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Review by LJ1nOnly0 See Profile

  • Location: Lawrenceville,Gwinnett,GA
  • Cost: $59 per month (6 month contract)
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

B.S. Really Stands For BULLSH$T

IFTL (Intergrated Fiber In The Loop)
If it ever works, it would be excellent value for the money !!!!
I believe it is 69.99 a month for the Fiber ADSL with speeds
Advertised "Up To 1 MBPS"

It is 59.99 if you have Complete choice calling package
21.95 of this charge is for your B.S. User name & E-Mail
so it is like only paying 39.99 a month extra for ADSL
Its a great deal, and a great price, but till they get
things right, have more quality control, and have an once
of care for their customers, it will never be great at

I posted this in the wrong area, so I reposted it here
I would have posted more then I have in the past 3 days
but I just found out about this site. Want to hear the
truth about BellSouth? At least in ATLANTA?

This is just a breif summary since October 99.

Techs at Bellsouth know nothing, they were not trained for anything much
to speak about. But then again what do you expect for just slightly
above minimum wage, and a time limit per call.

Bet you guys did not know that Compaq is one subcontractor that your
really speaking to when you call Bellsouth tech support. Ever been to I am in the computer & communication business, and
I can tell you from past experience, and from my personal know how, and
my own personal opinion, 60% of what is said at this site is true.
(I also know many Compaq Employee's and hear stuff first hand)

Tech support jobs at Bellsouth, Compaq & AOL ESPECIALLY are just there
to get experience. No one stays long, no one gets paid well, no one is
trained properly. It is just the way it goes.... Now there are better
paying jobs at these companies with some qualified senior level techs,
but you do not speak to them, not until you demand it, or after a few
dozen phone calls you will get escalated to this "Higher Level" of Tech
Reps. But first you waste time with the little people and allow them to
read you their version of diagnostic troble shooting from what was
pre-printed on an index card.

All you can do is hang in there, don't take crap from nobody, and know
just a tiny bit more then them so you are not taken advantage of.
Believe me, knowing a tiny bit more then them would only take you a few
minutes of reading "On The Bowl".

Chalk up another one for BellSouth Customer Service !!!

Yea... I called the presidents complaint line, and this guy that looked
at my account (after going blind from reading 25 pages of notes) he
assured me he was going to get me in touch with a supervisor from DSG to
get to the bottom of things. He admitted to me that this is a huge joke
and never should have happened, and "My Satisfaction is important".

So he notes my account that he spoke to me, and that he is referring
this to a DSG supervisor for a customer call back.

Then I get a call from the "Client Logic" help desk. (You know... those
first level techs that know nothing and are basically secretaries for
DSG & NOC) and he asks how he can help me. I told him you can get me a
DSG supervisor so I can speak directly and explain what a joke my
account has become and after 56 repairs, that it still has intermittent
problems. He agrees that there is nothing he can do, so he closes the
call saying that "Customer was told that a DSG supervisor was to call
him back, and I am referring this back to the Presidents escalation
center so that this can be accomplished.

Then I get a call from some other help desk, NOT DSG still.... and they
want to know if they can come out to the house sending a regular phone
technician to the house and test my setup here. Now you know I was
not nice to this person on the phone right???

Now just to let you know, whenever they have come out to fix my line,
90% of the time the pedestal itself was dead (The IFITL) in front of the
house. Even they could not connect from it. and 10% of the time it was
the RT (The main box) 3/4 miles up the road. What good does it do to
send a first level newbie tech to test my house when it has already been
noted the problems outside in the field is the problem?

It just goes to show you the piss poor customer service they have. The
disoriented lack of intelligence & troubleshooting skills, and basically
the fact that they just do not care.

When I was a Phone Tech in my early years before I was a cable splicer,
if I had a return call within 30 days for the same repair I had my head
handed to me, and the Forman came out to be a pain in the neck. Kinda
like being the monkey on ya back to make sure you did it right the
second time. It was quality control !!!

They have been out here HUNDREDS of times, Numerous requests have been
made to speak to supervisors, Numerous people who have reviewed my
account have gotten a good laugh out of it, but they just keep sending
the same tech out here. They have NO quality control!!!

