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ANET Internet Solutions page on DSLReports
No six month summary.
Closed to new reviews.

bullet 18 reviews (8 good) (4 bad)

Review by louisnyc See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Super fast upload and download speeds"
Bad "Sales department never returned phone calls"
Overall "Solid provider."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:

ANET is exclusive DSL provider in my building. Management office gave me their number to call to establish service. After 5 messages left and having never received a phone call, I called their Tech Support line. Tech Support got me setup in about 5 mins.

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Review by Twarrior See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "they used to be a great company"
Bad "but not anymore"
Overall "they went from really great to straight up fools for reasons unknown"

Inforamp aka Anet Communications used to be the best ISP in the Chicagoland Area. Their speeds were impressive (1.5mbps down and 768kbps up) and their in house staff sure beat talking to Osama's Cousins. Their service was the most reputable, as being "The Official ISP for the Chicago Bulls, Bears and Allstate Arena" would seem to clarify.

However, over time, things started to go horribly wrong. Anet (who bought out Inforamp) was then itself bought out (or so I was told, anyways) and from there, things seem to go down hill. The most reputable, professional and knowledgeable representatives seem to be getting FIRED left and right, replaced with a majority of reps that seemed to be very under trained.

Stress levels within middle management seemed to be spiking, including but not limited to Shawn, the customer service manager, having acquired a seriously belligerent attitude. Reliability and speeds started to diminish. Customer service started to become degraded and I was being lied to left and right about most things.

Shawn passionately did his best to enforce that residential customers do not mater to Anet Communications and that I had no right to be lodging the grievances that I was lodging and that these things were "none of my business".

In a barrage of personal slams against me within a phone conversation, he even tried to defame my character (to try to make his point that my opinions as a customer did NOT mater and were NOT wanted NOR needed) he stated that I owed quite a bit of money to a variety of past vendors. I asked him which vendor and the only example he could pull out of his arse -- is a years old small past debt I had with Inforamp that had been in excess of 1 year long since PAID IN FULL.

In their continued efforts to kick their residential customers to the curb in favor of big rich corporate business -- my account ended up terminated for non-payment at the exact same time I had the money and was trying to pay them. They utterly refused my payment and preferred instead to disconnect me.

My friend who I had referred to them had similar problems (as also one business client than I referred to them also) and I had everyone that I had brought in simultaneously drop their service -- seeing as everyone was long past their 1 year contract.

This awesome ISP having gone to hell in a hand bag, I switched to Speakeasy Internet. Now granted, Speakeasy had a previously bad rep and I'll explain why. They made the mistake of co-locating and outsourcing too many of their servers and services giving them little no no control for rectifying problems. They have since fixed these issues and their service is awesome. Their staff also is in house.

The main point however, is I just wanted everyone to know how horrible Anet has become and unless you've got a thing for masochism, avoid them like the plague!

Their local reputation has even gotten so bad that this guy at the Allstate Flea Market (ironically taking place in the parking lot of the Allstate Arena, one of Anet's corporate accounts) told me he had heard how bad Anet has gotten and he isn't even a customer!

The horror stories over-floweth!


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Review by gadgetpig See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
  • CLEC party: MCI
Good "Local DNS servers in Chicago. Low latency and low pings to most game servers. Solid and Stable DSL Line"
Bad "ADSL in general is affected by line distance and line quality. Ask ahead of time what sync speed will most likely be"
Overall "If you do your homework and ask questions, ANET is a solid Local Chicago ISP"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

First my background, I am an "IT Support Specialist" for a large market information company in Rosemont, IL. My home is in the north side of Chicago. I am an avid gamer, and I wanted an ISP that is reliable, had local DNS servers, low latency national backbone, and tech support that actually call back. My previous ISP was Speakeasy/Covad. They were also good, but I was looking for ways to reduce my monthly DSL costs. Once my Speakeasy contract was up, I knew I had to do my homework all over again.

