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Bell Sympatico page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by gyp_sy See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Rock-solid 25/7 all day."
Bad "Low caps, as we all know. 100GB on a 25Mbit plan, really?"
Overall "OK if you get a deal on it, otherwise not worth the $ at the regular price given the caps."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update 19/03/2015: Although service remained reliable & Bell was very prompt in resolving some line corrosion in the middle of last winter, the price has steadily crept up to just over $60 tax-in. With Bell unwilling to budge on the pricing, the March Madness $0 activation promotion and $44 tax-in pricing from TekSavvy on VDSL for the same service (but 150GB cap vs. 100GB), the switch was a no-brainer (there was no modem cost for me as I already owned a compatible VDSL modem). Services with Bell are now cancelled and the installation of Tek VDSL is pending.


Update 03/01/2013: I moved back to Mississauga and had it transferred on 28/12/2012. The appointment was made a week in advance and a very friendly and knowledgeable tech showed up, one of the best I've dealt with from Bell. Service was set up in about 4 hours due to wiring issues between the street box and the demarc (contractors ripped the line up a year prior and the new line was not properly connected on the street). A new dry-loop number was assigned as part of the move. I asked that my profile be raised to 25/10 from the default 25/7 (to which it reset as part of the move) and my wish was granted (did I mention how amazing that tech was?); although the strength is not enough for full 10mbit sync, I do get a solid 9mbit. Solid service since, much as expected. Price remains the same. Cap remains unreasonable... come on Bell, even Rogers are beating you on it.. to say nothing of TPIA.


Update 20/07/2012: I moved to Brampton July 1st and set up a new installation at the new location. Time from order to installation was approximately a week, due to technician availability as well as my own. At install time, I was unhappy to hear Bell would charge a $99 fee to run a fresh line from the demarc to the modem, something Rogers/Tek Cable provide free of charge. I will dispute this when the bill shows up. The package is 25/10 now, the remote is ~2000ft from my residence. If I keep my inside wiring short, my upload is spot-on. The throughput/bandwidth quality is rock-solid so far, no complaints. The modem is another Sagemcom 2864. I received a new 12-month promo, this time at 35.97/month. I was unable to avoid the $50 activation fee (which, along with the $99 above raises my setup fee to a whopping $149!). Cap remains the same at 125GB.


Update 21/12/2011: they tried to hit me with a $50 one-time modem rental fee. Sneaky sneaky Bell, think I don't check my bill? 15-min phonecall cleared it up, no other billing screwups to report (yet). Service has been mostly solid - a few disconnects, but nothing lasting more than 2-3 minutes.


It's a Fibe 25 install with 125GB cap. VDSL all day every day.

I've been hooked up with the Sagemcom 2864 modem. The remote I'm on is something like 500m from my home, so signal is nice and strong. Installed the POTS splitter and handled the wiring myself (have a fairly complicated setup), tech was more than glad to let me do it

It took about 7 days from order to installation, the tech arrived in the scheduled timeslot, things went smooth (both with this and with the previous Fibe 6 install I had). I've heard a TON of horror stories about Bell, but I really can't say anything bad about them so far. There's been no downtime and no issues in about a month.

Wait times for billing and sales were very short basically every time I called (under 10min); the reps were courteous, though not all that knowledgeable.

I *do* wish the Sagemcom gave us linestats.. but of course, the more Bell can keep its customers in the dark, the better =). Just increases the load on callcenters if you ask me, you take away the option of community support (which DSLR is oh-so-fantastic at providing).

I can't rate tech support as I haven't had to deal with them yet. I hope I never do.

Value for money is calculated at the rate I'm currently getting (33.48). There was no installation fee, there are no other fees beside the monthly charge.

member for 4.7 years, 66 visits, last login: 4 days ago
updated 7 days ago


Review by siljaline See Profile

  • Location: Montreal, QC
  • Cost: $68 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Generally fast DSL High Speed package"
Bad "Unexplained drops in line quality are never reported and appear to be an eternal gremlin at Bell Canada "
Overall "Good equipment | Poor Support "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

The Bell.ca Login page requires knowledge of web based ISP pages which are rather unique. Cookies are always required.

