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Six Month Rating

bullet 199 reviews (160 good) (3 bad)
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Review by garys_2k See Profile

  • Location: Farmington,Oakland,MI
  • Cost: $6 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Call quality, service response, prices, call treatments"
Bad "None so far"
Overall "Way to go! Still thumbs up after DDoS and Sandy."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update Dec-2014
Still works great, still boring without drama or wondering if it will work, still loving the call treatments and telemarketer block, still enjoying the lack of issues. Still a 5/5 score.

Update Mar-2014
No issues, still great service, just to update the cost downward since we're on PAYGo and we're not using the phone so much.

Update Sep-2013
Excellent service, as expected, ever since the Hurricane Sandy incident. They've added some major new features, no cost increases, and reliability has been back to 100%. It's been many months since they've had problems and I don't even give my phone service a second thought. I still continue to HIGHLY recommend them!

Update Nov-2012:
Callcentric withstood some major challenges over the past 60 days, a blistering DDoS attack on their border controllers and a complete loss of power at their data center as a result of hurricane Sandy's flooding.

They managed the DDoS attack by adding hardware and new gateways (based on ports communicated via SRV records) as the attack proceeded. I was able to maintain service by registering with Callwithus, a competitor, and having inbound calls sip-forwarded there. I used Callwithus as an outbound provider during that time, as they allow the user to set their outbound CID. I set mine to my number registered as my DID line at Callcentric and inbound and outbound calling was back to normal.

The data center power outage was more problematic. Service and their websites were down for about four days -- I could still make calls via Callwithus but no incoming calls could be received. I'm willing to cut them slack from this 100 year event (more likely a 200+ year event), so while inconvenient (this is a home phone, backed up with cell phones) it didn't cause any lasting issues.

Update May-2012:
Still the very best choice (IMHO) for home VOIP I've heard of. I wish I'd started with CC to begin with, no regrets at all. Crystal clear, totally reliable and plenty of flexibility.

Update 1-Aug-2011:
This is getting boring, but that's in a really good way! I recently used the call treatments (sort of a small scale PBX-ish thing) to reroute some incoming calls from a particular number -- it worked great! This also diverts all incoming toll-free calls to voice mail.

So, another bunch of months and still nothing ugly. The 5/5 rating remains...

Update 10-March-2011:
Awesome provider, that's all I can say. NO issues,ever, improved features and totally reliable. Again, the wife no longer has to wonder how the calls will go through, they just DO. I have honestly forgotten that, when the phone rings, that the Internet is involved.

Still impressed with their almost complete lack of "issues" entries in the VOIP Tech Chat forum. Some providers seem to make up most of the posts dealing with "Incoming Calls Ring Busy" or "Which Server Should I Use Now?" type of issues. We needed a no-drama, will work like a telephone provider and absolutely have that with Callcentric.

Update 9-Dec-2010:
Still no issues, Wife Acceptance Factor is high. She has reported OCCASIONAL audio glitches but nothing that has interrupted a conversation. The phone just works, no drama, and we're enjoying the quality. I did drop the Dirt Cheap DID I'd kept as a backup incoming number, but not because of service issues. It's still GREAT!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

My port out from Future Nine was scheduled for 1-Nov-10 and it took place right on schedule. Call treatments have been great to cut out most all of the political BS calls we've been getting, and the phone book feature allows me to CNAM to the cell phone calls we get.

CC's reputation is about the best there is, it's not THE least expensive but certainly in the running (top few). For my use, about 400 minutes in and out per month, it's a wonderful deal.

I'll be back with an update after a few more weeks, but having seen all of the other reviews and forum posts about CC I strongly suspect I'll have a very smooth ride.

member for 10.6 years, 3753 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 15 days ago


Review by punkinduster See Profile

  • Location: Denver,Lancaster,PA
  • Cost: $5 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Much cheaper with more features compared to POTS"
Bad "Like all VOIP you are at the mercy of your ISP"
Overall "Best provider for my money"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

4/16/10 I have been with CallCentric for a couple of years now and I am very pleased that I left Vonage. The call quality and reliability has been better and at worst just as good as my five years with Vonage. The monthly cost in my case has been substantially less since I have a (Cheaper than Dirt) DID unlimited incoming calls along with pay as you go out bound calls. We don't use the phone a lot but it sure sounds much better than cell phone technology. Also the price for their service hasn't changed a dime. No added extra fees!

