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CapuNet page on DSLReports
No six month summary.
Closed to new reviews.

bullet 88 reviews (62 good) (5 bad)

Review by delmar4 See Profile

  • Location: Alexandria,Fairfax,VA
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $250 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "Fast connection and low pings. Got 16 IP subnet"
Bad "None so far"
Overall "Good connection, good service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I recently switched to CapuNet since my old provider was going out of business. They got me switched over in only 1 day. Everything with smoothly without a hitch. CapuNet has better pings and better bandwidth than my old ISP. They cost only a few dollars more monthly.

Basically here is the story:

I got a letter with my Feburary bill from Executive DSL that they were going out of business and that my DSL would automatically be moved over to Atlantech. I have a 768kb/s SDSL line. I phoned Atlantech and was informed that the DSL line I was paying $225 for would be $400 at Atlantech. There was no way I would pay $400/month for DSL, so I called CapuNet.

I talked to the sales rep from CapuNet. I told him that I already owned my own equipment (flowpoint 2200), and would need no tech support, e-mail addresses, or web hosting space. We agreed on $250 per month, monthly payment plan. We also agreed there would be no installation charges (They advertise $100 setup and $299/month). I was also allocated a 16 IP subnet.

I got the ISP switch letter from my old ISP and sent it to CapuNet. The next day I got a call from a Customer Service rep. She said that at 4:00 that day I would be switched to CapuNet. She started talking about how they would login to my router and change the settings and I may have a couple of hours of downtime due to the process of switching the line. I informed her that I maintained my own equipment and they would not be allowed access to it. I told her she better have a Technical person call me with the info I needed to update my router.

About 10 minutes later I got a call from one of CapuNet's techies. I told him I needed the information for my router. He said OK here is you WAN IP and your 16 IP subnet. I took the numbers down and said thanks.

That evening DSL with my old ISP stopped working. So I logged into the router, entered the new CapuNet settings and rebooted. It came up and I was now online with CapuNet.

Overall it was a good experience. I told all the reps that I knew what I was doing and they treated me as such.

They won't hear a peep out of me unless my line goes down or they screw up the billing. But if either of these happen CapuNet seems easy to get ahold of a real person to help.

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Review by rob804 See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $150 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 32 days
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "Helpful CSRs; installation on schedule; knowledgeable techs"
Bad "Connection speed not quite as high as rated"
Overall "A good choice for a NY ISP"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

This is a static IP SDSL line for a business running at 384k.

The sales guy ("Rob Smith") basically knew what he was talking about and processed my order effeciently even though I changed payment method a few times.

After that, the Verizon techs appeared right on schedule. There was a problem with the first pair they chose from the house box but that was resolved within two days. The Covad tech came right when he was supposed to and the installation was completed 32 days after we signed the contract.

I haven't had to deal with the Capunet tech folks besides the post-install phone call.

The equipment installed here is a Netopia router / eight port hub combo. The only complaint I have about the service is that they don't allow access to your own router (they change the password) unless you sign a waiver form. If you sign the form you can administer the router but you no longer get free tech support. It's not a real big problem because they administer it remotely and they're pretty good about it, but I just like the idea of being able to play with it myself.

In summary it was a positive experience all around. I will reccommend Capunet to others in the New York area.

member for 13.9 years, 4 visits, last login: 11.4 years ago
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Review by napolija See Profile

  • Location: Laurel,Prince Georges,MD
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "Help Desk, and Technical Personel."
Bad "They use COVAD."
Overall "Once you get them you are fine, but dealing with COVAD is painful."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have not had a single complaint with CapuNet other than they use COVAD. COVAD and Verison (Bell Atlantic) fought several time as to who was the problem with my service. Finally they came out to my residence at the same time and resolved my problems. The whole ordeal lasted 6 months because Verison went on strike when I was first scheduled to have it installed, but once they came out, it still took another 2 months to hash out the problems with my line. However, Capunet was nice enough to give me a dial-up account while waiting, free of charge, that was a nice touch. So be warned COVAD sometimes has serious problems doing their installs, but you can't wrong with CapuNet.