Ooops I lied a little, they tech that comes out here now is NOT the
"Regular Tech" He is a new tech that rode around with the old regular
tech for 3 weeks. And he has been on his own for a week now.
I am so confident of this new guy having soooo much more experience (3
week ride a long) will get me up and running for more then 48 hours in a

Most people think you could go somewhere else and get better service....

but you don't know the real deal here. If you go with REDOT, or some
other Fast Access company, do you honestly think each of these companies
have their own equipment buried in the street? No sir.... They are
subcontracting the service of that company and getting a cheaper rate
because they have hundreds or thousands of customers.

Another thing is, now you have a middle man. This "New Company" that
your going with only has access and permission to go from the pedestal
in front of your house to your house. They have absolutely no networking
controls, they cannot get into the main RT, DSLAM, HTCLOUD or whatever
you want to call it. They have to call the company who owns it.
Only difference you get going with another company is that you speak to
a different set of people that may be more polite and more sympathetic
to your problem, but your at the mercy of third party companies and they
have to work with many subcontractors to get you up and running again.
It is like a private reseller seeling for Bellsouth or whatever the
prodier is, they bill the provider a fee that of course is cheaper then
we would pay because they have thousands of customers, and they resell
it to us a dollar or two cheaper so we think it is a better company.
But when problems occur, you have to call the people your signed up
with, then they have to call the provider they are selling for, then
they take over and do the repairs, they are out of the loop. So Are You!

Its pretty much the same way wherever you go, everybody shares this
"Network System" the internet is not owned by any one person. it is a
public highway that many are responsible to be coordinating with.

Bottom line.... you will always be at "Someone's Mercy" Don't get your
hopes up, and never count on anything of actually going the way you want
it. Go with a major well known company and hope that you will not go
through what I did. Especially with the internet and Fast access.
Murphy's Law I think was specifically written for this....LOL

Well, do not feel so bad, I think in 5 months the most it was working
was 3 to 5 days in a row. It is down more then it is up.
I have had over 50 service calls and hundreds of hours on the phone with
these clowns.

The problem is, they are blaming it on "New Technology" However the REAL
PROBLEM, is that they have absolutely no clue about what their doing.

Now being an EX- Telephone employee from another state I kinda have
respect for the guys. All of them that came out to my house had anywhere

from 17 to 22 years with Bellsouth. NONE of them had anymore experience
with ADSL more then what they learned in a 5 hour class, or what they
picked up riding along with some other dope for 3 weeks. Then their sent
out on their own. Nice eh?????

These are the people servicing your network, these are the people you
rely on to get things fixed. People that do not have a personal computer
of their own, and if they do actually have a 386 or 486 dinosaur they
certainly do not have a cable modem or ADSL.

The technicians that come out to fix my DSL all the time are quite nice,
but all they know how to do is plug in cards, re-set or re-seat cards,
change cards and that's it. You talk to them about download speeds, lock
up, intermittent connections, fluctuating speeds, being able to connect
but not browse or get mail, and they are lost. All they know is to
connect, do a speed test, and close the job out.

I must have called 200 times or more. Everyone in the Atlanta GA, and
Tennessee office knows me. They all go blind from reading my notes. I
laugh with them all the time when I call.

Now here is the deal, the ADSL help desk for BellSouth (You know the
technical support number you call) This is answered by very nice , very
polite, very pleasant people. But all they are, is a tech (if you call
it that) that make .25 cents more then minimum wage that have NO CLUE
what your talking about, and all they know is what's written on an index
card in front of them. This card contains the following:

"Run Defrag, Reboot, Use scandisk if this does not work uninstall then
reinstall the software...... That's it, that's all......

And this dept is called "Client Logic"
(How Quaint)

Now true there are rare cases when your software is messed up,
corrupted, IRQ conflicts with your machine and so on... but this is not
the problem. The problem is they cannot keep the system up and running.
They have cards going bad by the truck full.
Card that are D.O.A, Cards that went bad, Cards that go into "Sleep
Mode", Cards with intermittent connections and so on.....