I placed my order with John Pettis, who helped me thru some of my prequal questions. I even asked if I could talk to one of their IT support staff, and one of them called me back the same day. I am about 13,000 feet from the CO, but the quality of my line is "electrically" 18,000 feet, (according to one of the SBC techs here on DSL reports). Now prequal thru SBC, the most they could do for me was 384/128 kbps. Obviously that wasn't gonna cut it. But ANET was willing to provide service for 768/384. As with ANY DSL install, maintain good communication with the ISP in the first few critical days, at least until you can verify an FOC date (firm order of committment from the ILEC). This is because behind the scenes, there are lots of red tape/formal rules between SBC and access to their DSLAM. John caught one attempted DSL cancellation by SBC, because they stated I didn't have SBC as their local phone service. A fax of my SBC phone bill to Anet (John) remedied the situation. John also replied to my email in a timely fashion, and called me back to make sure my questions/issues were taken care of by the right people. How many people in DSL Sales do you know that does this both before, during and after and DSL installation?

Incidentally, as for ANY DSL install, this is the TYPICAL fine print you need to know ahead of time:

"The actual line speed of a given ADSL Circuit will vary based upon various technical factors, such as copper loop quality and distance from the central office. The provisioned speed for a given ADSL Circuit will be based on the actual available line speed, as determined by ANET at the time of service installation/activation."

So I knew I was going to get 768/384 BECAUSE I ASKED. Make sure you do too, for ANY DSL provider.

Gaming wise they are a great ISP. I played counterstrike on servers as low as 27ms! Not bad at all. They use MCI as the national backbone, which is a very solid, low latency, low ping network.

The DSL modem they use is an Efficient Networks Speedstream 5260. I myself use a Netgear RO318 router with SPI.

In terms of stability, I have not noticed the line go down or reset in the time I've had them. Downloading large files (Painkiller demo/Unreal 2004 demo), I had no problems with it failing or disconnecting. Again as with all large downloads, you are best to use some kind of download manager in case a hiccup does occur. The internet itself is very unpredictable, so use the right tools for the job.

I don't use their email servers, so I don't know much about that aspect. But I've learned long ago, if you move around a lot, or plan to switch ISP's in your lifetime, your better off with a Yahoo or Hotmail type of account.

They do include free basic dialup, for those times when you need to login the "old way" Don't expect dialup numbers all over the world/usa, this is a throw in service, not a replacement to Fiberlink or ATT Worldnet.

As for servers, they of course don't want you to host any kind of 24/7 warez/spamming/mp3 server, but if you host occasional game servers, there is no problem with this. I have not used their newsgroups servers, but they do include it.

That's about it, in a nutshell they are the BEST local independent Chicago ISP, they use "local" DNS servers, have a low latency national backbone, and offer static IP for only 10.00 more. ( For basic PPPOE service, it's 39.95 a month, 49.99 with 1 static IP).

That's about it, feel free to IM me if you have any other questions.



UPDATE 2/23/04:

Prior to this review, I had emailed if I could possibly sync at 1500/768, Rob from ANET support requested a re-sync try with MCI. Lo and behold, I'm syncing stable so far at 1300!!! This is really incredible!!!,! considering how FAR (over 13,000 feet) I am from the CO. 768 is sure sweet, but 1300 is just AWESOME!!!!

UPDATE 3/12/04:

ANET DSL line has been very, very STABLE. I have not had the occasional loss of sync like I had with Covad/Speakeasy ( considering my distance to the CO ). My pings in general are 10ms-20ms lower with ANET than with Speakeasy/Covad, on a broad range of my favorite quake 3/counterstrike game servers. Reliable, transparent, that's how it should be.

UPDATE 3/18/05:

After 1 year the line has been rock steady and stable, and most important, has low latency, consistent throughput, no upload/download caps, no matter what time of the day or week. I've since had to throttle back my line to 768/384 as I'm just too far from the CO to hold the sync consistently. (electrically I'm 18,000ft from the CO). Very happy to have ANET as my provider. As a person working in the IT field, I find ANET/MCI to be one of the better local DSL providers in Chicago. Anet is both very affordable and very reliable.


