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Review by flashhuge13 See Profile

  • Location: Lebec,Kern,CA
  • Cost: $46 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "?"
Bad "Horrible speeds, horrible connections. "
Overall "NVG510 is the worst gateway I've ever had to deal with. Too bad Brighthouse isn't up here on the Grapevine (from Bakersfield)"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

Forced to use AT&T DSL (they call it uVerse). But it is DSL. 3 up promised, only get 2 most days when it is connected. Their box is in our front yard so distance isn't the problem. Tech has been out numerous times and finds nothing wrong...what's wrong with THAT? If you have ANY choice between cable and AT&T, take cable internet. I had cable in Montana and in Bakersfield. It was the best.

***UPDATE 3/29/15****

Once again we had a service call. The tech on site replaced the modem/router again. Two years and this is the 5th time we've had a modem/router change. This time the tech replaced ALL outside lines from the pole to the box on the house and it has made a difference in at least staying online now. Speeds are fairly consistent, hanging in about 2.7mbps(we're supposed to get 3.0) so that's pretty good. This is the top tier in our area, no cable available.

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updated 2 days ago





You probability have adsl2 vs your old asdl1.Adsl2 is marketed as uverse buit aint vdsl is just plain old dsl

Adsl2 or better known as "advance digital service line" vs just plain "digital service line"is still just dsl.

Adsl2 has higher speeds at very short loops.Legacy dsl at longer loop lengths perform/issues better than adsl2.

TV service from T is just vdsl which is just another version of dsl.


Lebec, CA

Re: Really

Yes you are correct. ADSL2 is what I have. No TV from AT&T is available up on the Grapevine(I-5 South of Bakersfield/North of LA). All in all, I guess it's better than nothing, huh?


Nashville, TN
·HughesNet Satell..

Stretching the limits of DSL

They managed to stretch ADSL2+ to 12,000 feet at my location, but with a lot of
noise and errors on the line . .

3 mbps was the highest speed . . . 400kbps upload.

We did get cable out where I live, so I switched (not worth keeping at&t when cable was only $25 more a month for 60mbps.)

Review by clbowen2 See Profile

  • Location: Cleveland,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $191 per month
Good "Reliable connection"
Bad "TV video quality could be better on certain stations; DVR/STB could use improvement; need faster speeds"
Overall "Overall, I am satisfied...for now"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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We have the U300 TV package bundled with the Max (12/1.5 Mbps) internet plan. I've had this service since 2009, so I don't remember the install experience.

So let's get the internet service out of the way. I have the Max plan, but regularly get 15/1.8 Mbps speeds on speed tests. Also, the speed tests give me a consistent 20ms ping (of course, that's a ping to a server less than 50 miles away). And I have never had an internet interruption. So that has been rock solid.

Now, their equipment is another issue. I am on my second gateway (WiFi issues), second DVR box (DVR issues). I have 2 other STB's, both have been replaced over the years (various issues). All of this has been done at no charge (I pay for this Home Wiring Protection, if that matters). At this point, the only issue I have is audio dropout on AMC. But still trying to pinpoint the problem.

Their customer service is ok. Sometimes when I call them, I can tell that I've been routed to India or somewhere. The tech are nice when they come by and show up in the time window they say they will.

Now, for the future. I just bought a 4K TV. With 4K streaming requiring a 20Mbps+ connection, and I'm only have to upgrade to a 18Mbps plan at my location, I may down the line switch to a competitor when that becomes more popular. Also, when TV stations start doing 4K broadcasts, I'm not sure if their current system will be able to handle that.

Another thing I would say is that their packages are a LOT simpler to understand than their competition here (Cox).

Another bad, their prices have gone up at least once a year (sometimes more) since I've had them. But every company does that, so it's par for the course.

So, overall I would say I'm satisfied, for now. When 4K become more mainstream, I think I will become less and less satisfied.

