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Review by dfloer See Profile

  • Location: Burnaby,BC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Unmetered connection, no ToS/AUP (at the time of writing)."
Bad "Unstable, slow, poor value, no customer service and often down."
Overall "If this wasn't mandatory, I wouldn't use it."

SFU's ResNet is the ISP for the mandatory internet in SFU residence, which is run by Urban Networks, a local fiber ISP.

I pay around $32/month for internet service, which is ostensibly 10Mb/s down and 1.5Mb/s up, but sometimes runs dead slow (0/0 essentially), all the way to almost 90Mb/s download (and still 1.5Mb/s up).

Ping times are often abysmal, often with 40ms roundtrip to the gateway, which is close, both geographically and network wise by fiber.

Often unstable, with huge latency (which can sometimes reach tens of seconds) spike as well as almost constant packet loss (average loss is currently around 5% for the last 24 hour period).

Greatly slows down during peak hours, due to both poor network design and massive over-subscription (contention ratio is around 90:1). Viruses often run rampant on the network, and are often very slowly dealt with.

Customer service, both through Residence and the ISP is poor at best, but often non-existent. Calls and emails are not returned, and dealing with Residence staff on the issue previously has been nonconstructive at best and abusive at worst.

On a plus side, sometimes the connection gets quite fast. And, as of when I wrote this, the connection was unmetered (transfer wise) and there is no AUP or ToS to be bound by.

All in all, I would never use ResNet for internet service if it were not mandatory, as it represents terrible value for my money, especially compared to the competition.

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