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Review by Screavics See Profile

  • Location: Pearcy,Garland,AR
  • Cost: $27 per month
Good "Cheap"
Bad "Admins are jerks and should be schooled on customer service or fired"
Overall "Run away, far far away"
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Setup experience:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I just had the absolute worst experience ever with this company (Justhost). I had an ongoing issue with multiple problems ranging from domains being served up "parked pages" with ads randomly. Which all lead back to BlueHost. From what I gathered up from that comparing their packages and designs is essentially they are the same company just different name. Anyways, reported the issue, I'm told to change my DNS, fixes it until the next day exact time as the first occurrence and parked page is back up. Submit another ticket and I am told that my DNS shouldn't be what they just told me to set it and to change it back the way it was. At this point I said whatever and went back to my domain provider and used their DNS servers. Haven't had an issue since.

Next problem: Started about 3-4 days ago now, the databases just randomly locked me out of them. No problem, I reset them from a continue on thinking it was just a random issue. Next day same thing but MUCH worse. It's on like 8 databases now, I tried to reset permissions and it tells me I don't own the files anymore. I really don't want to restore from a backup this time cause I did alot of work the day before. I submit a ticket and power up a live chat, live chat tells me to do the ticket route because they don't have the "permissions" to restore databases. So fine, I did that, I ended up finding a backup I did locally after the programming and restored it today after waiting awhile for a reply from JustHost with no luck.

I then about 3 hours after that restore get a reply stating that it's "script" problems that are causing these corruptions on my end. I then explain that this is impossible because none of the scripts have those permissions. I am then told that MySQL corruptions are because of programming and are not server side problems. Apparently this person doesn't know how PHP works because it is a server side programming.

All in all, you save money with them, but as soon as they have a problem don't expect results. Expect the worse, I do not recommend them and will be leaving them very soon.

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updated 3 years ago