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Review by vf14twc See Profile

  • Location: Clarksville,Montgomery,TN
  • Cost: $110 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 365 days
Good "Fast once in a while when it works"
Bad "Extreme lag and heavy packet loss."
Overall "Loads email and web pages most of the time but will kick you out of a game server every few minutes."
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I switched to CDE from Charter internet because Charter shuts down completely for hours at a time and is very slow when it does work. The CDE package is supposed to be all fiber with 10 meg up 10 meg down but it runs at 1 meg down 6 meg up.

Experiencing heavy packet loss on the internet and the TV hangs/freezes up often with CDE. The packet loss is so bad it locks up the browser. Not good at all when ordering something online and the browser has to be reloaded and wondering if the order/charges went through or not. Voip calls often sound like underwater whale sounds with sonar pings added in instead of someones voice.

Ping jumps over 400 every few seconds and goes off the chart often. Tests show 8+% packet loss and 40% speed reliability. Game servers lag out and boot every few minutes.

My cell phone has a better connection to US servers from the Middle East than this fiber hardline in the US.

CDE has sent the techs out several times. They finally admitted that the problem is not the computer or equipment here at the house after several months of ongoing problems. They installed a new box outside and plugged their laptop directly into it with no improvement. They are now blaming the lag and packet loss on whoever they are leasing bandwidth from and tried to say it's not their fault and not their problem.

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Review by Dasgeist See Profile

  • Location: Clarksville,Montgomery,TN
  • Cost: $34 per month
Good "Was Fast"
Bad "SLOW AS 56K"
Overall "maybe if they work out the kinks in lets say 3-5 years"
Pre Sales Information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I had CDE install there service. Jan 9-09 it was the 10/10. they order process was smooth and i was very satisfied. SEE BELOW*

this was a post on a site called topix in which i posted that i was happy with the service. i stated Then the bottom dropped out after the orignal post i made.


overall internet usage has gotten worse. xbox live is hard to play games like halo 3 when you are constantly getting lagged out. Just incase you do not click on the linmk here is the second to last i posted.
i think i am failing to put a point across that i have 10+ years in the IT field specifically computer repair. these problems i am having w/ CDE are the exact problems that i get at work when helping customers. and usually the problem is they clicked on something that either was a fake Anti virus or they just don't know how to go about maintaining there computers Performance. My problem is i can not get a solid answer from CDE on why when i try to surf the internet it is impossibly slow. and my original idea for this post was to steer people away from this service. i was happy the 2weeks it was blazing fast but now these days its as fast as dial-up. most people i have talked to said that they have the same problem but not as frequent to include the cable freezing up on them as well.

yes i use firefox yes i use ad block yes i subscribed to the ad block list my computer is spyware/malware/virus free and is updated. all my router configurations are correct. i have tired more than one router so on and so forth. I cant put this more plainly there is nothing on my end that should be causing these problems nothing.

i have always heard story from my customers that would come into the shop and complain about the ISP. i thought i would never see the day that i would go through this as well. this is my lively hood i should be able to trouble shoot this issues that i am having but i cannot due to the incompetence of CDE. Remember the term "Passing the Buck"

one thing that bothers me is that i do not have a "modem" like att or charter that i can see just a ethernet cable coming up from the floor.

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