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Review by BaoEID001 See Profile

  • Location: Hoboken,Hudson,NJ
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Decent service, when it works"
Bad "It doesn't bloody work, and tech support is utterly unhelpful"
Overall "One of the WORST ISPs out there. Stay far away."

This is possibly the WORST service I have ever used. Their rates and bundles look good on paper, the the service is UTTERLY UNRELIABLE, and their tech support infrastructure is completely useless.

Both my internet and VOIP phone service went down Saturday morning, and I was unhelpfully informed by tech support that Comwave would not do anything about it until Monday. After waiting 48 HRs with no internet or phone, service resumed in the most shoddy way ever: 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off, connecting and disconnecting at random. Tried to use the internet – couldn’t. Tried to use the landline, and was repeatedly dropped from calls with clients and family.

Called support for the third time from a cell, and was told that they’d “already fixed the issue.” Requested that they reopen the case. After nearly an hour, they finally got some semblance of a stable internet going, and I tried to get back to work.

Except, the VOIP service was completely dead. Called support again. Reset VOIP box. Requested a talk with upper management – the shift supervisor promised they would call me at 7pm.

It is now past 11pm. They have not called. The internet became unusable again in the evening, and forcing me to call support for the fifth time.

I cannot stress how horrible Comwave is. Stay away from this scam!

member for 54 days, 0 visits, last login: 54 days ago
updated 54 days ago




eye opener

thanks to everyone who shared their experiences with comwave on this platform. I just got off the phone with one of their representatives less than an hour ago to see what their services are like. She would not give me time to think about her offers, she wanted to sign me up right away and was asking for my bank information and credit card number. thank the lord I didn't give her them. After reading all the posts here, definitely not signing with them anymore, I thought bell was bad but these people sound even worse.
unfortunately there are no really good internet/cable/phone service companies out there who are honest. they all scam us in different ways and we cant do nothing much about it. the government needs to look into that industry.


Re: eye opener

I am very sorry if our sign up process put you off. To sign up for our services we do take payment information (credit card or PAP through your bank). There is never an obligation to sign up when you make a call although it is always encouraged. I assure you there are no scams involved.

If you feel negatively in the way our sales agent handled the call, please bring this to my attention by emailing social@comwave.net with the details as we take that seriously.

Jon (Social Community Manager)

Review by Benkenol See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
Bad "It was a nightmare even after disconnection of service "
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

They do false representation for their services. 45$ +3$ Extended warranty + 5.95$ Access fee. They charged me in total 60.96 $ monthly for 15 Mbps DSL service for more than 8 months. While I was so unsatisfied with the service it was very unstable. There were many technicals problems and service failure. Whenever I have tried to get help, their customer care is either closed or impossible to get in contact with. I started to check with another internet provider (Bell Canada) and they were more honest to say to me that because of technical problems in my area, it is impossible to get 15Mbps DSL connection for my apartment.

I told that to Comwave reps and then suddenly after few months of services almost a year they admitted themselves that my service was never 15 Mbps but 6 Mbps despite I was paying all these months for a 15 Mbps connection ineffective and unreliable. Now they start trying to offer me to lower the cost for my service to avoid my request of disconnection for mistrust.

I wanted my account cancelled but they try to keep me very long on the phone to discourage me and convince me to stay with them.

My credit card that was set up with the account, they took money out of my account without my consent for pretending early cancellation fees 200$ that was not mention upfront at the beginning. I do not know how many people you have scammed and I can not believe you can even provide a service in Canada.

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home phone services

I regret that i went with Comewave company , you are in trouble, difficult to speak to customer services, one to 3 hrs to wait, their representatives dont speak good english, bad accountant, never do any correction in your favour, they change the contract any time they want with adding more charges, i am not going with them anymore or advise anybody to switch to them.

Review by shalz See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "H orrible experience. Guys are scamming. charged extra on home phone. tried to call no answere for 5 hours."

