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AT&T U-Verse page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by Kiwi See Profile

  • Location: USA/MidWest
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $80 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Realiable, reasonable price for business class."
Bad "Slow service plan "
Overall "What counts is reliability and AT&T does deliver that."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

Various reviews over the years and multiple ISP's since the advent of high speed 1200baud rate

Aristotle was hard to beat with 1G/1G, while Dallas and the crew were there, using Earthlink, which left us all holding an empty bag of zero's. Now using AT&T, which I have not had since comparing them and cable around 2000.

One thing about AT&T, they may be consistently slow, but they are reliable and many understand how important that is. Averaging around 9meg, with a service of 12meg -But, I'm a couple of miles from the sweet spot. It does get under my skin that less than 800 yards away is a Uverse sweet spot I can't have because the line runs the wrong way. Living in a historic district has it's downsides with any service; we are always LAST on any service update list, regardless of what it is.

I'm happy to have a solid connection though and will not complain about pricing for a business line at all, $40 a month is ridiculously low. I'm used to $80's + and cable was $200. I'm hoping AT&T upgrades the area so that I can also get TV and will be more than happy to pay for the service; I have never, ever been a grinch when it comes to paying for broadband, I use it more than anything else PC related -So, I'm willing to pay. I have now had service a full month.

After getting service, which was delayed due to the software mishap for a week, I'm fairly content, I know the line can handle a much better connection speed (Aristotle/Earthlink) but AT&T is slow [Years] to upgrade hardware.

If there is a con, it has to be contacting AT&T -It's entirely setup for cell phone wireless customers ONLY and is horrific to get past. However the results have been great in terms of results. AT&T will not leave you hanging without a service like Comcast will.

Update April 26th, 2013 Remains 100% reliable. Satisfied.
UPDATE Oct/Nov, 2013 Remains 100% reliable. Satisfied. Would still like full Uverse services (TV), however doubt that will ever happen.
Pleased to continue with AT&T.

UPDATE 03/15/2014 ---Business line
I'm patient when treated well.
Mid January a tree limb dropped all lines to the house, all were fixed, but continued to have issues with Uverse internet.
As it happens AT&T are prompt and the tech team fast to reply and for that I'm grateful enough to hang in. I have had all sorts of tech visits since having the line replaced, cat5 inside, new modem, new ground and even a new drop --In spite of that on a 12meg line I was getting 1100 baud rate [.45] Fast forward to today. The strange thing was although there was a lot of noise the line gave 10/.900 for around 4 to 6 hours after a Tech left and then dropped dead again.

Allen (Roy) came out, it was pretty easy to see he was committed to resolving the problem and did! Now here is the catch, lines running from the box on the pole (street) had a boot spike through the middle (half way up the pole), the lines it seems touched enough with a wind to provide a connection (They really were broken in half) almost like working with WIFI 1/8 inch apart.
Nobody can tell me these lines can't take abuse. KUDO's to Allen.

AT&T continue to treat customers well with regard internet issues and in spite of this difficult to discern problem, still came through.

Update 11/22/2014.
I won't hold my breathe for the Politics of broadband to end in the next decade, meanwhile the struggle between consumers and broadband providers are at odds.
AT&T remains stable compared to the only other option, Comcast in this area. It's unique in that Comcast and Bank of America hold the distain of the majority of their customers, neither need people to work for them as the results are worse than having an automated response regardless of the issues. Arkansas remains the bastard child regards servicing broadband, along with a few other Southern States.

Added another Uverse business line 6mgsec /700kbsec to the account of 12mgsec /1mgsec because if two devices were hooked, not much chance off a functional internet connect. I require an uninterrupted VPN access, for work.

The added line resulted in 5.5mgsec / 356kbsec and a slight increase on the 12/1 account 10.5mgsec / 1mgsec. I'm not complaining based on the 3,800' distance from the CO. Basically in my area that means more than 1,200 potential customers for greater than 18mgsec service just waiting, perhaps in the next decade, maybe not. It's an Historic area, simply put the lowest 'Pawns' in the city for service because of an upgrade need, upgrades simply don't ever happen. Comcast serves the area no better with 50mgsec which is approximately 20% over provisioned for service, can't go over 25mgsec without constant interruptions. One day an ISP will allow Americans to join the economic powers of the remaining World consumers in establishing reasonable ecommerce. The truth is providers are trying to push customers on to the ridiculously priced LTE service.

Out of the services available at least AT&T is prompt, trouble free and does not incur that terrible practice of twice a year price jumps, with no change in service.
Thanks goes out to the prompt lineman who replaced a pole to pole broken wire bundle and Joey for the hookup.

$45 Line one
$35 Line two.


member for 11.5 years, 2858 visits, last login: 1 days ago
updated 3 days ago



San Jose, CA

Had SDSL at 1G/1G, on (what became) U-Verse lines?

Guess you meant 1Mbps/1Mbps; else it was FTTP or FTTC (very short copper length before fiber interface) not SDSL.

Recent variants of SDSL I believe don't exceed 5/5Mbps even when using two pairs.



too big or we're just too small

From one problem to the next ATT is what is wrong when large companies crush small ones to take over a market. What ever happened to all those neighborhood internet providers.

