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Review by timgtech See Profile

  • Location: Sarasota,Sarasota,FL
  • Cost: $29 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Wireless works great and has good coverage"
Bad "Speed could be slightly better but not bad."
Overall "for $29 a month flat rate you can't beat it. Anywhere you go you have internet!"

Ideally Autonet mobile is to turn your car into a mobile internet hotspot. But you can really use it anywhere. I can connect to it in my truck from inside my house about 60 feet away and gets a strong connection. You can get a cigarette lighter adapter for it off ebay so you can move it from one vehicle to another. You can also get an 12V cigarette plug AC adapter so you could then take it with you in a hotel room or anywhere.

Plus side is that it's a router and multiple people can connect a once unlike a broadband card hat you can only use on one computer at a time.

I know now you can get MiFi but for twice as much per month and with Autonet you only have to signup for 1 year vs. 2 years. For 1 yr. at $29 you get 1GB/month which may not sound like a lot but is more than a lot of people need who just need to do general web surfing and checking email and keeping kids entertained on road trips. 1GB goes a long way and if you go over ever now and then they don't charge you for it. They do have a 5GB plan for $59/month. Even if you have MiFi it's still not unlimited (or won't be). There will soon be a 5GB cap and you will have to pay overage fees.

Speeds vary depending on signal strenght but on average i get about 500kbps. Not blazing fast by no means but for checking email and googling stuff its fast enough.

Depending on who you are Autonet may not be your best option bu it is certainly worth considering. Their support has been good the few times I have had to call. The setup and activation was fairly simple too. I have had it 6 months and my bill have never been over $29.

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