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AT&T U-Verse page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by DinnerOut See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Cost, boxes included, internet speed, picture quality is impressive for as compressed as it is."
Bad "None...other than its a total cluster to move service to new loaction!!!"
Overall "Install was easy in apartment...but moving service is a pain!!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
On 1/25/06 I received 4 automated phone calls notifying me of my install, either way I really didnt mind.

Today, 1/26/08 I had U-Verse installed in Columbus, Ohio.

Install window was from 8-10am. Installer called at 8:15, said he would be there in less than half an hour. Showed up 15 mins later.

He came in a scoped everything out and then went over to the VRAD. I am 541 ft (line distance) from the VRAD (according to tech). I had 3 TVs installed, the 1 DVR and 2 STBs.

There were no issues at all with the install, he went around to all of the phone jacks and did the tests he needed to do. Got the gateway plugged in and he went off to lunch for 30 mins. During that time I set up the remotes on all 3 TVs and made sure the STB set ups had power and were connect to the boxes. While he was gone the gateway synced in about 15 mins.

Once he came back he ran the Ethernet from the gateway to the DVR. Powered it on and everything came up just fine. I played around with that for a bit while he went outside to install the box on the side of the building. He then came back in and hooked up the gateway to the existing coax and we went upstairs to plug those boxes in and make sure things were alright.

All and all the install took about 5 hours. The installer was very professional and did a great job.

Once the DVR came up and I was viewing some things in HD I did notice a little lip flap/sync issues but those seem to come and go. I know its a new technology so things like that will happen.

I have the 6/1 internet pkg. My ping times right now seem to be in the area of 50-60ms. That isnt bad but its not great...I do play some PS3 games online so we'll see how that goes.

Speed tests seem to be right in the neighborhood of where they should be.

The 2Wire gateway is not bad and fairly easy to set up and manage. Have not used tech support yet but will be making a phone call to double check the discount/money back offer that I should be receiving.

Overall I'm impressed so far and I hope ATT keeps it up.



Called ATT yesterday to just make sure that things with my account are kosher.

The first ATT number I called was to actual ATT and I had to be transfered to the U-Verse people.

Once there a really nice guy answered my questions.

- I made sure that my account has the 10.00 bundle discount.
- And that I would be receiving the 100.00 money back offer as well.

Should have asked for a direct number for them, but I didn't.



Got a call from the supervisor of the installer. He asked me a few questions about how the install went. He asked some basic questions, did the installer wear his boot covers, did he offer to go over everything, was he on time...I had a great experience and made sure I let this supervisor know that.

I did let him know that on the local NBC station in SD I do get some flash frames of green, and on a few channels, only every few days or so the audio cut out happens, HD or SD. (SD - boxes are connected via RCA cables & HD - box connected via Component)

He offered to send someone out but I'm okay with it right now it does not seem to be a huge issue.

Also told me to save his number and to give him a call if anything at all comes up and I dont feel like I'm getting what I'm paying for. Thought that was a great gesture and great customer service on their end.



Its August already...I'm going to be moving the service in a few weeks and the way they want you to go about that is so dumb.

They send you a box, ship your gear back to them, then they send a tech out to set everything up with NEW gear. I'm not happy with their handling of that but we'll see what they can do for me if they want me to stay.

I also now have the 10/1.5 internet package. Along with the adding of the HD channels things have been going well.

I wish they had a better procedure in place for moving the service.


I'm moving into a new place and I have everything set up to be installed in the new place.

Though I'm not moving into the new place until October, so it'll be a little while without U-Verse.


Got my U-Verse installed. The U300 and 10mb internet.

Great installer, had a few little issues finding the home run from the VRAD on the blue pair so he ended up switching to the green pair and it worked just fine.

Really happy to have the service again, like the DVR a lot and its nice to be able to play PS3 games online again.

Have I mentioned that its a pain to move service to a new location?

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updated 5.7 years ago


Review by emead See Profile

  • Location: Danbury,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Good service, faster then DSL"
Bad "None so far"
Overall "Good service in my area, with fast enough for now speeds."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

10/1.5Mb service. I never had problems with my ATT DSL and probably won't with ATT U-verse. Install went as planned, but I had them just use what I had already installed for my network.