4/16/11 Just an update to say I'm still happy with the service and enjoy spending the money saved on other things....

11/15/12 We are still enjoying CallCentric's easy to use web site and a Cheaper than Dirt DID. Unlimited incoming calls for less than $3. A recent attack caused some issues for a few weeks but they are back on track as good or better than before. Solid performance and great sound.

12/13/13 Still a happy camper after 5 years of their service. Thanks CC!

11/29/14 I am so spoiled now with the extra features using voip that I wonder why others don't try it. I don't get any more telemarketer calls or late night calls after we are asleep. CallCentric is easy to use to block those unwanted calls.

member for 10.5 years, 3065 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 20 days ago


Review by russb52 See Profile

  • Location: Port Orchard,Kitsap,WA
  • Cost: $3 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Callcentric has saved me a lot of money over the last couple years"
Bad "Please get a west coast server for customer who live west of the rockies"
Overall "I am very happy with them"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

I am very happy with callcentric and their awesome service. They are saving me $30 - $40 a month maybe more and if I add that up over almost 2 years that's a lot of money. I have 2 VOIP Providers callcentric and Phonepower and I like them both. I use callcentric to make international calls.

My wife came to the U.S. in 1991 she is originally from the Philippines. She still has family back there although half of her family lives in the U.S. My mother-in-law lived in the U.S. for 26 years and 2 years ago at age 77 decided to move back to the Philippines to live out the rest of her years. Then came the problem, my wife likes to call her mom a lot but the Phone cards from the asian store are a rippoff and would say 100 minutes for $5 but you only get 20 min. We tried localphone, rebtel, and youtelo and they were better than the phone cards but were still at 11 cents a minute it would add up fast and I found myself paying $40 a month.

I searched for a solution and found callcentric's “IP Freedom “ account which is FREE. I own a lot of SPA 2102's so I created an account and configured 2 SPA's one for us here and one for my mother-in-law in the Philippines. We sent it to her with instructions on how to set it up and it works great. My mother-in law has dsl thru PLDT 1 Mbt down 250 Kbt up and voice quality is great. Since then we have sent two other configured SPA's to the Philippines to her sisters. One works, the other sister is using Globe dsl and can't get it to work.

My wife has 4 siblings in the U.S. and we sent configured SPA's to all of them. I also got my mother-in-law a NY DID that callcentric offers at NO CHARGE so all of us can call her on our cell phones. I feel grateful to callcentric for giving us this service for free. I put money on my mother-in-laws account so she can call any U.S. number and told her to please use it so callcentric can make a little money. She uses about $3 a month.

I can only think of two things Callcentric can improve on :

1. Get a west coast server for customers that live west of the rockies. I live near Seattle and the ping times to callcenteric can be between 70-110ms. Other voip companies have multiple severs. As a matter of fact my ping time to ViaTalk (a New York Company) are only 18ms at lightspeed.vtoc.net

2. The woman's voice used in announcements and voice-mail is pleasant but amateur sounding. I wonder if callcentric, instead of hiring a professional voice person just used an employee with a nice sounding voice. Her voice is ok but not professional or business-like in my opinion.

To wrap up this review callcentric is great and has lots of features great voice quality I highly reccomend.

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Review by Chuck66 See Profile

  • Location: Mount Royal,Gloucester,NJ
  • Cost: $3 per month
Good "Extremely Cheap"
Bad "Sometimes call quality suffers"
Overall "Pretty happy with new provider"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

I switched from VoipO. I was happy with their service, I was just looking for something cheaper since we rarely use the phone.
Overall very happy with the switch. I saving a significance amount of money with the pay as you go plan.

member for 10.6 years, 2060 visits, last login: 2 days ago
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Review by batfell See Profile

  • Location: Ann Arbor,Washtenaw,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "Simplistic, expensive"
Overall "There are better yet cheaper voip providers"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

2014 08 02
Not much to change. They are ok but charge too much for what they provide.

2013 05 31
I am glad to say that CC is getting out of the doldrums and has put in sub-accounts, and they say they are working on an IVR of some sort. Good for them.

If they keep this up, I may consider using them for more than a backup.

Update 2012 12 24
Callcentric continues to be reliable and to sound good. I use it for
occasional outgoing calls, and as a backup if my main vosp, voip.ms,
should fail, which hasn't yet happened.