UPDATE 10/28/05

Hi Folks, well after purchasing a most excellent "Corning DSL NID POTS Splitter SPS-SA0-SR1" from jlramirez, I've been able to change DSL profiles back to 1500/768. Yay! The install was very easy; a clever design that fits inside a typical Chicago NID. I ran the new DSL pair thru an existing line, relocated my modem close to the 66block, and ran fresh ethernet to my router. Again playing on a few Counterstrike:Source servers, I've played as low as 14ms..Ya baby! woot! Ok, nuff said, I'm going back to playing online.

*FINAL UPDATE* 6/10/06
Just wanted to update this review. As you know, MCI cutoff reselling DSL to smaller ISP's, so ANET switched to Covad as the new DSL partner. They now have a new tier of 1500/128k for 39.95 a month (pppoe) using Broadxent Briteport DSL half-bridge.
The 128k upload, as of this time, CANNOT be changed. It also uses "interleave mode" which will add 10-20ms extra latency. However this did NOT affect my gaming performance, (aside from showing up as a higher ping time in the server browser). As for reliability, it was just as reliable as the MCI line, with no downtime reported. I have since moved on to »www.tifnet.net/, another smaller isp (review coming soon stay tuned)

Finally, I just want to thank the many people at ANET for over 2yrs of RELIABLE 100% uptime service, and I hope someday the 1500/768 profile comes back.
Thanks and best wishes ANET team!

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Review by ravencef See Profile

  • Location: Morris,Grundy,IL
  • Cost: $66 per month (12 month contract)
  • Telco party Ameritech
  • CLEC party: Focal
Good "Good speed for loop distance"
Bad "Very, very bad communication and service"
Overall "Felt cheated"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I used Inforamp (now Anet) for almost 2 1/2 years.

Good Points -

1) Install and service was activated promptly.

2) 12Kf loop was providing 1.2Mb up and 500Kb down. Good speed.

Bad Points -

1) Repeated outages over the last two years have totaled over three weeks of down time. The worst was due to a record error on Anet part. Service was installed as a dry loop. (No POTS service) This was not documented and my service was disconnect for two weeks while SBC/Ameritech reinstalled.

2)I've asked several times for a credit and never received one dime.

3) Tier one support, does not listen to the customers. On some occasions the customer may know what he's talking about. I should never have to get in a shouting match with tech support trying to convince them I have a dry loop with no SBC POTS line number attached.

3) It took an e-mail threat to get them to lower my rates from $89.00 MRC to $66.14 MRC. Now I see its $49.95 (+$5.00 Static IP) and again its they were overcharging me, compared to new customers. I should not have to ask or threaten to get the best rates as a loyal customer.

4) Repeatedly, I was told that I could not get even one additional e-mail account without a charge. (Comcast gives 7 (SEVEN) with normal service...) I think they need to start paying closer attention to the competition.

5) I pay quarterly. $198.42 per bill.The last bill was 7/1/04. I asked to have my service disconnected at the end of the billing cycle. Today is 8/10/04 and at 5PM my e-mail account was deactivated. Service should last until 10/1/04, right?!?!


7 days outage at $2.96 a day. Never refunded. Owed to me - $20.72
14 days outage at $2.20 a day. Never refunded. Owed to me - $30.80
Service terminated 51 days early at $2.20 a day. Owed to me - $112.20

The way I see it. The honorable thing for Anet(Inforamp) to do would be to refund my charge card in the amount of $163.72. From past expierance, I have not seen much honor in their actions.