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Review by JDell See Profile

  • Location: Arlington,Arlington,VA
  • Cost: $59 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "Good performance (band width / low latency); Tech Support answers the phone / No on-hold"
Bad "Difficult to reach sales to begin with; Had to call tech support to reach sales"
Overall "Capunet is Great! Excellent performance and helpfull people"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Lost my FLASHCOM DSL account when I moved in July. Flashcom could not get me hooked back up. Earthlink could not either. Capunet got the job done. Capunet costs a little more, but the customer service and tech support people care and are really good. On-line performance rocks. I guess you get what you pay for.

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Review by gschrok See Profile

  • Location: Falls Church,Fairfax,VA
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "Good sales assit., prompt service, Verizon keeps showing progress, but...."
Bad "Verizon seems to have problems getting its act together"
Overall "Capunet is doing great but Verizon is being kind of iffy but they are putting time and effort into fixing it."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:

This is going to be my diary of my Capunet DSL experience:


Morning: The hole is still there in my neighbors yard. Verizon has not closed it yet and the status is unknown.
Evening: Got home around 6:30 and found a Verizon truck parked in front of my house. Found the technician who was here to do an install of the DSL for Verizon outside of the house. He told me that the ground fault issue had not been resolved so that he could not do the install. I told him about the open trench and we walked over so I could show him what was going on. He said it looked like they tried to fix the ground leak and not install a new line. But what ever they did not work. Since I had a ground leak he said that they moved my two analog lines onto a single pair of ISDN to make both lines work. I told him that my wife had complained about the quality of the line and I told him I could no longer connect to my ISP at 56K only 28.8. He said that was normal when ou were sharing voice lines over ISDN but that when DSL was up that issue would resolve itself. Well I'm sitting here with baided breath wondering what Verizon is going to come up with next.

Also go an email at 4:11 that Verizon was boing dispatched for the new install.


Came home to find a nice trench dug in my neighbors yard (6'x 2' x 3). There is a 2 inch thick trunk going through it and it seems that they have tapped 4 1/2' wires of off it. I am curious to see how they are going to go from there to the house. From what I was told 4 people were working on this job.


Verizon was by the house with some kind of heavy equipment, because of the track marks they left behind, and the filled in dirt that I found on the property.


Verizon dispatchers sent a technician out to the house to do run some tests with Covad. After they had run the tests he told me that one of the two lines into my house was bad but that they were able to support my two analog lines by doing some kind of special wiring. He told me I was out of pairs, so they (Verizon) would have to run some new wires. The Verizon tech was very helfull and even gave me his name and beeper, so that I could get a status later on this evening. The wire running would have to be done by Verizons wiring crew, I was told this was this was relatively simple and would not cause to much trauma to my lawn. I hope the dual dispach of testers in not a sign of things to come, this summer I had two distinct cabling crews from Verizon digging up my yard (one with a bobcat) to fix the same problem for one of my neighbors.

The plot thickens!!!!!


I have changed my ratings because the technical issues that were found are not related to Capunet or Covad.

This morning I received the following email:

Subject: Covad DSL Installation Appointment Cancelled for Order XXXXXX
Add Addresses

We regret to inform you that the Covad DSL installation that
was originally scheduled for 12/6/2000 between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
has been
postponed due to Loop Delivery Problem.

The DSL installation was to occur for the following location:


Please review the above information. If this information is not
valid, please contact either CapuNet, LLC
or customercare@covad.com to avoid further delay with the
re-scheduling of your installation.

As soon as a new Covad installation is scheduled you will
receive an email with the date and time. We apologize in
advance for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Covad Customer Care


My father-in-law who happend to be at home told me that the Verizon technician who ran the test, found a problem. He was told that there was a "Ground Leak", and that another Verizon tech would be out to fix it, and that it would take about 14 days.


Received following email from COVAD:

Subject: Covad DSL Installation Date

We are pleased to inform you that a Covad DSL service
appointment has been scheduled. All previously received
Covad DSL service appointment dates, if any, should be considered
canceled and rescheduled to this date.

Covad DSL Service Date: 12/6/2000 between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Order Number: XXXXXX

A Covad technician will bring the new data line in from the
phone box to the room or office where you wish to have the DSL
modem installed. Access to these locations is required for
a successful installation. If the new data line is being
installed in an apartment building or a multi-story structure,
please notify your building management of this date so that access
to locked basements or locked phone closets can be arranged.

