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SkyNet360 page on DSLReports
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Review by lordfly See Profile

  • Location: Homestead,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost: $40 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Update: Now residential 20/2 and business 25/3 with higher tiers"
Bad "Initial install cost of $100"
Overall "Best value for money, local provider so money stays in the community"
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I switched to SkyNet360 over 12 months ago so my contract is over. I used to be on a 1.2/256 DSL from AT&T. I was pissed by the pings > 500ms and constant drops. I was paying $32/mo for crap.

Switched to local WISP after having it at work for a while. I love it. Always on, you just need to have a UPS on it so it will stay on during a power failure. Quick service and response via email.

02/19/12 - I used to be 10/1, but they did a change and now our upload sometimes goes above 2. Not really that useful except when syncing my Dropbox account.

09/14/12 - Still going strong at 10/3. Pings in the 10-20ms. Just got news that the company is going to start upgrading equipment by the end of the year so we can get 90meg downloads. Not sure if this involves a cost increase and how much.

09/02/13 - Almost a year later and still the same. We are still waiting on the upgrades but they are getting there. They now own their own address space so no sharing with Level 3 anymore. They are starting to put up more antennas and access points in the local area. This will make it better and faster for all.

07/07/14 - The provider has upgraded most of its access points to allow speeds up to 100 meg. I have already upgraded my work connections and I am seeing (16-20) down and 3-5 uploads. I am scheduled to get my residence done soon. Oh, they have put service on the Channel 6 tower which expands their area.

08/28/14 - All works sites upgraded and getting (20-25) down and about the same upload speed. They have the capability to go even higher. Home upgraded and getting (10-15) down with the same upload speed. Still working on trying to get better speeds at home but there is tweaking that needs to be done.

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Homestead, FL

Former long time customer

Had skynet360 for 4 years. Recently cancelled my account due to slow speeds during peak hours. Would go from 5-6 mbps to about less than 1. Moved over to comcast for $39.95 got 50 mbps down 10 mbps up. Would go back to skynet360 if they increase the speeds....


Homestead, FL

Re: Former long time customer

I am extremely close (just over a mile) from the Homestead tower so 90% of the time it is 10/3. I do clock it occasionally lower but usually during peak usage. Remember that Comcrap also shares bandwidth at the box so they burst to you for a short period to make it seem like you have higher speeds. Your bandwidth tests may be biased.

Homestead, FL

Re: Former long time customer

And thats exactly when I needed the bandwith the most, since I VPN to into my corp network. I live 1.25 miles, and was getting at most 1.5-2.0 mbps during peek times. Patrick did what they could, and sent out techs to re-position my radio, but still didn't do much.... I am not saying they are a bad company, as I have reffered 8 co-workers to their service, but they need to increase bandwith. If they can provide higher speeds, I would go back. In the meantime Comcast def. has a better solution.