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Review by LoneRegister See Profile

  • Location: Lakeside,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $350 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 40 days
  • Telco party Sprint
  • CLEC party: XO Communications
Good "Very high bandwidth at my colo."
Bad "Totally clueless tech install. Had to step them through the fixes."
Overall "Seems to be good, quality high bandwidth product. But you'd better know your stuff. They can't (wont?) help much."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I have to start this with the caveat: the T1 connection has been up now for about 2 days. And has had no problems. It was arriving at this point that was a nightmare.

I have a colo system with ADN - and I must say that it appears to be quite a spanky connect, with little, actually no downtime whatsoever.
Their technical support staff is limited, and I have had a few calls with hold times over 4 minutes.

The problem came into effect, when I signed on to install a T1 at my home office, and run it to my colo cabinet. XO and SBC came out within 2 weeks, and got the hardware installed, and were out the very next day when it was disovered that the T1 card (theirs) was bad.

At that point - I was told that it was ADN's ball game at that time. They took roughly 14 days from that time to even look at my circuit.

When they did install the hardware on their end, they had a bad WIC card and the diagnostics to get the T1 running between our two Cisco 1700 & 1600 routers was troublesome.

They assured an install on a certain weekday, and missed that date by 2 days. I had to raise hell to get them to respond in those two days.

For example- when the install missed the deadline, and the service staff seemed to be blowing me off. I left a message for Steve, the President of the company. He apparently came in that day, and then left, all without returning my call. (I left my message at around 9:15am, and called back to speak with him again at 2:30pm. Both times he was not in yet, or later, had already left.
Either my satisfaction was not important to him, or he did not want to talk to me.

When we did get it rolling, the tech installed me on an IP range outside of my CoLo IP addresses. This meant that all 1.5Mbs was piling onto my traffic fees on my colo. When in fact, it should have been invisible for any transfers to computers inside my colo cabinet. I had to reconfigure both cisco's on the ends of the T1 to get it right. The ADN tech did not know/care how to do this.

Bottom line?

They have solid bandwidth - but they are a bit short on the customer care side of things. I am not sure if it's just personel, or if it's just an overload of growth. I think probably both, with a lot towards the growth side overwhelming their staff. Additionally, remember, my setup is quite technical, and probably out of the ordinary for any company.

If they had more compitent staff, and if they actually returned my calls, instead of my having to chase them down all the time, they'd be a superstar in my book. As it is, sadly, I am worried that if/when the shit hits the fan, I am in a 1 year contract with my colo that is going to trap me. I hope I am wrong.

Does the T1 work - yes. Does their service deliver. Yes. Just be aware that their customer service is a bit on the weak side. At least for me.

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