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net2phone page on DSLReports
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Review by Graycode See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $24 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Good reliable phone service"
Bad "None so far"
Overall "It was a great offer for former SunRocket refugees"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

=== Update 2011-07-08
It somewhat angered me that Net2Phone is using outsourced foreign support. I've had a difficult time understanding their heavy accents, and got the impression the service people I dealt with really know or care all that much.

They also added & increased some fees, bringing our monthly cost to over $24.

We wanted to switch to a pay-as-you-go option, but Net2Phone does not offer that. So we've cancelled the Net2Phone service. Cancellation was not straight forward though. They could cancel the service immediately but could not do it at the date of our next billing and would not provide any partial-month refund.

We've moved on to become CallCentric customers.

=== Update 2009-02-28
The service is still working great for us.

=== Update 2008-08-25
The SR refugee "free" months have expired and N2P is now charging us $19.95 per month. With the service fee and USF the bill comes to $22.48.

We've been very pleased with the quality of the service and see no need to change to any other provider. The voice quality of our calls has remained very good. It's definitely worth the price.

We called them to confirm that we could take the device on a multi-week vacation with us, they said absolutely yes. It was great being far away yet still able to communicate with friends and family by using the internet connection of the places we were staying at.

=== Update 2007-10-17
We've continued to experience very good service from N2P. The voice quality and reliability has been excellent.

We've also recently received their confirmation that we'll be getting a total of 12 months of service basically free for both of our converted SunRocket accounts. Our monthly invoice is about $1.06 each.

I signed up with Net2Phone (N2P) in July 2007 during the SunRocket (SR) / TeleBlend (TP) fiasco. N2P is offering what seems to be a very generous package to former SR customers.

See: »www.net2phone.com/sunrocket/
-- 3 months free service (actually they bill us about $1/mo).
-- Matching up to 9 additional remaining SR months for free service.
-- Immediate and free activation if we use our existing Innomedia 6328 gizmo. Or about $40 to get a new ATA shipped and activated.
-- $19.95/month later after the max 12 'free' months have expired.

One of our kids is living in another state, and their SR phone had quit working. I had recently purchased that SR at the end of March (2yrs for $200). Being about 1000 miles away there wasn't any way I could mess with that Gizmo while TB is messing with the old SR architecture. I signed up with N2P for my kid and chose to have them send a new ATA adapter. As I write this, that adapter hasn't been delivered yet. N2P is charging $30 activation fee and $10 shipping & handling for the ATA.

***** Update 7/27: N2P had not yet shipped the ATA to my kid, we called and told them not to bother. We instead decided to use the old SR Innomidia. That worked out well. After the N2P firmware was uploaded and the device reset - it connected up to the N2P network and the phone went live.

For our own service here, the SR account had started into its 2nd year. I uploaded the N2P firmware into my Innomedia 6328 and activated with N2P using that. The process didn't take long at all, in just a few minutes I was online with a new working VOIP phone. By using my own ATA there's no activation or shipping fee.

N2P seems to have similar features to SR: Voice Mail, Speed Dial, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, etc. There isn't a 'Signature Number', but there are some other things that SR didn't offer. Voice quality has been very good on all the calls I've made so far.

I called their support staff when I was having issues uploading an earlier version of their firmware. They answered quickly - no wait time at all - and they were very helpful & polite. One of their representatives ( [user=Net2PhoneGuy] ) has joined our site, and he's really going out of his way trying to help anybody he can. I may not need much support but it's comforting to know the company's actively supporting their product.

We chose not to port either of our SR phone#'s. For now the SR # is forwarded to the N2P number so missing a call isn't an issue. The SR forwarding will eventually end when TB kills off the SR infrastructure.

I've filled out and sent in the N2P 'rebate' form along with documentation of the SR accounts in order to extend the free service duration for a full 12 months. If the quality of the service stands up during the next year I'm sure to continue with them for $20/mo after the year.

Using N2P seems to have been the cheapest and quickest option that exists for the SR refugees. So now that we have a 'safe landing' onto N2P from SR, we've got a year of reprieve from having to deal with the negative impact of the SR shutdown.

Though not directly stated on the linked page above, I think there is a $40 fee for cancellation during the first year. So even if we bought another VOIP service, we'll just keep paying that $1/month through 12 months instead of cancelling early at $40.