Guysare scamming. Charged me more money on my credit card and now cannot contact them . Triedcalling and waited for 5 hrs in a row but still no answer

member for 1.1 years, 1 visits, last login: 1.1 years ago
lodged 1.1 years ago


Review by amdsz See Profile

  • Location: Pickering,ON
  • Cost: $75 per month (2 month contract)
Bad "Comwave is horrible. DO NOT, seriously DON'T even consider choosing them as your internet provider. You will punch your genitals"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Alright... here's the story.

We switched from Rogers to Comwave because:

A) Unlimited bandwidth.

B) Cheaper solution for home phone and DSL internet.

C) Decent advertised speeds.

So, our service from Rogers stopped and we setup our Comwave equipment. I am no network specialist, but I definitely know how to set up a modem. After setting it up, we had no Internet connection for 24 hours. Tried to call in past midnight, they're closed - obviously. 24/7 technical support is unheard of in North America, I suppose. That's not even the issue. So finally we get a hold of technical support, they troubleshoot, do their thing - after 72 hours, we finally got the Internet to work. Something to do with a faulty modem and a faulty voip modem. Alright. After the internet started working it was hit and miss. Some of my programs that require internet wouldn't connect - some would. I flushdns, renewed, refreshed, etc. Finally after 12 or so hours it started working fully. After that however, every night around midnight - 1 AM the internet would go down for HOURS. I work from home, I am up late at night doing said work. It would be 2 am, internet would go down, and I would have to wait until 8-9 AM to call and get them to "reset" whatever it is they do on that side. Resetting the modem at home did not cure any of those problems. Then for a month the internet was fine, no complaints. I mean it wasn't the greatest but at this point my standards were lowered so much, I was glad I had a constant connection. Now from August 15 up until today (21st) my internet disconnects in 10 minute intervals, constantly. In a day it will disconnect about 160-180 times depending on i dont even know. It will be down for 2-3 seconds, maybe 3-5 seconds and then it will come back up. Streaming movies/tv shows? forget about it. You can successfully browse websites, that's all. So I called in, they said they see the disconnections, they have no idea what to do about it but they see that it is happening and that I have a good connection. So they send a tech out, which costs $75 per visit. Alright. The techs came and said they have no idea why they are here, my internet is fine and that there is nothing they can do about it. So finally, decided to cancel - going with Teksavvy cable instead. I have never been so irritated in my life, I spent countless nights punching my genitals, screaming at my modem and my computer because all I wanted is for it to work.

I hear amazing things about teksavvy, so I hope that goes well.

comwave blows.

member for 1.2 years, 0 visits, last login: 1.2 years ago
lodged 1.2 years ago





I also had a bad experience, cancelled after 2 days. Emailed the Better Business Bureau and CRTC (they slammed my phone number). Just got an email from Comwave Loyalty Department today. Will see what happens.

Let the Better Business Bureau and CRTC know about these guys - the more complaints received by them then action might happen

Review by abankcool See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good ".."
Bad "pricing control issue"
Overall "beware..."

all... consider using the following to file your complaint

My problem with Comwave is they "claimed" they don't have control over actual price charged on the invoice... the target country where you make a call to has this control and if they charge a price different than advertised on the website. then... "too bad"...

they do offer refund on the difference...but the catch is...i have to call them every month... spend 30-60 minutes explaining same thing and wait for them to talk to their supervisor...

member for 1.4 years, 1 visits, last login: 1.3 years ago
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alex aa


Do not comwainterne...They are liares and dishonest

I have subscribed to comwave internet services. I was never told that there is $5.95 carrier fees ( since they use Bell lines) and $200.00 disconnection fees. I was only told this after I checked my account and found the dishonest comwave was charging my account way too much money. When I asked them to disconnect my services, they said that there is $200.00 charge. I will see these dishonest individuals in court. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO COMWAVE INTERNET…..
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Re: Do not comwainterne...They are liares and dishonest

These are very dishonest people , be careful before you sign and
write name of each you speak to.... their Ecare is the worst of all
They are bunch of EDIOTS...... Good luck to you if you sign and after all its your hard earned money......

