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Review by ge See Profile

  • Location: Chilliwack,BC
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $29 per month
  • Install: about 192 days
Bad "Comwaves lies about Hidden Charges $ 50.00 + 1.49 each month for cheap rate can not be canceled ; it become as membership"
Overall "Don't even try it."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Don't try it.

I start as in a plan of $9.95 per month and 6 months free with caller ID; voice mail ...; no charges for concellation or even if you deciede to move to new company, not for number transfer. What is end up the quality of Voip is very very poor; I had to use other nb to make my calls, Their customers service did not resolve the problem , but it is opposite they blame my high speed internet while I was use it by Magicjack at same time and it was great. I asked about the features why I don't have them and The response was it is not under your existing plan you need to update it to $ 14,95 ( that was not what I have been told when I sign up). So I unpade it and I got billed the difference as retro and I had 3 months to diciede if I want to keep it or move on and no penalties or any charges fee if I choose different comapy even moving my nb. At that time I was checking for different server. So I called back to be on free plan before I stack in 3 years term. I got to higher plan even become more expensive of my ex-server, I asked if I like to add a cheaper long distance plan for just $1.49 per month and I can cancelled when I like. so I said yes and I was planning to check new server.Also charged a retro too.

Here is how the company deal with me: a bad service , bad quality even when I called them we just being able to hear or understand each other; (very bad), Since the start I got charged higher bill, I paid for their machine ATA $32 for shipping where the machine is for less then $12 on line even is china made. and I have to pay shipping return and for damage if they find anything happened to it.

I called to cancel the $1.49 plan because I don't need it until I find a reliable new server and the answer was no you can't it is not a plan for cheap long distance it is a membership and you cannot canceled now, wow.. croocks. "I can not cancel the service or I loose my good nb, and I have use it on all my information, freinds, works.....", so I told them I will cancel soon the service, then I found that I have to pay $ 50.00 to transfer the nb, I have never been told that. After arguing they accept to give me credit for 3 then 4 the 6 months of $1.49 only and just to stay with they service. Also they don't takes responsabilities about their sales mistakes , I have to pay for their mistakes. I asked for the manager , but it was the samething except I can now cancel the $1.49 plan. I won't be able to get what is my right and to pay the $50.00 added to shipping of the ATA and damages.

Maybe they did not hear about customer is first or get responsibility for your mistake and customers right.

You are leaving you pay $50.00. if you like it or Not , if we informe you about it or NOT.


Please do yourself a favour and don't try it.

member for 2.2 years, 0 visits, last login: 2.2 years ago
lodged 2.2 years ago


Brampton, ON

Scam Company

Hi There, never used their service and being charged CAD 65 for nothing, they called me with big claims about the service no contract, cheap rates but my current company offered me better service and rates so sticked with it. Returned their device and got a confirmation call from one of their departments, but now served with collection agency letter that for not using service i have to pay CAD 65. What a rip off, never trust and never take their calls they are full of S***........NOT TO BE TRUSTED..............thats how they make money, they do marketing through outsourcing I have talked to few they are also not being paid by the company for the services. Please write about this company, I need a number or email for telecom authority If someone can provide me with to make complaints about false claims

Review by shay.porat

  • Location: M6B4B
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Cheap"
Bad "Lousy line quality, many disconnections, bad customer service"
Overall "Don't take it even if they pay you"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

For whoever is weighing which company to choose for home phone I highly
recommend to stay away from Comwave.
I've been using their services for three years, because they were cheap.
Their service is horrible. The home phone line kept disconnecting, and the
quality was also horrendeous.
On top of that they want to charge me $50 as disconnection fee, becuase I
did not return their little box that connects to the internet. I spoke with
their rep a month earlier, and he did not mention anything about returning
this box. In addition he told me that it's not enough that I call a month
earlier, I need also to call the day of my disconnection from their
service. He asked me to call on July 28 (Saturday). I did that but there
was no one to talk with as it was a weekend. I asked to talk to a
superviser but did not get one.

Beware !!

Don't even think of going there.

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
lodged 2.2 years ago


Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Nothing"
Bad "Everything"
Overall "Scam"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Comwave is scam I had it for more than 5 month and I had to cancel my service for bad quality of call they charged me 670 $ for cancellation fee and they said I didn't finish my three months contract. It was the first time I know there was contract. I had to do a complaint with consumer protection. It's scam avoid it

(review was emailed from domain banquelaurentienne.ca)
lodged 2.4 years ago




Comwave a Scam Company playing within Laws

Hi Guys

A warning for everyone!!!