First to go is customer service, though they always say (from a script I'd imagine) when answering the call "i'm sorry your having problems today, how can i help you"... they have no actual care or sincerity in the statement and it literally sounds like they are reading it word for word.

All one needs to do is call them with a problem to find you'd be transferred minimum 4 times, go through about 3 of those with a machine that doesn't understand a word you're saying and only in the end to be told, "I'm sorry but that falls under our charge for service" department, I will transfer you now"... then the rep answering the phone (though all very nice) will tell you that they really don't know about that problem and will be happy to break out the manual to troubleshoot with you. All while you're getting charged now for support for equipment you're already paying for to work...

I find it also curious that ATT on their main site will display positive 4 star customer feedback, but there is absolutely no where to create or provide customer feedback. Are those posts simply fake? Class action suit to follow soon...

Does anyone have statistics on how often those computer answering services really work? 2% of the time? less?

In just a little under 6 months we've had multiple problems with ATT Uverse, our TV service goes on/off randomly, our internet is just "ok" and not something i'd recommend to anyone. Our billing is HIGH (actually through the roof, normally customer service is good to be honest but the constant "I'm sorry" seems placating and not sincere at all and actually getting through to customer service is harder than washing a cat. Every transfer (and you will be guaranteed minimum 3) results in a computer system that can not understand a thing you are saying and a rep that wants all your account information again and again and again (the machine tries to get it as well) and in the end will say "I'm sorry your experiencing this problem let me transfer you to our specialist. Is there every really a specialist? Let's take a look at what this customer service team org chart must look like;

machine - "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "I'm sorry I'm having difficulty, I'll transfer you now" (isn't maybe just 2x enough to warrant a transfer to a person and what ever happens to the immediate opt-out option "representative please".)

- receptionist (has a list of departments to transfer you to only - don't get too excited you talking to a real person yet - in some cases I'm still not sure they are human or maybe it's just that they don't speak my language very well...) "hi, can I have your account and billing information please", "I'm sorry you're having difficulty, how can I help you". "I'm sorry that's not something I can help you with, let me transfer you to the right department". (right before they transfer you they always ask "Is there something else I can help you with before I transfer you")

- dept 1 (say tech support) Machine 2 "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "please say or enter your account number", "sorry I don't understand that response", "I'm sorry I'm having difficulty, I'll transfer you now"

- tech receptionist ("what is your account information, what is the problem you're experiencing, sorry that's not something I can help you with, I'll transfer you now, is there anything else I can help you with before I transfer you)

- customer service "tech support 1" (I'm sorry you're having these problems let me get some information about your account up on my computer... "what is your account #, What is the problem you are experiencing..., that must me very frustrating, I'm going to help you right now..., it appears your problem requires a "specialist", we're going to get you help immediately, I'll transfer you now to our paid services department") WHAT?

- specialist 1 (vague description/title - "Master Techster" of ATT&T), "I'm sorry your experiencing these problems, can you provide me your account information please.... please give me a minute to look that up". "i'm sorry i'm not familiar with this problem but I'm going to try to help you". (what! I thought this was the specialist). "I'm going to escalate this to our supreme support team please hold".

- god team, "Hi, very sorry your experiencing these problems how can I help you"... (finally you're thinking I'm here, I can now get help, you take a breath, your heart slows a bit, you can again feel your fingertips as you relax them on the phone, and patiently with anxious gitty excitement in a trembling voice you ask)

"How do I reset my router password"

hmmmmmm, so this is the future of customer service as it would appear.

Not that this rant matters much in persuading the masses from switching back to small hungry and motivated local business services as they are a long gone market sector and unfortunately it's highly unlikely any of the other carriers are much better, ATT very well might be the "best of the worst" in service and support. But its a good example of what not to do if you own/manage a business and want to keep your customers.

Review by pmedlock See Profile

  • Location: Columbus,Franklin,OH
  • Cost: $55 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fast reliable speed, same with the service"
Bad "none yet"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I have not had any trouble with my service, I just recently upgraded from 24 to 45 meg. I think I only dropped signal 1 time during the 2 years I had the service and it came right back up. I work from home so I am always online. Both the first modem and the new modem are made by Motorola. Install tech's make sure they do everything right the first time so they do not have to come back.

member for 11.3 years, 18 visits, last login: 25 days ago
updated 25 days ago


Review by tim See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Pricing (if on promo) and reliability are great, static IPs on residential service"
Bad "Off shore support is useless, get ready to explain basic networking concepts."
Overall "Best value around when it comes to reliability and performance."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

Ordered AT&T U-Verse 45mbps service on a promotion, $38/mo. Added a /29 of statics for $15, plus a forced $7 for their gateway, a Motorola NVG589.

I placed the order at an AT&T store on a Friday, was given $150 in AT&T gift-cards for signing up in store, free installation, etc. Service was installed 3 days later, Monday, and the tech arrived 15 minutes prior to the scheduled 9a-12p window, calling ahead to let me know. Technician was professional, and was able to get my service turned up and ready to go rather quickly.