Review by Ana Holbik See Profile

  • Location: Mississauga,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.

I set up service yesterday and within hours I received e-mail with a 3 year
contract. I called few times today to cancel and there is NO Customer
Representative answering ``Cancellations calls.`` The only Customer Reps
are in Sales, taking advantage of unaware customers. I sent an e-mail
requesting the cancellation. I regret not researching this company.

The authorities and media should take action on this Company.

member for 1.7 years, 2 visits, last login: 1.7 years ago
lodged 1.7 years ago


vj ly



Watch out these guys are scammers!
You will be billed during the 30 day "trail" period and be on the phone all day trying to cancel.
Your bill will not end up being much cheaper than with the big guys who at least answer the phone.

East York, ON

beaware of comwave cheat plan

 PreviewI have bad experience with Comwave I have got their home phone service several months ago today I called to cancel and I been told I am in in 3 yrs term I was shocked because I was told by their sale's person name (Renato ) that I got 1 year contract and if I have to cancel I'll have to pay $50 early cancellation penalty but today I been told I have to pay 29.95$ for rest of term for each month which around 700$ I am stuck now I asked then to provide me copy of conversation with their sale man on signing up date but they are not answering me properly they keep hanging up putting me on hold forever they using all delaying tactics Be aware of this fraudulent company.



Re: beaware of comwave cheat plan

They are ripping off peoples. i registered with them for long distance but the way they charge was fu..... horrible. Representative also said that thats the way we charge. never go for any of their service.



Re: beaware of comwave cheat plan

Thank you for everyone who took the time to post. I was just about to call Comwave to set up new service. Obviously I'm not now!



Re: beaware of comwave cheat plan

I was interested in their services and was trying to research about their service standard reading various users comments but it's sad to see nowhere I got a positive feedback. I'm no more interested.

Brampton, ON

Comwave customer ripping Company.

I called customer services to get procedure how to return Phone adopter after cancel service. The customer’s services representative was unable to give me address and his accent was not understandable I request from him to send me an email with return address, but as usual come wave did not reply. Please send me information where to send or drop phone adopter so I can get my money back. I am extremely not happy with your customer’s services and phone services, out of three months I did not make a single successful call from your service your tech support was blaming to my internet and phone set, now new provider is giving excellent phone quality and lower than your price. I have no regrets to even pay 50 dollars to cancel my number even I never had contact with you. You guys are ripping to customers, your home phone package are not worth to money you are charging money. I paid more than 230 Dollars in three month for not a single successful cal and I am struggling to get me deposit. Now I am Paying 9/95 with 25 features for home line and excellent service fast and knowledgeable customer services and very good phone adopter no security deposit for phone adopter no cancellation, They are not asking 50 Dollars for oscillation to release my number and they is G-3 Telecom.



Re: Comwave customer ripping Company.

I had the same issue with company CONVERGIA. They never pick up the phone and just started sending me hefty bills every month.
Be aware of these companies comwaver, convergia etc.
Better pay little more to telus, Shaw etc.


i want to sue comwave i am in depression just because of its lies. could someone help me how could i proceed further?

Bob from BC


Re: Comwave customer ripping Company.

Find them on Facebook and give them hell.

Review by budarickmilt

  • Location: L9S1S
  • Cost: $29 per month (month by month)
Good "The sales pitch"
Bad "They lied about the free months trial and charged me anyway and kept the money"
Overall "Its a scam"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Please avoid comwave. I was offered a 30 day free trial and all I had to
do was pay
for shipping. I called and cancelled after 10 days and returned the
adaptor but got charged the monthly fee of $29.99 plus tax anyway and after
speaking with them, I was told there is no free trial with the month to
month payment plan. They are con artists and I would certainly not want to
work in their customer service dept. I called my credit card company who
stopped any further payment to comwave and were kind enough to absorb that
29.99 fee. Lucky me.