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Review by Obideuce See Profile

  • Location: Grand Blanc,Genesee,MI
  • Cost: $109 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Beautiful IPTV service, THDVR, Stable internet"
Bad "distance limitations beyond 3000ft, ordering system hits too many systems"
Overall "Great, Stable Service. Dedicated to making my exp. great."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I am on the elite speed, coming from Elite ADSLl, and am very happy. installer was knowledgeable, but my order was all screwed up. i actually got as far up as the VP of ATT Michigan before the issue got resolved. But, once they dedicated people to me, it was fixed in a day.

HDTV service is gorgeous, despite the negative reviews I've read here. They must have line issues, as my initial HD quality was poor before the bridge taps were found that were laying on my line.

overall, I'd recommend. Stick with it thru all the order issues, and you'll definitely be satisfied. AT&T Utalk page about my issues: »utalk.att.com/utalk/board/messag···.id=730&

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Review by timex18 See Profile

  • Location: Davis,Yolo,CA
  • Cost: $59 per month
  • Install: about 20 days
Good "Fast, cheap, and it just works, plus no caps!"
Bad "Can lag at times, wireless is mediocre at best, HD so-so"
Overall "Cheap and fast with TV and internet in 1 package"

Ordered U-verse with U-300 tv package with HD and Elite 3.0-6.0MB down/ 1MB up internet and it was installed 20 days later. I was switching over from ATT DSL/phone service. Order was pretty easy and the install was painless. Took the tech about 3 1/2 hours to install. He was very nice and confirmed everything for me and made sure all was working right before I left. TV works like it should. It does look like their HD isn't as crisp as what I had with Direct TV. DTV looked great on our set. U-Verse HD is still better than SD but not nearly as good as DTV. Channel changing is super quick and the DVR is very user friendly. Called up ATT and had POTS canceled along with DSL line with no hassle.

I consistently get 5.8 MB download and 933 kb/s up even when watching a HD channel. I was getting a pretty big lag clicking on links at first but when I switched over to my Linksys N router and got my wireless from there it went away. Range and speeds are much better now.

I am getting the whole package for $59 for 6 months before it goes up to $79 because the rep was sorry they could not get out to me sooner. No contract so I can quit any time. Overall, I am pretty happy with everything and would recommend this service.

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Review by Horn951 See Profile

  • Location: Corona,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Great speed for having 5 t.v.'s 2 wireless laptops & 1 desk top running off 1 router and stiil have a great internet conncection"
Bad "No bad points..Im not just limted to my house for wireless internet connection you can go to hot spots free of charge"
Overall "Cant get better than this elite package all t.v. channels + HD and internet for 150 & no contract term plus $200 dollars back"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

