish troubleshooting the signal to the house. We decide that 3/18 at 9am would be fine, and I arrange to take another morning off from work.

On 3/18, I wait for the technician. No one comes out. I contact support to find out the status of the appointment. The nice person on the other end tells me that there was no appointment scheduled and that we need to schedule one. I tell her that someone was supposed to be here at 9am. That didn't seem to matter. Instead, she tells me that the earliest we can get the inside installation done is 3/21. I am not happy, but we schedule for 3/21 at 9am. I get a new appointment number, this one with an A at the end.

Later in the day we get a voice message saying that the outside conditions have been corrected and a tech came to the house, but no one was there. If they came, it was after I left for work. The voice mail also told us that we needed to reschedule the inside installation.

Still later in the day, I get an email from AT&T telling me that we need to schedule the appointment. I contact their support team again, and -- there's no appointment! I have scheduled a second time for 3/21 at 9am.

I'll update when I actually get the service installed.

UPDATE - 3/21/2014

I have to admit that I didn't have all of the information correct regarding the appointment above. There was a voice mail left by my original tech who said that he couldn't schedule the new installation time and that I would have to call to schedule a new one. I missed that part.

AT&T came out today and did the inside install as promised. I unfortunately couldn't take the morning off, so a neighbor sat there from 9am to 2pm while the techs did their thing. From what was reported to me, the TV came up quickly. The Internet, however, took hours to get completed. When I get home tonight I will run speed tests and start stability testing as I am not really given a lot of confidence at how long it took them to get the signal on these lines from the VRAD two streets away.

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Its 1:14 EST March 21, 2014 Did they ever come hook you up?

Did they ever come hook you up?

Slidell, LA

Re: Its 1:14 EST March 21, 2014 Did they ever come hook you up?

They just left 10 minutes ago. About to post an update.

Review by Kiwi See Profile

  • Location: USA/MidWest
  • Cost: $40 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Realiable, very reasonable price for business class."
Bad "Slow 9meg with a service plan of 12meg. 8000 feet"
Overall "What counts is reliability and AT&T does deliver that."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

Various reviews over the years and multiple ISP's since the advent of high speed 1200baud rate

Aristotle was hard to beat with 1G/1G, while Dallas and the crew were there, using Earthlink, which left us all holding an empty bag of zero's. Now using AT&T, which I have not had since comparing them and cable around 2000.

One thing about AT&T, they may be consistently slow, but they are reliable and many understand how important that is. Averaging around 9meg, with a service of 12meg -But, I'm a couple of miles from the sweet spot. It does get under my skin that less than 800 yards away is a Uverse sweet spot I can't have because the line runs the wrong way. Living in a historic district has it's downsides with any service; we are always LAST on any service update list, regardless of what it is.

I'm happy to have a solid connection though and will not complain about pricing for a business line at all, $40 a month is ridiculously low. I'm used to $80's + and cable was $200. I'm hoping AT&T upgrades the area so that I can also get TV and will be more than happy to pay for the service; I have never, ever been a grinch when it comes to paying for broadband, I use it more than anything else PC related -So, I'm willing to pay. I have now had service a full month.

After getting service, which was delayed due to the software mishap for a week, I'm fairly content, I know the line can handle a much better connection speed (Aristotle/Earthlink) but AT&T is slow [Years] to upgrade hardware.

If there is a con, it has to be contacting AT&T -It's entirely setup for cell phone wireless customers ONLY and is horrific to get past. However the results have been great in terms of results. AT&T will not leave you hanging without a service like Comcast will.

Update April 26th, 2013 Remains 100% reliable. Satisfied.
UPDATE Oct/Nov, 2013 Remains 100% reliable. Satisfied. Would still like full Uverse services (TV), however doubt that will ever happen.
Pleased to continue with AT&T.

UPDATE 03/15/2014 ---Business line
I'm patient when treated well.
Mid January a tree limb dropped all lines to the house, all were fixed, but continued to have issues with Uverse internet.
As it happens AT&T are prompt and the tech team fast to reply and for that I'm grateful enough to hang in. I have had all sorts of tech visits since having the line replaced, cat5 inside, new modem, new ground and even a new drop --In spite of that on a 12meg line I was getting 1100 baud rate [.45] Fast forward to today. The strange thing was although there was a lot of noise the line gave 10/.900 for around 4 to 6 hours after a Tech left and then dropped dead again.

Allen (Roy) came out, it was pretty easy to see he was committed to resolving the problem and did! Now here is the catch, lines running from the box on the pole (street) had a boot spike through the middle (half way up the pole), the lines it seems touched enough with a wind to provide a connection (They really were broken in half) almost like working with WIFI 1/8 inch apart.
Nobody can tell me these lines can't take abuse. KUDO's to Allen.

AT&T continue to treat customers well with regard internet issues and in spite of this difficult to discern problem, still came through.

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San Jose, CA

Had SDSL at 1G/1G, on (what became) U-Verse lines?

Guess you meant 1Mbps/1Mbps; else it was FTTP or FTTC (very short copper length before fiber interface) not SDSL.

Recent variants of SDSL I believe don't exceed 5/5Mbps even when using two pairs.