The Support pages are OK, but pale to other ISP's. There's much room for improvement here as better Support online prevents Call Centre congestion.

Example here on how to change settings on your 2Wire Modem could be simplified.
»support.bell.ca/Internet/Connect ··· gs_on_my

Bell seems to have stopped pushing third party anti-virus software which is good, or at least I've not heard of anyone being bothered to install any.

Bell Canada is always in a state of flux so those that are ISP shopping should be aware that an installer arriving at your door may be a new hire and thus freshly brainwashed and looking to reinvent the wheel. I had such an experience some time ago which I reported.

There has been much less totally unannounced drops in connectivity for those of us that burn the midnight oil. Whoever fixed this should be sitting in an office.

The Service satisfaction email that are sent never have a conclusive feedback method, as there are many things I could tell Bell how to improve their service as many I know and service are Sympatico users.

For those new to Bell DSL - stay well away from the Sagemcom routers, specifically request 2Wire gateways in lieu.

I omitted to mention the Bell Speed Test uses Adobe Flash thus loading an LSO on your Browser - find one that does not do this.
»support.bell.ca/Internet/Interne ··· eed-Test

The Cell Centre Agents in the Philippines have been somewhat robotic in their responses - and apparently reading from a scripted reply system of late, this has met with great disappointment from me as I had given them high praise previously.

Someone brought this to my attention which I find somewhat useless is the service status page.
If your connection is down how are you supposed to use a web page to verify if your connection is working correctly ?
Link: »support.bell.ca/Internet/Service ··· e-Status

Bell had a serious outage issue that started on September 20, 2014 which included email outages and slowness, line (Internet) disconnects without any warning.
The Call Centres said they were "putting in new equipment" - that was and is *dumbed* down from Management to: - "we really don't know why this is" -
I have a local friend on a similar service that was out for three consecutive days. Anyone that has suffered any _downtime_ as a result of these recent outages should dispute them with Bell Canada as they will not offer a refund for an outage nor will they admit there was one if you ask.

Beware of Call Centres in Tunis | Tunisia - the agents that I spoke with sounded like they had just come in from a bender and completely lacked interpersonal skills. Someone at Bell Canada forgot to tell these new outsourced folks that most of the folks calling were English speaking.

I've made this off-shore call centre issue clear to management at Bell Canada in Montreal - they are looking into it. Blame Bell CEO George Cope for cutting costs at the customers expense.

Update review profile to show monthly telephone charges at $67.95 before tax - those looking in should be well aware that Bell Canada bundles billing, meaning - if you choose other services with Bell, Bell TV (as an example) your monthly billing could be well in excess of $250.00

Don't let a Call Centre Rep parlay you into added charges you will regret down the road. Ask friends that use Bell Canada as an ISP and provider of other services first before signing up for anything else.

member for 12.4 years, 3404 visits, last login: a few hours ago
updated 8 days ago


Mississauga, ON

New monetization system

You gotta use their DNS, which redirects YOUR connection through their servers, enabling them to sell you things relevant to your activities.

Anyhow, Sympatico is a really really old service category and seems to be of the ADSL variant, where as Bell Fiber would be around the VDSL variant.

Review by ZZink See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke
  • Cost: $150 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Good speeds when its working properly."
Bad "Caps, Throttling, sorry excuse for costumer services, over billing, over priced, liers, scammers, fruadsters!"
Overall "Stay away from Hell at all cost! Spread the word!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy Cable

From a professional stand Bhell is currently overpriced, has poor customer service, cripples and limits its services(UBB/strict TV packages/10$ for home caller display, cant own your own modem..etc...), rude CSRs, lack of upgrades, billing and accounting errors, clueless technical specialists, horrid equipment selection, lack of internal communication between branches.. I can keep going.

