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Six Month Rating

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Review by kingfisher See Profile

  • Location: Webster,Monroe,NY
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Has never failed to work acceptably when I needed it"
Bad "I am usually hard wired to the internet so don't use it much"
Overall "Good when traveling and as a backup to my cable internet service"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I use the service by tethering my BlackBerry to my laptop. Serves the purpose for which I obtained it. Performance is acceptable in every geographic location where I have tried it.

January 2009 - Replaced my BlackBerry 7130e with a BlackBerry Storm during the latter part of November 2008. The Storm is Ev-DO Rev. A capable and I have seen download speeds above 2Mbps in testing. My satisfaction with the level of service remains high based on my usage.

March 2010 - I have been spending some time at the home of a relative who doesn't have internet access. Verizon Wireless Broadband is reliable at his home in a small town in Central Florida, although considerably slower than near a bigger city. Far more satisfying than having no Internet access at all. My satisfaction with the service overall is good. I am a good candidate to upgrade to LTE when available.

January 2012 - I have moved from BlackBerry to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. 4G speeds are impressive and the connection remains reliable. Speeds are so good, I am considering dropping my cable internet and using wireless only. At our house, total internet usage has been ~15GB/mo. Although we have two Verizon phones with "unlimited" data, I wonder if there might be repercussions at the 15GB/mo usage level.

November 2014 - Using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus tethered (Clockworkmod Tether) today as an experiment with Windows 10 Enterprise Preview on a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. Haven't used the service for tethering much recently as I also have mobile hotspot capability. Performance is acceptable as usual. I have made a few Google Hangouts calls during this session which means they were made using voice over LTE data. Quality of these calls was good. Still a good alternative to a wired connection when needed. It's about time for a new XLTE phone where I would expect performance to be even better.

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Review by krypt0 See Profile

  • Location: Midwest
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great LTE coverage"
Bad "Service capabilities limited with CDMA fallback"
Overall "Good coverage, Limited monthly data allowance"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Secondary cellphone/data service.

Hardware (All customer owned):
1. Novatel Wireless MiFi 4510 4G Jetpack
2. Pantech MHS291LVW 4G Jetpack
3. Pantech UML290VW 4G USB Modem
4. Novatel Wireless USB551L 4G USB Modem
5. LG VL600 4G USB Modem
6. Nexus 6 (Pre-order)

Phone Plan Data Limit (monthly in GB): N/A
Data Plan Limit (monthly in GB): N/A
Provisioned Speed: N/A
Received Speed: N/A

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Review by ggultra2764 See Profile

  • Location: Cambridge,Washington,NY
  • Cost: $150 per month
  • Install: about 999 days
Good "Large amounts of rural coverage, broadband speeds comparable to cable, useful if on the go or have a power outage."
Bad "Steep monthly price, 30 GB is still low data usage for modern use of the Internet."
Overall "One of the best rural broadband options you can get, if you are willing to pay an arm and a leg to get it."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T Wireless Br..
For six months after I left college, I was desperately searching around for broadband Internet for my laptop. DSL and cable connections were tempting. But, they had no coverage in my area and TimeWarner Cable wanted me to cough up over $900 to get a cable out where I live which was way too costly for me, especially since I just got out of college. And I heard enough evil things about sattelite Internet so I didn't want to venture into their territory.

But while Christmas shopping for my family at Best Buy, I came across a Verizon Wireless salesman selling wireless USB modems. He was quite understanding of my situation and gave me plenty of information about Verizon's wireless Internet network, including the NationalAccess connections possible in places that couldn't normally get dial-up. Tempted, I subscribed to the network right on the spot and the cost for the USB modem was reduced since I now had a subscription.

Installation of the modem was simple enough once I installed the hardware for it on my computer via CD and setting up the modem for one of my computer's USB port. The installation of the modem only took me about 5 minutes.

As for connections, I can only get the NationalAccess connection out where I live, but the connection's quite good and I can get download and upload speeds 4 times faster than my old dial-up connection on AOL when I ran a speed test on the modem (120 kbps Down/ 123 kbps Up).