I got trap with the COMWAVE COMPANY and spend four years of forced contract with them. I am still stuck with them to pay unnecesary cancellation charges. (Which I donot have to but agreed to pay $ 101 to get rid of them)

I have been there forced customer since Sept 2006. and they renew your contract automatically without taking your conscent. at my renewal anniversary date in 2010 they agreed well before renewal that they provide me month by month basis service and requested not to disconnect services. Specifically their target is new comers to the country looking for cheap deals.

In January 2012, when I request to disconnect my services due to their bad services (Suspended serives for over a week, How to trust comwave service when u get disconnected from the rest of world for weeks) and overbilling, they gave me news that I am in a contract and have to pay cancellation fee of 103 dollar after return of equipment. (I returned their equipment ($ 50 value modem).

You people be surprised that instead of adjusting my bill from 153 dollars they added another bill after cancellation of $ 101 and send my case to collection department as a punishment for cancelling the services.


Currently I am fitting my case with the help Commissioner of Complaints for telecommunication companies.


Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: m2m3a
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I had a very bad experience with Comwave and my advice to you is avoid
They advertise a free 6 months free trial, the first 3 you can cancel
without questions. Guess what? They charge you $50 for that without tell
you first when you join.
The connections were very bad most of the time, the other parties
couldn't hear me properly (I have Panasonic Phone sets, 2 years old).
The modem is taking down the Internet upload/download speed even when I
don't talk over the phone.
For long distance calls I called them to ask about the rates if I simply
dial the number without any long distance plan. They told me it was 3
cents per minute. Guess what? They charged me 20 cents per minute almost
7 times more. I called them and they agreed to credit me but only to my
account. When I told them I cancelled the service with them they said
they cannot credit me under the circumstances.
I had to escalate to get from them the promise they'll reimburse the
When I joined I specifically asked them not to charge any invoice to my
credit card. Guess what, they charged my credit card I used to pay for
the modem shipment. The superior manager told me that they only charge
credit cards, they don't have any other payment method, though the call
centre and the supervisor admitted their mistake and they said the bankk
account is available for payments.

Bottom line: they cheat you and they make you're life miserable on your
hard earned money.

(review was emailed from domain teksavvy.com)
lodged 3.2 years ago


Review by cpedley8 See Profile

  • Location: Welland,ON
  • Cost: $35 per month
Good "good customer service for the most part"
Bad "HIDING INFORMATION ABOUT PENALTIES for not returning adapter on time"
Overall "Good as long as you don't intend to go elsewhere or they will get you"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I was getting good service with Comwave until I noticed that Vonage had a service for about $15 less with 500 minutes, Canada and the U.S. free calls.

So I even phoned customer service to tell them I would be switching unless they had a plan that was equivalent which they DID NOT.

They DID NOT TELL ME TO RETURN THE adapter. I made the assumption that the initial fee I paid which I believe was $60 was to pay for the adapter so I thought it was mine.

I went through the switching process. One part of that is that I had to approve by email the transfer of my number to Vonage.

That was all accomplished on the 6th of November, 2006. I made the assumption since Comwave had to send me the permission form and it was sent back to them, that like a normal phone company, they then knew that I was cancelling.

About 1 month later, I noticed they charged me for the whole month of November, even though the transfer was on the 6th AND I made NO calls since I was out of the country from October 31 - November 12.

I was told that since I didn't officially cancel they were keeping the payment. I checked their terms of service which DID NOT MENTION that you had to verbally cancel.

I informed them of that fact and still was told that I "could have used their system still" even tho my phone number was switched to Vonage. When I asked how, the individual ducked the question and just repeated his comment.

He also mentioned NOTHING about returning the adapter

I also complained to Visa about this and they told me to wait a few weeks. When I called again they told me it was too late to get back the money. Upon pushing Visa gave me back $15.

Then I noticed in February that two days after I had returned the adapter, THEY CHARGED ME $250 for NOT RETURNING THE ADAPTER!!! The adapter sells online for $109 - $149 so the penalty was excessive and not in line with the price NOR was it justified since they DID NOT TELL ME TO RETURN IT!

Visa did refund that money to me after faxing numerous proof pages to them.

Bottom line - service is good but ASK ABOUT ALL CHARGES OR YOU WILL GET STUNG!

member for 6.8 years, 26 visits, last login: 4.1 years ago
updated 6.8 years ago