But every year that goes by shows Callcentric looking clunkier and
stodgier, with its poor call-handling, and that it is unlikely to
change any time soon.

Update 2012 05 23
Callcentric continues to be a decent service, but one that is kind
of clunky and simple-minded. The website has gotten better, though.

I use it for a backup, which I never need, but I have a few dollars
in it so might as well keep the credentials.

Original Review
I have been trying Callcentric as a second line for a few months and
it is not bad but nothing to write home about.

It is like a slightly shabby corner store that has the basic food -
the milk, bread, etc., but that you do not go to unless you ran
out of something at the last minute and can not get to the super

The website is pretty good, and suited to the features it offers.

The features are the problem. CC does a basic job and even has
disa and callback.

What it does not have, or has in an inferior way are:

Simplistic callerid processing. I would have to spend all
day setting up the callerid routing that I can do within minutes
using Voipo, Voip.ms, or Anveo.

No IVR. An amazing lack. Even 2 years ago, the lack of an
IVR would not condemn a voip provider to the second-tier category,
but not having one at this point in voip development marks CC as
fit only for the most undemanding users.

And when I say 'IVR', I am including the call flow processing
that goes with it, things like a time condition, another IVR, call
forwarding, sip url, ring group, etc.

CC has some of these, usually in a rudimentary form compared
to the three voip providers mentioned above.

Its calling rates and monthly DID charge are rather expensive. On
the other hand, it allows you to set up a free account and then
call CC to CC for no charge.

If you are someone who will never grow out of a simplistic voip
provider, then CC is for you; if you are someone who will grow out
of that and will grow into a provider with up-to-date features, then
give CC a pass.

member for 2.7 years, 13 visits, last login: 139 days ago
updated 125 days ago

PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

1 recommendation


I have used around 10-12 providers and consider myself pretty experienced in VoIP.

There is no doubt that if you need IVR or subaccounts, then CC is not for you.

But aside from that, they are a very complete provider, known for high reliability and great customer service.

For most purposes, I much prefer the CallCentric dashboard to that of Voip.MS

For example, I can one-click from the list of received calls to create a pre-populated phone book entry, or create a pre-populated call treatment.

After you posted your review, CallCentric introduced additional outbound calling plans. They are [not] the cheapest provider, they do not intend to be, but they are competitive and they give fine service.

Review by u475700 See Profile

  • Location: Danbury,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $29 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Outstanding reliability, quality and support"
Bad "Some rates might be higher than other providers"
Overall "VoIP at its very best!"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

Update 08/14/2014
Currently have five accounts with Callcentric. Pleased with the features, reliability and support.

Update 03/15/2011
Callcentric continues to enhance their service in response to requests from customers with the addition of the ten latest features in January. The quality and reliability especially to Eastern Europe has been outstanding. This is VoIP at its very best!

Update 11/08/2010
The quality and reliability of the service since my last update six months ago continues to be outstanding!

Update 04/28/2010
It's been one year since I switched to Callcentric. The service and support have been outstanding! My only regret now was that I didn't switch to Callcentric sooner!


Original Review

I was a VoicePulse customer for five years before switching to Callcentric six months ago because VoicePulse wasn’t able to resolve the chronic difficulties that I had with some IVR systems. Although I happened to encounter a similar problem with one IVR system using Callcentric, their Technical Support resolved it in all of thirteen minutes! That was especially impressive given that VoicePulse floundered for more six months before they finally admitted that a resolution was unlikely to be forthcoming.

Although Callcentric might not be the lowest cost provider, I’m certainly willing to pay the small premium for the reliability, quality and support. I also like the additional features with Callcentric that VoicePulse simply didn't offer. The LNP request for my existing number from VoicePulse to Callcentric took less than ten minutes to prepare and submit.


Offer four outgoing rate plans without any commitment. I currently have the North America Unlimited plan with unlimited calls to the United States including Puerto Rico and Canada for $19.95 per month.
BYOD – many adapters are supported.
Flexible provisions for payment.
Peering – SipBroker and iNum are supported.
Web dashboard is very convenient.
Caller ID with Name for incoming calls.
Extensive call treatments - My favorite call treatment redirects my least favorite caller via SipBroker to the captured by monkeys test message from Blueface in Ireland (**275*266300). I also have a second DID so a relative without high speed Internet can make calls to Poland via speed dial at a substantially lower cost than direct dial.