There are two major problems that I do have with Verizon Wireless's services though. First, would be the 5 GB monthly download limit. With my regular Internet use at college, I would normally use about 25 to 30 GB a month doing Internet browsing, video streaming, and peer-to-peer downloads using Bittorrent. My laptop only has about 25 GB of hard drive space so I can't overhaul my laptop with downloaded files as heavily as those with higher storage capacities for their computer. 5 GB is a bit limiting for what I would like to get off my new connection, especially since I can only get the NationalAccess connection from Verizon Wireless out where I live.

Second of course, would be the limitations of what you can do with Verizon's connection. Verizon Wireless's Terms of Service specifically state their service is only meant to be used for basic Internet uses such as Internet browsing and e-mailing. Peer-to-peer programs and video streaming, my two frequent uses of the Internet at college, are of prohibited use in their services and I've heard of enough folks who made the jump from Verizon to Sprint because they felt limited in what they could do online while with Verizon Wireless.

With both of these issues, I think Verizon Wireless has a poor preconceived notion of what they think all people like to do online much like sattelite Internet providers have with their Fair Access Policies.

If you live in the boonies, can't get DSL or cable out where you live, and can't stand dial-up or sattelite Internet, then Verizon Wireless could be for you. Just be prepared for a limited online experience if you like doing more online besides Internet browsing and e-mailing.

UPDATE (12/14/07): During the past few days, my area was hit by a series of snow storms. This obviously effected how good my connection was as both my download and upload rates had dropped into the lower-90 kbps on Thursday and my connection was at two bars most of the time up to early today. Right now, my connection is back up to three bars and my download rate improved from Wednesday's speed test.

UPDATE (4/6/08): It's been over four months now since I went on Verizon Wireless for an ISP. I can still only get NationalAccess connections here at my house and even with an antenna I bought for my USB modem, I can still only get NationalAccess. The only benefit with the antenna is an improved signal with my connection.

My Internet use during the week is normally close to or over 100 MB a day since I work most of the day and around 200 MB a day on weekends. A good chunk of my data usage comes from seeing videos on Youtube, frequent downloading, and updating my virus and spyware protection.

NationalAccess seems more of a blessing for me since videos and downloaded files do take time to load up on the 1XRTT connection of NationalAccess. I would be more tempted to use more of my monthly data if I did have BroadbandAccess capable speeds out where I lived which could give me problems thanks to the 5 GB cap VZW has set up. It would be better if they either gave higher data usage for the month or actually give Sprint a run for their money by actually offering unlimited data usage at a cheaper price.

Otherwise, the connection has been able to hold up very well and I rarely lose my signal. If VZW were to just lighten up on their Terms of Service and their monthly caps, then I could do more with the connection without worrying about my data usage.

UPDATE (4/8/08): I checked Verizon's Terms of Service today and it looks like they have lightened up on what you can use their connection for. Online gaming and streaming are now allowed. I still wish they can lighten up on their monthly caps.

UPDATE (6/2/08): I now have BroadbandAccess Rev. A coverage out where I live. After doing a speed test, I got 953 kbps down, 500 kbps up. While the greater speed is a great asset to me, now I'm gonna have to be more wary of how much I download since I can get things faster. I still think VZW should lighten up on their caps.

UPDATE (6/3/08): Speed tests came up with 831 kbps down, 397 kbps up. And the speeds I got from yesterday had me tempted to do some downloading which within an hour, I already used over 100 MB of my data usage. I've already used over 3 GB of my data usage for this billing period so far and it won't be for two weeks until my data account is reset for the next billing period. I see no reason to having such a large amount of download speed if I have such a small monthly cap put on it which is why I could deal with NationalAccess easier since it took me longer to get stuff downloaded.

UPDATE (7/13/08): As of Friday, I went over my 5 GB cap yet so far I haven't been throttled which must mean my area isn't too reliant on the wireless tower near my house. And topping off the fact that I signed up for VZW back in December of last year, I also don't have to worry about overage fees so I'm in a bit of a lucky situation at this moment. But, this doesn't change my criticism of being wary of Verizon's caps, especially if you got a contract with them after March of this year. Latest speed test results are 778 kbps down, 380 kbps up.

