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TracFone Wireless page on DSLReports
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Review by linicx See Profile

  • Location: United State
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Great value, Blekko search engine"
Bad "Limited Apps, ringtones, and games "
Overall "Fast searches. Great for visually and hearing impaired. "
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

The TracFone Wireless Inc., LG 840G is not a "smart" phone, but it isn't a dumb phone either. It is a triple minute, no-contract phone that rides on AT&T network. This phone includes e-mail, Internet, browser, search engine, camera, video, text and pictures, music player, and social networking.

I am not a business customer. I am an average consumer who uses a landline and a cell phone. I do not have any use for Angry Birds, GPS or street maps. If I was in business I would use this phone for personal use because it is a pre-paid phone. The average text costs one cent for three texts. Pictures are two cents each. Talking is deducted by the minute. It would not take long for a busy employer to burn thru 1000 minutes. This person needs a heavy duty smart phone. The LG 840G includes triple minutes. IE: A 30 minute card equals 90 minutes of air time. It meets my needs as I don't want or need a phone with a two year contract.

This LG is shipped with a Micro 2GB SD chip that can be upgraded to 32GB, the manual, and a wall charger with a standard micro USB connector. A car charger with the same connector should work well. My experience for the best charge is to turn the phone off when charging.

The Form Factor is Bar. The operating system seems to be some flavor of a proprietary Unix OS with the zippy Blekko search engine-cum-browser. LG 840 does include 3M/3T and adaptive accessories for vision and hearing impaired. It does not include GPS or street maps.

The LG 840G included apps are limited to ringtones and songs provided by TracFone and a some other items. The offerings are neither the best nor the worst. GPS, etc., can be enabled thru .jar files. Not all work, or work well. There are various sites on the web with directions how to install the add-on software with resources for the .jar files. My personal experience is if you need the GPS and maps, it is best to buy a phone that offers these services pre-installed.

I like this phone. It works better than I expected. The adaptive assessors worked as I hoped. The keyboard is a dream to use. There is a small learning curve. Sending photos, text and e-mail is a bit different than when in front of a desktop. TracFone Wireless employees work hard to help users with their phones. When I bought a second phone to send to my son, I wanted to set it up and have it fully charged and working when he got it. Most users don't do this. This was a challenge I finally solved it by explaining it to the corporate office. I received the phone one day and the next it in the mail the mail. These types of thing happen when you own electronics. It was a learning experience, but a good one. I give TracFone Wirelessa lot of credit for backing their products. I will buy another phone from this company.

The Blekko search engine is fast and seems to be intuitive. When I typed in "Dish TV" the return was quick and accurate. It bypassed all advertising and junk sites. It reminds me of the days when search engines were lean and not taxed with massive, slow loading, websites vying for the #1 return position. It was written for mobile devices of all types, but I can use it on a desktop, or a laptop, too. For me this is all one big star in the Blekko plus column.

Bottom line: I've had the others. I searched for months for a phone that would met my needs. I saw the 'big button' phones, qwerty keyboard phones, slide keyboard phones, exposed on-top keyboard phones, flip phones, smart phones, and 'plain Jane' phones. The others were expensive single units. Most offered small keys with dinky letters that are hard for me to see, combination letter/number keyboard phones, contracts, and/or expensive per minute calls. The end cost of some of the phones was more than a smart phone. It did not make sense to pay more for a phone that would not meed my expectations or needs.

TracFone Wireless Inc., and Blekko is a hard combination to beat. The LG 840G cost $50 plus the initial air time which can be as low as $10; my monthly cost is $0. I spent $75 for air time on two phones in six months, and I still have 650 minutes and 90 days. Three months from now I will add $10 air time and still have 600+ minutes reserve use. I do not live on a phone; this is best reason to not have a contract phone.

I've since purchased a phone as a gift. It is plain Jane 3G/WiFi flip phone with text and pictures that works very nicely where I live.

I would like to see this phone with a louder internal volume, and a larger selection of ringtones. Despite all the handicap features it may be a challenge to users who have limited mobility in their hands.

Update. I've owned this for several months now. It is dependable. It's works as promised. It is the second LG phone I ever owned. The worst I can say is the battery charge lasts about 1/10 the charge does on my portable home phones.