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Review by ImpldConsent See Profile

  • Location: Mcdonough,Henry,GA
  • Cost: $230 per month
  • Install: about 18 days
Good "FAST Service! Excellent install (except adding STBs)."
Bad "AT&T will suck you dry of every associated penny."
Overall "Fast; reliable; however, the UBB ruins the value."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

* UPDATE 26FEB2015: I know y'all want horror stories, but it's just not happening. AT&T U-Verse has been a solid, reliable and fast connection. I recently dropped down from U300 to Family. I noticed that I'm watching more online content that actual TV.

* UPDATE 18FEB2014: Wow, what a year. Just got home from being deployed to Afghanistan. The day I left for combat, wife up and moved. She was kind enough to put Uverse on hold at 19.00 month. She wasn't there at the welcome home and I had to beg for a ride home. Came home to a (nearly) empty house and got served divorce papers the next day. ... K, now for review: Re-estabished Uverse with my cell phone and it was up quick. I (had) 6 receivers, but only one of me and now only 2 TVs. I dropped down to U200 and bumped up internet to 45Mb. Waited 2 days for a tech and took about an hour total from changing to a new card at the VRAD and establishing the bonded pair. Hooked up a new RG (NV589) and it went green in about 5min. I then took 4 wired receivers to UPS and gave them back to ATT. Overall, as it relates to my Uverse experience, I am quite pleased. Couldn't be happier with TV and internet.

* UPDATE 8JAN2013: We dumped telephone service in lieu of VOIP. We are effectively saving 40./month (480./yr). We transferred our number so no loss. Ordered another STB (wireless) and should be in soon. I'll update the review if there are issues, but not anticipating any. Internet and TV are still ROCK SOLID.

* UPDATE 11JUN2012: No real updates. Still up and running while I'm still here in Afghanistan (at least my wife hasn't complained yet). We still pay a lot, but I can say this for U-Verse - it's stable and it's fast.

* UPDATE 6JUL2011: Added another STB for our 5th TV with this caveat: I pre-wired my house cat 5 to every liveable space (exclude bathrooms). I insisted that I wanted to do a self-install instead of paying them 55.00 to have a tech plug it in. AT&T insisted that there was more to it than just plugging it in. I relented. 'Lo and behold all the AT&T tech did was plug it in. AT&T SUCKS for not being able to determine the technical ability of it's customers.

PHASE III update now in place. FINALLY, my kids can pause live TV in any room. Great update.

* UPDATE 2MAR2011: UBB is going to be implemented May 2011. For me, that means I have to trust AT&T to tell me how much data is being downloaded and to tell me what is internet traffic and what is TV/Phone. I'm reducing my "Value for money" to "Worst" until I see what this does. For what it's worth - I have Max Turbo (24/3), 450 TV, Unlimited Phone (for now). I pay a lot of money for that service and a reasonable price for "Unlimited". Capping me now brings that to unreasonable.

* UPDATE NOV2010: OK, had this over 1 month now. Internet is awesome; however, TV is not so good. We have great signal, very few errors / corrections; however, most shows we watch are HD. It's fair, but not great. There is pixelization that you have to deal with. Wife is pissed. I think we might dump TV in favor of going to DTV (certainly NOT cable).


ORIGINAL REVIEW: 18days from notification of availability to installation up and running. I cannot complain about the length of time for service. The installer (Richard) was fantastic. Had the "outside" guy come out, do his thing, then the inside guy (Richard) come out and do the house. He had internet up an running within 30min, then spent the rest of the 4hrs connecting phone and TV (4 of them).

ATT used HDMI cables (thank you) for connectivity on each TV. The RG (wired + wireless) is working flawlessly. I did a speed test and am getting 22Mbps down and about 2.2Mbps up. A little loss of latency, but overall, I'm impressed. All this speed is coming to my house on copper. I couldn't imagine if I was on FTTH.

For speed freaks, this is fantastic. For TV freaks... dump the Dish! I did. The service is 1080i, not sure if I'll see 1080p just yet or maybe sometime in the future. The 65.00 I quoted is for internet only. For the U200 TV, VOIP phone and Internet, runs about 171.00 month. I'm saving about 50.00/month dumping Dish.

