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Review by flakier See Profile

  • Location: Norwich,New London,CT
  • Cost: $89 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Great Service"
Bad "Price"
Overall "If you're in S.E. CT you should really get your DSL here instead of AT&T"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Before getting service from 99 Main I considered getting service from Comcast (Cable modem service) and AT&T (DSL). I run my own mail server and other types of Internet server applications so it is very important to me that my connection will not have any kind of filtering or port blocking applied. When you apply that need, the cost advantage of these two competitors goes out the window. With Comcast it is even unknown if an unfiltered connection can be obtained.

I have the "Advanced" speed package which is 1.5Mb bursting to 3.0Mb on the download side and 384Kb bursting to 512Kb for uploads. Typically I seem to always have the full "bursted" bandwidth available. For this I pay $89.95 per month on top of my regular land line phone charges from AT&T. The service also includes 3 E-mail addresses and 1 static IP address. Since I did a self install, the $75 install fee was waived.

This install was done years ago and, had I needed a dsl modem, I would have received the standard self-install kit provided by AT&T (then called SBC). My assumption is this would still be the case today. In my case, I used a home grown Linux box running the Roaring Penguin PPPoE software back when it was first hooked up. Today, I use a Cisco 3640A modular router with a WIC-1ADSL card installed in place of the telco supplied gear. Any of the more modern Cisco small business equipment will work fine if it has a built in aDSL modem (857, 877). The critical numbers you need for setting up PPPoE in Cisco IOS is the vpi/vci numbers. These are the same as for AT&T dsl so you will have the line "pvc 0/35" somewhere in your config.

Customer support has been excellent on the rare occasions that I needed it. The amount of outages has been rare The Linux and Cisco devices are both supported access devices and when you call there is no long and annoying phone tree to navigate. This is a small ISP, so you can get to know who works there and they know you so you don't waste hours with rebooting and other nonsense style troubleshooting that large ISPs make you tolerate. They will setup reverse DNS for you and once they even loaned me a DSL modem for testing when there was a line issue. They call AT&T on the customers behalf for line issues.

Overall, anyone looking to get basic DSL service should look here first before looking at a large provider.

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