I don't use much functionality of the NVG589 unit as I have my own firewall, but the 589 handles routing the static IPs to my firewall just fine. I should note that during the install process, I noticed that the wireless radio on the 589 was relatively weak... again, I don't use it, so not a huge issue.

Service has been extremely reliable, I haven't had an outage once, since signing up in May of this year. When calling support to have my static IP block added, the process was quite tedious, as the multiple support agents I spoke to had no clue what static IPs were, and indicated to me that my single 'sticky-static' address assigned to the gateway was more than sufficient. Once you get past that, the service is great.

I can't comment on their TV or voice service, as I use DirecTV for satellite TV, and a SIP provider (Flowroute) for voice.

Overall, I'm rather pleased, and would definitely not go back to Comcast... AT&T fits the bill just fine.

member for 9.4 years, 1772 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 31 days ago


Review by Darknessfall See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "TV features, uptime, and price"
Bad "Same service for 5 years :)."
Overall "Good product, but should upgrade their speeds"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Frontier Communi..
How I'm installed:

All coax except for one TV by the gateway which has Ethernet while using the 2Wire 3801.

Equipment Review:

RG -The 3800 has been going strong for 4 years so far expect for the summer of 2010 when it decided to lose signal a lot but since then it hasn't dropped out once at all.I haven't gotten to use the ethernet for my computer since it was placed as close as possible to the NID so I mainly use wireless and it has been pretty decent while only having two bars. Pinging my gateway usually gives 1-2ms latency BUT sometimes our gateway may have a random wireless seizure every couple of months for a few days where your wireless becomes incredibly laggy but other than that it has been fine. The wireless performance is kind of poor on max speed though due to using wireless G still. I kind of wished they kept the modem/router separate since it makes it a little more annoying if you want to add a router ; ).

- Changed to 3801 model after posting this. Not much difference. -
- The 3801 seems to get really hot - 6/28/2013
- Would like to add that with my WNDA4100 adapter I now get full bars through a lot of walls on my gateway. Wireless G still makes it a little at this distance though.

STB(1x Motorola VIP1216/2x VIP1200s) - While I cannot comment on the recording feature since we barely use it they still are in good condition and well... work...
- Update: I seem to see random moments when all STBs in our home refuse to turn off with the physical power button on the STB. Usually clicking the "Menu" button on the STB fixes it.

Remote - All I can say that is it's very well laid out and doesn't feel too bulky.


SD - It's pretty decent. Clear on CRT and on a HDTV it can either be clear or maybe a little blurry depending on original format.

HD - Clear and soft edged. Some channels seem a little blurry at times though while others are great.

Audio - Clear and no drop outs.

Pixelization - I barely see any at all except for the rare moment it may randomly do it for less than a second after months.

On Demand - No comment since we barely use but movie buying was quick and easy. One thing I like to note is that the On Demand section is a little empty at times.
Note: Movie rentals last 2 days I believe.

Menu - Always fast and no lag but sometimes I find myself going through menu options that should of been closer to the start of it all.

Channels - We love the channel selection on U-verse that other companies such as Comcast do not have. There are usually two or so channels of the same channel in case you want to watch something else on that channel during a certain time.


Quality - Decent

Caller ID on TV - We've always loved this feature and it hasn't had a glitch for us.
Caller ID on Phone - Works, sometimes. Usually get "Incoming call" on the phone.

Responsiveness - Good but when we first got the service we had dial problems that fixed themselves.

Internet:(No longer have internet service)

Latency - We usually get about 25ish with 1ms jitter.(Wireless)

Advertised vs real world - We are only on the 3 down/ 1 up plan and get about 3.1 down/ 1 up(Wireless)

Speeds - Decent for an average user.

Internet Consistency - Always on. Never went down when our power remained on.


Errors - None

Problems - None

Price changes - Get yourself on a promo price .

Paying a bill: Fast

Old customer bonuses: Well... pretty poor. Most they give you is $5 off for a few months when you upgrade and such. They give out free previews of the other channels over major holidays though. $10 promo card to upgrade to paperless billing made me laugh a little though.

- Update: Got added onto promo pricing .


Opinion - We hadn't had much luck with support at all. First time the rep helped give us a temp solve that we would have to keep using at the time then another rep began to blame our computer and repeatedly ask us to buy something for $99 until we said we were hanging up(Turns out the whole issue was because of the cheap 2wire USB adapters we had). I also had good reps over live chat that seemed to be nice and answer my questions well. Like most companies you can either get the dumb or the great people. The wait time wasn't too bad but they like to swap you around to other people a lot. When we recently asked for new equipment there were no questions asked, quick and easy. We got our equipment the next business day.

Update: Got 3 free remotes. Declined offer for free wireless receiver upgrade.

Update: 6/28/2013
Service is still running good with no downtime. Line seemed to have dropped in quality VERY slightly. I get a couple thousand corrected blocks over time in my RG's error table. Random link retrains/ DSL Training errors on bootup.

I'm hoping we get the new RG in our area soon. Still no RG firmware update for our 2wire 3801 and Motorola STBs.
- Got the RG firmware update today - 6/29/2013

Was offered Max Turbo for $33 for 2 years but didn't take it at this time. Will look later to see if Comcast can offer me Blast for $34.99. Hopefully AT&T decides to speed up their upgrades.