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Review by Phlerb See Profile

  • Location: Oswego,Kendall,IL
  • Cost: $34 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 42 days
  • Telco party BellSouth
  • CLEC party: BellSouth
Good "They tried"
Bad "They lied"
Overall "stay away"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I decided to go with ANET since they were the only service offering an upload speed of 768 kbps (1.5 Mbps down) in my area for a resonable amount ($19.95 for the 1st 3 months, then $39.99 for the next 9).
I asked them to set up service around the 18th of November, when we moved into our new construction house. It took over 5 weeks to straighten out the mess that was SBC and their DSL service out here. Supposedly SBC input some code wrong in the computer that would not allow them to release the line to a different ISP for DSL. It took 5 weeks to track down and change the one input line of code in the computer to allow ANET to set up the DSL.
Once that was changed it took another 2 weeks (total of 7 weeks now from the initial order) to get my "Welcome Package" from ANET that included the DSL modem, so I could connect.
Once I did get connected I found out that the email address I had told every one (xxxx@anet.com) was not my email address. It actually was xxxx@theramp.net, since ANET recently purchased InfoRamp. Now I have to resend out emails to my friends that the previous email address is not correct. 3 email addresses in 3 months. Fun!
The download speed is appropriate for me being only 4999 feet from the RT (I get around 1100 Kbps). My upload speed though is only 136 kbps or so. It turns out that they only offer the higher speed through their MCI lines, and not the SBC lines, and since I only had access to SBC lines, I was provisioned at 256 kbps, though no one told me this until I did some research and lots of phone calls. The contract states that they only offer _UP TO THE SPECIFIED SPEED_ and even though I theoretically should be able to get whatever I want, since SBC throttles their lines to no more than 256 kbps up, then I too am stuck at 256 (or 136 kbps). So I am getting 1/6th the speed that I paid for and was advertised with as far as I can tell, no recourse.
The real kicker is that I had SBC Yahoo! at my old place and could have transferred it for $25 and get the same speed I get now for the same price, but been able to keep my old email addresses!

My best guess is that I have made around 45-55 phone calls and spent around 10-15 hours on the phone and on hold trying to resolve the various problems and issues with getting this service set up.

Other problems:
1.) you can not access the outgoing mail servers (SMTP) unless you are on their network.
2.) Not many remote dial in locations (I am a pilot and on the road quite a bit).
3.) The line seems to 'hiccup' often and this drops me off of some servers in the middle of downloads.

The only upside is that Annie O'Neill, the sales rep I dealt with the whole time really did put in a lot of effort to get the service running. Though I think after all the mess and problems I have had and the lack of information regarding the upload speeds versus line carrier I should be able to cancel my service without the early termination fee they want to impose ($200).

Anyone have any ideas as to the legality of the contract and the information above?

Here is the relevant parts of the contract:

"InfoRamp agrees to provide Internet DSL service (w/speeds up to 1.5Mb/768K) to the customer listed below under the following terms:

1. This agreement shall commence on the date of installation and continue for a term of one year.

2. The customer agrees to pay the following non-recurring charges:
i. $00.00 Activation Charge.
ii. $00.00 Ethernet Modem

2a. The customer agrees to pay the following monthly recurring charges:

i._________$19.95__________ -- Monthly DSL Service (First 3 Months)

ii.________$39.95__________ -- Monthly DSL Service (each following month)

ii.__________ __ ___________ --

3. The customer may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying InfoRamp in writing. If cancelled prior to the term of this agreement the customer agrees to pay InfoRamp a $200 early termination fee."

as an aside, since they couldn't get their computers to take the different pay rates, they averaged out the cost as $34.95 for 12 months... yet another call to figure out why my bill was $74 for the 1st month, and not the stated $19.95 plus taxes.

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Review by dirtdigger98 See Profile

  • Location: Lansing,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $39 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Pre-sales help , Tech help .......Quick responses to questions ."
Bad "None"
Overall "Highly Recommend"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

It is nice to find an isp that actually has people you can understand . The pre-sale info was great . Techs are English speaking Americans . Very helpful . If the tech can't help for some reason they put a "ticket through " to a higher tech level . They actually call you back in a timely manner . How many of you can say that about your isp's ? Had to make a few calls to get every thing running right , but it was a pretty painless experience . Their speeds are ok and the price was right . $19.95 for the first three months , $39.95 after that . The order was placed and service received with in seven days ( as promised ). Equipment included , no set-up fees ( 12 month contract ) and six e-mail accounts. Can't ask for more !