UPDATE (9/18/08): I got my bandwidth throttled last month from using 8 GB in a month due to the fact I'm currently unemployed. I have heard rumors that those with an 'unlimited' account can use up to 7 GB in a month before having their speed throttled which could explain why the two months I went over 5 GB didn't get me throttled. I'm now back at full speed as of today. Latest speed test results are 1035 kbps down, 388 kbps up.

UPDATE (12/2/08): It's now been just over a year since I first made my contract with VZW. I've been throttled for a second month since I used nearly 8 GB in two consecutive months which goes to show where a tight monthly cap can get you while bored and unemployed. But of course, I don't have overage fees to worry about since I'm still on an 'unlimited' contract. As far as my connection is concerned, it still holds up well in most circumstances. I've had occasions where I can't connect to web sites or lose my connection due to heavy weather. But, this is expected since it's a wireless connection after all.

I am hoping within the next year that VZW loosens up on its tight caps before I have to renew my contract. It would be a pain to have to pay overage fees just because I decide to go giddy on watching Youtube videos one night in a single sitting.

I've even heard that T-Mobile offers a 10 GB cap or unlimited data usage with its customers which seems far more flexible than what I'm getting out of VZW. Too bad there's no T-Mobile coverage out here. Otherwise, I would consider jumping WISPs once my contract with VZW expired if Verizon still doesn't loosen up on caps.than

UPDATE (6/9/09): It's been over 18 months now since I first got on a contract with VZW. Connection still holds up well and I'm still not happy with the 5 GB bandwidth cap. While it does look like VZW's easing on its overage fees, the price is still costly for my regular monthly usage being between 7 and 8 GB. I still don't have to worry about overage fees for another 6 months since my contract is still on VZW's old terms. But I'd like something more better than paying over $100 in overage fees every month if I choose to renew my contract with them.

UPDATE (9/3/2010): Still on VZW and I've been on my old contract for nearly 3 years meaning I can now jump ship whenever without being charged an ETF. Being unemployed's led me to make more use of my Internet connection with me normally using 10-11 GB a month which has led to my connection speed getting throttled every other month. Connection still holds up well in most situations, despite frequent throttling. Unless VZW learns to not be so tight with their caps (doubtful!) or I find similar/ faster Internet speeds at a better price (unless I escape from the boonies, fat chance for another 3-4 years when LTE is deployed), I plan to stay on my grandfathered contract where I don't get charged overage fees for as long as possible.

UPDATE (10/26/14): Effective as of yesterday, I am back on VZW thanks to Millenicom no longer offering Verizon service. Since my Jetpack from Millenicom is a Verizon compatible device, I was able to put the device on a monthly shared data plan with VZW without having to go back on a contract. There was some confusion from the store rep I talked with as he thought Verizon's "double data" promotion offered at the time was also applicable for hotspots as he said I could get 40 GB for what you'd normally pay for 20 ($130). When I found out of the store clerk's error a day later as I only had 20 GB out of what was promised from the clerk, I talked with customer service and they were kind enough to transition me on their "double data" promotion at 30 GB a month.

Counting the taxes added onto the already pricey $150 I would be paying for this plan, I am looking likely to pay close to $200 for the bill and my first bill will come with a $35 activation fee, $15 more than the fee I would have if I wanted to reactivate a device used by Millenicom. I'm just hoping I can ride things out on VZW until I can get coverage off a regional wireless provider since I have been in contact with them since earlier this year to push for coverage from them to come my way as they have more generous data offerings at cheaper prices than the national wireless providers have right now.

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Review by zefie See Profile

  • Location: Hudson,Columbia,NY
  • Cost: $300 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Fast LTE"
Bad "Metered"
Overall "Verizon offers the best coverage here for voice and data"

My Other Reviews

I've had VZW for a while now. The price isn't too bad considering the quality of the service (I have no complaints). The plan itself is only $60, which includes 6GB of data and unlimited talk/text (as well as international SMS). They charge you for the base plan, then for each device on the plan. My specific account has 5 lines, including a 'mifi' (Mobile to Wifi) ($20), tablet (iPad, $10), and 3 phones (2 smartphones, $40 each, one basic phone, $30). Two of the devices are on monthly payments (about $100 total), which adds to the total. The only drawback is the typical lack of unlimited data on mobile carriers.