Update: 11/27/2013

Still only U300 + Unlimited Home Phone

No real issues still. Dreading the annual price increases. The price has gone up by quite a bit since almost 5 years ago.

Line stats at the time of this update:
Downstream Upstream
Max User Rate 59785 kbs Not Available
Noise Margin 19.2 dB Not Available
Attenuation 10.3 dB Not Available
Output Power 14.3 dBm -21.2 dBm

Update: 2/17/14

Have U300(3 receivers) + Unlimited Home Phone + Max Turbo now

Got into another promotion and everything together totals $124. May downgrade to the 200 minute plan.

It's been 5 years now of having U-verse.
Update: 7/28/14

I recently upgraded our broken VIP1200 to an ISB7005 which is must faster. I also downgraded from Max Turbo to Max Plus(getting 23/2). We also downgraded to the 200 minute plan a few months ago. My bill is now $109.

Line stats at the time of the update:

Down/ Up
Max User Rate 60168 kbs Not Available
Noise Margin 19.4 dB Not Available
Attenuation 10.8 dB Not Available
Output Power 14.2 dBm -20.7 dBm
Update: 8/30/14

Since the last review we replaced our second VIP1200 with a ISB7005 and our VIP1225 with a VIP2250.
Update 10/23/14

I will no longer have AT&T U-verse in a few days. I will soon be on Frontier U-verse(or however they will call it) due to the Frontier transaction for Connecticut.

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Update - Data Collected for 15 Hours


Under Siege
Mcdonough, GA
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: Update - Data Collected for 15 Hours

Good review. Detailed and a good read. My only confusion is why the screenshot with only 15hrs of time? It'd be more helpful with about a week of data collected.
That's "MISTER" Kafir to you.

·Frontier Communi..
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: Update - Data Collected for 15 Hours

said by ImpldConsent:

Good review. Detailed and a good read. My only confusion is why the screenshot with only 15hrs of time? It'd be more helpful with about a week of data collected.

I just reset my gateway then decided to post it so it was too late . I'll probably post another error table soon to replace it. Still looks the same at the time of this post.

Review by DarienRedSox See Profile

  • Location: Darien,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $106 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 60 days
Good "Whole House DVR works great, Boxes are responsive"
Bad "Price goes up when promo is up"
Overall "We will see"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

PT aackage: U-200 (was U-Family but they upgraded me), 3Mbs Internet, 250Min Phone. Install done in Aug. of 2011

Pre Sales Information:
Website was easy to order and set up the install appointment

Install Co-ordination:
Installer was great, it dose take a wile to get an appointment though, about 60 days at the time of the order. AT&lso messed up my order so the installer was on the phone with the office trying to fix it. Install ended up taking most of the day

Connection Reliability
Only went out once for about 5 to 10 min. in Sandy AT&T gave me credit for the whole day.

Tech Support
Called about a DVR issue, first time I got disconnected the the person did not call me back at the callback number. Second call the person was more helpful and put in a request for a tech to come out. When tech came out they had given him all of the wrong information, once again on site tech was great, he wound up giving me an upgraded DVR unit.

Value for money
Like any thing in TV, Internet, and Phone these days, the price was cheap to begin with and went up as soon as the contract ended. Was able to talk them down once, but not a second time. Will be switching to cable because of the price. I will be comparing thee DVR to the U-verse DVR once I get it installed.

Update: 2/17/2013
Called to disconnect, was told that the phone rep I talked to last week should have given me a better deal, if so I would have stayed. Too late though because the cable installer disconnected a bunch of the U-verse wiring. If AT&T comes back to me with a better price (under $100 a month) as well as sends a tech out at no charge to fix the wiring that Cablevision disconnected I would be happy to switch back.

Update: 3/02/2013
Called back to reorder two weeks ago. Got service reinstalled yesterday. Installer was great, one or two issues with the outside lines and the iNID which took a wile to resolve. AT&T even through in a wireless box.

Update: 4/30/2013
So far so good. Install took a wile, some of the original equipment had gone bad in a lighting strike and needed to be replaced. Tech took his time at the install making sure everything looked good and all cables were organised. Tech. even through in a wireless box at no additional charge. Also got an updated DVR with more storage space. All of this and I only have the basic plan.

Had one issue on my first bill which I was being charged for a 2nd box which was suppose to be free for a year. I called about and the rep was happy to take care of it, and even through in an additional credit on my current bill.

Update: 12/9/2013
Still loving the service, I get lots of stations that cable in my area dose not carry, including BYU-TV, INSP, DIY, I would say that about 50% of my TV usage is on these stations. My internet speed is almost 8MBs even though I am only paying for 6. Had one issue back in July which was handled very well.

Update: 10/23/14
Still happy, there is a "cap" at 250 GB a month but it is not enforced. We in CT are being sold out to Frontier so I will see how that goes.

member for 1.7 years, 387 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 33 days ago


Fremont, OH


CV should not have disconnected any wiring that belongs/ed to AT&T. If you sign back up- AT&T will make you pay for that since you had it disconnected by a non-authorized person/company.

Darien, CT

Re: CV

AT&T had no issues reconnecting the wiring that was removed. The even left all of the stuff the CV guy had done active.