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
lodged 1.8 years ago




Comwave - the worst experience!!

I also signed up for Comwave and ended up paying a $50 installation fee even though I set it up myself and after I was locked into a 3yr contract I was billed another $100 for a security deposit on the equipment.
The quality of the telephone service is terrible and my calls have been dropped more times than I can count. I would not recommend Comwave to anyone.



Re: Comwave - the worst experience!!

Thank u very much. I was going to with Comwave .Comwave sales rep phone me every day.



thanks for the advice they tried to offer me today to go with their service and i had to research before switching to them cause i like my internet service but if there is a lot of drop calls i can only imagine how many lag spikes i can get in a game
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Comwave is so bad I regret ever joining them why did I ever make the change I would never recommend them
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Oakville, ON
Yes. Comwave are reeping off the people. We must stand up against this crooks. I am going to place a complain with BBB and (?) RTC.
Let's do something Complains o the Better Business Bureau of Ontario, with RTC.


they are the worst company on this planet to deal with. i have switched to disneytel.ca and very happy.


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keep away from COMWAVE

Reading Forum's review stories very much the same, however are the facts. recently occurred to me, I feel a sense of being deceived, the company began to set traps it is a scamp, I joined Comwave over three years is paid 10 months early cancel fee, ended the worst experiences, if you do NOT want to be the next " victim " please keep away from Comwave

Oakville, ON

Re: keep away from COMWAVE

Oh boy! After one month I am feed up with this crooks.



Re: keep away from COMWAVE

Thanks for all the reviews
I was just about to join but decided to check first



Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Purgato
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "BBB rates Comwave - \"
Bad "BBB rates Comwave - \"
Overall "BBB rates Comwave - \"

BBB rates Comwave - "F" (from a possible A+ to F)

The problem why new subscribers don't get to see the numerous complaints against companies like Comwave is because we are blinded by the numerous ads on TV, papers, internet etc. All the talk about being 6 months free is a SCAM! And the lesson I learnt here is never to preauthorise credit card payment!

When I had called the agent in late August, I was told the following:

1) 6 months was free with a 3 year term

2) Any cancellation within the 3 years will mean that you pay back the first 6 months free service, which makes sense.

3) There will be no other charges, no hidden charges, just cancel and return the equipment and pay for the time used.

4) Invoices will be sent to my email account, which I later found was registered as .....@geemail.com - instead of gmail.com.

As I had just moved into a new city, I was busy and only realised about not receiving from Comwave any invoices. When I had called in, I was told that the email address was incorrect (with a laugh) and emails for online registration were apparently sent to ...@geemail.com.

Next, I went on to register and logged into my account to find a couple of invoices:

1) shipping charge of $13.44

2) Equipment deposit $50

3) Extended warranty $2.24 monthly

4) Charged 911 fees on some months but not on others)

When I called in to ask why wasn't I informed of these charges, the agent explained that it was "company policy" to make the charges. Just when I was taking care of this issue, Comwave started charging me for service from the 4th month onwards, when it was suppose to be free for 6 months.

When I confronted Comwave, I was told that it was only free for 3 months and if you want 6 months, you need to port your old telephone number??? If this is true, why was I told that I will get 6 months free and the sales agent even chose a new telephone number for me???

After numerous phone calls and agents who failed to carry out what they had promised verbally, I had launched a final complaint against COMWAVE and was told that the matter was escalated to "higher up" and someone will get back to me. Of course this never happenend.

At this point, after over 4 months of subscription, I had enough of COMWAVE and had called in to cancel but was told that I need to pay the remainder of the 36 months, ie 31.5 months which amounts to nearly $1200 plus $50 to port the number out to a landline company!!!