From a personal stand this company is like a greedy teenager, It is attempting to limit people's ability to access the information highway. Everybody knows bandwidth is getting cheaper... bell complains about congestion but makes billions annually but can't spend some money upgrading so called congested areas... This is all a lie, backroom deal government bribery style.

Back in November 2009 I was looking for a new ISP, as I was unhappy with the grandfather accounts price increase. Bell's retention department offered me a great deal that I thought would save me up to $150 a year. Ever since then its been nothing but a nightmare. Here is a list of just some of the issues that have been transpiring in the last 3 months. ( note the deal was that I was going to be switched over to Max 10 saving 15$ for 12 months and get a 10$ discount on my home phone all for 12 months)

- Back in Sept I threatened to leave bell if they did not remove the rising price on the grandfather. I was told that I would be credited $5 each month for 6 months. That never happened and only after many phone calls after agreeing to the new 'deal', months later got those actual credits. ( I think, as the credit system confuses me )

- After the 'deal' with the retention department, I had called to verify the actual deal and on all the occasions I had called I was getting 3 separate conditions. After many hours on the phone the original 'deal' was finally official and verified by more then one CSR. In other words, had I agreed to the original 'deal' I was not going to get what I agreed on with the retention department.

- Bell screwed up my billing periods and ended up combining my grandfather account usage with my Max 10 usage and charging me for extra bandwidth. Again, after much lengthy phone periods with them I finally got it sorted out. I was later credited or not... this whole credit system on my bill is confusing.

- Despite repeatedly telling Bell I did not need or want a new modem/router to be sent out to me, they did anyway. This forced me to waste yet more time out of my day sending the damn modem/router back to them.

- My new max 10 bill arrived and I was over-charged from the original deal with the retention department. Again after hours on the phone I was 'credited', again i'm confused how this credit system works.

- In December bell's bandwidth meter was out of order. I called in logically explained that if I go over the limit it is bells responsibility as their bandwidth meter is out of order. I was informed that it is my responsibility to waste 20 minutes out of my day to call in and find out my usage. The bandwidth meter was out of order for 3 weeks before it finally got fixed.

- December's home phone bill was over charged, not to what I had agreed on.

- In December I ordered HD receiver from bell only to to realize that I cannot get the HD channels I wanted without paying extra and getting channels I didn't want. Bell also did not deactivate my old receiver and I have been getting charged $3 per month since December.

- Starting the end of December I had frequent disconnections... after I had already spent more then half a day on the phone with bell I simply had no desire to call them again and decided to see if the problem would blow over, it didn't.

- My January phone bill once again was over charged not according to my agreement. Upon calling bell home phone I was told there is 'hidden' fees I wasn't aware of... in short I got screwed by the retention department. Even with those hidden fees i'm still over paying. I was told this would be fixed by next bill.

- My online billing is completely broken for months now and no one has been able to help me set it straight.

- Finally at the end of January I called Bell with regards to my frequent disconnections and my inability to access bell.ca to check my usage. The tech support told me the issue was going to be looked at and I would get a call back.

- No call back within a few days. I had called Bell again while being forced to follow the same script driven error proofing as I had before my issue was escalated. To make this short after many more hours on the phone Bell finally dropped the idea that the issue is my computer/browser and decided to send a technician to investigate my line ( btw this took place about 2 weeks after the original call but not without more then 6 hours of the phone ). The issue somehow fixed itself 2 days before the tech was due to arrive and then malfunctioned again a few days after.

- Bell recently raised prices on its ExpressVu in order to stay 'competitive' with rogers. What a freaking joke.

- Previously I had mentioned that bell never deactivated my standard definition and was charging me an extra $3 every month for 3 months. Upon calling them I had again been "credited" money for those 3 months.

- Bell's return package for my standard receiver had arrived and I immediately sent it out. I was having issues with my internet and finally after many months of nagging over the phone a technician fixed it outside my house.