Calls forwarded (other than via SipBroker) and third party calls are billed at the prevailing per call rate regardless of the plan.
Statements and call records are only available online for three months. You need to periodically archive them if you wish to retain them.
There is a safeguard terminate calls at two hours.
Numbers dialed are expected to begin with a 1. I revised my dial plan to automatically add the 1.

member for 10.8 years, 5064 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 127 days ago

Quakertown, PA


29 bucks a month for a voip provider that relies on peoples bandwidth. That is beyond high

Review by natalykm See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost: $7 per month
Good "High quality service and support, clear calls, great control panel, lots of features"
Bad "None"
Overall "Best provider, great service"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

We use Callcentric service at home 4.5 years already.
We use it a lot for both domestic (USA) and international calling to Russia, Uzbekistan, Israel, etc.
The call quality is always excellent.
Their website is great and lets you control everything you'd need from it.
They have a lot of features and keep adding new ones all the time.
Excellent customer support.

Reliable and feature reach provider - I don't think there is anyone else who is more suitable to my needs (and in my budget range).

June 12/11
I've discovered that a simul/multi-ring is now available - what a great feature!
Oct. 11/09
Still very happy user - so far so good; I'm using call treatments now - would be even
happier if they implemented simultaneous or multi-ring feature.
Feb. 05/12
Recently i had a home network problem and Callcentric customer support helped me to resolve it very quickly. Thank you Callcentric!
Feb. 04/13
I'm using Callcentric for my primary house phone now and I'm very happy about it
and i don't need any other providers, Callcentric does it all !
Aug. 10/14
Callcentric is still my primary and only line at home and I can't be any happier ! Thank you Callcentric for the grate service !

member for 5.5 years, 15 visits, last login: 131 days ago
updated 130 days ago


Review by steve1111 See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $6 per month
Good "Excellent handling of incoming calls"
Overall "Gold standard of Voip"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

NYC Aug 2012. This is a review of Callcentric (CC). CC's handling of incoming calls is terrific.

I have a PSTN phone but I have turned off the ringer and told everybody to call me on the CC phone. I have one of CC's free 646 NY area code DID's for all incoming calls. I have a second Voip phone with a Callwithus (CWU) account but it does not receive incoming calls.

I am happy with CC's reliability, technical support etc but what I like best is their "Call Treatments", a sophisticated facility which gives me full control to determine how an incoming call is treated. My PSTN provider could also provide these features but some features would each cost about $4 per month. With Call Treatments I have allowed friends listed in my CC phone book to call me. In the phone book I can associate a name with the number so when they do call, the system identifies the person's name. But everybody else gets a busy signal and the house is so peaceful without annoying calls from telemarketers. If the CC phone is not working, say an internet or power outage, then the call goes to voicemail. A call treatment ensures that no phones ring on the weekend.

My favorite call treatment is call forward busy line. When I am on a call with one person, then if somebody else calls at the same time the new call is Sip forwarded from the CC phone to the CWU phone. But this feature can only work so long as the phone with the call treatment is registered with CC.

I have three phones enabled to make outgoing calls; a PSTN phone and two Voip phones. One Voip phone is registered with CC and the other Voip phone is registered with CWU. Generally I use my PSTN phone for my outgoing calls and I do not make many outgoing Voip calls. CC charge 2 cents per minute for outgoing calls PAYG. CWU, however, charge only 1 cent per minute. The quality of outgoing CC calls and CWU calls are both good. With permission of my wife I may discontinue the PSTN phone and then I will think about switching to CC's North America 500. This plan costs $7 per month for 500 minutes and it includes 911 coverage. But I will still keep CWU service as backup.

So long as I have my PSTN phone I don't want or need 911 service from a Voip phone. Obviously CC have to abide by FCC regulations. But they are fastidious about 911 coverage even though they make no profit out of this. CWU, however, flatly do not provide 911 coverage.

I urge anybody new to Voip to check out CC. You can try out their Freedom plan which allows free calls to people within the CC network. If you have a relative overseas then you can both sign up to a free CC account and make free calls to each other. With two years' experience I can only repeat, which other DSLR reviewers say, that CC is the gold standard of Voip.

