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FreePhoneLine page on DSLReports
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Review by pierb See Profile

  • Location: Kanata,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Bad "Service not reliable at all; Customer Support is terrible"
Overall "Do not recommend. Not reliable service."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I do not recommend this service. You need communication line RELIABLE. This is the bottom line.

I am with freephoneline about two months.

Softphone works. Software is very poor, with some bugs but works. However, softphone is not the goal for many of us.

I bought from them settings for SIP device to use normal hardware phone. Firstly, the service does not work properly. There is a city in Canada (Winnipeg) to where I cannot call using hardware phone -SIP phone works only one way to that city. It means that there are possibilities that there could be other locations as well to where one cannot call or from where one cannot receive calls. Conclusion - service is not reliable if you are not sure that somebody can call you.

Attempts to fix it: more than 3 weeks I am trying to deal with their customer support to fix the issue. I was VERY patient. Here is what they do: every customer rep gets information what happened, going through possible issues, as soon as he/she realizes that the issue is on their side they say "I will escalate the ticket. Somebody will call you in 24 to 48 hours. If nobody calls - call again, but only after 48 hours". In fact - nobody calls back and nobody fix an issue. Then I call back in even more than 48 hours - they do and say the same.

Another issue - customer reps behaviour. Here is an example:

After 3 times my ticket was "escalated" I did call freephoneline again and went through same routine. At the end a rep said to me same mantra "I will escalate a ticket, etc...". However, at this time I did not accept this, and in quiet tone, politely started to tell to the rep that it was already done 3 times and just escalating ticket is not a solution. However, I did not have a chance even to say everything. As soon as the guy hears that I do not accept his mantra he started to yell to the phone "Hello! Hello!" pretending that he does not hear me (well known but rude technic to avoid conversation...). Then, after awhile the rep said that he did not hear me due some issues with the line. Then he tried to sell me his "escalation" again, but I did not agree with it. I again told him same things but as soon as I started to talk on this subject he started again to yell "Hello! Hello!" pretending that he does not hear me and then simply hanged up.

This is the way how they solve technical issues. In fact I assume they do not really work on problem solving, but cheating customers just to get them off the phone.

Today I did try to call their manager. They put me on hold, and after awhile they told that the manager is not available (in the middle of working day), and that manager will call me back. Of course, nobody will call me back, this is obvious. I am going to make a one attempt to get money back and if this fails then I will just charge back my credit card.

Once again - communication line should be reliable, and freephoneline does not provide with reliable service. This is possible that it works for some cities and for some devices. But you never know what calls you are missing and in case of any issues you will end up with their terrible customer support. I DO NOT RECOMMEND freephoneline.

09/23/11 - Update:

Of course, manager did not call back on my first attempt to reach him. Then, I called to get my money back. A rep told that a manager should talk to me on this, and at this time he did call. However, he tried again to "escalate ticket and wait" (after number of weeks...) and when I said "No" he said that he will pass it to Accounting and they will decide, but that they have no refund policy. He did not realize that they did not really sold me a product that works. So, they should call me back. They did not. Will wait up to Monday. So, once again - beware this unreliable service.

09/28/11 - Update.

Nobody called back to me after 5 days. I made the last attempt to settle the issue and called back freephoneline. The rep said that can do nothing.

What is clear - their so called 'support' just a shield between people and administration. This is their main goal. They do not have enough knowledge or resources to do anything. So, beware such company if you need reliable phone service.

As for me - I am going to report it to credit card company and charge back as since they did not provide me with the service, and did not want to refund money or fix the issue.

Hope this experience will be helpful for other people.

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