The Covad technician will perform the following:
1. Connect the new data line to where you have specified the
DSL modem to be installed. This may require inside wiring
to be performed.
2. Configure the DSL modem and test with CapuNet, LLC
for access to the internet using the Covad technician's laptop.
3. Connect the configured DSL modem to the newly installed
data jack.

The Covad DSL service appointment generally requires 2 hours.
Please contact CapuNet, LLC
if you have questions or concerns. Or reply to this email
if this date is not convenient.

Thank you,
Covad Customer Care


Verizon (BA) called me because they were at my house and wanted to confirm the current services that they were providing, and to tell me that they would be doing the turning on the line to the CO. They told me that CAPUNET would be the one to visit my house to do the indoor wiring. I'm getting excited, cant wait.


Verizon (BA) showed up as promissed. They added a grey box next to the box for my two voice lines. I guess that is a good sign. My only concern is what I'm reading about COVAD and some of their ISP's in the media. I'll be asking CAPUNET about their financial well being when I talk to them again.


Got a phone call from my Capunet account rep stating pretty much what was in the email.


Received the following email from COVAD:

> We are pleased to inform you that we have received a
> committed delivery date from Verizon (BA South) for the
> new data line. All previously received committed delivery
> dates, if any, should be considered canceled. Upon
> confirmation of successful delivery of the new data line
> by Verizon (BA South), Covad will schedule a date for
> the Covad technician to complete the DSL installation.
> Verizon (BA South) Delivery Date: November, 29 2000
> Covad DSL Order #: xxxxxx
> Company: xxxxxx
> Name: xxxxxxx
> Address: xxxxxxx
> xxxxxxx
> Phone Box Location: Outside Premises.
> If the new data line is being installed in an apartment
> building or a multi-story structure, please notify your
> building management of the date (November, 29 2000)
> so that access to locked basements or locked phone
> closets can be arranged. If access to the phone box is
> restricted due to a fence or enclosure, access will
> need to be provided. The Verizon (BA South) technician
> will not be able to complete delivery without this access.
> Please note that Verizon (BA South) has all day to
> complete this installation and you may or may not physically see
> or hear from them while they are on-site.
> **************IMPORTANT*******************
> If your local phone company is Bell Atlantic,
> GTE-Eastern Time Zone, or your phone box is inside,
> locked or otherwise inaccessible, then you or someone
> over the age of 18 are required to be present when
> the line is delivered by the phone company.
> Thank you,
> Covad Customer Care


Talked to Capu.Net sales and discussed the options that I had. Decided to go with the Residential RADSL service 608/128. I asked the sales person to email me the docs which I got within 5 minutes, I filled out the paperwork and faxed it back to them. Within 30 minutes I got am email stating that my order was input in the system and it incleded the name of my account manager with phone number and extension. I proceeded to call him and to tell him that I was put in the queue and to expect my order to come accross his desk.


Received nice email from account manager introducing himself and the organization. How they all customer oriented and that if I have any questions to please contact him (included his phone number and email) or to contact his supervisor (phone number) if I could not get ahold of him. The message concluded with the following P.S.


> In order to give you a better idea of what to expect during your DSL
> installation, we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions,
> better known as FAQs. Please click on our site with your browser and see how
> well we have anticipated some of your questions:

> »support.capu.net/faqdslinstall.html
> »support.capu.net/checklist.html

> If after reading our FAQs, you still have concerns or questions about
> the installation process, please contact me.
> After your installation is completed, you will be contacted to verify
> that the procedures were handled smoothly. I'll remain your main point
> of contact at CapuNet, and I'll be sending you an e-mail explaining how
> and when to contact some of our other helpful departments, including:

> Customer Care -- capucare@capu.net
> Sales -- dslsales@capu.net
> Billing -- billing@capu.net
> Tech Support -- support@capu.net

Got got a nice email from COVAD welcoming me and thanking me for my business. It has the order info on it and a list of things that will be happening, and for me to verify the info. Here is an exerpt of the installtion services from the email:

> There are two steps to the DSL installation process:
> 1. Verizon (BA South) will deliver your DSL service with a new data
> line to your telephone box. You will be notified of this date
> via email as soon as we are notified by Verizon (BA South). The
> local phone company technician will need to visit your
> location, requiring someone to be home. When we install a
> new data line to your apartment building or multi-story
> structure, please notify your building management of this
> date so that access to locked basements or phone closets
> can be arranged.