Now after you have talked to this reject of a tech, you now get
"Escalated" to the DSG or NOC area's. The people that actually fix
things. But... in order to get through, you first have to go through the
boring process at "Client Logic". Then you wait on hold for another hour
or so while they relay info back and forth because DSG won't talk to a
customer. So now you have some putz at the help desk, that knows nothing
about DSL relaying info back to the technical guru's at DSG. (As if you
knew what to say, and their trying to repeat it to DSG.

During your call (now remember it was a connectivity problem you called
about) you try to sign on periodically while on hold. You actually get
connected, the Tech at the "Client Logic Desk" says that DSG says all is
ok, because they see you are signed on and they hang up closing the job
ticket. Or they will send a tech out and change a card, only for that
card to go bad 3 hours or 3 days after they leave.

well, I think I rambled on enough, lets see what happens tomorrow. I
have the Presidential Escalation dept involved now, and even they say it
is a joke what is going on with my account. I do not think I paid for it
yet, maybe one month I think. They gave me free installation and setup
charges cuz the rascals lost my account 3 times. Yes that's right, I
called up a dozen times each time having to give my name, address &
phone number over to start a new application because they lost the first
TWO of them.

Now remember this is BellSouth, a major leading company & ISP provider.
Some bunch of professionals aren't they? Lets see when they will show up
and fix me again, I have to wait another 3 days for the commitment date
to come around, they just left this morning, so they might get here by
Friday. I have to use a modem till then.

Gosh..... I could just go on for hours.... what else do you people
really want to know about the wonderful world of BellSouth ADSL?

Letter written to BellSouth Presidential Escalation Department
After they did not show up. They claimed that the rapairman
just left this morning and closed the job, and if I was still
in need of repair, I had to call all over again and wait for
the 3 day comitment time to come around again.

Dear Sirs,
I will do my best to describe MOST of what's been going on. However
there has been so much that it is not only difficult & time consuming,
but to do it in chronological order is nearly impossible. I am also sure
that I am leaving out several incidents that occurred, but I am sure
just from what I took the time to mention that you will get the

First lets talk about the "Installation & Setup:"

When I first called Bellsouth (Or whatever company was subcontracted to
take orders for Bellsouth at that time) they lost my order 2 or 3 times.

Each time I called the same direct number to some guys desk, he forgot
about talking to me. He promised to call me back several times, and
never did. I always chased him down saying "Did you think I was going to
go away?" He said he remembered, and that he will get to the bottom of
it and have his supervisor call me. He also stated that he would follow
up on it and call me back to make sure I spoke to someone. Of course he
never did, and when I did call, the order was lost again and they had
to take a new order for ADSL service.

Finally after chasing around after this guy, and numerous ADSL
applications because they were getting lost or never entered, I went
over his head and found his supervisor. I raised "Royal Hell" she
assured me the order would NOT get lost this time, she assured me that
she will call me back (and she always did) and she was waving
installation and setup for the ADSL service
as well as giving me the first month FREE.

Eventually it came down to my address qualifying, but not my number.
Obviously because whoever had my number before in months prior was out
of the area. So we had to sit back for 10 days waiting for the computer to
qualify my number for Fast Access.

By this time, I already had 14 service calls on my phone lines in less
then 30 days (On copper & universal Slick). I have 3 physical lines and
7 telephone numbers, and an 800 number coming into my house. During the
course of making complaint after complaint, and Identifying myself as a
long lost old telephone tech , I got the courtesy of a man by the name
of . He is one of the supervisors of the GA BellSouth garage. He sent
out his best techs (And they were great!!) they fixed my lines time and
time again, always polite, always informative, always taking
concern that they are responding to yet another service call after I
have had many others in the past. I had trucks up and down my street, I
had numerous people doing numerous things, it was like I was the
president of the USA. The neighbors thought I was "God" having so much
"Juice". But after the duties of the local garage were done, after the
phones lines were up and running and the fast access was installed, it
all stopped and the "Games began".