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Review by adobe75 See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $35 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Pretty reliable"
Bad "had to fight hard to get good price - tech support is useless"
Overall "more expensive and slower than Comcast"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)


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Review by dayfour18 See Profile

  • Location: Wheaton,Du Page,IL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "Leaving AT&T"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

This is the companion review to my recent Comcast Xfinity installation...

After 12 years on DSL, and with Uverse finally available, I made the switch from 6Mbps DSL and POTS, to UVerse 12Mbps with voice. My experiences pushed me out of the AT&T family, and over to Comcast, a move I never thought I'd make.

Uverse TV was not offered/available to us, likely due to being a co-branded DirecTV subscriber. The problems I experienced may not be present with the TV-enabled gateway, but were definitely present in the Internet/Voice gateway. Every time I made any advanced changes to the gateway (eg. Firewall port forwards, or trying to set "DMZ+" to forward all traffic to my secondary WiFi router) the voice service broke. Initially the service tech that replaced the gateway the 1st time suggested I call and ask for 'tier 2' support. There was no such thing. The only answer I received from multiple calls was that 'advanced changes like that are not supported.' As a network professional, I completely agree with that from the Internet data perspective...if you make changes and hose your internet, that's your fault. However, this IS AT&T, and voice service should just WORK. I don't care what changes I make to firewall or other 'advanced' network settings on your gateway...voice should be ROCK SOLID.

Very unhappy with the service, I confirmed I could cancel within the 30-day window after installation, and did so. So far the move to Comcast has been trouble-free, including voice. The Xfinity gateway is much more substantial than the AT&T Pace gatway. Quality of the service can hardly be compared. Comcast/Xfinity is providing the service level that AT&T should in my opinion. YMMV

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Tier 2

Actually there is a Tier 2 Support. All support desks have a level 1, 2 and 3. 3 is the highest on the phone. You just have to know how to get to them. And the router/firewall controls the entire gateway. If you change a service/line in the device that controls the phone, yes you will lose phone.


Re: Tier 2

So KennyWest how do you go about reaching a Tier 3 phone support tech? I have a problem that requires a DSL network maintenance engineer to investigate problems at the DSLAM, RT or CO and the best I could do is have a prem tech check my lines and confirm they are OK.



Re: Tier 2

Are you still with AT&T? You have to ask for a Supervisor then ask to speak to higher authority after that they will suggest a call back.

Wheaton, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
said by KennyWest :

If you change a service/line in the device that controls the phone, yes you will lose phone.

If this is true, then maybe AT&T should re-think how they are doing things. If that is even possible. To me, and based on my experience as a network and telecom professional, this is an unforgivable compromise. They are AT&T, or at least what used to be 'AT&T'. Voice should ALWAYS work. There is nothing an end-user should be able to do to kill the voice like that. Enabling something as simple as a few port-forwards for Xbox support should NOT cause voice to stop working.

My Comcast/Xfinity gateway has had no such problems after configuring port-forwards for the kids' Xbox...voice works without giving it a thought. This same thing killed voice on the AT&T Pace gateway. IMO Comcast is beating AT&T at their own game with voice support and reliability.

Review by JonLahmani See Profile

  • Location: Fountain Valley,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $350 per month
  • Install: about 287 days
Overall "AT&T Uverse - worst ever!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I was in a 100% online MBA program with UVerse when my connection went down. My regular schedule was 630am to 530 pm, and after loosing connection to the internet, my time to deal with the issue was after 530pm. Apparently AT&T UVerse has NO customer service after 530pm. They have an automated system that takes you in circles, with NO options to speak to a live representative for assistance. The next 3 days with multiple attempts I was still not able to make communication with anyone at AT&T UVerse, and I was a missing student in my online program. AT&T forced me to get another provider after 1 week of service, or I would fail my classes. AT&T finally contacted me after almost 1 year and told me I owe them $350. They said I did not try hard enough to reach someone, and that I should have written a letter to contact them. They said they have service after 5, basically telling me im lying. AT&T refuses to listen to my situation as they believe I could have just written a letter and not participate in my classes. Up until now they refused to talk to me. AT&T will not back their service nor do they care about their customer’s experience. I relied on their service to complete my educational program, and they let me down giving me no other choice but to find another provider so I could pursue my goals. But AT&T dose not care about their customers experience nor do they care to admit they failed me by waving some $350 fee. I cant express how disappointing my experience has been and small a service provider can make you feel. My credit is about to be ruined if I don’t pay.

