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Review by tanyapaige See Profile

  • Location: Blooming Grove,Navarro,TX
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Broadband service available in a rural area"
Bad "Service is spotty and very low speeds."
Overall "If there was another option I would take it."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I can see the tower from my living room window - it is all of 1000 yards away from me, yet my speeds are some of the WORST. Using speediest.net tonight, I show download speed at 1.01mbps and upload at .11 mbps Followed up with pingtest.net and got ping 265 ms and jitter 72 ms.

If I had another option, I would be on it. For $50 a month, I have yet to reach even close to their advertised speeds. I am very glad I didn't fork out the $100 per month package.

6/2/13 Update:

I am sitting in Starbucks in Ennis so I can access the Internet since I need it for work and school. I have now been without any service at all for three weeks. Have left 5 voicemails and of course no call back. But they did manage to bill me on time in full again. I am so sick of them. I have a pasture if someone wants to put a tower up we can all use - this really is ridiculous. Filed a BBB complaint - maybe then they will call me back? I know it's the only option where I am....But how do they stay in business? This really is ridiculous. Spotty Internet was better than this.

May 25,2014 update

No internet for two weeks. However, the phone does now have a voicemail message on it instead of after four rings disconnection. But of course they still won't call back. I called Millenicom and ClearWire but that is a no go as I cannot switch my wireless. So here we sit. 50 gb on AT&T would cost $500. I have filed 2 BBB complaints and they won't even return calls or letters to BBB. So I can only use my cell phone. Run do not walk if approached by this company!

member for 3 years, 2 visits, last login: 307 days ago
updated 307 days ago


·Verizon FiOS


Hey I hope I can help out a bit. Seems like Wireless is your only option.

What is your Sprint/Verizon Coverage? I know many people use Clearwire or Millenicom.

CLearwire is 50$ unlimited or 34.99 for 1.5 mbps I think.

Millenicom is 50GB monthly on Verizon Wireless and unlimited I think on Sprints.

You should really try to check it out usually verizon is good in many areas.

·Verizon FiOS

Re: Millenicom

Based on zip code : 76626

You do have coverage of 4G LTE with Verizon.

Go with Millenicom asap! 50GB is better then dial up speeds.. by the way do not go with Verizon homefusion it's more expensive and less a MONTH but millenicom has deals with vzw/sprint.

Cleveland, OH


The thing with the BBB is they have no teeth in making them return emails/letters. They're just a group of people that try to play middleman.

Try court or reversing the charges back to the ISP.

Corsicana, TX


I know your pain! This business must be run by duct-tape and bailing wire. We were out for three days weekend before last and now we've been down the last two days. We can't even see the tower broadcasting this time around. Calling is a joke too. Still get a mix of the usual auto-hangups after 5 rings and a voice mailbox for Melinda. Leaving a message doesn't help because they won't return the call. I have managed to talk to John once and a couple techs a few times over the last couple years and they have been far from the monsters I've seen posts about, but contact is few and far between, especially if there is an issue with service being down. If you have a credit or debit card on file with them, they will autobill as well without authorization. I removed the option for that some months ago when online billing actually WORKED yet they are still doing it. When it is working it's only working well 1/2 the time. The other half the consistency of service absolutely sucks! Don't bother trying to stream anything unless you're capable of buffering well ahead to compensate for the jitter and interference. I've heard they have issues with IPv6, AT&T's lines, lightening striking towers, equipment replacements and upgrades, towers, even that it is the customers obligation to understand the limitations of radio communications and the application of Internet communications to it. Everything except accepting responsibility for having shoddy service. The absolutely frustrating part is their deliberate lack of effort to notify anyone that there is an issue. Just how hard is it to send out a mass email to customers saying hey, we're having issues and attempting to resolve them!! Flat out inconsiderate of their customers!!!! They would probably be surprised how many fewer phone calls they would get if they would at the least have the common courtesy to keep its paying customers informed!!! If other options are available... I'de suggest flying faster than running away from this company and avoiding the technology completly if possible.I keep hoping it will change, but it seems a wasted hope.