I almost feel guilty having a high quality VOIP service for $1/month. Hopefully they'll make it up by keeping us as happy customers for a few more years.

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Review by abaldish See Profile

  • Location: Johnstown,Cambria,PA
  • Cost: $19 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Better Sound, Supports T.38 Fax."
Bad "Anonymous Call Block not upto standards ( Read Below)"
Overall "So far great service, Better than Vonage and also ViaTalk"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Well this could be a long letter pertaining to other providers, But will stick with the one in General.

Total time from signup to getting the device was about a total of 8 days, would have been sooner I guess, as I ordered this service a few days before Labor Day.

Once the device got it, plugged it in called tech support on the phone to get it up and running.

I did some good testing on there service as to fax, security system and also 2 dish network receivers. And I will have to say I was really impressed on they worked with no problems, except in 2 days of testing the fax only had to redial once as it had a line error. Now this was on a 6 page fax I was sending to do all the testing, as for the dish network receivers they worked fine, same with my security system.

But you have to remember to set the Qos on the unit, as it will try to give all your internet speed to the voice and cut your speed way down for anything else you are doing on the net, So what I have done is not to use the Qos and everything seems to be working very good.

After the two days of testing I have done on them, I have decided to port my number from Via Talk to Net2Phone, Yes I might be losing a lot of features that Via Talk offers and the price difference, but in the long run it is worth the extra money for a service that is more reliable and at least you can reach someone on the phone, I have talked with the billing department and also support with no problems, They are very helpful so far. If anything goes wrong with there service I will post here.

Also it is a good Idea to try to pick up and extra adapter somewhere in case there is any problems with the device, this way you will always have something to fall back on in case your main unit dies, and you will not be without service, As without an extra device well you will have to send the defective one back for repairs and you will be without service for a few days or even a week or 2 till you get it back or a replacement.

P.S. Net2Phone is also IDT and it is called VoiceLine as the two have merged somewhere down the line not sure when!

Updated: September 17, 2007 9:00 PM

I did purchase a used SunRocket device from E-Bay just in case anything goes wrong with the InnoMedia MTA6328-2Re, There is a firmware patch on Net2Phone's website for updating these to use with there service, and the flash went fine with no problems at all. This way if anything does happen to the one they supplied I have a backup one, you can purchase an extra one from Net2Phone for about 99.00, At that price I figured I would check E-Bay for used ones.

As for the number porting over to Net2Phone it is to happen this Friday, I received the message on the number porting from Net2Phone on September 12, 2007.

I did speak with them today that if they could create a ticket for upper support to look into adding other features like:

Outbound Caller ID Exception List
Custom Call Routing
Custom Incoming Caller ID
Call Alarms

So time will tell if they decide to add any of the above features or not.

As for the call quality so far still going good, No echo's or dropped calls once in a great while there may be a hiccup as in a little noise or echo but clears up fast. That is based on a call that last for about 15 minutes

But so far have not got disconnected when on the phone, and the fax and dish network recievers and the alarm system are going good with there service.

September 21, 2007 1:22PM EST

Phone number ported over this morning at about 8AM, Called to cancel out the other provider, Also called Net2Phone to have temp number removed from account, That went very fast.

One downfall with Net2Phone is there Anonymous Call Block.

If you have the Anonymous Call Block enabled and someone calls you instead of getting a message as a lot of the other providers and even POTS uses, which says the following:

Where sorry the number you have reached does not accept anonymous call.

Instead this is what Net2Phone plays when there is an anonymous caller calling you:

The party you are calling has declined to accept this call.

So anyone with Anonymous Call Block turned on and anyone that blocks there number from being shown will get the above message.

I did place a call into Net2Phone about the above message, saying they need to look into changing that message for Anonymous Callers. As if I had someone trying to reach me and lets say there number is private that would be the message they would get, and if you think about it. I would say that type of message would make the person think you don't even want to talk to them at all.

September 24, 2007

So far so good, service is really good so far with no problems.
Did a fax yesterday went without a hitch, Also have been having the dish network receivers dialing out almost everyday even a few times a day just to make sure everything is working. And so far every call has gone into them with no problems.

Off and on there are times where you get some type of noise on the line, but that is when my wife is on the phone and I am not around, so have to see if I can catch it, and give support a call and see if it can be fixed, as I stated before myself I have not seen this issue.

November 8, 2007

Refund check came this week.

Also this service was droped, Had a open ticket with them for weeks, and they never fixed the problem so i moved my phone service over to my ISP.

