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Bell Sympatico page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by Bagnon See Profile

  • Location: St Catharines,ON
  • Cost: $53 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "None"
Bad "No value. Terrible latency. Just all around bad."
Overall "STAY AWAY."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

High latency. Inefficient peering. High price. Low caps. No value.

I'll make this simple.

If you game online. Stay away. Latency is atrocious as they are the only company that peers away from Toronto. If you want fast speeds with good value. Again, stay away. The price you pay for Bell services doesn't equate to any value. Speeds are low compared to other companies and base data caps are crazy low.

This is a trace route to a dedicated game server in Toronto. I live 111km's away in St. Catharines.

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms mymodem
2 23 ms 22 ms 22 ms bas1-stcatharines11_lo0_SYMP.net.bell.ca []
3 23 ms 22 ms 23 ms dis6-stcatharines10_7-1-0_100.net.bell.ca []
4 37 ms 36 ms 35 ms bx5-chicagodt_xe5-0-3.net.bell.ca []
5 37 ms 36 ms 36 ms xe-1-0-6.ar2.ord1.us.nlayer.net []
6 35 ms 35 ms 34 ms ae2-40g.cr2.ord1.us.nlayer.net []
7 59 ms 48 ms 48 ms xe-0-0-1.cr1.nyc2.us.nlayer.net []
8 68 ms 59 ms 58 ms xe-0-0-0.cr1.tor1.ca.nlayer.net []
9 57 ms 58 ms 58 ms as40028.xe-3-3-0.cr1.tor1.ca.nlayer.net []
10 137 ms 107 ms 88 ms ar1.yyz01.3z.ca []
11 58 ms 57 ms 57 ms

Trace complete.

Disregarding the 3z.ca latency, you can see the hoops your line goes through. Bell has decided to bypass Toronto completely and go with a, more then likely, cheaper peering service located in Chicago. (I even see a hop that may be located in NYC.)

2 problems for me arise here. 1) Bell makes $20 Billion in revenue but won't support Canadian companies. Unacceptable. 2) Being routed to Chicago, so inefficiently, means my data is theoretically being somewhat "lost" as well as being spied on by a foreign government. I don't agree with either of these. Not to mention out sourcing jobs to the middle east with their call centre.

In conclusion, Bell has completely lost touch with what they are suppose to be doing as a large Canadian corporation. Providing the best service possible as well as providing jobs for Canadians. They have abandoned both ideals. And for what? To please stockholders. So sad. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.


member for 13.4 years, 3210 visits, last login: 5 days ago
updated 14 days ago


North York, ON

Moving to Teksavvy

If you're moving to Teksavvy for their DSL service, you might want to rethink. The modem that they use (SR505n) is indeed better than Bell's Sagemcom without the sync-no-surf issue, but it has its own problems with IPv6 and UPnP which makes the modem crash. This is caused by the custom firmware Teksavvy put in the modem. Modems from Acanac and Start don't suffer these problems as they are using stock firmware. If you're moving to Teksavvy, do yourself a favor and buy a modem from Acanac or Start first.

Open Source Fan
Bethlehem, PA
·Verizon Online DSL

Re: Moving to Teksavvy

#1 I point to and quote from »Re: Modem/router(not in bridge mode) + router

There are some good reasons to have a modem bridge rather than route. I can't speak for all modems, but generally speaking:

1. Modems don't have much memory compared to a good router, so open a few sessions from the LAN and watch as connections get dropped, or worse, the modem/router just locks.

2. Modems tend to lack features compared to a good router. Things like QoS, DHCP reservation, VPN, uPNP, static routes, etc get left out. You can provide your own router behind the modem, as you did, but this can lead to other complications, such as

3. Double NAT. Most things can be made to work with double NAT, just as it's entirely possible to assemble a jigsaw puzzle while wearing oven mitts. It takes longer and the probability of making a mistake while setting it up or troubleshooting goes up. Simplicity is a good rule to live by when setting up networks.