- The bill came and I was charged $160 extra for TWO standard definition receivers. I called in once again and had to explain that not only did I ship the receiver weeks ago but I only had one receiver to begin with. The CSR refused to believe me at this point I was ready to tell her where to go but I remained calm and asked her to look at my previous bills and tell me when was there ever more then one receiver activated.. she was corrected and said that yet more credits for a billing screw up will be applied to my account. UPDATE: these credits only arrived months after I spoke to that CSR which made each coming bill more and more confusing with all the extra charges and the credits ... takes an accountent or a lawyer to decode this, should of never agreed to one bill.

- This is about August 2009 now and my bills are as confusing as ever, with ridiculous claims and outstanding credits owed to me is yet to be seen.

- During August I had a sales representative call me explaining to me that Max 10 is now considered an grandfather account and asked me if I wanted to switch over to 12Mbps connection. I explained to the sales rep that I'm on contract. The sales rep assured me over and over again that it will not affect my contract and that I would no longer be on a contract. Silly me I agreed considering i'v been iching to leave bell early!

- September comes and what do you know? I got smacked with $150 cancellation fee plus I got charged for 1 month of max 10 and max 12 all in the same bill.. oh and by the way my bell expressVU credits from 4 months ago are no where to be seen either. Conveniently bell sends out bills on Sundays when they do not operate so enraged ppl wouldn't be calling in to complain. It all works out ppl just go about their busy week and before they notice they are also paying late fees. To make this short I got passed around the CSRs like a 2 cent prostitute before being hung up on... I was so angry I started laughing to save myself from buying a rocket launcher and blowing up every bell building i could find.

- I had called the following week to resolve my grossly over bloated bill. I did have luck in reversing both charges and the retarded cancellation fee. Who ever reads this must realize I WAS FULLY LIED TO BY THE SALES REP! because of her I had to spend yet more of my time sorting things out.

- To my horror another problem came to be. I was very eager to give bell the finger and switch to another company. Out of curiosity I called bell phone to find out what was up with my contract. Back in November when this whole nightmare started my contract stated that I would have bell max 10 for 12 months @ the rate of 41$ for the first 6 months and $47 for the rest of the contract term. I originally was most interested because they also said that my internet would be tied with my homephone, I was informed that I would be paying $21 for my homephone. That is down $10 a month and a savings of $120 over a period of 12months. Back to September.. I called in and again to my horror to find out that I'm not on a 12 month homephone contract but instead on a 24 month. I was boiling angry I have been done by bell on all sides! After almost screaming on the phone saying that I was lied to a year ago only to sucker me into this mess. A bell phone supervisor told me I was saving money... and that they would reduce the cancellation charge by pro-rating what i supposedly saved during the 9 months of this so called "promotion". DO NOTE that I did not at any point ever pay the $21 I had agreed to with the retention department back in November of 2008. I had continued to pay the same $31 for my basic homephone package as i did before. Out of desperation I agreed to the bill modifications. At this point I would do anything to leave this sorry excuse for a company!

- This is November 10th my final day with bell for internet and phone! I happily join Primus who offered a much better service at a cheaper price.

- November 15th my last bill from bell phone and internet? you guessed it! NO! Bell had to go and over charge me twice for for internet for the same month. Once again I got on the phone on a Sunday night and oh wait they don't work sunday night HOW FREAKING CONVENIENT! I spoke to a CSR on live chat and he flat out lied to me and told me to "kindly pay the bill" I actually have this sad excuse for lying CSR conversion saved. TAKE A LOOK! The CSR wanted to get me off the line and simply lied to me and once I confronted him about the issue he simply disconnected the conversation

