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Review by Schmutzboy See Profile

  • Location: Tucson,Pima,AZ
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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I have been with StarNet for several years as a dial-up customer, and made the plunge into DSL in January of this year. I was never too thrilled with StarNet's dial-up service, and indeed only used it as a backup ISP, but their headlong attack into the DSL fray got my attention and convinced me that packing up and actually moving to within 5000 feet of a Central Office was worth the hassle, if only to ensure my line qualification for DSL. In January I did just that. Their web pages on the subject of ordering were so thorough and complete that I didn't even need to call them... just followed their instructions and contacted USWest directly for line qualification, package ordering, etc. After the education I received from StarNet on the subject, I was able to very smoothly, and within a matter of 10 minutes, order the 256k DSL line and Cisco 675 external modem from USWest, despite the fact that the customer service rep had never even heard of DSL, let alone know how to set it up for me. The ammo provided by StarNet to get USWest to fess up and get DSL installed worked wonders.

Now, I'll come right out and tell you that I work for America Online, and as of a few weeks ago was selected to help start up their DSL tech support in preparation of AOL's nation-wide deployment of DSL service. I'm now intimately aware of the quirks of DSL installation on every level (including the Telco/RBOC level), and in retrospect, I realize that StarNet's handling and support of the entire installation process couldn't have been handled in a more professional and caring manner. The only irritation is that the DSL support staff is only there Monday-Friday 8-5 (or 8-6?). But when they are there, the support they give is outstanding, and their knowledge quite admirable.

The actual DSL connection itself is 256k RADSL, for which USWest charges $30 for the line, and StarNet charges their normal dial-up fee of $20. (No extra charge from them... nice touch.) IPs are DHCP assigned, and have a 1 hour lease, but I have had the same IP address for 2 months now, even with the computer off for an entire weekend while I was away... from what I'm told, StarNet has plenty of IP addresses to go around, and aren't too worried about rotating them for now. I frequently get download speeds approaching 640k depending on the server I'm grabbing from, and upload speeds at the limit I'm paying for, 256k. Starnet tells me that I'd get a higher upload speed if USWest didn't limit it at the DSLAM, as they have plenty of bandwidth to spare, and don't actually limit speeds at all on their end.

During the 4 weekend outages that I have experienced, StarNet's support (when they were there) had the attitude of "I'm not going to rest until you're back up again, no matter what," and did an EXCELLENT job of keeping me informed during their interaction with USWest. All outages, I might add, turned out to be faulty equipment on USWest's side, and ONLY with the help of StarNet's support group were we able to convince USWest to actually send someone to physically inspect their own equipment. As soon as they sent someone out to take a look, USWest immediately fixed the problem and apologized for their apathy in not believing us that they could actually have some faulty equipment in their posession. The last person I spoke with at USWest actually told me that according to the notes on my account, StarNet's unrelenting support group was the driving factor to finally inspect their equipment.

Kudos to StarNet, from one in the business. :0)

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