Dec 7 2012. Back to normal after DDOS attacks and Hurricane Sandy.

May 10 2013. Since Sandy, Callcentric service has been solid. They recently added sub accounts or extensions. Many DSLR readers have greeted this with enthusiasm. As for me, Simultaneous Ringing is all I need. What I am enthusiastic about is that Callcentric is in the process of installing its own natural gas based power generator. Which means that service will be even more reliable.

NYC Nov 25 2013. Still providing reliable service.

NYC Dec 2013. They are now providing free porting in of US DIDs. They should have done this sooner; its too late for me.

NYC March 31 2014. Still providing reliable service. To repeat something I mentioned earlier, Callcentric has a call treatment for a busy line. If I am on the phone with one caller and somebody else calls at the same time, then the new call can be directed to another phone. In fact one can even specify that, for this class of caller, the call is to be directed to voicemail; but for that class of caller, the call is to be directed to another phone. There are Voip providers that provide cheaper calls but what is most important to me is Callcentric's call treatment (a) that the phone will only ring if the caller is whitelisted and (b) that I will not miss a call because the line was busy.

NYC August 6 2014. My copper wire phone and my Callcentric phone were happily coexisting. I had been a Callcentric customer for three or four years. I used the copper wire phone for outgoing calls and the Callcentric phone for both outgoing and incoming calls. I had thought about disconnecting the copper wire phone but my wife wanted to keep it. And then overnight, without any warning, Verizon disconnected my copper wire phone. Well, at least I was prepared for this, and now, for the last few weeks my Callcentric phone has been my only phone. And the Callcentric phone has faced this challenge with success.

The most significant change has been that I immediately ordered 911 emergency service for the Callcentric phone. There are two ways to test the 911 service. One is to call 933 and this confirms the address shown to the 911 operator. And secondly, after some hesitation, I called 911 and announced this was not an emergency. The operator confirmed she was in New York City and then, with her permission, I hung up the phone. 911 service with Callcentric costs $3 initially and then $1.50 per month. There does not seem to be a way to simulate an incoming call from a 911 operator.

I am now considering signing up for Callcentric's 500 minute plan.

NYC August 7 2014. I have been pondering my monthly cost. Historically it was about $4 and this last month it has been about $7 and $3 for 911 service totaling $10. It is amazing how much cheaper Voip is than copper wire. Callcentric provides free New York DIDs and being as I live in New York this is a real bonus - a low latency DID with a local number, for free! So I pay nothing for incoming calls. Now that I am going to be making hundreds of minutes of outgoing calls using Voip I have three options. 1) Pay as you go, which is about 2 cents a minute (including NY tax) and pay $1.50 for 911 service, 2) the 500 plan, which is $7 and includes 911 service, 3) a) Localphone's 800 plan which is $1.60 b) Callcentric's PAYG and c) pay $1.50 to Callcentric for 911 service. And I have chosen option 3. So I suppose my monthly costs to Callcentric will stay at about $4 for PAYG plus $1.50 for 911- about $6 total.

(176 paid minutes in July, 504 paid minutes in August)

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Cost: $4 per month

$4 per month would be more meaningful/accurate if you listed the monthly services/fees including typical billed minutes and rate.

For example, here are my VoIP.ms startup costs 2/22-6/30:
DID setup fee (trial DID canceled 4/22): $0.50
DID1 port fee (FOC 3/26): $0.00
DID1 monthly fee: $0.99/month
DID1 LIBD/CNAM CallerID name lookup fee: not subscribed ($0.008/call)
e911 Enabled DID1 setup fee: $1.50
e911 Enabled DID1 monthly regulatory recovery fee: $1.50/month
iNUM1 monthly fee: $0.00/month
Free calls: $0.00, 419 calls, 3864 minutes
Billed pay-per-minute calls: $32.34, 516 calls, 3213 minutes
CallerID number filters (stops telemarketing calls; reduces billed minutes): 41
Total VoIP.ms billing 2/22-6/30: $46.28, 935 calls, 7077 minutes
OBi202 ata cost: $67.31
Savings from canceled landline Apr, May, Jun: [$117.00]
Savings from ~215 AT&T GoPhone minutes at $0.10/minute shifted to VoIP.ms: [$19.35]
Net savings 2/22-6/30: $22.76


New York, NY

Re: Cost: $4 per month

Yes you're right. Over a month has passed since I went 100 percent Callcentric and I have recalculate my costs and post a new figure.