Jonathan Lahmani

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AT&T UVerse

Unfortunately, unless you get very lucky and get the right person, this is exactly the way AT&T treats everyone. If they pursue their charges, you can always sue them for messing with your credit.

Review by wheelbarrow See Profile

  • Location: Kansas City,Clay,MO
  • Cost: $68 per month
Good "Consistent speeds, good latency."
Bad "I wish the speeds were faster for what I'm paying."
Overall "U-Verse seems to be a good option for internet service."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Google Fiber
Update 12/16/2014:

I have switched to Google Fiber and no longer subscribe to U-Verse. At this point I still would recommend the service if other options are not available. The main downside of AT&T's product is that it is an aging technology (copper) in a world filled with cable and fiber optics. They don't offer a particularly good value.

Update 5/26/2014:

Speeds and latency have been consistent. Despite paying for 18 Mbps, I'm getting 22 Mbps due to over-provisioning. I'm still unable to subscribe to the 24 Mbps or higher packages.

AT&T recently bumped up the equipment costs per month to $7 for the modem/router. I wasn't too impressed with that move, and I'm still not.

I will be moving over to Google Fiber within the next few months, as signups were recently made available to my location. I still consider U-Verse to be a decent option if Google Fiber is not available - though the price does seem to be a little high in comparison to other providers in the area, of which offer faster speeds. Considering how badly AT&T is going to be whipped once Google Fiber actually starts service in northern Kansas City, you'd think they would try to be a little bit more competitive.

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DAg Aligaz


Disappointed Customer with AT&T U-verse

I was out of internet/AT &T U-verse/ for one week
lost all times and money from 5/6/ 2014 through 5/13/2014 I called tech support and they told me they gonna send me a new modem. I got the modem arrived after couple days later and I called them back, to let them knew that I had the same problems "not working”…...the AT&T U-verse Rep. apologized me for inconvenent she told me that their is a network problems around my areas they promised me to be solved within the next day which they did fixed the problems. I send back the box/modem next day and they received it no problem. The funny parts now they send me additional $100 dollars bills on the top of my regular bills…no reason why?. I called back waited about (24.19 minute) to speak to someone. I talked to Rep. ’ after waisting time she told me that I have to pay this extra $100 dollars and then later I’ll get it back in three month as a crdit .
They got wonderful system right…??? they can’t take it out this $100 dollars from there system right away according she said and apologized again …… Wow…..
I’ll wait 3 month to get my ($100dollars) credit back!
Great service AT&T U-verse….!
I was very disappointed losing time, money and I got to scwed-up charged $100.


Danville, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

Danville, CA U-verse Customer.

We've been with U-verse since their roll out in this area; one of the first to sign up. We left/abandoned/ran away from Comcast.

Due to "Dedicated" Internet Speeds; we've speed tested FASTER than Comcast; and MORE CONSISTENT speeds than Comcast. Routinely under Comcast; we'd drop easily to 1.5 Mb or slower. With U-verse, we routinely hit 44 to 45 Mb on our 45 Mb package.

We've NEVER had an outage; unlike Comcast, and are VERY happy with our U-verse services.

ONLY ONE ISSUE ongoing right now; and that is random pixelations on multiple channels during Prime Time viewing on HD. AT&T has done EVERYTHING it possibly can do; and the pixelations persist. We will continue working with AT&T to resolve the issue.

12-17-2014 at 3:47 PM - PST

Review by milkman82 See Profile

  • Location: Lakewood,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $48 per month
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Internet, TV video quality, Price, Upload Speeds"
Bad "Caps! Not going back at that rate!"
Overall "great quality of service, poor billing and pricing"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·T-Mobile US
I wanted to try U-verse mainly for the upload speeds on the internet connection. However, I have noticed the overall internet connection is GREAT! Not just on the speed but also on the QOS. My Cox cable has about the same speed download, but is terrible with latency on YouTube and various sites load timing.