#2 Advice to OP:

a) Get your own RJ-45 WAN Port route

b) Get that modem into bridge mode. As how to do that, you may need help from your ISP.
Please use the "yellow (IM) envelope" to contact me and please leave the URL intact.


St Catharines, ON

2 edits


I have purchased a compatible cable modem (DCM476) and will be going with Start Communications next week. Just waiting to get paid.

Review by sunday8pm See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $114 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "super fast, low ping, no contract, fixing issues costs 0$, cheaper monthly bill than indies"
Bad "low cap, install/repairs coordination is a nightmare, the sagemcom router is crap"
Overall "if you can put up with the low cap and get a good discount (student promo for example), go for it"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

Soooo, an update (27-3-2014):
I moved to an area where I could get Bell's FTTH 50/50 offer for about 57$/month with a 250 Gb cap.

I received several of these 0.00$ paper bills in the mail. The fee for paper bills is 2$. I was charged several times 2$ to receive a 0$ bill I never asked for. I wasted some time over the phone but got them all reversed eventually.

Now, Bell offered me unlimited for 10$ instead of the regular 30$ back in October even though I only had 1 service. But they changed their mind this month and it's back to 30$. I called and was told that I am "lucky they only charge me from today and not for all the previous months since I have the option". Wait, what? You change the terms we agreed upon and I should be thankful? Nope, I will cancel my service, nove to cable and file a formal complaint. I'm tired of being bullied by Bell.

Original review:
So, yes, it's Bell. I disapprove the way they are trying to kill competition and making indie's business hell.

But I was too broke to go with an indie. Bell offered a student promo, 50$ for 25/10 and 250Gb, free install, free router (no rental) and no contract. Hard to say no.

Install coordination was a nightmare (1 tech never came, the other one called in the morning and arrived late afternoon). We had to get a repair within the first week because there was cross-talk from a dodgy install from the first tech, this was also a coordination joke with 1 tech never dispatched, another missed appointment (tech didn't come and didn't call) and finally someone came to fix it.

I put the sagemcom in bridge mode with my own router because the SC is anything but a router.

After that, I have no complaints. It was fast, near 100% uptime and I never had any billing errors.

member for 3.9 years, 455 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 23 days ago


Review by adwanmu See Profile

  • Location: Hoboken,Hudson,NJ
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Reliability"
Bad "only 5Mbps down available "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

The service was good for some time, I got one down time for the last 8 months, and two times the download speed was 0.60Mbps.

most of the time the down speed around 2.3M, and the up 0.40

the customer service was great, and I do not wait too much on the line.

If you are a light user and what you do is browsing, go ahead, otherwise go for cable (in Windsor Ontario)

member for 140 days, 84 visits, last login: 7 days ago
updated 27 days ago


Review by Kardinal See Profile

  • Location: N of 49th
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Rock solid for over fifteen years (since the 1MM was cutting edge!)"
Bad "tech support can be clueless, continuous price increases"
Overall "price gouging = lost customer"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy DSL
I was on the list of people who ordered SHSE before it was available on the market, and it was connected Dec 29th, 1998. I got a Nortel modem which I'm still using, and in over four years I've had a total of 6 interruptions of service for a total of about 9 hours.

When the service was first connected it was DHCP, but converted over to PPPoE in the summer of 1999. The conversion was painless, and for a period of two weeks you could connect using either protocol.

The mail service has had a few hiccups for others, but my access has always worked. I'm still using the Nortel modem I got in 1998 because I can't be bothered going through the hassle of changing the modem (nor do I feel the need to scream at some poor CR just to get another 10kbps in dl speed, unlike some people).

The tech support people are scripted, and sometimes aren't too keen to deviate from the script, but if you are polite to them they will help if they can, or pass you to someone else if the cannot. I've called up several times over the years, and have yet to have anyone be rude to me. I read many reviews where it is stated that the people at support are clueless, but I think that might be more a reflection on the tone the user had with the CR than anything else.