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Review by slime See Profile

  • Location: Brooksville,Hernando,FL
  • Cost: $120 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "No up front charges,re: hardware,installation,activation"
Bad "Hi cost for 30 gig cap"
Overall "If your choices limited, get it"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Got the home fusion 30 gig for $120 a month not the greatest deal, but living in the boonies not much to choose from.
Front end of deal was very good. No charge for cantenna or router. No charge for Installation which was on time and professional. No charge for activation.
However for $120 a month feel it should be unlimited.
Happen to be in an area close to the interstate where I'm blessed with very strong 4g LTE signal 5 bars.
Streaming movies out of the question with 30 gig cap.
Seems to be very fast most of the time 40-50 mps not unusual
Technicolor router?? supplied,working fine capable of 4 ether-net and 20 wireless connections.
Haven't had to use any tech support so I can't comment on that

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Review by asdfdfdfdfdf See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "coverage, fairly reliable for wireless"
Bad "Cap for price essentially unchanged for 4 years"
Overall "It has to be tolerated when you have no other choice."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

4g with 4620L jetpack

Verizon coverage is top notch in comparison to the other carriers, though their advantage is diminishing.

Connection is quite reliable for wireless. Though during peak hours you can run into sluggish performance(web pages might not load the first time, etc) I don't have problems with loss of connection.

Installation is essentially non existent. Put in the sim card and battery and call to activate. Connect wirelessly.

The major frustration is the cap and the fact that price per GB isn't moving much over many years. My 3G service, 4 years ago, was $60 for 5GB. 2 years ago 4g was $50 for 5GB. Today price is $30 for 4GB + $20 device connect fee. In other words they advertise a lower price of $30 but in reality they have raised, not lowered, the price to $50 for 4GB. They know they have many captive customers with no other option and seem willing to milk their customers for every dollar they can squeeze out of them. The value proposition is not getting better though their costs are declining. This is why I rank the services and value so low. The wireless carriers want to push wireless as a substitute for wireline but you can't use the connection for much. In an age where AVERAGE wireline use is 30-35GB per month there is no way that this can be considered a serious alternative.

I have never had to deal with tech support so have no opinion on that.

T-mobile and sprint are rapidly expanding coverage. When there is reasonable 4g coverage in my area I will move to T-mobile 9GB for $60 service.

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Review by BioGeek See Profile

  • Location: West Orange,Essex,NJ
  • Cost: $59 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Notably fast internet on the go. Greater flexibility for use than WiFi"
Bad "LTE coverage and signal strength notably change speed and load times."
Overall "Excellent web surfing on the go!"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
Update 6/13/14: We know use an LTE based system and the difference was night and day. LTE speeds make the wireless broadband seem so much more like a real home connection as compared the the previous system. Much like a cell phone, reception and speeds may vary. I don't rely on the connection, but I do use it when I am away from home and still need real access beyond what a smartphone provides. Happy with the 4G upgrade.

We have a BroadbandAccess plan on a Verizon Wireless AirCard® 595U USB Modem Rev. A. This system gets used for remote credit card transaction for weekend craft shows and general web surfing when on the go and WiFi, ethernet, etc. are not available. It works well. Using the external antenna for the 595U we get access with a lower than expected signal, however, the signal still has to be pretty decent for broadband level access. Even with a weak signal you can get slow web surfing, which is better than nothing. Overall, a fine system for mobile web.

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Review by benjamin5023 See Profile

  • Location: Aylett,King William,VA
  • Cost: $120 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Bad "Their ability to meet the capacity needs of business customers is very poor."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Verizon Broadban..
I have been fighting with vzw Verizon wireless for about six months. They have a tower that performs poorly in the evening due to poor capacity planning. Working with the Network Engineers requires an additional contract service for VPN. For Network or IT related customers, Verizon appears lacking in accountability, service reliability, and honesty. I hope get other service in my area in the next year or so. Another note: We have been with Verizon for over ten years, and have been pretty pleased with their phone services. However, when it comes to the 4G LTE network, it is like pulling teeth to get the service you need. I hope to see change in the future.

