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Newnan Utilities page on DSLReports
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Review by choadchimmie See Profile

  • Location: Sharpsburg,Coweta,GA
  • Cost: $63 per month
Good "Customer service is friendly, albeit uneducated"
Bad "Priced high, Peak saturation, Premium tier is 9m?"
Overall "Steer Clear"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·Comcast Business..
I called Newnan Utilities and signed up for Digital Cable/DVR and their high tier internet service (9/1 meg). They had a tech out the following day to set me up. The install had a few small hitches. I had recently cut off Comcast and it seems they had cut the Newnan Utilities line that was run to my house so a new line had to be run. The tech had a few issues and called engineering. I was a little apprehensive because with Comcast this would have meant a week delay, but Newan Util had engineering out in about 45min! the problem was solved in about 5 minutes and things have been smooth since. My ping times are much better than I have ever had Comcast or Cox. 61 a month seems a little steep but my downloads come in at the correct speed and the service seems very reliable.

Update 5/20/09

Since the internet portion of Newnan Utilities has been sold and re-branded as NUlink Digital, pricing and performance have degraded. I have noticed that i no longer get anywhere close to rated speed during most peak times. Recent changes to billing have also been troublesome, bundling services for a discount is fine, but raising prices and adding bogus fees in to equate to no savings after bundling is not acceptable.

There has been no increase in the speed of available tiers since I start using Newnan Utilities/NULink, an increase in price and sliding peak speeds. My advice for now would be avoid. If I had any option beside Comcast I would have already switched.


I have had an increase in the number outages over the last 6-12 months, with one outage lasting 24 hours. This particular outage also affected their website and support numbers. I have noticed about 8 outages in the last 12 months. Speeds during peak times continue to be much lower than rated speed.

Update 6/10/10

Because of slowness during peak hours and an increased number of outages I've canceled my service with NuLink. I feel that I've been patient over their 2 year slide. The fact is that service quality has degraded over the last three years and there has been no increase in the speeds offered. What was a competitive service no longer is.

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