Nothing could fix me longer than a few days or a week, the aerial pairs
(Copper coming out of the slick cabinets to the stump outside) had a
high resistance on most of the available pairs. Many techs told me
eventually that it would be all converted over to fiber and pointed out
the new IFITL across the street. He also stated that's where Fast Access
comes from. When I had mentioned that I was signed up for it and waiting

approval, he told me "Ahh Hah...Now I can Really Help You". He stated
that he was also in charge of Fast Access for , so he bumped up my
appointment and set it up to convert ALL my phone lines over to fiber.

By this time the crew came out to do the pre-install, but they realized
whoever ran the 5 pair drop & coax that was designated to my house
coming out of the IFITL did it wrong. They had me coming out of a stump
around the corner and the length of copper coming out of the IFITL to
the NID on the side of the house had to be less then 500'.

Then consider another 100" to the room I was using it in. They said it
all had to be less then 500 feet or they could not do it. I think if I
remember correctly that the drop alone was over 600 or 700 feet, and
that was just to the stump at the curb. So they had to call a digging
crew to set me up out of the pedestal (stump) directly across the
street. They ran (2) 5 pair drops and forgot to run the coax for cable
TV. Not that I care I use satellite, but if someone ever buys this house
after me is screwed and they're going to ruin the yard again running a
line they forgot to.

Now I have about 150 to 200 feet from the stump across the street to the
NID on the rear of the house, then 100 feet to my computer.It is all
less than 300 feet for sure !!

Ok, now I am wired in to the IFITL, my phone lines are working
(Dependably ever since even till NOW!!) and their trying to get the Fast
Access working, They can't. No signal coming from the RT (The Main Unit
a few blocks away). Some people have called it the RT or Cloud, we will
refer to it as the RT for referenc����������������� 

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Review by bob28205 See Profile

  • Location: Charlotte,Mecklenburg,NC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

For Bell South Fast Access users in the Charlotte area, Time Warner Cable's Road Runner High Speed Online service leaves Bell South looking like Wyle E. Coyote falling off a cliff.

Road Runner is truly an "always-on" connection. No PPoverE. No EnterNet. No conflict with local networks. Just great high speed on-line service. And excellent customer service and support. They even gave me a mouse pad with a picture of the Road Runner. And a User's Guide and an Internet Guide.

My logged speed tests for Fast Access here at show a low of 410146 bps and a high of 1189775 bps, averaging in the 800000 range. So far, Road Runner shows a low of 1097728 bps and a high of 1627136 bps, averaging around 1350000 bps. MEEP-MEEP!!

In comparing the video playback of Duran Duran's 1983 and 1985 music videos "Rio" and "A View To A Kill" at the web site (try this for yourself!), Fast Access makes the videos look like stills, changing every 4 or 5 seconds. Road Runner makes the videos just like watching it on TV, smooth video as well as stereo sound, with very little internet noise or distortion.

And the service is Home Network friendly. I can surf on both my computers at the same time! And I have not been disconnected since it was installed!

Not only all this, but Road Runner is $20 cheaper. MEEP-MEEP!!

I realize that not all DSL subscribers have to worry about PPPoE and EnterNet connections and many are very happy. It is the Bells that have messed up DSL. And there are only two high-speed online services available in the Charlotte area. If you live in Charlotte, there is no question that Road Runner is the better service!