How ridiculous! It doesn't make any sense, especially when I had paid for that small box, paid for the shipping (I virtually own it). It is not like we are binded to a cell phone company as we had been given an expensive mobile phone. Also this was COMPLETELY opposite from what I was told during the sales transaction!!!

BEWARE! Never deal with comwave! please read the horror stories! Be deligent and check out companies first before giving them your credit card or banking information. If it is too good to be true, then it can't be true!

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
lodged 1.8 years ago



Your Comment


The experience you describe is not typical of our Customer Service. We would like to assist you in addressing your concerns. Please email us your account info so that we can investigate letushelp@comwave.net.

The Comwave Team

Review by Nothappy2 See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $62 per month
Good "Nothing."
Bad "Everything"
Overall "Dishonest, Scam."
Tech Support:

Still not having the service install, when I called to cancel before they installed it and before i got the box.. They refused to return my $12

Stay away from Comwave in all aspects.

member for 1.9 years, 0 visits, last login: 1.9 years ago
lodged 1.9 years ago





I have never dealt with a company like COMWAVE they should be called CONARTISTS They TOOK from my account 530.00 Charge for early cancellations as NOT STATED clear enough in their terms and conditions. I have spent 19.95 for 3 years per month and now This extra 530.00 diveded by 3 years this phone cost me actually $36.00 a month. with Bell now I pay 34.95 + taxes.Where was the savings. On Dec 13 my computer crashed and had no phone as the phone is attached to my computer and if your enternet goes down so does your phone. I called bell and had them give me a new phone line in which in turn Bell looked after the cancellation. We with fixed income always looking to save here and there. If I would have known that COMWAVE would litterly go in my account to take money out I would have re considered going with them.
BEWARE OF COMWAVE. I have asked comwave to reverse charges and after talking to 8 different people a 9th Person informed me to read the Terms and Conditions from 2.04 to 2.09 and there is nothing we can help you with. Now I have Visa helping to argue to reverse the charges.I would NOT Even suggest anyone to go with Comwave as all they say is NOT clear or true enough. The Customer Service seems helpfull enough. The Customer's Service Supervisors have no bussiness sense or comom sense as they read or rhyme off from a tired script thats difficult to understand from different ACCENTS.SHAME ON YOU COMWAVE.

Review by peer2peer See Profile

  • Location: Markham,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Customer care lacks care. Accounts departments ends up billing you more than you owe. Billing department makes unauthorized withdrawals from your account without invoice and seeking prior approval and if they remain unable to do so then their accounts receivable department will start making calls after calls even after you are able to prove that you owe them nothing. Technical support always blames the high speed service provider for their bad sound quality and echo.

This company must stop being a symbol of worse business model that one can imagine. I will not be surprised to see a class action lawsuit once there are enough irated customers who have gone through nothing but trouble with this worse of all VoIP company.

member for 2.1 years, 0 visits, last login: 2.1 years ago
lodged 2.1 years ago


Mississauga, ON

comwave (Toronto on )

comwave company charged $ 377,48 on my visa account, after cancelling the account,and there no contract.when I registered (Aug. 2010 ) I made a plan which let me cancel any time wit no fee,after 2 year I
canceled.THEY SAID I HAD A CONTRACT FOR 3 YEAR AND CHARGED ME 19 MONTHS REMAINING ON THE CONTRACT, plus $50,00 for transfering existing phone number with Comwave to another provider. Comwave company they cheat you, Don't go there.

North York, ON

Re: comwave (Toronto on )

I am running into a similar situation. I was with comwave for a while. I signed up because it was cheap at that time, and there were not many competitors. I realized that too late that they had been over-charging me. I requested to cancel the account, but with company like this one, of course, it gave me hard time. At the end, I managed to call numerous times, including leaving messages, speaking with the manager, to get my account cancelled. But after 6 months, they are now sending me through the collection agency for administrative fees of 50 dollars. This is a company with no business ethnics at all. Dishonest, over charging and hidden fees. Go for other options! You will end up paying more than you should. Heck, get in a lot of troubles.