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WIND Mobile page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

bullet 34 reviews (22 good) (3 bad)
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Review by alback See Profile

  • Location: Midhurst,ON
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "best value, connection"
Bad "customer service empathy"
Overall "excellent once everything is set + know your limitations"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I live in Springwater township and use Rogers Internet (cable), and Rogers cell phone. I needed internet at an office in Mississauga for email and file transfer (business only). Getting a hard installation was out of the question, wireless connection was my best option.

My first consideration was Rogers, but I was not prepared to sign up for a long term. The rates were expensive, and the usage costs could be high along with several extra charges as read on reviews here at dsl.

I heard about Wind here and checked them out 3 months ago. Unlimited (not really I'm told) but I have never used more than 2GB in a month, no contract term and 10% of my fee goes towards my device purchase until it has covered the purchase cost. You aren't charged the device, the value rests on account and is payable (diminishing balance) should you leave Wind.

The first device was the $29 stick, but it wouldn't work with my older laptop. I returned to the Wind kiosk at Georgian mall, the people there were amazing and spent about an hour trying to get this stick to load into my laptop. Finally, I told them to help others while I sort it out myself, however when I turned my laptop around the stick device caught my heavy laptop bag and cracked the stick. It still functioned however the accident made me realize how easily the stick could be broken.

They recommended the Huawei E583C Pocket Hotspot at $99, which I accepted. I offered to pay for the broken stick, which they declined. A bonus was the HotSpot had no problems connecting to my laptop, and it was not as susceptible to break. There were some issues getting the HotSpot to replace my device on the plan (the 29 credit etc). In about 20 minutes I was on my way.

I did run into some problems entering my Wind account (pin) a couple of days later and found the customer service to borderline on rude. The Wind site could use some improvements, same with the Rogers. However everything has worked flawlessly for 3 months now.

I set my device not to accept Roaming, and turn it on in Mississauga 98% of the time. The other time I turn it on at home to connect to my system as an outside ip address to verify some settings.

Connection speed is fine for my use, much slower than my Rogers cable, but as I am using email and small file transfers. All is adequate.

Billing has been spot on, no extra charges whatsoever. Overall, this device is perfect for my use, and has not failed yet or dropped a signal. I do agree with another review where the battery needs charging each day, but it plugs into your laptop so this is not a problem for me.

Update: Nov 30 2012.

Very pleased with this provider, I have yet to have any issues with connection or billing. I have used this from my vehicle also, just check for Wind Home, very handy. Speed is not super, but I am not downloading anything other than business data.

Update Jun 29 2014.

No longer using Wind, paid for my device, kept on a smaller program which I was not using at all. I decided to take advantage of the pay as you go, it fit my usage. I left a deposit with Wind, but still didn't use the service for 5 months.

Finally when I went to use the connection, I was de-listed as a customer, no notice whatsoever. My deposit gone. Apparently their policy is to drop your account if you do not use it for 90 days. To re-instate, it requires a $25 per month fee plus a new sim card $30. Not happening, no longer pleased with this company.

member for 3.3 years, 60 visits, last login: 23 days ago
updated 23 days ago


Review by ctylor See Profile

  • Location: Nelson,BC
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "WIND Home Prices"
Bad "WIND AWAY Prices, Reception, Long-distance charges"
Overall "It's Crud both in the city and outside the city"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

I first started on Wind mobile because I really just needed something basic where you could make and receive calls, text and receive voice mail...which I do not think is by any means, unreasonable.

Sure there are some good deals they advertise but it only seems to apply if you stay in very limited areas of BC. And by that, I mean you better be making that call under the stupid tower that Wind operates from.

I actually spent the most part of my first year standing outside my apartment door....IN THE MIDDLE OF VANCOUVER and not be able to make and receive calls on the Wind zone. Either it would go straight to no network or it would go to Wind away zone and charge me extra rates... do you hear about on TV how there are miraculous rescues of people buried under rumble but they somehow survive by being able able to still call out...if you can't even call the person on the other side of that door on a Wind network, people, if you are that person stuck under that rubble with a Wind mobile, you are not going to survive for very long.

Be careful of their disgusting customer service. In the end I left Wind Mobile due to incompetency of the customer service staff to efficiently or effectively help me to figure out why my voicemail was no longer was allowing me to receive my voice messages. I called, not once, not twice but FOUR times to customer service in WIND away mode to try and get help. No one could help nor did anybody else followup to see if I had managed to get it working.

In the end when I decided to just ask to speak to the complaints department, I got an email that sounded more like a joke email...so should I be really surprised that my email came back to me telling me no such email existed?

Or that when I finally spoke to a manager, he hung up on me?

People do not join Wind Mobile!!! There are better mobile plans out there!!! I rejoined a Big 3 cell company after this and its working out great so far!!!

member for 8.3 years, 890 visits, last login: 73 days ago
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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: T2B1T
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "No Good"
Bad "Lie to your face"
Overall "Save your money and credit"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

The truth:There is a contract on the no term contract,read carefully.
The pay after deal must be paid before.
You will be sent to collection the moment you cancel.
There is no free phone,find out how much the phone cost,IN WRITING,read
carefully or have a lawyer review contract(on the no-contract deal) before
signing anything.They will lie to your face about their products and

The phone,if it works at all in your major city,will switch automatically
to roam,,it will do this in the same location.
If your reason for obtaining a cell phone is to make and receive phone
calls,this phone may not be for you,if you have a problem you may have to
go outside and climb a hill to contact Wind,or use a payphone,but Ill save
you the time,your complaints will not be resolved.
Keep your money and keep your credit rating and use the other 2 cell
providers in Canada and hope that one day we will have an open market in
this country.

David Lawlor
Calgary Alberta

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
lodged 2.6 years ago




There is no contract

Bollocks! There is no contract.