In short: If you want a stable connection with a simple hookup process (no waiting for a tech to show up), then IMHO you can't go wrong with SHSE. The dl caps can be a pain (or a nasty surprise, come bill date), but those are evolving again it seems, so we'll have to wait and see how it ends up. They have only affected me once so far, and that was more of a surprise than an angry shock.

**Update Oct 2003***

I called in August to change platforms once the upgrade was complete. It took four days for my new Speedstream to arrive (complete with four filters). My Nortel (of almost five years) went dark the next day and the Speedstream is was up and running. It gets rather warm and doesn't have feet to stand on it's side, but otherwise all is fine. My connection is maxing out (since I'm only about 700m from my CO) for speed up and down and everything was smooth in the transition.

With the speed upgrade, the painless platform transition and the removal of the throughput caps, I remain a satisfied customer.

****Update Nov 2004*****

I got the speed upgrade during last winter/spring and now have 3008/800 sync that has yet to disconnect on me. Everything is still smooth sailin and the fact that the bill is now bundled with my wireless service and wireline gives me an extra discount overall and great LD pricing too.

In short: I'm coming up on six years with SHSE, I'm still a happy camper.

*****Update Aug 2007*********

I've been at 5056/800 since the upgrade last year (or was it the year before that). I've had a couple of minor problems that I traced to a loose wire in a jack (ie/ not Sympatico's fault) and other than that my service has been rock solid.

*****Update Oct 2010********

I'm now on a 7M sync rate for a 6M IP speed, it's still steady and I'm still perfectly happy with it. Fibe is finally coming here so I might be looking at a higher speed in the future.

*****Update Dec 2013******

Bell Internet is now gone, after 15 years of steady service, as their price increases drove me away. Solid service but continuous increases in monthly cost without any improvements/additions to the service (eg/ increases in usage limits)

member for 13.2 years, 6129 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 129 days ago


Review by Mr_Newb See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost: $64 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Reliable service, consistant speeds"
Bad "Billing nightmares, 2 price increases in less than 6 months, uninformed staff"
Overall "I would pay 25% more to go with anyone but Bell"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Bell Fibe
My experience with Bell has been terrible. I was pressured into getting 3 services (Phone, internet, TV) because I wanted TV. While I love the new Fibe TV, being with Bell is not worth having TV. I have had to call every month, for random erroneous charges, wasting an hour or more each time. No one ever apologizes or credits me. My bill has been raised twice now in 5 months, I now pay $10 more than they said I would originally.

member for 12 years, 1197 visits, last login: 80 days ago
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Review by Mister_E See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost: $48 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Reliability, Speed, Direct Tech Support Forum here on DSLR"
Bad "Cost of Services provided - i.e. Speeds, Caps and outsourced phone techs that don't appear to have any tech background"
Overall "Have to consider the alternatives..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update: 10/2013

Now on Fibe25. Speeds are as advertised - 25Mbps Up / 10Mbps Down. Rock solid reliability. Cap was raised and still sufficient for me as I've never gone over - however, as I've stated before, for the cost, the caps should not exist and services should be better.

Update: 03/2012

Still with Fibe16. Still satisfied with the speed and the cap is still sufficient for my needs, but in 2012, the price is no longer worth the service provided. IMO, either the price should be lower for this type of package, or the package should be upgraded (higher speed, larger cap).

However, considering the alternatives and their pricing, the grass isn't much greener elsewhere either (but I'm definitely considering my options).

Can't be beat for reliability - it just works. IIRC, I've only had 1 outage in the last 5 years that lasted all of ~2 hours (other than a failed 2Wire 2701HG-G/Power Adapter).

Haven't had to deal with Tech Support other than for the failed power adapter, which went smoothly since the situation provided the phone tech no other option (although they did have to patch me through to a 'higher level' tech to confirm the failure).

Replacement modem was provided within a few days, but I have an older Thomson Speedtouch that held me over (ADSL1 only at 8Mb). By using the older modem, my profile had been downgraded, but that was quickly corrected through the Bell Direct forum here on DSLReports (still the preferred way to speak to a tech that actually knows what they're doing, IMO).