Fremont, OH

Re: CV

They had no issues now, but I wouldn't bet anything on that later.

Review by breese See Profile

  • Location: Arlington Heights,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $187 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Video and Audo Excellent"
Bad "Not enough info on hardware - DHCP cannot find equipment names"
Overall "I have already recommended to friends"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T DSL Service
·AT&T Midwest
My wife and I live in a Cape cod home built in the 50's.
For a few years I had been trying everything possible to get AT&T to install U-Verse in our area.
After some phone like outages I contacted the office of the president, explained the phone issue and they we would like to have U-Verse.
After a few weeks we started to get tech's showing up. Long story short, the lines in the area (as I told the office of the president) were 50 years old and one tech called the phone access box for the area a "Rats Nest".
Later the U-Verse teams showed up preparing the area for U-Verse to go live, but while do their job, they removed about a dozen houses from all phone service.
A few more calls and 3 days later (along with teams of tech's) all was repaired. Special teams from all over (and orders coming from the office of the president), we were told of the new buried fiber and that all lines were triple checked for communications.

Prior to U-Verse we had AT&T phone service, AT&T DSL 6M (maxed), and WOW Cable TV.
When we moved into the house all services were Ameritech but do to the split up, we got shuffled all over the place.
As we were informed U-Verse was now available, I got to work.
As I said the house was built in the 50's. After pulling put all the old phone cable, I built an area in the basement and began running cat6 and coax to every room.
Every cable throughout is properly labeled and the backbone of it all is a 24 port 1gig managed switch.

We ordered Phone Unlimited, Internet Max Plus 18M, TV U450.
When the installer came to put everything in, all that was required was plug and play after he switched the incoming line over.

First negative was when I asked to have a Bonded Pair.... The installer told me it was not needed. I informed him that I have the only buried lines in the area and having the bonded pair was an insurance in case of a line failure. Still did not get the pair.
(I will be making a separate request)

The next morning I was checking out all the new equipment. As I began to log into my NVG589 the main page informed me that the battery backup battery was not installed.
I opened the bottom and sure enough, no battery. The tech was kind enough before leaving to give me his phone number. Later in the morning I called him and before I returned home from work he had dropped a battery in my mail box as we had talked about.

With all the rewiring the setup is somewhat straight forward.
All the main components are in my living room entertainment center.
The phone line comes in from the basement (punch down block) and up to the NVG589. The output of the NVG589 returns to the a separate section of the punch down block and the house phone all connect to it.
With the NVG589 being the heart of the video and wireless, the connections are:
#4 to the DVR: IPH8005
#3 to the AP: VEN401 feeding the bedroom Rec ISB7005
#2 to the Rec IPN330HD
#1 to the gigabit switch in the basement.

Equipment Positives:
Internally there have been some positive changes to gateway that others have complained about including:
DHCP renewals are now adjustable
ICMP Pings can be enabled

I had adjusted the DHCP renewals to happen every 10 days. The evening of 10/17 - 10/18 (10 days after install) the VEN401 wireless lost connection to the AP. At the moment I am going to the leave the 10 day renewal in place to see if it duplicates my issue.

Documentation of the functions within NVG589 is poor at best. Trying to understand some of the available functions requires an internet search.

Over all the service has been reliable as we had hoped.
Overall quality:
Video has been exceptional. HD is very clear
Audio has been exceptional. Shows and Movie changes from Stereo to Surround sound are predominant and clear.

Hardware issues:
IGMP: /var/tmp/mcp.stats.1 not found! - No child processes
IGMP: /var/tmp/mcp.stats.1 not found! - Item not found

Network Device List does not show AT&T equipment names / unknown54e2e0090ea2 54:e2:e0:09:0e:a2 on Ethernet dhcp / Cisco_AP_ATT c8:fb:26:10:19:9d on Ethernet dhcp / unknownbcc810c460c7 bc:c8:10:c4:60:c7 on Ethernet dhcp / unknown7cb21b696d09 7c:b2:1b:69:6d:09 on Ethernet dhcp / unknown4844873f0842 48:44:87:3f:08:42 on Ethernet dhcp

2 devices (once you manually verify mac address) do not match what is in DHCP.
Last digit increased by 1
DVR IPH8005 54E2E0090EA3
Rec IPN330HD 4844873F0843

NVG589 and IPN330HD supplied optical connection gets dropped on some switching from commercial to show changes. Causes a loud Pop from surround sound base.
Verified on both devices and happens at every commercial to show change on channel 1118 Smithsonian channel

NVG589 Controller / Remote issues
There is no direct button to get to user created Favorites
Creating favorites, scowling to find channels is long and cumbersome
Manual creation of favorites has to be done on each box. Could not find any way of transferring from one to another.

Speed and NDT testing is all over the place

NDT Test
1.85Mb/s Up
22.26Mb/S Down
55 packets retransmitted, 355 duplicate acks received, and 410 SACK blocks received

Speed Tests
8170Kb/s Down 1422Kb/s Up


Line Monitor


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Review by paintref See Profile

  • Location: Houston,Harris,TX
  • Cost: $84 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Good HD Picture, Internet Speed Consistent"
Bad "None to speak of."
Overall "Happy With Service thus far."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Ordered U-verse (Internet and U200 TV package) on 4/15/2013 and was given an install date of 5/16/2013.


