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Citizens Telephone Company page on DSLReports
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Review by CPUKiller See Profile

  • Location: Etowah,Henderson,NC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Pretty reliable"
Bad "It's like living in 1998 with 1.5mbit as the only package, expensive"
Overall "You have no other choices, CitCom has a monopoly. Move aross the county line and get BellSouth or Mediacom if you can"

CitCom is the only choice here, and there are 2 available packages: dial-up or 1.5mbit DSL.

It's like living in 1998, but at least it's really reliable.

CitCom is going to be bought by Comporium, maybe they will upgrade the equipment and get us better speeds, but maybe not. From what I hear, they are just a monopolostic and uncaring as CitCom is now, so the only way they'll upgrade the equipment is if they think they will make a lot of $$$ from it.

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