System Welcome Dan
System Connecting to server. Please wait...
System Connection with server established. Please wait...
System Fanix (SCI-9029) has joined this session!
System Connected with Fanix (SCI-9029)
Fanix (SCI-9029) Hi Dan, welcome to Bell Internet Services, my name is Fanix (SCI-9029). By looking at the option you have selected, I see that you have questions regarding your account, how may I assist you with this?
You Hi
You Can you please tell me what are the extra charges on my current bill?
You Hello?
You anybody there?
Fanix (SCI-9029) I certainly can help you with that.
Fanix (SCI-9029) Are you inquring the charges for Internet?
You yes
You my current internet bill has 33.38$ in other charges
You i'd like to know what they are
Fanix (SCI-9029) Can I have a moment? Let me check with my records with regards to your queries and get back to you.
You $33.38
Fanix (SCI-9029) Dan, it seems that your account has been cancelled already.
Fanix (SCI-9029) The charges are:
from Oct 17 to Nov 03.
You yes
Fanix (SCI-9029) So, you had 17 days charges from Oct 17 to Nov 03 with modem rental is $33.38
You wait, what?
You what are the charges?
Fanix (SCI-9029) The charges for $33.38 is 17 days charges from Oct 17 to Nov 03
You But i'm already paying from the month of october
You 58.90$ plus modem...
Fanix (SCI-9029) Your previous bills were paid ill Oct 16.
The current charges are after Oct 17.
You my billing cicle is on 10th of every month
Fanix (SCI-9029) Yes, I understand.
Fanix (SCI-9029) But the charges for every cycle are:
Last month 4 to current month 3.
The bills are just generated on 10.
You It says on my last bill
You Oct 4th to Oct 16th in the amount of $25.53
Fanix (SCI-9029) yes.
Fanix (SCI-9029) That's right.
Fanix (SCI-9029) So the bills are charges are only after October 17 of this month.
You The current bill has Monthly charges of $58.90
You plus
You 33.38
Fanix (SCI-9029) Yes. The charges are from Oct 17 to Nov 03 and then Nov 4 to Dec 03.
You why am I paying for Nov 4th to Dec 03?
Fanix (SCI-9029) Kindly pay the charges.
If you will be sent back the return cheque in the next 3 to 5 business days .
You A return cheque?
You for what?
Fanix (SCI-9029) There is a mess up.
Let me check with my supervisor. One moment please.
Fanix (SCI-9029) Dan, unfortunately we may not be able to adjust charges on cancelled account.
Kindly have some words with our business office at 310-2355. They will adjust the charges on your account, if any.
I regret the inconvenience.
You Have them call me tomorrow @ 4pm
You what was the deal with that return cheque anyway?
Fanix (SCI-9029) I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
I'll not be able to arrange call back for you, since your account has been cancelled.
I would really appreciate if you can call directly.
You they are closed right now
Fanix (SCI-9029) yes, kindly reach them tomorrow.
You Can you possibly open them a ticket
You have them look into my account
Fanix (SCI-9029) Dan, I perfectly understand your concern.
I would have opened a ticket, if your account is active.
Since it's cancelled, we are requesting you to contact our business office. They have higher access and right people to resolve this.
Fanix (SCI-9029) My apologies.
You I understand its not your fault
You the thing is, i'm not with bell anymore and i'm not really willing to spend anymore time resolving billing issues.
You speak to your supervisor i'm sure he can arrange a ticket
You i'v spent what feels like enternity with bell on the phone, as you may notice in the notes on the account.
Fanix (SCI-9029) I perfectly understand this means to you.
However my supervisor will be able to arrange call back, if only your account is active.
Kindly have the b1 number handy, when you speak to them, This chat session is recorded.
I'm pretty much sure they'll resolve your issue in few minutes.
You lol bell is like the borg from star trek, "resistence is futile"
You k i'll call them tomorrow
You before I leave u to ur next chat
Fanix (SCI-9029) I appreciate your understanding.
You what was that whole return cheque thing?
Fanix (SCI-9029) Thank you for choosing Bell.
Have a good evening.
System Fanix (SCI-9029) has left this session!
System The session has ended!

- I called in the next day and resolved the issue quickly with a clear English speaking woman. There is a first time for everything... In any case I would get my hopes up until
I get yet another months bill


My conclusion is that bell is an absolute mess when it comes to costumer care. Everything from raising prices, throttling, implementing caps without a proper metering system, screwing up billing, screwing up orders, slow technical response, not honoring agreements to a complete lack of communications between departments.