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Review by lucky178 See Profile

  • Location: Coshocton,Coshocton,OH
  • Cost: $107 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "I got unlimited data long after verizon stopped offering it."
Bad "Not really worth the hassle being under an umbrella business plan"
Overall "I think i came out ahead."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I found e.w. wireless in june of 2013. I was tired of paying for overages on my limited plan. the employees were very polite during the sign up process. $99 (106.52 with taxes.)for unlimited everything. things were good until december. then I got a double bill with a late fee. I contacted them which took 3 days. they said the never got novembers payment. I checked my bank account and saw where the check had been return to my online banking Company, the reason was "returned to sender." it turns out that the p.o. box e.w. wireless used must have had problems. they (E.W. Wireless) waived the late fee. fast forward to this month May 2014, I received the bill with a letter stating my bill would go up to $130. effective in June 2014. the phone number that was provided on the letter. kept going straight to voice mail. I called the number that was on the regular bill, still no joy. I finally contacted them thru email at data@ewcommunications.net this is what I wrote.

"i have tried contacting you several times by phone and now by email. I received this months statement in the mail stating that my bill is going up to $130 I do not agree with this. I signed a contract for 2 years for $99 per month. if you are unwilling or unable to continue at that price, then I want out of the contract so I may continue other options for service."

With in 2 hours I received a call from one of the agents. I do not remember his name. he stated that Since they are raising the price that I could leave without a penalty. he offered to pay me for my phone number. i declined. he said the number would be release by the end of the day. I contacted verizon wireless 3 times that evening and the number had not been released. I called e.w. wireless back the next day. It took 3 times calling but finally spoke to Tyson. i told him what was going on. he was ok to speak with. but before he would do anything, he wanted to know if i would pay the outstanding balance. I told him they should have already received my payment on May 13. He put me on hold came back a minute later and stated they had not. I let him go and contacted my online bill pay company. they stated that they had not received the check back cashed or otherwise. I called Tyson back, I told him that the payment had been sent but not cashed. he asked me to cancel and pay over the phone. at that point, I understood they wouldn't release the number until they got payment. I called my online payment company again told the agent what was going on and cancelled the check. Called Tyson back and made the payment over the phone. Again I was offered money for my number $300. I asked,why? he stated that the unlimited data was tied to my number and when I go back to Verizon Wireles, that both they and I would lose the unlimited data. I said, no thank you, It would be to much hassle to redistribute the new number. The number was released. I called Katie Patonai

Business Solutions Specialist, Business and Government Customer Operations | Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Office: 866-867-9963 select option 2 and enter 2061032

2777 Corporate Park Drive, West Valley City, UT 84120.

It turns out that I got to keep the unlimited data. so e.w. wireless "Tyson" was incorrect about me losing the unlimited data plan.

I get to keep my unlimited data and i am sharing 1400 minutes with my wife stepson and mother. Plus my wife has unlimited data, the other 2 do not have data. the total bill should be around $190 a month. before we were paying $106.52 for mine, plus $149 and change for the other 3.

Although the check has been cancelled, I was told that if it is cashed within 5 business days that it could still be withdrawn from my account. then I will have to file a dispute with my bank, which will cost me 10 or 15 dollars.

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Cleveland, OH


The Govt side of VZW does offer unlimited on the data. but is EW a reseller/MVNO?? And why sign up on the Gov't side of VZW?

Coshocton, OH
·Verizon Wireless..

Re: Unlimited

From what i understand e.w. is a vzw reseller. I or rather my wife had to do an assumption of my line. the number l/we called was 1-888-832-4540. once my number had been released we wanted to assume the number exactly as it was. that was the number i had found.the info i posted was directly from an email she sent me after the call. I didn't know that it was the gov't side of vzw until i got the email. we got our first bill already, it is only going to be $160 a month.
also, they did cash the check the same day they had me pay over the phone. my bill pay company is in the process of getting them to return the over payment.