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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Charlotte,Mecklenburg,NC
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $60 per month
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've come to the conclusion that Bellsouth has people running around all
over this city and no one seems to be communicating at all. They
installed at my office on 02-14 (they were here for 4 hours+) and sure
enough I have sync but not receiving anything. They spend 2 hours on
the phone and assure me everything on my end is fine - it's an internal
problem at Bellsouth. They promise I will be up and running in 48
hours. 2 days later - no service- I get to call technical support -
what a treat. I tell "Bob" what's going on and to please call DSG. He
has me check the usual crap and asks if I have a green light, etc. -
finally he puts in call to DSG - after all the waiting they tell him to
tell me that they have a message in to the appropriate people and to
call back tomorrow. I call back the next day - explain it all again -
no one wants to believe what I tell them or they are scared to call
these "secret people" they call, so he has me go through all this crap
on the computer - uninstall, reinstall different drivers, delete stuff,
reboot etc, etc,etc. Finally he called the "secret DSG people" and
while he's talking to them he cuts me off (that means I've spent 2 hours
on the phone and I must call back and start over because they can't
possibly put me back through to the guy that was helping me!!!). I call
back (I must be crazy). He has me check the same things for the 3rd
time and tells me he will call the "secret DSG people". Can you guess
what they said? The problem was not on my end, but they would fix it
and I should be up in a couple hours (note this is a friday evening 6:30
pm at my office) Total time on this call - 2 hours. I come in on
Monday 02-21 and guess what? No service. I call again and schedule for
someone to come out. On 2-22 they send the original tech. He stays
here for about 3 or 4 hours on the phone, checking lines, being on hold,
etc. He says Bellsouth will be rolling out a truck in 24-48 hours to
check the "ramp". Today, 02-22, a new tech comes in 3 hours late - gets
on the phone - he is told that he is #60 in the line of people holding
so he says he can't stay because they've double booked appts. all day
for him and he's already missed half of them. Before he can get out the
door another Bellsouth guy comes in and says he checked the ramp and all
is fine. He says my signal is good and that the problem lies with
Bellsouth but he doesn't know what it is and he can't help me as far as
technical support cause he has nothing to do with those guys and their
job. They schedule another tech to come out in a WEEK. So I get to
start over then.

I can understand problems with new technology, wiring, etc. and if they
would've told me the very first day that there were problems in this
area and it might take a week or whatever , that would have been fine.
But to continually put me through calling tech support and to put them
through sitting on the phone with me for numerous hours and to
continually send out techs to come to my office and sit on my phone for
hours - THIS IS RIDICULOUS! They are in such a hurry to sign up as many
customers as they can without any regard to what's going on in the
field. I feel sorry for most of the people that have been to my office
- the whole time they are here they answer complaint calls while holding
my phone on their other ear. I can't say how I feel about "the secret
people" because sometimes I wonder if they are really there or maybe
it's just a lone phone putting everyone on hold until they give up and
go away.

I'll let you know what happens next in this saga.

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Review by bob28205 See Profile

  • Location: Charlotte,Mecklenburg,NC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

I have had BellSouth Fast Access DSL since early January. Now, Time Warner is advertising its Road Runner cable service for $39.95 per month versus BellSouth's $59.95 per month. I have decided to order the Road Runner service and will report to you the differences sometime in March. Road Runner also promises an "always on" connection..BellSouth's "always on"

connection disconnects at least once a day!

I am also hoping Road Runner is more network friendly.

It seems to me, we are looking at 2 competing technologies, which is very similar to when VCR's first came out, one was Beta and the other VHS. With the merger of Time Warner and America Online and the problems with the Bells in coordinating their DSL service, particularly BellSouth, it seems the future looks rosier for Cable and Time Warner/AOL.

Similarly, although Beta may have been a superior VCR format in many ways, mistakes made by Sony and the brilliance of the VHS marketing strategy during the Eighties made VHS the winner.

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Review by GrrlBot See Profile

  • Location: Atlanta,Fulton,GA
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I don't think I'd have the time or patience to list every issue I have with BellSouth and their DSL. Here are some brief considerations beofre ordering:

--Extensive and Freuquent Down Time (with no notification or estimate of when lines will be back up)


--Difficulty in setting up appointments (usually have to schedule 3 weeks in advance)

--Difficulty in getting lines serviced/installed (techs don't show up, don't have right gear, don't know how to fix problem)


--Don't even THINK about moving even a block away, it will take you 8-12 weeks to get your DSL back.

--BellSouth "opens" lines for other ISPs (I just recently switched to Zyan SDSL) but doesn't complete the job...still waiting on BellSouth to come back to my house and fix what they screwed up.


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Review by alpha1420 See Profile

  • Location: Hollywood,Broward,FL
  • Cost: $60 per month (12 month contract)
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Let me be ADSL

customer service is nonexisitent....try being on hold for over an hour and a half.....and then being hung up on.......speed ranges from blazing to molasses...unfortunately it's usually somewhere just a hair above modem speed. I wish my GF went down as often as my server......"at this time we have no ETR for your area" I've heard that more times than I care to think about.....the only bright point so far were the installers....very good at their job....kinda of ironic that they didn't work for they were subcontractors......go figure. Yes when cable becomes available here I will drop like yesterdays newspaper....and eat the 300 bucks I spent on installation.....