I'm currently working on all my alternatives, as soon as my contract ends I will be switching my TV, Internet and home phone to any company but Bell.

Please note that I had not had any problems what so over with bell in the previous 8 years on and off, but this is only due to not having to call in regarding issues.



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Review by Abilek See Profile

  • Location: Harrow,ON
  • Cost: $47 per month
Good "not much... besides few down times"
Bad "everything else... slow speeds.. terrible customer support"
Overall "better of goin with resellers.. better packages.. better prices and MUCH better customer support"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Start Communicat..
I used bhell for few years.. used their fibe 6,7,12 service... over priced with only about half the advertised speeds... too many departments.. hard to get answers since all department dont seem to have access to all info... and the worst part, as we all know is the pricing.. the only way to get a 'better' price is to complain and telling them you're ready to leave then they'll offer you lower prices just to keep you... but, even then, I got tired of having to call them every year... a year after I left they called me and offered me a FREE internet for a year!!

bottom line... treat your customers better and offer better pricing that way you wont have to beg customers to stay

member for 67 days, 14 visits, last login: 28 days ago
updated 66 days ago


Review by Mister_E See Profile

  • Location: Etobicoke,ON
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Reliability, Speed, Direct Tech Support Forum here on DSLR"
Bad "Cost of Services provided - i.e. Speeds, Caps and outsourced phone techs that don't appear to have any tech background"
Overall "Have to consider the alternatives..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update: 01/2015

Too expensive. The quality of the service is still excellent, but the high price and low caps don't make it worth the $$. Unless Bell can match the competitors, I'm cancelling my (longtime) service(s) with them.

Update: 10/2013

Now on Fibe25. Speeds are as advertised - 25Mbps Up / 10Mbps Down. Rock solid reliability. Cap was raised and still sufficient for me as I've never gone over - however, as I've stated before, for the cost, the caps should not exist and services should be better.

Update: 03/2012

Still with Fibe16. Still satisfied with the speed and the cap is still sufficient for my needs, but in 2012, the price is no longer worth the service provided. IMO, either the price should be lower for this type of package, or the package should be upgraded (higher speed, larger cap).

However, considering the alternatives and their pricing, the grass isn't much greener elsewhere either (but I'm definitely considering my options).

Can't be beat for reliability - it just works. IIRC, I've only had 1 outage in the last 5 years that lasted all of ~2 hours (other than a failed 2Wire 2701HG-G/Power Adapter).

Haven't had to deal with Tech Support other than for the failed power adapter, which went smoothly since the situation provided the phone tech no other option (although they did have to patch me through to a 'higher level' tech to confirm the failure).

Replacement modem was provided within a few days, but I have an older Thomson Speedtouch that held me over (ADSL1 only at 8Mb). By using the older modem, my profile had been downgraded, but that was quickly corrected through the Bell Direct forum here on DSLReports (still the preferred way to speak to a tech that actually knows what they're doing, IMO).

Update: 03/2010

Have since upgraded to the 16Mb plan (now called Fibe16) using their 2Wire 2701HG router/modem and paying $2 more I paid before. Quite happy with the speed, but would be nice if they maximized the upload speed on this ADSL2 package as well.

Reliability still excellent.

Unfortunately, I now have a 100GB monthly cap, but my typical usage is under that limit so it hasn't been a factor. Throttling hasn't impacted me significantly, but again, it would be nice if they stopped this practice.

Original Review:

Been with Bell for a long time (since Aug. 2000 and started with the Nortel 1Mb modem) and happy for the most part - extremely rare to see any service disruptions.

Currently on a 6Mbps / 800Kbps profile using a Speedstream 5200 (E240) and getting those speeds - would likely qualify for a higher profile but would likely end up losing my old grandfathered (read: unlimited) plan. My usage isn't that high though and I may consider moving up to a higher speed anyhow.

They were better in the past before the throttling and caps - hopefully they'll change their ways once they see enough people drop their service(s).

