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RebTel page on DSLReports
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Review by Bogtrotter23 See Profile

  • Location: East York,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Well set up; interesting, unusual service"
Bad "Its usefulness depends on them being able to assign you a local number"
Overall "Ideal for non-ATA owning people. An excellent service"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

13 March 2011
Rebtel continues to do a very good job.

06 June 2010
An interesting use for Rebtel is for calls to people in Canada who use skype. At the moment, there is only one company that provides SkypeIn numbers, and they charge $10/month for the number. Skype itself does not have SkypeIn numbers for Canada.

Using Rebtel, you can associate the local number that Rebtel assigns, with a Skype ID. So when you dial the number, it 'rings' the Skype ID.

If the number that rebtel assigned you is local to you, it costs you nothing, since rebtel does not charge for calls to Skype IDs.

17 feb 2010
I decided to try Rebtel, mostly to see if it would be useful for non-techie relatives who don't want to fool around with ATAs. So I put in $10 to give it a whirl.

Based on a superficial trial, it has some very nice features:

1. Specify people you want to call in most of the first-world countries and, for each number, you are given a number that is local to you. When you call the number, you are connected. Rates are pretty cheap for a service like this: 1.8 cents/minute to the UK, 2.0 cents/minute to Australia, 1.5 cents/minute to North America. The quality of the calls was very good.

If you live in a good-sized city, you'll probably get a local number; otherwise, it may be long-distance for you, depending on the kind of calling plan you have with Bell or with your cellphone company.

2. For each number you have set up, Rebtel also creates a number that is local to the person you are calling. Call him by dialling your local number. When you connect, tell him to hang up (if he hangs up within 10 seconds, you are not charged for the call). Stay on the line. He will dial the local number you gave him previously, and you will be reconnected. No charge to either of you.

This is a real winner if you both get local Rebtel numbers. I haven't seen anything about a restriction on the length of such calls, so assume it is reasonable.

3. Since his number is in your rebtel database and associated with your local number, which is associated with your landline or cell number, if he dials the local number you gave him, your landline or cell number will ring - collect call at rebtel rates (you can make this automatic or require your approval before the call goes through). It's a very easy way for non-techie relatives overseas to call you cheaply. And if they also join Rebtel, they will end up paying for the call (and you get $10 in credit if they join through you). So convince them to join.

4. You can use skype with Rebtel in two ways:

a) Add a friend's skype ID as a contact. Rebtel gives you a local phone number to dial. Dial the number and you ring his skype program. This is a free call.

b) Add one of your skype IDs in the 'manage computer calls' section of 'manage phones'. Do a skype search on rebtel_skype_buddy00 and make it one of your contacts. 'dial' it. When prompted, enter the landline number you want to reach, and it will ring the landline number on the other end. You will be charged the usual Rebtel rates.

It seems to be a very well-run service, with the call combinations clearly set out. I made one long call to a relative in the US, and the sound was good, with no noticeable delay.

member for 5.4 years, 305 visits, last login: 3.6 years ago
updated 3.7 years ago


Review by Trimline See Profile

  • Location: Orlando,Orange,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great Svc to avoid excessive LD and taxes."
Bad "None come to mind"
Overall "Great service, give it a try."
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I came across RebTel via a message posted in the VoIP forum, so I gave it a try.

I use VoIP, but the wife uses at&t which has very high ld rates, 5.00 per month if you make no calls. Activated RebTel on four lines and it generated local telephone numbers for our frequently used international and domestic calls.

I then reprogrammed our speed dial to use these numbers. The system works flawlessly, even on international calls.

What's nice is that you can make a local call from your mobile and have it dial internationally.

I would highly recommend this service.

member for 10 years, 4232 visits, last login: 1 days ago
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