Update: 03/2010

Have since upgraded to the 16Mb plan (now called Fibe16) using their 2Wire 2701HG router/modem and paying $2 more I paid before. Quite happy with the speed, but would be nice if they maximized the upload speed on this ADSL2 package as well.

Reliability still excellent.

Unfortunately, I now have a 100GB monthly cap, but my typical usage is under that limit so it hasn't been a factor. Throttling hasn't impacted me significantly, but again, it would be nice if they stopped this practice.

Original Review:

Been with Bell for a long time (since Aug. 2000 and started with the Nortel 1Mb modem) and happy for the most part - extremely rare to see any service disruptions.

Currently on a 6Mbps / 800Kbps profile using a Speedstream 5200 (E240) and getting those speeds - would likely qualify for a higher profile but would likely end up losing my old grandfathered (read: unlimited) plan. My usage isn't that high though and I may consider moving up to a higher speed anyhow.

They were better in the past before the throttling and caps - hopefully they'll change their ways once they see enough people drop their service(s).

I rarely need tech support but have dealt with their phone support on occasion or when helping out friends/family - phone support is horrible, but I've been able to bypass the first level techs most of time (just give them enough technical details and they'll usually move you on once you request to speak to a higher level). Of course, the direct support forum here on DSLR is invaluable.

member for 10 years, 4214 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 175 days ago


Review by vitesse See Profile

  • Location: Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu,QC
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Not to date"
Bad "very bad customer service, Expensive, Cheap equippement"
Overall "Why this company still in operation is beyond me."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

They ordered the service before I started to work for the company.
They send us 2 defective modem so it take 1 month to have a connection.
We had a contract the first year. We wanted to cancel after the first year, but the CSR had made an error. The CSR forgot ton cancel the service for an unknown reason, they admit it, but refused to cancel the "new" automatic contract. We stayed with them 1 more year, we could have gone to the court, but felt this was simpler to stay with them.

The second year we added a router. the router never worked with their "cheap" modem, I say cheap because of low quality of construction. They never understand why we wanted to add a router, nor why the modem wasn't working with it. they refused to give us support because we was using a router. We finally borrowed another dsl modem to find out that the problem was with their modem. They send us 4 modems, but we only received 1, they lost to order for modem replacement, (so it took 3 month to receive a working modem from them.

The modem is speedstream 5200 or 4200 (reconditioned and not always in working state)

We used their low speed dsl service (the line was good ans stable)

The main problem is with their CSR, not speaking French or English, and having for most of it, no knowledge at all in computer technologies (we talk to some CSR that had no idea what was a router, nor what was a pppoe connection and that's pretty basic technology today)

--- updates from another experience ---

Another problem with one of my friends. It was paying for their 6mbps package and was feeling is Internet was slow. He call many time the customer department to see why it was not really fast and they say everything was fine and he was receiving 6mbps service. Last month I took one of my modem to his house because the speedtest was showing only 2mbps. He is only 500meter of the CO. the attenuation in upstream and downstream was 6db / 8db the SNR value was 34 db for downstream and the RCO was 12% occupancy. So we call Bell to tell that. The first CSR was insisting that he was on 6mb profiles and that my modem was "defective" the second one tell me that it was an incompatible model (I have an ST516 v6) and that using another modem then what bell give was illegal. We finally talked to a third one that explain us that it is an up to 6mbps service and that bad electrical apparel inside the house on inside the neighbour house is preventing us from going faster. They all refuse to admit that the line quality taken from the ST516 was good.

He only wait is contract finish to go to a third party DSL provider.

-- Updates from another experience --

One of my friends took Bell internet last year. He call for numerous spped problem and everytime they tell him everything was good and that he was receiving the speed he was paying for.

Eventually someone tell him to do a speed test on www.speedtest.net and testvitesse.videotron.ca with is new "proof" of 120kbps of download and 120kbps of upload he call back and asked why it was so slow...

The CSR told him that all test on internet was inacurate and that it was really receiving the speed he was paying for.