I rarely need tech support but have dealt with their phone support on occasion or when helping out friends/family - phone support is horrible, but I've been able to bypass the first level techs most of time (just give them enough technical details and they'll usually move you on once you request to speak to a higher level). Of course, the direct support forum here on DSLR is invaluable.

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Review by xtreme911 See Profile

  • Location: Brampton,ON
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Connection is fairly reliable, speed is average, no monthly caps"
Bad "Depends on how far you are away from CO, connection sometime drops"
Overall "A solid ISP"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Primus Telecommu..
I have been using Bell Sympatico ever sense Rogers introduced a monthly cap. I used to play online games frequently (aka. all the time). Now my primary need for an ISP is a fast speeds for internet surfing and downloading; this comes with high throughput while maintaining low pings. I am on a 5MB profile hitting downloads of 600kb/s Ping to google.com is 20-40ms! That's about all I can say for now... until next time

UPDATE: This review is *very* old! I don't believe the Bell Sympatico brand is even used anymore, and a cap system has since been implemented by Bell so extra charges are applied to your bill if you need the additional bandwidth.

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Review by kd2he See Profile

  • Location: M5V1K5
  • Cost: $63 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Seems to be a good service so far"
Overall "Had teksavy in my last apartment. The new one only allows Bell or Rogers."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

Not pleased with capping to 100 gb. I had to add another 25 gb because I ran over with Netflix usage and setting up my computer software the first month.

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Review by SpyV See Profile

  • Location: Petawawa,ON
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Competitive pricing, easy setup, plug-n-play, bundling options"
Bad "Bell's infrastructure, Does not even get close to advertised speeds, media streaming next to impossible"
Overall "Paying for a service I'm not getting. Will be finding a new ISP."

I'm a long time Bell user, I'd say my first experiences with Bell was years ago in Kingston Ontario when I made the switch from Cogeco. Nearly 10 years ago now I was posted to Petawawa Ontario, and I once again purchased Bell internet. It was easy to bundle with satellite services, and it was "high speed" after all. Also, back then where I lived in Petawawa there were no other options. Suffice to say, for the past ten years I've had nothing but substandard service at each new residence I lived in here at Petawawa. Current advertised rate for my package is 5 down and 1 up. I'm getting .5 down, and .1 up consistently, without ever seeing any variations. I receive 10% of the advertised speeds, and while Bell is quick to point out the caveat that we are unlikely to actually get the advertised rates, I don't believe for one minute that receiving 10% of a service constitutes the full bill.

Along the way, and over the years I've called numerous times. Sometimes I ended up with credited months, sometimes I got several months credited. Sometimes it was the furthest thing from my mind. Suffice to say, I've had enough. The excuse I always receive is that I'm too far from the node, so if that's the case, why do you offer a service you cannot provide?

All in all I cannot blame Bell exclusively. Petawawa is a small town, where the infrastructure just doesn't support the top of the line high speed internet that you would see in other parts of the province. I could also have cancelled at nearly any time over the past few years, but at some point you decide that some internet is better then no internet.

*Edit 12/09/2014*
Note on Price: Throughout the years it has changed here and there. Typically as I changed One bill packages and services. On the site it is advertised at $49.95, however I paid for a larger cap which is an additional fee.

I'm currently using CIKTel's cable internet, and while I had a rocky customer service experience (ultimately positive), I feel as though I've been ripped off extensively by Bell for the past few years. Especially when above I suggest that part of the problem was Petawawa's Infrastructure! Baloney! The problem is Bell.

An example of my last speedtest with Bell:

Download: 69.3 KB/s, Upload: 17.5 KB/s, Ping 71ms.

An example of my last speedtest with CikTel:

Download: 7161.8 KB/s, Upload: 1330.9kB/s, Ping 34 ms

This is in the exact same residence, and for this premium service I pay $10 more a month and no cap.