Review by XANAVirus See Profile

  • Location: Lavalette,Wayne,WV
  • Cost: $3 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Very reliable, with a good set of features and great call quality. Awesome support."
Bad "No current problems."
Overall "Stable, good feature set, call quality excellent, support fantastic. Recommended!"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I'm updating my review since it is rather out-of-date.

As of today, Callcentric continues to be my number one choice of provider for VoIP service. I still haven't yet moved my main phone-line or family business lines to them yet but am positive that will be in our future.

When I established service, I also purchased a Linksys PAP2T-NA, and have continuously used that device throughout the entirety of my service.
Now though, I expanded my use of service by installing Android program Zoiper and purchasing a server to run at home and installing Asterisk there, all of which has been working fantastically even over +100ms latency VPN connections.

Call quality remains as stable as ever, no dropouts or missed packets; no out-of-order packets and voice is instantaneous to hear and be heard.
Outgoing calls work as great and cheap as they always have, being less than 2 cents a minute under my Pay-per-Call plan. My service costs between $3 to $5 a month, which a $40 one time charge will pay for two years of service.

I get an email every couple of years to remind me to refill my account, and then after that I don't even have to think about it. There are no taxes or fees so I pay exactly what the service costs me in usage and nothing more.

Incoming calls work great, and now that I have fixed an issue I was having (more on that a little further down), they are good quality with no dropouts or missed calls. I pay for one DID, which is the cheapest $1.95 plan available, and get one free iNum DID (free because iNum numbers are always free, not because of any promo).

From the completely free NY-only DID to my paid DID, the only time I've had a missed call is when my own service goes down and no fault of Callcentric to deliver its promises. I signed up before the free NY DID came about so I never had one, but I hear it works just as good as a paid DID.

Set up of my Linksys PAP2T-NA was flawless, but as I am one of those who loves to set settings I did have some problems in the beginning though those are all gone. A few months I bought myself a server to run several virtual machines on, one of which is my new Asterisk PBX.

Callcentric includes on their website great how-tos for a variety of products including the complex PBX I am currently using. The rest of the website is snappy and there are no broken pages - even the somewhat-hidden directory you can be listed in works.

Regarding their support services, they are absolutely fantastic.
Having been with them for two years now, every single trouble ticket I've opened with them has reached a satisfactory resolution: I have not had one ticket where it was improperly closed.
I also have not had one ticket that involved multiple 'possible' solutions either; every ticket had one resolution that definitely worked.

Their response time is often mentioned being at 30 minutes or sometimes slightly less, even during weekend hours.
I concur with this, I have opened tickets at odd hours or late at night and have had a resolved ticket (not just a response, but a working solution) by the next morning or early evening.

Even for debugging my PBX configuration, they show an understanding of the question far better than that showed by a hypothetical phone support, and you would not expect that year-over-year consistency for trouble-ticket support.

My most recent trouble was that I was completely unable to get incoming calls to be picked up so we could talk - I could see the calls but not answer as I would hear no sound and then hang up. I opened a ticket since I could find no issue with my config; the first thing they asked was for times and dates of the non-working calls.

I provided the info and then they actually showed me a trace of the specific incoming call (having been a few days before the ticket was opened) and then showed me the actual traffic being sent by my PBX - normally invisible unless you run Wireshark or similar software that I hadn't even thought to try yet.
Shortly, they diagnosed that I was sending an extra header that didn't need to be sent and thus my calls were being dropped as I answered them.

What the clincher was that they provided a resolution of 'edit X config and add these certain Y lines here at Z point, then reload' and when I did that it actually solved the problem (and I only submitted the ticket that early evening too, and an answer was had by nighttime the same day).

They even stated they were extremely confident that my issue was with this one header being sent and nothing else, and that if their solution possibly didn't work they offered to look at my specific configuration for me. (As for me, I was all ready to remove my whole configuration and start from scratch.)

In short, I had a complete resolution one hour after submission and it was extremely confident that the solution was the right one, even though the problem was not understandable unless you bothered to capture and read everything that the two servers said in conversation.

I've always been happy with the level of support, even though they don't provide phone support. They do have email support, and I'm sure it's just as good as the website support, but everyone I know and myself probably all use the website anyway.