> 2. Covad DSL Installation
> A Covad technician will bring the new data line from the
> telephone box to the room or office where you wish to have
> the DSL modem installed. All that is required is access
> to these locations. If we install your DSL service to an
> apartment building or a multi-story structure, please notify
> your building management of this date to provide access to
> locked basements or locked phone closets.
> At this time, Covad will set up your DSL modem and service
> in your home and ensure that your DSL service is configured
> properly.
> Thank you for ordering Covad-CapuNet, LLC DSL.

More to come.....

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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Washington,District Of Columbia,DC
  • Cost: $99 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "Capunet DSL Rocks"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Although it took 4 months from ordering my dsl to installation today, I am
extremely happy. It took 15 visits from Verizon before they got the dsl
line into my house, 1 visit from Covad and it works. No fault of capunet,
the delay was all verizon. They sent out inexperienced, bordering on
incompetent techs to get the second line into my house. I have just tested
my line to capunet, 2100Kbps down, and 350Kbps up. I am paying for 1300
down and 540up. So overall, I am extremely impressed. 4 static ips all
work, and there is no latency across the capunet backbone, less than 10ms
per hop through the capunet core to above net, their upstream providor.
Tracing to worldcom and exodus, no latency all the way down. A happy
capunet customer


(review was emailed from domain loudcloud.com)
lodged 14 years ago


Review by dcnewbie See Profile

  • Location: Washington,District Of Columbia,DC
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "Connection was great, problem came when I moved and wanted to move my connection."
Bad "Initially they told me it would be no problem, then cancelled my order."
Overall "Did not act as if they cared whether or not I stayed a customer."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

12/3/00- New material added regarding moving my connection:


I ordered Netsurfer DSL (rated at 608/128) through Capunet, with a static IP. I give Capunet a basically good review, but there were some problems. These are relatively minor compared to some things I've read, however, they are obvious things that should have been handled.

Pre-sales Information: excellent. I had a lot of really basic questions, which were answered correctly -- including helping me identify my phone box from a picture (OK, I know nothing about networking, phone service, etc. If I can get DSL, anyone can). Very pleased with my sales rep. He even answered honestly some questions that cut against my choosing Capunet, and I appreciated that.

Install Coordination. Bell Atlantic came on the day promised, as did Covad. They each did their work quickly and efficiently. The Covad technician in particular put forth a real extra effort to get my connection up and working. The day of install was Friday, May 5. The Covad tech came at 7:00 AM, quickly found the correct pair and hooked up the Speedstream 5260. Only problem: No IP address, DNS, or gateway!!!! I knew I needed these, and had called Capunet the night before. The technician assured me this information would be e-mailed to me in time. It wasn't. This is extremely basic, I would think.

The Covad tech and I hung out for about 40 minutes, frantically trying to reach a Capunet tech, screaming at the poor answering service lady, etc. Finally, he had to leave to go to a nearby residence for another install. I'm bummed, because it seems like I won't get my DSL today.

20 minutes after the tech left, I got calls from both him and Capunet. Capunet gave me the IP information over the phone. The Covad tech told me that he was coming back (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't thank him enough). It seems he also finally got in touch with Capunet and got the necessary information. So, in the end, he set up the Speedstream bridge, and I was able plug in, open Netscape, and voila! My first download was Zonealarm, and it was fast -- a matter of a few minutes (see below for my timing results).

Unfortunately, I could not seem to get into my e-mail account working right way. When I called was told that it is down. Well, I know this happens from time to time, but it's not very satisfactory nonetheless. Capunet's failure to have my IP ready when the installer was here the first time and to have my e-mail up are the reasons I marked them down in three categories (coordination, tech support, and mail/DNS/News).

As to the speed and connection stability, it is very good. On long downloads, I consistently get sustained speeds of about 525-540 kbps, about 88 percent, although I also have gotten lower speeds -- mid 300s -- I assume because of high traffic. I've listened to streaming audio and watched video, set up a news ticker, downloaded some large game files in a matter of minutes instead of hours -- it's all wonderful. My latency on Half-Life servers has gone from 300+ to generally something around 100, if I pick a server with a good ping.