I gone to his house with my st516 modem and took a dmt tool screen shot of his line. He was sync at 160/160 or something like that (doesn't remember the exact number), then he call back Bell with the "new proof" The CSR then told him this was possible that he see this number but that it was unrelated to the "download speed" and advised him it was illegal to do such thing and he could be fine if a Bell technician go home and found he was using an illegal not approved modem.

Enough was enough he decided to call back next day to cancel is service and then go with teksavvy internet. The CSR told him it was not recommended to do that because Teksavvy and any other Independent ISP was illegally using the bell network and he considered that kind of company "pirate" and he could get trouble technicaly and legally if he decided to go that route.

I don't know exactly what he tell him to convince him to stay with bell , but he now have a 2 year contract with them.

-- Updates from another experience --
Just finished porting my home phone to my voip provider. This month will be my last Bell bill. Just waiting BHell to call me As expected Bell screwed my lines... more to come soon

-- Updates from my porting --
They finally call me. They asked why I leaved bell and what can they do to regain me as a customer. Why do they wait their client leave to try make something to please him, I don't know. The CSR argued a lot about my decision. Voip.ms is not good because this is voip and it won't work at all. It's only 1$ because they are thief and pirate the Bell network, so it's easy to only charge 1$ when you have nothing to pay. I may have problem with justice if I continue to use this pirate network... After 10 minutes of this bullshit, he finally say. it's your decision, great if it's ok for you. Hope we will regain you as a customer in the feature, have a good day.

My only regret is that I hadn't recorded the phone call

--- update from my friend experience. ---
He called Bell some years ago because a tree was dangerously close to bell line. 4 years and after numerous call bell never came to cut the tree or move the line and now he begin to lost internet and phone service with heavy wind because the line is now inside the tree. tree grown and surrounded the cable. He call to get the line repair. After 5 tentative someone finally came in a call sunny day and found no problem, so they charge us 100$ because the problem must be inside home.

He called back and they refuse to remove the 100$ as the technician haven't found the problem with the line so it must be inside. After explaining the "tree" problem. they finally agreed to remove the charge and send back a technician. After 3 tentative they finally came, found no problem and he got flagged again with 100$ charge. He was really mad the next time he called and insisted to get someone to rectify the situation before the end of the week. They finally never came, he call back again to say that if no one came today he will finally go to their competitor. He hang up gone to videotron to get info about their voip phone, he finally get a phone from videotron, but found that bell have cancelled his services without prior notice, so he lost internet connection and his phone number. it's now impossible to get back is number and he receive a 200$ charge for two call of service (and the line still inside the tree so other people will still have problem) They simply decided to terminate is service without notice, probably just so he can't port is phone number. He never asked to cancel is service

He said to me he will never go back to bell for any services.

I really don't understand why you can lie so much and still legally be in business.

member for 11.3 years, 1883 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 176 days ago




Sympatico is sinking.

In the past I was with Bell for over 5 years, paying for high speed internet, my actual speed was consistently only half of what I paid for. They said I was to far away from the distribution point (?), that limit was 8kms!!. Living in the suburbs of a major City and I'm too far away??!! It was was basically "too bad for you" and a complete ripoff for supposedly high speed service. We cancelled and received 5 different phone calls from five different Bell staff and one letter from a vice president asking us to stay with Bell, talk about a misaligned business model!
Future Shop Staff

Sainte-Marthe-Sur-Le-Lac, QC

f@#+ +@#

wow i un clown qwequi du n'importe quoi.


Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC

Re: f@#+ +@#

quelle clown?

Review by Bye internet See Profile

  • Location: canada
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "None."
Bad "Unreliable service, well below advertised speeds. High costs, with unexpected additional charges. TERRIBLE Customer Support."
Overall "It was a nightmare which continued for years."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Because I taught piano at home, many years ago Bell told me I must have Business Phone and Internet, which costs a lot! They failed to advice me later, but still many years ago, that the rules had changed, and I'd be OK with just a residential line.