If you travel a lot you will need a car charger. I like the car/home combo ac/dc charger that works for all phones via the DSL port, and it is smmaller than a golf ball in size. I use mine in the house and in the car.

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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: USA
  • Cost: $10 per month
Good "I have no complaints"
Bad "Nothing"
Overall "It is the perfect solution"
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Of all the subjects discussed that applies to types of broadband and the various providers the one subject that is missing is the Smartphone and its binding two year contact. For some its a blessing and for others it is curse. The other option is the no contract phone for the individual who would like the convenience of phone, camera and messaging but does not necessarily need or want to play games and or watch a movie on a four inch screen.

I'm one of the others who needs an inexpensive phone. It also needs to be an inexpensive no contract with deaf-blind capability for seniors. In simple terms this phone is 3G/WiFi, Bluetooth capable, with touch screen, virtual keyboard and can used with hearing aids. It is almost impossible to find.

The major players all charge far too much for too little. The other options for seniors are Straight Talk, Tracfone, and Consumer Cellular. All three offer affordable flip phones. All offer high priced phones. All offer older phones at medium to low prices. All offer at least one name brand such as Motorola or LG. All offer various price plans. All use GSM technology which means they work in AT&T, U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile areas. The ad that alleges it is the only company that uses AT&T is not truthful. They all do.

There is a caveat is in the advertising. The $10 phone may only offer thirty minutes of talk time in 30 days. Over six months I monitored the three sites, and read most of the fine print while I waited for "the phone" I could afford. I finally found it 40 days ago at Tracfone. I bought a reconditioned LG 830G in a bundle with triple minutes for $30 that included free overnight shipping and a very decent return policy. I knew it was risky to buy and older reconditioned units. But I also knew that with the LG and the 3G/WiFi it would work well at home where I use it the most.

Everything I wanted/needed is included and it works as promised. The virtual keyboard with its big, bold characters is easy to see and use. The phone number I enter is verbally repeated with each key stroke even though it very easy to see. The ringtone is very unusual. It gets louder as it rings which is helpful when I am not near it. The dialing ring gets louder too, plus it reasonably easy to use. The LG 830G has a hearing aid rating of 3M/3T.

Set was easy. The staff was very helpful. At check out I was offered extra minutes and extended time at half price. My time limit does not run out until the end of September and I still have over 10 hours talk/text time. If there is any downside it is that this phone can only use a Tracfone minutes pay-go card, and not the Net 10 or the Smart Talk pay-go cards that Tracfone owns and sells.

The bottom line is Tracfone is a decent company that sells affordable products and services that work as promised. It is the only carrier that provides a no-contract/ pay-go phone for deaf-blind that costs less than a small house to purchase.

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Well a page for Tracfone. I've used them since 2005 only. I have the touch screen also. Cool phone for the price. And triple mins. Truthfully, (except in motorhome) I very seldom loose service or drop a call. Great ringtones avaliable. I call it my dumb smartfone. I can check email and Fakebook, send pictures etc. If you want no contract that works they're a good choice. Plus you can activate on line also so no calls necessary.
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Albemarle, NC

Re: Tracfone

I agree. My family had used Tracfones for years before we got on the smartphone bandwagon. The Tracfones were/are perfect for those not needing Internet goodies on their basic wireless phone device. The only problem we had was with Support. Good luck calling Tracfone Customer Service about anything!!

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless

I agree

It is a dumb smart phone that isn't taxed as a smart phone. It isn't fancy. It has no frills, and few Apps. It's powered by Blekko which is a new breed of search engine. If you want GPS, good luck unless you know how to install third party .jar files so your App might work; there is no guarantee.

And India tech support sucks. Tech support from the Caribbean is much better. Even better is calling corporate office in Miami if you have an unusual request or major complaint. Whining does not further your cause.

TracFone Wireless Inc., is the largest wireless cell phone provider in North America. Overall it is a solid performer with a small price tag and small cost to use. TracFone ups the ante on selected models with a bonus double or triple minutes that extends talk time proportionately.

Any TracFone that is 3G/WiFi enabled will work as well across America as any other cell phone. All cell phones are equally dependent upon the antenna attached to a nearby tower. If you are not a user who needs a lot of airtime, games, Apps,etc., you will not be disappointed. The 840G is a nice present for the parents, too..

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