Install: Window was between 11a-1p. Tech arrived at 11.30a, well within the window. Had the Residential Gateway (2Wire 3800 HGV-B), 1 wired and 2 wireless receivers installed. Install took just over 4 hours, as they had to make a cable run from our neighbors yard to our telephone box. Installer did not leave until everything was in working order.

Once work was done, installer said it would take 3-4 business days for someone to come bury our cable. It was a pleasant surprise when a contractor (I assume) came out and buried the cable that was run to our telephone box.

TV: Got the U200 package . HD channels are clear on all our HDTVs. No major problems to speak of yet.

Internet: Although we are currently on the 6M service, which is a lot slower than comcast, speeds have been consistent and hardly any down time to speak of.

So far have been happy with the service. Hopefully, it will continue without any major problems.


Service has been rock solid up till now. No major problems to speak of.


Service is still going strong and no problem/complaints thus far.


Service is still going strong after a little more than a year. Service has been very reliable with no major issues. DVR box (Motorola VIP2250) went out. AT&T sent out a new box at no charge and got it up and running today.

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Jon D


Uverse is horrible and WAY too expensive for what you get

Over the past three years, I have had the displeasure of watching AT&T universe degrade internet service, television service, customer service and overall support. Over the last six months, I consistently have problems with the reliability of the service, the technical quality and overall the extremely poor performance. The Internet drops out consistently, it is slow even though I pay for the high tier speeds, the television gets digital breakup, freezes and often the wonderful blue screen. I have to "reset" the gateway and boxes constantly. And the problem never gets fixed. While their technicians are certainly nice they come out to the house and tell you everything is peachy keen. Within two days. All the problems are back and the Internet once again doesn't work. It is systemic of the ATT system. It is poorly designed, poorly maintained and I think on the lowest tier for performance.
And I guess what is the ultimate reason I will dump these guys as soon as I find a replacement in my area, is that they continue to increase their bill while absolutely providing a horrible service. My suggestion to anyone reading this review would be to go to any other provider, and not to purchase any services from AT&T universe.



Re: Uverse is horrible and WAY too expensive for what you get

Wow! My husband and I thought we were the only ones. We're currently going through the exact same issues with at&t uverse. It's TERRIBLE! We've had 5 different technicians show up at our house within the past 3 months. Each time would sound like a promise or a guaranteed that it will be rectified. BS!! I definitely wouldn't recommend this to anyone! Contract or no contract, I'd rather put my money towards good quality service rather than throwing my money away just to keep looking at a sad blue screen and puzzled images. With that being said, we've decided to cancel our contract. You said it right Jon D! Uverse is HORRIBLE and WAAAAAY too expensive for what you get!

Kat D

I'm a gamer, and my family and I have had AT&T for several, several years. But in the past year, AT&T forced us to "upgrade" to UVerse. Some nights the connection for our wifi is fine, but most night- Nope. Constant, random d/c's, latency, a whole broad spectrum of annoying issues. My computer is literally a few feet from the modem, and I never have more than three bars. Right now, I'm using my phone's (T-Mobile) wifi because it's far more reliable than UVerse. I'm severely displeased, like just about everyone else who had posted concerning AT&T. Take Mr.Jon's warning, and avoid AT&T Uverse

Ripped off

I totally agree. My internet service is slow and drops too often. Uverse is not even available in my area. I think it is time we ALL demand better service and better prices from ATT, Comcast and all of the others that are overcharging us because we continue to pay...........

no name


Uverse sucks

I thought I was the only one there that get's the blue screen / freeze up screen. Especially during your favorite program. When it 1st installed the tech put in that damm wireless receiver, in which I did not order & he said 'well you got it now"...sure enough we tolerated months of blue screens. Another tech came out (49.00 later) & took the wireless receiver & said the modem was interferring with it & causing the blue screen. Well, would't you know it, 2 day's later blue screen again. Called att&t again & they offered to send a tech this time at no charge & I said that ain't gonna do it. Now after reading all the reviews, others have cancelled uverse due numerous blue screens. Will have to go to another provider & cost me more $$$

West Palm Beach, FL

Re: Uverse sucks

Sorry about your problems I don't have any issues with uverse ..works perfectly happy with 18 Mb per second I get 18 Mb per second TV packages spotless no blue screens must be your installation.

·Verizon FiOS


this is what I get for same price as reviewer.

84.99 is for 75/35 internet when bundled with TV it's at (84/39mbps)
so the 84.99 is also with TV Package: Prime HD

Look, I see stars

Houston, TX

Re: hmm

Don't have Verizon FIOS in my neck of the woods unfortunately.

It's either comcast or U-Verse.

Picayune, MS

Re: hmm

Mine works great in southern Mississippi!!!

I start new work on
Granite City, IL

If you are having problems folks

we can help. either click on my name or post in AT&T direct (I believe there is still a link on the front page of this site) says something of "staff run a support forum...."