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Review by technooo

  • Location: Augusta,Columbia,GA
  • Cost: $50 per month
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

I have been a user for almost 4 years and until I
moved to Augusta GA I thought they where pretty good,
Well they proved me wrong !!!

1. Installer shows up spends 4 hours trying to get me connected it FAILS
2. Installer is totally unprepared and does not know what he is doing
and has to call in for help
3. Installer does not even have all the equipement there supposed to have to
do the job he says.
3. A day later I get connected I think great I was wrong again I
kept getting disconneted so often from online I think dialup on a 14.4
is more stable.

4. Bellsouth totally drops the ball on the billing itself which is
supposed to go on my phone bill in the following way.
I pay a little every week or so on my bill sure I am behind 300 bucks but
hey I have been using them for over 5 years as my phone company and I
ALWAYS pay the bill even though I might be late.
So its Christmas as we all know and I am behind I try to go online and
they have CUT me off no notice or nothing.
Turns out the payments I have been making to them that bellsouth has been
keeping all the money for themselves and not forwarding a portion to there
there ISP division like there supposed to so I am 2 months behind on the
bill because of it.
They TOTALLY refuse to to work with me and let me make payments and so
now I have no ISP.

5. Next day I get mindspring as my isp I may even get cable now instead
of DSL or I will wait for Mindspring to get DSL in my area but I
will NEVER use or recommend bellsouth as a isp to another person.

Charles Stanley

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Review by jeff

  • Location: West Palm Beach,Palm Beach,FL
  • Cost: $50 per month
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

BellSouth stinks! It took 6 appointments to get me connected and one
appointment was a no-show. The first appointment was for 9 hours, I left for
work and when I got home the Bell South installer was still at my house
eating pizza. Finally I had to schedule an appointment on a Saturday so I
could be there. I had to help the technician and finally was able to get a
connection clocking at around 1.2 mbs.

That lasted a week, and I've been down for 2 weeks. I've put in SEVERAL
calls to the tech. support and customer support numbers. They in turn sent
at least 4 trouble tickets to the N.O.C. I am very unimpressed with the lack
of customer care and the LONG, LONG wait times on hold. There is no feedback
about outages and the phone support personnel are very uninformed from the
N.O.C. Every time I called they assumed the problem was on my end. They
would lead me through the same old script of checking everything on my
computer without checking previous complaints. Finally I got someone to
acknowledge that there is difficulty with the circuit I am on, but no one
can give an E.T.R.

I think Bell South has a lot to learn and a long way to go concerning their
customer and technical support. Also there is a lot of bureaucracy between and their N.O.C. They don't seem to work together too well.

Jeffrey Fawcett, I.S. Manager
Shoes For Crews, INC.
561-227-0741 fax: 561-683-3080

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Review by labonnesante

  • Location: Miami,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost: $60 per month
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

Tried to add to your reports, but could not figure out how to.

from: Kuprian
my email:
about: adsl service

It took them 4 visits to our house to install properly, and leave our
phone lines working. Had to be home each time and wait for them. They
are down constantly (since last July 1999), at least once every
day or two. I think we only experienced one month of decent service the
whole time. They give no warning or estimates of down time. After
getting high blood pressure from dealing with them on the phone, we have
decided to give a try. DO NOT RECOMMEND BELL SOUTH TO

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  • Location: Boca Raton,Palm Beach,FL
  • Cost: $70 per month
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I live in an area (Florida) where adsl service has nort been very reliable for the past 5 months. I can live with that if BS cared enough to provide a reasonable level of customer communication and support. However, there is no official web site or email location to provide or get information from. I do not consider a public newsgroup adequate for cusomer. problem reporting/ problem resolution. There is no way for BS to measure quality of service with that mechanism. The telephone support line has been effectively unavailable since it requires multiple hours of wait time and is manned by support people who either do not have enough info or tools or are not properly trained( there are not enough of these people to support all of the problems in the network.

Bottom line is that BS ADSL FASTACCESS provides the worst customer/technical support processes and personnel I have ever experienced with any company.

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