I've only had the service for a few days and am loving it. I'm sure the e-mail issue will be cleared up. But bottom line -- Capunet should have had my IP info to me the day before install, and I got lucky to have a great Covad tech who made sure I got hooked up right on installation day.

5/10/00 - Tech support resolved the e-mail issue for me on Monday afternoon, 5/8. Everything's great now. I marked Capunet up slightly in the relevant category.


10/9/00 - Shortly before this date, I put in an order to move my connection to my new adress (to which I would be moving in November). Recieved a "welcome message" from Capunet, as well as one from Covad, their local carrier.

10/30/00 - Totally unexpectedly, I received the following e-mail:

"Covad and CapuNet, LLC are sorry that your DSL order has been cancelled. Therefore, we recommend that you contact CapuNet, LLC
to determine why a cancellation was required and if another
type of DSL is available to you at this time.

As an early adopter of DSL technology, we are sure that
you are aware of the many benefits of DSL. It's fast,
it's dedicated, and it's always on. If in the future,
you wish to try DSL again, please contact
CapuNet, LLC for further
details on how to re-establish your connection.

Thank you,
Covad Customer Care."

When I asked Capunet for an explanation, they told me it was because Covad was not accepting any more line-sharing orders until 2001-even though I was already a customer!

About the only decent thing I can say about Capunet regarding this incident is that they did not try to charge me the cancellation fee, and they left an e-mail box open for me for a brief period. However, they really, to my knowledge, didn't do anything to make an arrangement so that I could stay a customer.

So now I am trying other alternatives, the first one being Earthlink.

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Review by Fenichel See Profile

  • Location: Washington,District Of Columbia,DC
  • Cost: $45 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 158 days
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "They were dogged in nagging Bell Atlantic and Covad on my behalf during installation. Prompt response when router failed."
Bad "They have no control over Bell Atlantic or Covad, and have been uninterested in nagging them re poor line speed."
Overall "Satisfactory."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I ordered basic ADSL (= 608KB down, = 128KB up; static IP) for $539/ year. The client machine is a graphics-centered PII/266 with 384MB of RAM, not previously networked. I put in a $20 Ethernet card for the interface.

Line speed was 400-odd KB/s download at first, then for several days around Thanksgiving was consistently less than 200 KB/s (sometimes around 100 KB/s), now (11/29) is back up in the 500s. During the slowdown, CapuNet and Copvad were prompt in organizing a conference call of debuggers, but when no explanation was immediately evident, they seemed inappropriately ready to write it off as a mystery, and to point to the no-promised-speed section of my contract. Were they stirred to look further by seeing my public comments here?

In this area, ISPs do not generally arrange that DSL will be multiplexed with a voice line, but it was not apparent from CapuNet's literature that this was so. As a result, I learned only halfway through the process that I would need to have a new physical cable between the computer room and the interface box at which the outside cables terminate. As it turned out, the need to get this new cable installed accounted for only a tiny portion of the time (5 months) that it took for the installation.

The router (SpeedStream 5260) provided by CapuNet failed after a few days of use, but they were prompt in replacing it.

Their terms of service prohibit me from networking other computers to the same line. This may become an issue, but it hasn't yet.

Here follows my log of this adventure; all dates are in 2000. XXX and YYY are people.