Review by ultimatebob See Profile

  • Location: Clinton,Middlesex,CT
  • Cost: $120 per month (12 month contract)
Good "It's reasonably priced, and they give you a reward card when you sign up"
Bad "Unreliable"
Overall "Almost bad enough to get me to switch back to Comcast. Almost."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had the UVerse U200 TV and "Turbo" Internet package for 2 months, and I've found that it's highly unreliable. The TV and DVR service randomly stops working, and their wireless gateway locks up and reboots itself every two weeks. Their tech support seems to be helpful with diagnosing these issues, but I'm not sure if this is going to change once Frontier Communications takes over their service in Connecticut starting next month.

On the bright side, the installer that I had was a pretty cool guy and they sent me $225 in reward cards after having the service for a month. That said, I might find myself crawling back to Comcast once my year contract is over.

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Stay away... Bad installation ...

If you looking for internet service..think twice about getting...u-verse internet (contract).
I had about 34 days since they did the installation... A really bad installation.. Until now, no technician qualify has been fixed yet and guess what I did my
first payment"" yeyyy. Thanks att. for nothing.

I start new work on
Granite City, IL

email them direct

If it helps I will throw it out there. They have a email address for unresolved or still poor sevice issues. The address is attcustomercare@att.com.
Thanks again folks- David.

Redding, CT
·AT&T U-Verse

Re: email them direct...and they do NOTHING! except continue THROTTLING!

So tell me David....what does one do about AT&T U-Verse "throttling" customers' broadband signal trying to get them to trade up to a higher priced Plan?
I have contacted attcustomercare@att.com NUMEROUS times and they've sent techs out to my home-office, to merely switch routers or ck wiring, but they're always unreliable and drop-out internet signal is something that these techs just don't seem to be able to fix...mmmm, wonder why? NOT!

I start new work on
Granite City, IL
·AT&T Midwest
·Google Voice

Re: email them direct

I can't say I experienced throttling like you have. However, I also try to prevent my connection from being saturated too. Connection saturation will cause a local throttling condition as well. It's not something AT&T can detect either as it typically is local LAN caused.

Most times I tell people "if upgrading your speed fixed your throttling problem, you needed the speed upgrade some time ago as applications started flooding your local network."

A lot of people typically do not accept that. However, it seems they go to cable, wireless, another DSL provider, etc.. and get a faster speed and magically the problem disappears 100% of the time. I have seen people go from charter cable, to Uverse, Uverse to Charter cable, Uverse to comcast, comcast to uverse, Uverse to Clear wireless, Clear wireless to UVerse,

They all have one in particular common theme in their ISP reviews. "I upgraded my speed and my problem went away. "
Thanks again folks- David.



Re: email them direct

I had issues of TV pixelation and Voip issues and then all services crashed and the NRG modem/router died. The tech replaced it and told me the Battery backup in the router is a known issue that causes the symptoms and by replacing the NRG modem/router without adding the battery backup for VOIP fixes the issues. So far its been solid

Houston, TX

Re: email them direct

removing the BBU from inside the nvg589 will not fix anything it causes no issues. It for sure was a bad modem itself. PS i am a tech for uverse

Good idea!

I recently got AT&T to replace my UVerse gateway, which has improved reliability somewhat.

I start new work on
Granite City, IL
·AT&T Midwest
·Google Voice

Re: email them direct

said by ultimatebob:

I recently got AT&T to replace my UVerse gateway, which has improved reliability somewhat.

That can throttle speeds as well, and a lot of people pass that right up/overlook that.
Thanks again folks- David.

Review by PrymeMover See Profile

  • Location: Olathe,Johnson,KS
  • Cost: $76 per month
Good "Excellent reliability, superb non-traditional support"
Bad "Huge modem, traditional support channels awful"
Overall "The perfect backup circuit for me"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

My AT&T U-Verse connection came about after I was tired of TWC:BC not offering anything more than 15mbit for less than $insane. I left for a residential cable connection, but was uncomfortable giving up the priority support and still had a few use cases that required a static IP. Accordingly, I decided that any move would require a backup circuit. Therefore, I ordered AT&T with a static IP block and set up my router/firewall to fail over to the connection automatically when the cable connection was down.

The VDSL2 modem, the 2-wire 3600HGV, is hilariously large. It's bigger than any two modems I've ever used. I suspect this is to reduce thermal stress, but come on guys. It's not an issue in my case as I just placed it next to the other mountain of network equipment, but still.

I normally will subscribe to the fastest available tier, but for a backup circuit, I settled on 18/1.5. Unsure if I could get that speed and not willing to pay for an unnecessary professional installation, I ordered 12/1 and then had the profile upgraded based on my excellent line stats--all the way to 35/5 for the profile itself.

The line has been rock solid. However, I eventually decided to move. I have been burned by AT&T in the past during a move where they lost my statics (I literally moved across the street) and were unable to get them back, which frustrated me so much that I just canceled service. This time, I reached out to the social media team - and wow, those guys are just superb. They were professional, courteous, competent, and made the U-Verse service move about the least stressful part of my relocation. And my line is even more solid now as I'm half-again closer to the VRAD.