The other options I had was dsl which I had with AT&T before I switched to there newley installed U-verse cable/fiber optic hybrid conncection I was paying $65 bucks for 300kbps download speed plus my another 25 for my land line with long distance I also had to buy a linksys wireless G router to be able to have a wireless connection for my laptop so were lookin at $90 bucks a month for dsl and my house phone plus the router which at the time was $120 plus Cat5 cables and one $75 dollar wireless notebook card alot of money right?..Well i got a knock on the door one day and it was AT&T customer service guy He was goin door to door down my street to let everyone know the there new U-verse service was up and running so he told me a little about the service than try to sell me the service I told him I dont know I dont want to pay the early termanation fee for the DSL I already had he told me you know what no bodys Knows tthis right now but if you go online and order a package you want ther is no fee as long as you stay with AT&T plus there is no contract and her told me the first 2months are free and that I can get $200 cash back depending on the package i get so I told him thanks for all the info and i went straight to my computer to reasearch this deal and the service well I ordered the Service online I got the best T.V. package they had with HD channels and I got 5 T.V./DVR/HDMI recievers one for each room the first 3 are free the other 2 were extra $5bucks a month..Than i upgraded my internet package to 600kbps+ which comes with a linksys wireless router and I got the long distance phone service... All i had to do is type all my info in and pick the day I wanted the guy to come and install everything than hit the check out button I didnt have to pay a penny plus I'm getin a $200 dollar check mailed to me + the first two months were free. to good to be true you say order it im saving so much money I had Dish Network for T.V. service there were charging me $85 for all the channels no movie channels I had to pay a extra $14 a month just for HBO. not Only that I wanted to upgrage my recievers cause i wanted HD cause I bought a couple of flat screens dish network said that a extra $15 dollars a moth for the HD channels for each reciever and another $10 for each DVR and I had to pay a extra $4 bucks per reciever a month to lease the Recievers from them..... I said F**K that I got all the movies channels all the HD channels 5 recievers all with DVR plus my internet service with WiFi and I can go any where they where there is a WiFi conncection for free plus my home phone with long distance all for $150 a month not strings attached cancel when I want THE BEST THING I DID...Alway Have A CONNECTION NEVER SLOWS DOWN EVEN WITH ALL 5 T.V.'S RUNNING EACH RECORDING 4 DIFFERENT SHOWS AT THE SAME TIME ALL IN HD PLUS HAVING 2LAPTOPS ONLINE DOWNLOADING MOVIES & ONE DESKTOP RUNNING MY WEBPAGE AND WHILE IM WORKIN ONLINE so if you want the best service at a great price and its available in your area dont think about it get it you will be glad you did it.

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Review by DynaPat See Profile

  • Location: Bolton,Tolland,CT
  • Cost: $140 per month
Good "Good channel line ups"
Bad "Fails completely every 2 to 3 days."
Overall "No good at all - not working for me."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Here's my tale of woe after 2 months of UVERSE.

I was initially drawn to the AT&T Uverse package for a couple of reasons. 1, the channel line up for the money appeared to be better than what was being offered by Comcast. Comcast seemed to have a bewildering array of selections, and it seemed like I couldn't get what I wanted without going to their top of the line mega-digital package. I also poked around a bit right here at dslreports.com and it seemed that most were satisfied with UVERSE. Nobody at work I know has it so this was all I had to go on. We already had DSL. I forgot which one it was other than it was the mid-level speed which was more than adequate for my needs. Combining TV, Internet & phone service saved us a few bucks every month compared to what we had.

Not a big deal, but it should be mentioned. The installation was postponed twice. Luckily, since someone else was going to be home at the time, I didn't need to take any time off of work. If I had to take time off from work to be here two or three times for a no show I probably would be a little more upset about that. The installation apparently went smoothly and everything was working when I got home. The phone had not yet been switched over due to some screwup at AT&T, but so what? Not a problem, the phone still worked and life was good.

About a week later a tech came out here and changed the phone service over to the UVERSE system. Very nice guy, and within 15 minutes and a RG reset later everything was working.

Then the fun began. The very next day (less than 24 hours later), I couldn't make or receive telephone calls. TV & Intenet still working. I called the AT&T service, They were able to do something remotely to the RG and got it all working again. Hmmmm. Oh well, having been in electronics in one form or another for 35 years I as well as or better than most understand that s**t happens, things break, and nothing is perfect. That's life. Ok, I'll give them a pass on this one.

I wasn't keeping records, but maybe 2 weeks later it failed completely. No phone, internet or tv. No "BROADBAND" or "SERVICE" leds. Tried resetting the RG, checked to make sure everything plugged in, all the usual stuff. Nope, it's dead Jim. Called AT&T using my cellphone and reported the problem that morning before going to work. It was still out when I got home. On a lark, I reset the RG and it worked!

For the sake of brevity, there were 8 or 9 failures that followed that basic pattern. Several calls to AT&T service, tier 2, etc, ad nauseum. And here I am. 2 months later, and I still don't have a reliable service.

The techs have been in and out 8+ times now, have fiddled with the RG, fiddled down in the VRAD box, checked and double checked the new lines they ran, and have tried their best to get this pile of stuff working. It just leaves me with the sense that I'm nothing more than a beta tester for untested technology, or AT&T fired too many of their good knowledgeable people for the sake of management bonuses.