6/4 sent email to Capunet
6/5 their reply included app form in PDF, but PDF defective. I replied, requesting form in Word format
6/8 re-request
6/9 forms received. Email to them re ambiguity and Ethernet card recommendation
email back with different version of forms.
forms completed & mailed
Ethernet card ordered
6/12 some hangup in order of Ethernet card
6/13 their email confirming order
predicted installation "3-8 weeks"
Ethernet card order said to be OK
6/15 Ethernet card shipped as 1ZXX95350301431871
6/21 Ethernet card arrived & installed
6/22 telco visit scheduled for 6/29 per email from Capunet
6/28 XXX (301-881-4900 x 8020) of CapuNet called to remind me of telco appt tomorrow
6/29 Bell Atlantic never showed up
6/30 talked to XXX; will try to reschedule
7/13 left message, wondering
7/14 XXX called back; no news
7/19 Bell Atlantic showed up unannounced. Will be back tomorrow to string wire
7/20 they are at work
7/28 Covad visit scheduled for 8/3
8/3 no show. rescheduled for 8/8
8/8 Covad man here. Bell Atlantic line defective. Also, new cabling needed between basement and office. Called electrician.
8/31 electrician here. He needs a different kind of cable; he will call 9/11 or so
9/11 Bell Atlantic back. Noise is 14db (OK if less than 30), but one side of line is shorted to voltage source. Problem
found to be in cabling between house and central office; other BA techs will need to deal with it.
9/19 XXX called, to "confirm" BA appointment for today, said (falsely) to have been announced in email. Will try for first
week in October.
9/20 Covad email, offering to reschedule BA appt. I responded, suggesting 2-6 October
9/25 Covad email, advising me of BA appointment for same day (email sent in evening!)
9/26 I responded to Covad.
9/30 new BA appt for 10/3.
10/2 had phone message from YYY at Capunet, wanting to ask me something. Called him (301-881-4900 x8005), left
10/3 BA here. They are sure it's OK now. Sent email to CapuNet, keeping them up to date.
10/6 Covad proposes installation date of 16 October; I responded with schedule of possible days. Now scheduled for morning of 10/18.
10/9 Wiring arranged with NEXUS for AM of 10/13
10/11 Message from NEXUS, deferring to PM of 10/13
10/13 call from NEXUS, deferring to AM of 10/16.
10/16 NEXUS here, but no outdoor cable in truck. That is what they need. They will be back tomorrow, 1400-1500.
10/17 NEXUS never showed; I was here from 1345 on. Email to Covad; spoke to YYY at CapuNet. He was to call back, but did not.
10/18 NEXUS here; cable installed. Covad now scheduled for 1 November.
11/1 Covad here; connected and working; download speed in the 400KB/s range.
11/5 Out of town since 11/2. DSL not working. CapuNet/Covad conference call without finding bug. Must call CapuNet tomorrow
to get appointment for site visit.
11/6 Called at appointed time; deferred 1 hour. Called 2 hours later; again deferred. They will call me to arrange tech visit.
Later: Tech visit scheduled for 11/8.
11/8 Covad here; swapped routers. Seems to be working again. This is the 158th day after my original call to CapuNet.
11/20 Speed about 210 up/60 down. Email to CapuNet, expressing concern.
11/21 No answer from CapuNet yet. Speed down to about 110/60. Later: they ran another conference call with Covad and me, without finding anything. They are unimpressed by the data (from this site) suggesting that I have the slowest DSL connections in the Washington area.

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Review by deglopper See Profile

  • Location: Silver Spring,Montgomery,MD
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $160 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Verizon
  • CLEC party: Covad
Good "Fast delivery, no telco problems, speed as advertised, acceptable equipment"
Bad "Not much technical information before install, poor default security on router"
Overall "Seems like a good deal to me"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Ordered 384 business SDSL. Order in 10/25, live 11/8 to a commercial building with 1960s wiring. Had Covad drop the line at the MPOE, then I extended it with no problems. Never got any technical information (i.e. IP allocations, nameservers, etc) before the line was up, and in fact I had to call in to get the static IP addresses assigned that I had requested on the sales form. The Netopia 7200 router came with its documentation and software, but it had somehow gotten DHCP turned off during install.

Hold times for tech support didn't seem too bad. By default, CapuNet won't give you the password to the router, although they do have a waiver form you can sign and they'll tell you the password. I had them reconfigure the router for the static IP space, and then I made some changes to the security and logging settings. I was somewhat disturbed to find that by default the router would allow SNMP queries with community string "public" from anywhere on the net for its entire MIB, including the connection logs. It would also allow telnet connections from anywhere on the net. It wasn't too hard to configure the filtering in the router to block most of this, although it appears that the router won't log access violation packets.

I still haven't heard if I have a mail server, or news server, or anything along those lines, although I don't need them. They also do not delegate reverse DNS for sub-C blocks (RFC 2317), although they will make changes by hand.

Connection seems fine... 25 ms ping to the first hop router. Their upstream has corrected some routing problems to UUNET.

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  • Location: Rockville,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $59 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 24 days
Good "Very good customer service"
Bad "not the cheapest ISP"
Overall "Capunet, so far, had been very impressive."
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After waiting 5 months for another ISP to attempt to hook me up, Capunet did it in 24 days! Installation was a breeze. There tech support has been very good. I have the 608/128k @ $59 ADSL. I would recommend them to anyone.

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