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Review by tschmidt See Profile

  • Location: Milford,Hillsborough,NH
  • Cost: $5 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Great tech support, no downtime"
Bad "Shared SMTP server ocassionally gets flagged for spam"
Overall "Extremely satisified with choice"
Pre Sales information:
Setup experience:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

December 2014 update
Nothing to report, service has been stable. Hard to believe it has been 6 years. I originally registered my domain in 1998 to maintain a stable email address and have not regretted the choice. Nice having my own web site to post what I want when I want and not having to deal with the ever changing access rules and security of social media sites.

April 2014 update
Had occasional problems with companies rejecting email as spam even though outgoing SMTP server is not on any black lists. Hosting service found some to reverse DNS configuration issues. Problem is much reduced but still shows up on occasion.

November 2013 update
Hosting service cut in a new server with a different IP address. Should have been transparent but experienced problem being unable to access site depending on which ISP I used. Hosting service of course blamed it on my ISP blocking access even though traceroute showed access all the way to internal hosting service routers and ISP stated they were not blocking anything. Luckily my ISP was able to document the problem. Even internal to the ISP they were able to connect sometimes and not others depending on which transit provider hit the hosting service. Armed with those traceroutes the hosting service was able to correct the problem.

November 2012 update
I had been using FrontPage 2000 to build my site. It has been end of life for years but they finally pulled the plug on server support so I was no longer able to upload changes. Rebuilt the site and now using FTP to update it.

October 2012 update
Price for storage was reduced so annual cost is now $40 per year plus $15 for domain registration.

February 2011 update
Site is generating more traffic, upgraded account from 2GB per month to 10 and increased storage capacity from 100MB to 200. That increased annual cost from $30 to $50 plus $15 a year for domain registration. All in all smooth sailing.

December 2007
I had been using a local hosting service since 1998 ( They were failing so wanted to move domain before I was left high and dry. Was going to use a nationwide service until I discovered another local hosting service, through a member here at BBR:

Transferred domain registration and activated site move. I’m still using FrontPage (too lazy to change) so it was convenient it is still supported. Previous hosting service did not use cPanel so there was a short learning curve. Now that I’m comfortable with cPanel regret not making the move years ago.

My site is simple low traffic, a few hundred hits a day and no active content. Signed up for Standard plan: 100MB disk space, 2GB monthly transfer limit, and multiple email accounts for $30 per year, plus $15 for domain registration. It is significantly cheaper than previous service. As with other hosting services they take care of domain registration transfer and DNS setup. They use enom as domain registrar and handle renewal billing for the site and domain registration via Paypal.

Site has been very stable. Only problem I’ve run into is having SMTP mail server marked as spam. This is a virtual site with many customers sharing the same outgoing mail server. If anyone abuses email the server gets blacklisted, requiring notifying the blacklisting entity to remove it.

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