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Bell Canada

I subscribed to Bell Canada internet service about 1 1/2 months ago for a cottage that I use a handful of weekend each year. I arrived there earlier this week to find the internet connection was not working. I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH BELL CANADA FOR 3+ HOURS. IT TURNS OUT THAT BELL CANADA ON THEIR OWN TRANSFERRED BY SERVICE TO A LOCATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH ME 5 MILES AWAY AND THEN TOLD ME IT WOULD BE OVER A WEEK TO RECONNECT ME. THEY ATTEMPTED TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER BY TELLING ME THEY WOULDN'T CHARGE ME A RECONNECTION FEE!!!

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  • Location: Canada
  • Cost: $74 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

This is a fairly reliable though not perfect DSL service,
combined with phone service.

It is a basic 5Mb service.
I've never seen the DL speed exceed 3Mb,
which is reasonable for a rural connection
at some distance from the telco CO.

My biggest concerns are that speed has a tendency to
decline for no known ( or admitted by Bell ) reason
over a period of time and does not recover until,
I ( naturally ) complain and Bell set the DSL profile back
to where the tech ( Bell sent out ) originally set it...

My other concern, is why this DSL provider doesn't
have "digital DSL repeaters" available for these types of
rural lines. They are quite cheap, and certainly this customer
would pay the purchase price if they'd install them!

Otherwise, no real complaints.

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  • Location: Vankleek Hill,ON
  • Cost: $68 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Bad "Ask for tech support and a person from billing was telling how it was impossible to connect another modem."
Overall "I will change provider very soon"

I recently change from 2 wire to fibe 15/10 as it was cheaper. However with fibe you have to pay $99 for the modem, so i told them to cancel my account and they gave me the modem for free. This was nice but my network did not work as I wanted. Complained about the download stuck at 10 mbps and upload which at best could only get to .60 mbps. They got this fixed and now get 15 mbps but upload will never be 10 mbps. Not that i need it but I want what I pay for.

After updating some blizzard games and since my broadband was only 80, I had to add 75 g to my broadband. Looking around the web I find out that a competitor give around 300g for a muchcheaper price (32.99), of course there is the activation fee but over long term it is much cheaper.

I also ask bell If I can use my own modem, they told me that if I use Bell services I must use their modem. They also told me that the internet will only work with their modem. So believing them I bought my own modem and have it working with their services for now until I change. By the way bell VPI and VCI is 0/35, as the support guy did not know what this was.

"Conversation with Bell:

You: Well i want to use the tp-link as it has a better wifi penetration in my house. meaning it can reach every room.
You: So can the the bell modem be replace by this modem
Bell: I see. Yes, it is possible but don't you want our new modem. For sure it will give you a wider range and it will be supported by Bell in case that there is something wrong happened to the modem, it will be replaced free of charge.
Bell: It is the Home Hub ********* which is for $199.95
Bell: So you are going to replace your current modem by TP-Link.
You: yes that is correct
Bell: It is not possible.
You: i find it strange that bell made it impossible for client to use their own modem,
Bell: Is other provider able to use a different modem aside from what was given to the customer? Not sure about that but it is like, your service provider is Bell so the modem should also be from Bell.
You: what is the vpi and vci value for bell
Bell: I'm sorry but I don't have any idea about that.
Today I installed my own modem and it works so much better then the Bell modem. Next week I will cancel my internet with Bell and go with another provider. The name of the employe has been replace by bell

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·Bell Aliant Fibr..

You're still using DSL technology...

Since Fibe 15/10 is FTTN its using vdsl2 technology so you can expect to get slower upload speed than what your supposed to get as its all bound to the distance from dslam. 15Mbps/10Mbps is only the maximum that you can expect from the service, the minimum garanteed for download/upload is 15Mbps/0.68Mbps and what most peoples get is 15Mbps/3.5Mbps. By the way you can read all this directly in the specifications on bell official website right here: »www.bell.ca/Bell_Internet/Produc ··· ab#Area6

If you want what you pay for with bell go for FTTH (Fiber To The Home) if it is possible (and yes they do have 15/15 service under FTTH). If you can't get FTTH try for cable as usually docsis will give better results than DSL as long as they don't have overload issues in your node.