All-in-all, I definitely believe I made the best choice out of all the most-reviewed and most-discussed providers out there. I'm not disappointed in any of it, and believe most others would agree that it has been worth it.

member for 2.7 years, 905 visits, last login: a few hours ago
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Lavalette, WV

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"From Order to Live"

I don't know what that means.

The 90 days I inputted meant that I have been using it for 90 days.
Is this what it means?

Yes, I've been using Callcentric for 90 days now.

EDIT: I changed a part of my review having now figured out what that means.

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Communication companies should know how to communicate!

Having been in the business, I know redundant data centers are tough to maintain, especially when you talk about webservers and PTSN connections.

I found the Twitter feed to be frustrating as I get different responses when I'm logged in and when I'm not. Actually more tweets for @CallCentric appeared when I was NOT logged in!

Having a redundant website that could at least inform users there is an issue and some means of intercepting inbound calls with an announcement the service was down would have been a lot better than nothing at all.

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Re: Communication companies should know how to communicate!

Why would having a redundant website that could inform people about issues and having calls intercepted telling you the service is offline be better than nothing at all?

Technically, it's still nothing since it does not accomplish anything - it does not lead to a solution.

It's simply a placebo effect, that makes you feel that they're doing something.

The reality is that if the service hadn't been down such a website and redirection would be unneeded.

Please, explain to me your need for the previously mentioned things.


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Thanks for the update.

I agree... CallCentric does a fine job of completing calls at a reasonable price.

There's other very tempting offers out there particularly from upstarts.

Although not the cheapest, CallCentric is very affordable, and among the cleanest setups I've seen for a BYOD.

Despite a few very tempting offers, I've kept my office, and many other clients offices and homes with CallCentric.

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  • Location: Coalmont,BC
  • Cost: $7 per month
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Bad "nothing yet"
Overall "I've got first class telephone service"
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While researching about how to get a free phone number and what device and service to buy, this forum kept coming up in my results. I quickly became clear that Callcentric had a good reputation and was generally recommended by people here, who I could tell were mostly very knowledgeable about VoIP. Reading around some more, it also became clear that the PAP2 was an old reliable standby. So, I went to the Callcentric site and signed up for a free number. That cost nothing. Then I went on eBay and ordered a PAP2 for $24 including shipping. I got the genuine device, but see note below. It arrived about three weeks later.

In the meanwhile, I was trying to set up my e911 address on Callcentric. I was so green that I didn't yet realize that I had to purchase an outgoing service before that would be relevant, so it would not work on the web site yet. I opened a trouble ticket to sort it out, and within a short while got a response saying that they had put in the address by hand and all should be good now. I still hadn't paid them a penny! I thought that was pretty good service for free. Anyway, my ATA eventually arrived, and all I had to do was pick the appropriate device on the Callcentric device support page and fill in the corresponding fields on the PAP2. To my utter delight, less that fifteen minutes later I could make a call. I still remember the feeling of excitement when I first herd the dial tone on the phone I had plugged in. My first VoIP dial tone!

The reason I wanted a free number was basically so that I could check out VoIP and see what it could do for me, as well as (hopefully) have a number in my name. I'm currently not the account holder of the landline in this house. After a little while it became clear that the sound and reliability of my Callcentric phone was as good, or better than, my landline. In fact my landline has had several years of background noise and poor sound quality, as well as some weeks out of service here and there. I am extremely pleased that for me VoIP is superior. Before trying it, I had no faith that it would be much good because I am on a rural wireless connection.

Having not yet seen even the slightest glitch, I then purchased a DID (phone number) in the city of my choice. Now I have the "pay per call" plan which charges me just under 2 cents per minute within North America and most of western Europe. A little arithmetic made it clear that no incumbent Telco offers anything near that. With the landline, if you don't make a single call, you still get a big bill - you do the math. Anyway, the DID costs me $5.95 per month, and the mandatory e911 charge is $1.50. Total $7.45 with as yet an unknown amount of minutes. We'll see how it goes. I don't have a reason to use this very much yet (the landline isn't going away) but all out-of-town calls are going to be cheaper so I will be using it more and more. I calculate that if this replaced the landline, it would cost around $15 to $20 per month. Callcentric however, does not provide numbers in my area, and so those poor souls who have to pay extra for calling that mythical "long distance" because they have POTS accounts, would not like it. This is absolutely no problem for my goal of having a second number in my own name. For city folks in North America, Callcentric probably does have a local number for you.