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Review by Digidame See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $39 per month (2 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Great features, I can get a local phone number in intl countries, low intl rates & better prices for more minutes"
Bad "took me about a day to get everything set up as I wanted it"
Overall "They delivered what they promised -- good features and great prices"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

The bottom line I was looking for a provider that had been around for a while and was not going to disappear like Sunrocket. I needed to keep my phone number and they did all that moving for me. The equipment was easy to deal with (even it took me about a day to figure out - but hey - I'm no geek). They are solid and delivered what they promised.

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Review by Gork See Profile

  • Location: Juneau,Juneau,AK
  • Cost: $19 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Easy/ quick to sign up, good feature set, great offer for Sunrocketeers, knowledgable staff"
Bad "Difficult to get through to them either via phone or email"
Overall "After two months I feel confident enough recommending this service - I have been very happy with my choice"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

This is a review of Net2Phone's Voiceline VoIP service.

I was part of the SunRocket fiasco and chose to go with Net2Phone for two reasons. First, the price was right. I thought it was really cool of them to honor up to a year of service on the remaining contracts of us "ex-SunRocketeers." Second, I used another of their services "back in the day" and so was somewhat familiar with the company and their practices. I checked that old account and it was still there, with my credit still intact - even though their terms of use indicated it could have been lost by now. Very honest.

It was very easy to set up service with Voiceline following the directions on their web site to re-flash and re-use the device I got from SunRocket. I messed up and inputted the incorrect MAC address into my account, but an easy call to them fixed that problem. The person I spoke with when I called seemed knowledgable and friendly.

I have had a few problems since I signed up. One was a wrong time stamp on caller ID, another was DTMF tones not being recognized when I tried checking my CELL PHONE's voice mail. I also had a few questions regarding my account and the service.

First off, let me state that every single problem I've had has been resolved. Also, every question I had was later addressed in the FAQs section of their web site or by their representative in the BBR forums. The bad news is it took them over a month to respond to my emails and I never did receive a phone call back after being forced to voice when holding for 15+ minutes. I'm not sure if they took care of the issues I was having because of my emails or if it was coincidence, but they did finally respond to my emails. They apologized and stated they received a lot more business from us ex-SunRocketeers than they figured on and now they were playing catch up. The email stated if I was still having problems or had questons remaining I should call them. Between my issues being addressed and the company not just dumping my emails, but finally recontacting when they were able and being honest and explaining what their issue was I'm ok with things.

I rated tech support kind of low due to the difficulty I had getting in touch with both them and customer service. I would like to say, however, that any problems I had were addressed, for whatever reason, and as I mentioned before the one time I did speak directly with them I was impressed.

In the two months I have had this service I have yet to pick up the phone and not hear a dial tone. Though people I have called have described small problems now and again, they're nothing out of the ordinary in comparison to other similar VoIP companies. There have been one or two times where a call hasn't gone through but a simple redial fixed it. I have yet to be disconnected while in the middle of a call. Call quality on my end has been on par with Vonage after they got their "start-up woes" fixed; I was with them for a year during their second year of operation. Call quality surpasses that of the defunct SunRocket.

I am very happy with VoiceLine's feature set, which includes the ability to use both ports on my device with separate accounts and multiple numbers for each account, including the ability to choose toll free 800 numbers. They have the full slew of normals: voice mail (with an option to receive messages via email), forwarding, call waiting, 3 way, call blocking, anonymous rejection, multi ring etc etc.

At $19.99 they've hit the top of my cutoff point (the first two months are free as well) - I didn't go back to Vonage after leaving them for a land line because they remained at $24.99 per month. The offer for up to a year of free service (a couple of bucks per month after fees) to ex-SunRocketeers was impressive as well. And after SunRocket bailed ship with $200 belonging to me I'm happy to return to monthly billing.

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Review by ryeny3 See Profile

  • Location: Rye,Westchester,NY
  • Cost: $1 per month (month by month)
Good "Low price. Call quality."
Bad "None"
Overall "Great company."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Very low price for former SunRocket customers. Easy setup. It only took a few minutes to establish service using an Innomedia adapter.

Since the introductory price was so cheap, my expectations were low. I was surprised to find great call call quality and outstanding customer service. After problems porting my numbers, both a tech support rep and a manager followed up. The rep called to confirm that everything was working properly.

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