Review by problematic See Profile

  • Location: Solon,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $200 per month (48 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "The network"
Bad "Literally everything else"
Overall "I'm going to have to show you on a stuffed animal where Verizon touched me..."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I purchased Verizon's service back when they had unlimited data service and they had a buy one get one free deal for the Droid X and the Droid 2. I'm extremely technically savvy and my father is not so much. I do tech support for a living so the decision about service for the family plan fell to me.

I was still skeptical of smart phones at the time and rightfully so. I tried to do some due diligence and research my decision ahead of time. Jumping on Verizon before they axed unlimited data seemed like a very good decision. The Droid brand had such a good reputation. Boy, was I wrong.

Verizon and Motorola were still coasting on their success from the original Droid phone. Apparently, Verizon and/or Motorola thought Droid did /too/ much and much like Apple does, they started locking down their devices.

That information wasn't easy to find online, and while I can't entirely fault Verizon for that, they did choose to use the Droid branding that originally meant an unhindered device with a device they had locked down. I'm not saying it was fraud, but it was fraudulent.

But the rabbit hole goes deeper.

So I start learning how to use my device and discover this fact. I can't flash ROMs like everybody else, I can't run all the apps I want, I can't, can't, can't. "Droid does," my ass.

(Over the following years, the dedicated hackers in the android community fought very hard to crack the devices the best they could, but to this very day there has not been a full unlock and these devices are still very much crippled).

And it goes even deeper.

I get even better at using my device and begin noticing my service was slow. It started out alright but I wasn't very good at using my phone to it's full potential so it was hard to gauge. I did some research and found out there was a file you could modify on the phone itself to speed it up. "That can't be true, it must be placebo," I thought. Wrong again. It turns out Verizon and/or Motorola hid a file on the phone to keep it from reaching maximum speeds.

But the ride doesn't end here.

I began to notice that my connection was being throttled. My supposedly unlimited service was very much so limited. I must have gone over some secret number and got throttled.

3g service was a steaming pile of crap. Enter 4g.

First I used my early upgrade on a Samsung Stratosphere when I found out there was LTE service in my area. I couldn't pick up LTE from inside my own house so I returned the device after fiddling with it for a week or two. I was promised that since I returned it I would keep my early upgrade.

When the Droid 4 rolled around, I already knew about the device locking and I was fairly confident the android hacking community would have my back. I decided to use my early upgrade again. I had to fight with Verizon reps for two days straight to get my order finalized for a special sale price because my early upgrade was no longer in their system.

I tried complaining once, and I got a call back from somebody about it. I left the rep a voicemail but it fell through the cracks apparently.

Even at the local store I encountered very rude staff.

LTE on the Droid 4 picked up service from inside my house, so that was a success. But the service has always been slow. Sometimes I wonder if my account is still being throttled since I went over their secret data cap. It's hard to know. And since I was an early adopter of 4g/LTE it was extremely beta test status. It eats my battery so bad I can barely ever use it, even when connected to a charger.

And the price. My anus is bleeding, the price. Other companies are competing fiercely in this realm now and offering unlimited 4g for way cheaper than my car payment-tier service. But I'm still locked into a contract with Verizon and can't help but feel taken advantage of.

And since I'm on an old grandfathered plan, Verizon does everything in their power to try to trick you into their new share everything sca-- I mean plan, that I can't help but feel like I'm being treated like a leper.

If you don't have so much money that you can afford to wipe your own ass with it, do not go with Verizon. Please avoid them at all costs. Unless network reliability is an absolute must, you should avoid their service like the plague.

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Queen Anne, MD



Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless

Uh huh.

I am not nearly as tech savvy as you but I know a lie when I hear it. I dumped Verizon years ago after I
found my first surprize in their "whopper" gift box. I
realized long ago I don't need a contract phone to talk to friends. What I need is a phone that is easy on old eyes, is hearing aid capable, easy to talk/text and is fixed income affordable. I found that in the feature rich LG 840g listed on the TracFone website. I have not been disappointed.

Word of caution: The no-contract phone at TracFone does not offer unlimited apps and downloads, etc.. If you need it go to the $45 contract phone.
Mac: No windows, No Gates, Apple inside