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Review by mgulino See Profile

  • Location: Oak Lawn,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $63 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
  • CLEC party: WorldCom
Good "Great pre-sales, very quick setup, decent connection speed..."
Bad "None so far..."
Overall "I'd do it again in a heartbeat!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I switched from a 3 year old Concentric/XO ADSL account to Anet on a friend's recommendation. The entire switch over was painless. I've double my speed, from 768/384 to 1.3 mbps/660 kbps for almost $30/month less than what I was paying XO, including a static IP.

I didn't get the full 1.5/750 advertised but I'm happy none the less. Thanks Anet.

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Review by daragh See Profile

  • Location: Arlington Heights,Cook,IL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "None."
Bad "Website blackouts, loss of connectivity frequently."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

ANet seems to be getting worse. The company I am consulting at had a dialup with them (it's a really small company) as well as a website.

They weren't offered a contract or SLA at signup, which was all word-of-mouth, so they basically have no rights.

The dialup fails for periods of up to 24 hours (we're in a 48 hour blackout right now) about once a week.

The website is down frequently, about two or three times a month (their own website is down right now) - they keep blaming the 'IIS Metadata', and are apparently constantly rebuilding their machines. I am skeptical.

The experiences I have had with their support had always left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Their billing department ordered the site to be brought down at one point due to a billing issue, which was a mistake on their part. (I.e., there was no billing issue at all)

We're moving to Speakeasy.net ASAP. I suggest you avoid this company at all costs.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that a COVAD installer told me that they REFUSE to deal with ANet anymore (as of mid 2002, I guess).

Caveat Emptor "Let the buyer beware"

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Review by darrengam See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $59 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 15 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
  • CLEC party: WorldCom
Good "Service was up and running quickly with very little hassle"
Bad "Pricing is a little high compared to Ameritech, but my upload is better"
Overall "Highly recommended!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I called ANET the first week of December to inquire about their DSL service. I talk to Lauren, and she was very helpful and knowledgable. Their pricing was a little higher than Ameritech and Covad, but I would prefer not to give business to Ameritech or other larger companies. I ordered service later that day, and within a week they contacted me with the activation date. I received the modem kit after about a week, and hooked it up right away. A few days later, I noticed the lights on the modem start to blink, however I could not get any service. I called ANET, and spoke to Gene, and they helped me with the phone line filters, and I was up and running. The whole process took about 2 weeks from order to activation, and so far the service is running great. Bandwidth tests show I am pretty much getting 1.5 downloads and 768K uploads. Latency is great, as I play many online games, and I have great pings. I hooked up my PS2, and its great! My only gripes is that there is 1 IP address, and extra IPs are extra $$$.

I ordered 1.5 upload/768 download at $59.99 per month, with a free modem. The IP addres is dynamic. Overall, my experience was very good.

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Review by blazes0 See Profile

  • Location: Naperville,Du Page,IL
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
  • CLEC party: NorthPoint
Good "it works, it's fast"
Bad "service was inexplicably bad for a while"
Overall "If you don't think about your service, it must be good"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

ANET was the only ISP I could find serving DSL in my area when I got server (feb 2000). Price is reasonable, they claim $50 for 468 kb service. Installation was in less than a month, and that was at a busy time. They have a 5 GB limit, which always makes me nervous but which I don't seem to hit.

They actually run my line at 700+ kb, which is nice.

I had problems for a while (months) - my data rates were around 100-200kb. Their tech support was no help. Then it all started working. Now it always works and it's always fast. What more could you ask from an ISP? Of course, my line is Northpoint, which is now chapter 11...

I don't work for ANET, I just get my service from them.

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