I would seriously consider using AT&T as my primary provider if they offered much faster connection rates (and shed their ridiculously low 2007-era sized caps). However, the VDSL2 technology, even with pair bonding, is never going to be competitive with D3/D3.1 or with fiber (this area is slated to get Google Fiber in the near future). I wish AT&T would have implemented a more forward-looking strategy and deployed fiber from the start. I also would consider them for a TV provider if they weren't so bandwidth constrained that they have to severely limit the # of simultaneous HD streams and compress the crap out of them. It's too bad, too--the service itself is more reliable and available than either my primary cable internet or satellite-based TV services.

***Update Oct 2014: Honestly, not much to say. My promotion ran out so the price is no longer as nice as it once was (I actually pay more for my backup circuit than my primary now), but this connection is just rock solid. My modem has been up for 306 days, during which time it has logged a total downtime of 418 seconds. That's 99.998% uptime at the circuit-level. Sometimes it feels like cable struggles to hit one nine. AT&T's biggest problem is that their speeds are just not competitive. My primary cable connection hits nearly 300mbps, whereas AT&T's top tier is 45.

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We just recently switched to AT&T and are scheduled for installation in the next few weeks.

I'm really hoping that it's much better than the last time we had it; but with the great deal they gave us for two years, I thought we'd give them another shot. Hopefully they've fixed their horrible installations, along with their awful modems. Last time we had them, the stupid thing would go into sleep mode every 6 hours and we'd have to reset it. This did not fly well during football season when we'd be watching the same channel for over 6 hours and all of a sudden we didn't have a signal. The answer the techs gave us was that it was a "safety feature" on modem and that it would go into sleep mode to keep it from overheating.

Hmm..that sounded safe..

The next tech told me that it was a bad modem and they sent us several others..all with the same issue.

The next excuse they gave me was that we lived in an older home and that the foundation was keeping us from getting a good signal.


I had techs over several times with little success, until FINALLY a decent tech came over on a Sunday and fixed the darn thing the way it was supposed to be fixed. He was there for well over two hours fixing the wiring in our basement and I could hear him swearing to himself because the wiring was so completely messed up. When he finally finished, he told me to make sure that AT&T didn't charge me for the service call, as it wasn't an operator error, but a completely messed up installation.

When we got our bill there was a $200 service fee added on for the service call. When I contacted Customer Service, they told me that it was an operator error and that I'd set the modem up wrong. I told them to refer to the tech notes and they finally removed the $200 fee as I worked my way up the food chain.

After finally getting our service to work correctly, I stayed with AT&T until moving and returned the modem to them by mail. Funny that the Customer Service Rep that I spoke with told me to HANG ONTO my receipt, as they don't always look at when the modems come back in, that they were signed for..and that the modem is actually "in house", and will often charge for a missing modem..which of course, they did.

Several phone calls later, they finally found the modem in their system after several months and them billing me for the stupid thing.

I swore I'd never go back to AT&T again but..

That was five years ago, so I'm hoping the installation is much better, along with their modems. Asking around our neighborhood, most folks are really happy with AT&T so maybe they got their act together.

Hmm. Hope we made the right decision to switch, but we were just plain sick of Charter Communications raising our rates three times in the past year as we were paying over $170 a month for crappy tv and slow, sluggish internet speeds ever since they switched to digital (while we had the highest speed they offered). I've made call after call to them regarding all this, resetting the modem did absolutely nothing, and thus they wanted to send out a tech that would come within a four hour window.

First of all, their techs are completely undependable. Irregardless how long ago my appointment was made, they are KNOWN for working their way from the furthest call..and then gradually work their way across town, back to Charter.

Maybe this is the way they all work, but when I spoke to the Customer Service Rep at AT&T (they only have a TWO hour window..which I can handle) she said that the appointments are served in the order they come in. Irregardless, I can handle a two hour window much better than a four hour one...while they show up at the last possible second.

The bottom line is that for two years, we got a fantastic deal with AT&T. Almost 400 channels, the highest speed internet they offer; a free wireless modems; the second modem is free also, and the third we'll pay a mere $8 a month. $95.05 a month and after tax and all the little charges, we'll still be paying only $120.00. In addition, we'll also receive two Visa cards; one for $200 and another for $150.

Again, we couldn't go wrong as in this economy where every penny counts, that extra $50 bucks in our pocket every month, along with our bill staying the same for the next two years..we'll take it.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. In the meantime, I appreciate all the customer reviews as there are good and bad. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Review by cralt See Profile

  • Location: Waterbury,New Haven,CT
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Very reliable. "
Bad "Cost to MB/s ratio isn't that great. "
Overall "The reliability will keep me a customer. Speeds very consistant. "
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Internet only. 3m/768K. I ordered online and did the Self install. That was the last contact I have ever had with ATT. I get the advertised speeds no matter what time of day. The 2wire 3600 gateway is a little clunky looking but seems to work just fine. Not being able to use your own modem is a downer.

Update 9/2014. Now have new promo (34.99month) with 6m service and 200mins voip. Voip service works good. Im getting a solid 7.5M on speed tests. I guess they over provision a little.
Was a big fight with AT&T cust service to get new promo. Order and billing got messed up and took a few calls to get fixed. I wish the customer service was as good as the actual service.

Now 1year plus and zero outages.

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