I was honestly surprised over all of the internet and tv quality. Just wish we did not have to use a RG to connect the service. The RG really does well overall, just bulky and I can't own it!

The guy who came out to install the service did a great job as well. I showed him where I wanted the RG and he had no problem with that. He made a very clean cat5 line in the basement and rather than drill a hole in the floor and run the cable though the hole. He ran it in between the wall and to a port he installed on the wall. Much better than the cable installers! Now, to just enjoy the service!

Update 11/8/2010

Had a few issues over the past couple weeks. However, AT&T direct forums were able to solve the issue. Still on the 24Max tier and enjoying service.

Update 9/24/2011

Service has been running smooth only had one day outage since the last problem almost a year ago. However, my feeling is the service went from a great value to middle of the road. I can't justify a good price with the low caps and increase in modem rental fees.

Update 11/9/2014

Dropped AT&T like a bad habit! Once I moved to Ohio city (2012), all they offered was low speed packages at high prices.. AND WITH CAPS! I was never a cable internet fan in my previous lifetime.. However, Time Warner did fix that for me.. much higher speeds and unlimited bandwidth.. All a great deal!

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Review by ldollard See Profile

  • Location: Stevenson Ranch,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $80 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Stable, only had an outage once"
Bad "I rarely get my top speed"
Overall "I most hit about 10mbps down, thats bull#$%^"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

The service is what I expect of an ISP, but its the worst out of TWC and Comcast. At least with them i mostly got my top speed.

I pay double for this max speed of 30mbps down. I usually get maybe 9-10mbps. Just unacceptable. Sadly, i can only use ATT in my complex. What a joke.

No i do not recommend them.

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-1 recommendation


Iam paying $200 for a U-300 and a bad quality internet. I called today to lower my bill. An agent insulted my intelligence trying to hook me up on a worst deal, for hours he refused me to give me answers. I am cancelling my service, it's worst than a divorce, ATT what a big scammers, embarrassing that a big corporation handle costumer service matter so poorly. Shame on you...
Vanessa from Fort Lauderdale, Fl


Beaumont, TX

Re: U-Verse..ripoff

Yes, the sales reps can be pretty bad sometimes. I'd suggest you call again and tell the rep if you can't get decent service at a decent price you are going to give your service to someone else. That usually will get you to someone with the power to make you a good deal and get your service cleared up to working fairly well. ..That is, if you would still be interested in clearing up your issues and getting the price down. If you do, and get a deal you actually can live with, be sure that you have it in an email that it's for 12 months and not one of their famous 6 mo. surprises.
Depending on if you're needing service in town or in a rural situation, there are different options for you should you decide to leave AT&T.

Review by PHDinCT See Profile

  • Location: Redding,Fairfield,CT
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $135 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "not much right now...maybe price."
Bad "Poor ISP signal..drop-out, lost datpackets..."
Overall "If Comcast just would get THEIR act together or state of CT would open up to other ISPs...but oh well...gotta make another appt."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

So tell me ....what does one do about AT&T U-Verse "throttling" customers' broadband signal trying to get them to trade up to a higher priced Plan? Particularly when they are the ONLY DSL carrier in Connecticut?

(Nearest cable pole is 300 yards and needs a trench dug for cable = $3,000+)

I have repeatedly contacted attcustomercare@att.com NUMEROUS times and they've sent techs out to my home-office, to merely switch routers or ck wiring, but they're always unreliable and drop-out internet signal is something that these techs just don't seem to be able to fix...mmmm, wonder why? NOT!

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Purcellville, VA
·T-Mobile US
·Verizon Online DSL


Regarding Comcast:

A 900ft distance is not too bad for a cable plant extension - the underground part is probably driving up the costs. I assume you tried singing up for business class service?

They will often waive minor construction like this if you sign a business class contract for 2 or 3 years.

If they only come down a little on construction costs, you could offer to have the trench dug yourself (rent the machine for a day) and then Comcast's crews would bury the lines.

That is if you own the land.

Good luck dealing with Frontier in the future....