The hardest part was Customer Service. I spoke to operators in India, whom I had difficulty understanding, and who screamed at me, blaming me for the problems I had encountered with Bell's services, and refusing to give me their employee ID. It seems they want to get you to lose your cool; they can then try to say that it's all your fault! Several hung up on me. The worst part was being put on "hold" for 90 minutes, then having your call redirected to yet another department for another 90 minute wait, and after several departments, finally being told "it's your fault", or "Everything is OK, whatever your complaints are", or "We always value feedback from our customers. Please wait while I switch you to somebody else." Despite the nature of any attempted communications, even when I phoned to cancel all services, the conversation ended with, "Thank you for choosing Bell!" (Duh? I thought I just unchose Bell!)

The hardest part was changing my location, within Ontario. It resulted in more than 2 weeks with neither internet nor phone, even though all details of the relocation had been provided months before.

When I tried to discontinue my internet service with Bell, while keeping my web-hosting, then "accidentally" did just the opposite! I have no idea of the cost of their mistake, in lost business for me, during the most active week of new business activities in the year.

Once I was away from Bell, they pestered me with phone calls, about the new internet package and phone line I had ordered, but needed to be confirmed by phone. NO...I WOULD NEVER REQUEST AS MUCH AS A BUSY SIGNAL FROM THEM!

Their web-hosting? I never managed the uploads I tried to make to my website, because their upload speed just couldn't handle it. In addition, the email addresses provided with the web-hosting were full of spam, viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, etc. Apparently they still lack any effective filtering system.

They SOLD me a special phone number, pretty close to what I would have considered perfect for my purposes! But 4 out of 5 calls are to parties who previous owned the number. Everyone is now trying to order pizza or furnace parts. If it's not business, it's for Mr. Hokenon, who once had this number. The most obnoxious are the calls I receive 2 to 5 times daily from telemarketers. I love the phone number, but if my next phone company can't help me to weed out the unwanted calls, I'd rather go with any phone number.

In my years of complaints, Bell never once checked the lines into my home.

They promised me "compensation" for the unending problems they had caused, but I haven't received one red cent.

I've NEVER been happier to say goodbye to a company!

member for 2.2 years, 0 visits, last login: 185 days ago
updated 186 days ago


Review by epy0nxl See Profile

  • Location: Markham,ON
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "Unlimited, very little downtime...that's it"
Bad "slow speeds, expensive, tech support is limited, "
Overall "Either try to get a good deal or switch out for something better"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy DSL
Have been with Sympatico for as long as I can remember...must be like 8years+

Still have their legacy 6/1 unlimited package. It was great back in the day. But that's what it is, an old school package. Speeds are slow!! I didn't know my speed was that slow until I did some research and tried even just 15/3.

It's expensive, getting better deals is hard, if at all possible. New deals now don't come with unlimited and buying more bandwidth costs an arm and a leg. Their only saving grace is being unlimited with very little down time. Plan is linked with long distance phone (for a bundle discount)

I'm hoping to be able to get a better deal somehow or might as well look else where for better speeds and bandwidth.

You may notice I have reviewed Teksavvy as well. No I don't have 2 ISPs in the same household. This is at another house.

member for 193 days, 6 visits, last login: 51 days ago
updated 192 days ago


Review by Beaugrand See Profile

  • Location: Acton Vale,QC
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 999 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Modem Gratuit"
Bad "Lent, congestion, vitesse lente (5mbps le max), prix non compétitif, service à la clientèle horrible"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Cogeco Cable
Pendant 3 ans j'étais avec Bell Sympatico sur le plan Dsl 7 qui est devenu dsl 6 et devenu dsl 5 .. on avait de la misère a m'offrir mon 5 megabits par seconde alors qu'il y a deux ans javais mon 7 megabits dans le tapis a la même adresse .. On ma changer mon sync sans changer mon plan !! (je payais pour Dsl 7 avec les frais exorbitant et on m'as mis un sync de 5.4/0.6

Bell a Acton Vale où je réside, c'est adsl1 seulement.. pas de FTTN .. pas pour rien que j'ai switcher avec cogeco 10mbps


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