Review by mominacan75 See Profile

  • Location: Purdon,Navarro,TX
  • Cost: $107 per month
Bad "horrible"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

We use this service at my work. We are pretty far out and not alot of options, however with an existing tower right across the street from us, we were assured that service would be great. At first, it was slow but reliable. About a month or so ago, lightening struck and they lost all of their equipment so we were without service for about a week while they got new equipment installed. Not a big deal.....or it would not have been if the service had at least improved. However, ever since then it is a gamble on whether we will have service from one day to the next. It comes off and on throughout the day on a daily basis. This week, we have not had internet service at all. When you call, it either goes straight to a full voice mailbox, or if u are able to leave a voicemail, dont hold your breath waiting for a return call. I have been calling theae people for 2 weeks, with no luck on receiving any customer service AT ALL. Yesterday, I left a message saying that i would recommend to my office manager that we discontinue this service, since we are not receiving said service. Surprisingly, or maybe not....I got a call within about 20 minutes. The lady told assured me that the tech would be there that day. Here it is the next day and guess what? Yup, still no service and surprise, surprise.....mailbox full. I am beyond irritated with this company. How they manage to stay in business is far beyond my comprehension.

member for 2.2 years, 1 visits, last login: 2.2 years ago
updated 2.2 years ago




I agree

This company has no regard for its customers. I understand the owner has cussed out a customer for complaining. Hey at least that would be an improvement. I haven't spoken with a live person in a bout a year. Service is so dam spotty. I use this service in my business !!!!



Re: I agree

I agree completely. We have had the same experience since the lightning strike. We have not been able to get ahold of anyone at the company and even messages threatening the BBB and other agencies does no good. When wifi45 worked it worked well but the last two months its been pure hell. When its up its slower than dial up and won't stay up more than a few minutes. Sandra won't call anyone back. They do not update their msgs nor do they offer us a discount for the days we went without. Something needs to be done! If we had any other option other than Hughes net we would have dumped them ages ago.



Horrible Service

We have had this service a year now and we are beyond being fed up with them. Now, with no service (as usual) and the website being down, absolutely no way of contacting them as previous comments, phone hours straight to a full voicemailbox, and IF you get to leave a message, never ever do you get a call back.....we don't have any choice for internet put here in Rice, Tx(except for satellite, which will not work with xbox live)...so to have or not to have is the issue.....which put of a month, we are lucky to get 10 or15 days of service and never afull 24 consecutive hours, and lets not even begin to discus the speed......PLEASE OH PLEASE someone put fiber optic cables in the ground or something.....PLEASE!!!!!

WiFi45 sucks


Re: Horrible Service

We so agree!! This company is the worse company that Ive ever had to deal with. I am currently using my reliable data plan on my cell phone to write this post cause...you guessed it...down again all weekend. And today, tried calling and it rang 5 times then hung up. Tried this over and over and same thing. Their recordings are weeks old when it does work...they never call you back...the only number we have is the 888-791-1638. People need to find their direct lines and call them on it day in and day out when this happens!! We switched to Dishnet and its great but it doesn't support VPN so we had to switch back to this gawd forsaken company. I work out of the home and need to rely on internet to live!!
The people in the corsicana, Ennis area need to get together and apply pressure to these folks! We've never had one solid week of good internet in the past 14 months and yet still pay them every month, the same amount. Go figure!!!

Review by bsherman544 See Profile

  • Location: Ennis,Ellis,TX
  • Cost: $53 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Probably the most stable WISP connection I've had"
Bad "Speeds still low, but it's gotten better"
Overall "If they bumped up their speed packages and maintained pricing, it'd be a no brainer"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Called these guys once before and had a hard time getting a hold of anyone. Finally did and talked to the owner and told me I'd probably be getting a call from their installer (who is a full time fireman) so I waited but never got the call. This time around I filled out the form on their website and waited 2 days and the installer called me and arranged around my schedule to come out and do the site survey. Guy came out and had an assortment of towers to choose from and picked one and got a stable connection and got me installed. Then talked to tech support and managed to get my account set up and I was off and running.

Went with their residential package (1.5 down, 256k up) for 50 a month which is almost short of highway robbery (they have a 2.5 down, 512k up package for 100.00!). It makes it kind of difficult when everyone in the house is on it and online gaming is pretty much out of the question. Doing work over VPN is rough at times but doable.

The installer and the tech both told me that they were looking at bumping up the speed packages soon so I hope that isin't just a pipe dream because if they did then I'd bump up their review.

Overall, pretty satisfied with the stability of their connection coming from Skybeam, but really anything is better than those guys.

--Update 11/13/12

So, they upgraded the speeds while keeping the price the same and things have gotten better. They did have a stroke of bad luck with their main tower being struck by lightning and having a 100% loss of their gear. I was out of service for a week while they got things back to stable but it's appeared that things are good again. While I'd love to see 3mbps, I'm ok for right now with what I have. In the day and age of crazy ass consumption caps, I at least still have the all-you-can-eat package out in rural america.

member for 10.8 years, 2032 visits, last login: 1 year ago
updated 2.3 years ago





Must be nice that you were only out a week. We've been constantly up and down for 5 weeks so far!!! Reliability doesn't even come close to describing this service!! And forget about getting any information from them, they leave you hanging out in the wind, gobbling up your $50 a month because they know you don't have another viable option. WIFI45 is a train wreck!



Re: WIFI45

I couldn't agree with you more. You hit the nail on the head.