Hey - if the people that have this UVERSE service are happy with it and it's been reliable, that's great. Good for you, I'm happy it's working for you. Sadly, based upon my experience and the facts, I can not in good conscious recommend UVERSE to anyone.

They're supposed to come out again tomorrow and replace the RG and switch to another Port down in the VRAD. I really do hope this fixes it. I'm sure they hope it fixes it too as they can't be making any money from this customer if they're sending someone out here every 2 to 4 days and have yet to resolve the problem.

I will follow up with another more positive review if it works for more than 30 days without failing. I'm hopeful, but I don't expect this to happen.

While I was writing this, then entire service went out and came back twice.

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Review by rprather12 See Profile

  • Location: Modesto,Stanislaus,CA
  • Cost: $145 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Speed as sold (9500/1400), Excellent HD, DVR works great, Stong Wireless signal"
Bad "Can't seem to get the VOIP order correct - 2x's"
Overall "Had it for a few days and it's working great (still waiting for VoIP)"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

First install was scheduled for about ten days ago. Tech showed up (late) and when we started comparing the order to what he was installing he said I hadn't ordered VoIP. After I showed him the original order form he said the node wasn't set up for VoIP so he would have to have that done and re-scheduled us for a week later for the install.

Second tech showed up (early) but again he said we weren't set up for VoIP. He detected (smart fellow) my irritation and decided to install the Broadband and TV and scheduled another appointment in a week for the VoIP addition. He did volunteer to set us up with a temporary number but that was not an acceptable solution since we would miss any calls to our regular number for a couple of weeks.

The install went well. He had trouble getting the line quality he wanted but found out it was their balun. He got that fixed, ran three coax runs under the house. Hooked up my main TV and added the HD that had been missed on the original order. He also added another SD TV that we decided to include.

Internet fired up right away at full speed and the change over of my account was easy since I was moving from an at&t standard DSL account.

Complete installation took about five hours and went fairly smoothly.

Now I am waiting for the next appointment to get the VoIP added.

Since I have a Macbook next to the TV that I had connected to my LAN I was pleased to find that I could run an enet cable from the back of the DVR to the Macbook and put it on my LAN without running additional wiring or using wireless.

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Review by DJandLORI See Profile

  • Location: Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI
  • Cost: $51 per month
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

We had AT&T U-verse installed on Aug. 16th, 2008. The tech was over 2 hours late and wasn't in a good mood. He was very quick at getting everything set-up & very helpful explaining the system once he took a breath. We dislike the fact that there was no troubleshooting literature given to us with the service, specifically because we have had problems three times already and haven't even had the service for thirty days yet! We called this morning with the latest problem and the customer service person on the phone told us they can have a tech come out but we may be charged for it. UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are having problems because our sound cuts out, we can't get the menu or guide to come up, and we can't even shut the system off. We have a brand new remote (second one) with new batteries. The first remote supposedly didn't work so it was replaced by the second tech who came to our house. We have had the service less than thirty days so how are these glitches our fault? Why should we have to pay if a tech comes out? When the service is working, it's great! There are a lot of options and the DVR capabilities of recording four shows at a time are a blessing. The rates are extremely low compared to other cable services we checked into. If anyone has any info on how to solve these issues we're having, we'd greatly appreciate the input.

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Review by apeface See Profile

  • Location: Mckinney,Collin,TX
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Cost, Channels, 4 stream DVR."
Bad "Ordering process is a little out of whack"
Overall "Good deal so far."

I have had the product now since Feb.08 and it has been without a hitch, so I figured I would review now.

The Good.

The picture is pretty good, better than my old satellite provider.
A ton of HD channels.
Can record 4 streams at once.
A ton of VOD content.
1 bill.

The Bad.

No whole house DVR, yet.
Wierd STB bugs.
Higher gaming pings due to interleave.

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Review by Rally1 See Profile

  • Location: Irvine,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $100 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Speed"
Bad "Will they start throttling?"
Overall "Get it if it's FTTH"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Will update.

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