The experience has been very positive. Callcentric service is very good, so I expect that any problem I could possibly have in the future will get sorted out in a timely manner. The sound and reliability has also been flawless - and I'm in Canada and on the opposite coast from them too. Perhaps someone less adventurous than me will not like all the options that Callcentric offers, but I can tell you that the setup is quick and easy. There is no need to do anything after that in order to keep the service going - except of course, pay for it.

In case anybody is interested, here is what I now have set up with them.

1/ One phone number as my regular, personal, number. It rings a phone by my computer for 20 seconds, if I don't get it, it then rings the landline and I can get it on any of the phones in the house.

2/ One free phone number. That rings for 30 seconds, then goes to voice mail. I use that one for official places where I don't really want to talk with them, but want to know if they called. (eg. WHOIS records)

3/ One other free phone number. That goes directly to voice mail, so someone can leave a message night or day, and I will see the light blinking on the phone when I get there.

I would like to point out that there are a lot of free services from CC. Basically, they don't charge for anything other than making calls. They also don't have "bundles" and "plans" and "marketing games" and things to obscure the real value and price. What you see is what you get. I'd also like to point out that this forum is a tremendous resource, and that people here know a lot about CC, and that CC also has a presence here. You can't go wrong.

PS: If someone wants a PAP2, please do a web search to figure out how to get the genuine device. I suspect though, that it is getting a bit old and that there are probably better choices out there for only a few more dollars.

PPS: I am new to VoIP, so I cannot compare related services. That is why I had to vote CC "best" in all categories. I would have uses a lower rating if there had been any problem or fault in any way, but there hasn't been after a month and a half. I can only say that in my case, the sound quality, support, and reliability, is superior to the POTS service offered in my area.


It's been a year now and I'm still happy with Callcentric. In that time there have been a few minor glitches though. One is that a couple of calls have been a little garbled, though not to the point where they were not comprehensible. I understand that this is likely from cell phone connections which are prone to this, but mention it so as to be truthful and remind readers that it's not a perfect world. Apart from those very few flawed calls, the rest have been high quality. Another problem has been with CNAM. I like to have recipients of my calls see my name on their display. Apparently there can be a problem with protocol compatibility between US and Canadian providers. In any case, Callcentric was able to fix the problem when I pointed it out.

Also, I've since added a second number. Originally I had a free NY number in addition to my paid DID. When I lost it due to my negligence in maintaining it, CC simply gave me the same number back when I requested it. Anyway, I decided that I didn't want that to happen again and was happy that they could convert that number to a Pay Per Minute account which is only $1.95/mo.

One thing I would note at this point, is that the few interactions with them that I've had so far have been very good. I am particularly impressed with their ability to read all of my writing and respond to all of it clearly. To some this may seem obvious, but I've noticed that not all support has this high level of linguistic understanding.

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Please check again CC coverage of Canada soon

Thank you for the exciting and detailed feedback!

Regarding your local [rural] coverage - please check in again within a few days (literally). Callcentric will be greatly expanding its coverage of Canadian rural and northern territories. I have good basis to believe that your local village will be covered too.

Speaking of PAP2 - it's sure a good device, but unfortunately, Cisco has dropped its support of PAP2 many years ago. The firmware lacks many important features compared to newer devices (T.38 fax support is one of them, but there are many more related to registration and stability).

On another hand - even a genuine, OEM hardware gets older even when not in use, totally new, while waiting on shelves to be sold.

Electronic equipment may go out of order without regard of being used or not (on occasions - especially, when was not used at all) - because printed boards may have hidden tensions which may break tiny soldered connections, electrolytic capacitors get dry thus lose their characteristics, etc. As of today - PAP2 is 10 years old device. It used to be a great device, but today it often causes "unexpected" jokes to its owners. It may lose registration by itself. It may drop a call in the middle. It may induce static to conversations. A power cycling may help, but not for long.

I'm aware of 100s cases when [aging] PAP2 was a cause of major frustrations for its owners (including myself). It may even be a cause of changing service provider with negative feelings toward former one. My recommendation - when/if time and budget permit, please get something newer.

B/w - the same disclaimer goes toward another great legacy device - Grandstream's HTx86/HTx87. Just beware.

Thank you!