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AT&T Southeast page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by ChrisPage See Profile

  • Location: Louisville,Jefferson,KY
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've had ADSL installed for a little over two weeks, and am very pleased with it and the bellsouth.net ISP service. I've had no outages, downloads are consistently 130K-150K/sec (unless the other server can't handle it) no matter what time of day it is (all of the cable modem users I know in this area PEAK at 90K/sec downloads, heh heh...). Installation went very smoothly. And at $50/month (if you have BellSouth's Complete Choice plan on your home phone), it costs me the same per month as my previous 56K dialup, as I know longer need a dedicated phone line ($30/month) or my previous ISP ($20/month).


-PRO: $50/month with Complete Choice, $60/month without

-PRO: Smokin' fast 1.5Mbs downstream/256K upstream (which it hits all the time)

-PRO/CON: Dynamic IP addressing that changes about once a week (good for security/bad for giving out your address)

-PRO: Excellent equipment: 3COM 10/100 PCI (no ISA crap) Ethernet card and an Alcatel network terminator

-PRO: Very knowledgeable installers and a smooth installation

-CON: Periodically takes several tries to connect to mail server (no different than Netcom, my last ISP)

-CON: No documentation about ISP service at time of installation (I had to jot down addresses of mail, news,, local dial-up number, etc. on a Post-It note as the installation guy rattled them off to me)

-CON: Hold times are ridiculous for technical support. You had better get a speakerphone...

The bottom line is installation couldn't have been smoother, you can't beat the price, the speed flies (no bandwidth throttling or congestion), and it's up at least 99% of the time (100% as far as I can tell). The only downside I've seen is the complete lack of documentation at the time of installation, and if you DO have a problem, be prepared to sit on hold for a while. But there's nothing like your mail, news, and web coming in at 130K-150K a second. Oh yeah, and the 60ms-70ms ping times playing Quake on just about any server in the country doesn't hurt, either... .


I had what is probably an unusually good installation experience by virtue of the fact that the regional sales manager had flown up from Atlanta that week and came to my house (among others) to "monitor and evaluate" the installation service subcontractors.

Before ordering ADSL from BellSouth, I talked to a sales person who was surprisingly knowledgeable about the technical side of what they were selling. I asked what specials they were running (not haven't seen any on their web site), and they told me they were waving the required twelve month contract. I ordered the installation prior to when they started the "save $200 on installation" special, so I didn't know about that when I ordered.

The actual installation went very smoothly, and took less than 90 minutes. The two installers were very knowledgeable about not only installing ADSL, but could answer just about any broadband/ADSL/cable modem you could think of. During the time of installation the regional installation manager that was also there told me about the $200 off installation special they had started the day before, and to call and make sure I got that as well. He gave me his card in case I had any problems getting that taken care of.

On a side note, when I subsequently tried to contact BellSouth about getting the $200 installation charge off my upcoming bill, I was forwarded to four different departments, and spent over 90 minutes total on hold, only for everyone to tell me that handling the billing for ADSL installations was not their department. I contacted the regional manager that came to my house a few days later about my dilemma, and he responded promptly that he took care of it, and would look into "their internal communications problem" so other customers wouldn't have the same problem. I was very please with his swift response and action.

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Review by

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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1.5 Mbits down, 256k up. $50 mo. since I have CompleteChoice phone plan. $60 otherwise.

Dynamic IP (DHCP), changes once every 5-7 days. Speed is excellent. 150kbytes/sec downloads most of the time, unless providing server can't cope.

I've had 2 reasonably short outages, but I know for a fact that other areas have had unacceptable outages (days and days..!) Technical suport is good, once they actually answer (!) Waiting times are unacceptable.

Equipment is Alcatel, installation took less than 2 hours. Technician was VERY experienced, and could get everything done albeit his little knowledge on macs.

PROS: Fast, very fast. Hey, it's ADSL? Price is right.
CONS: I was left with no documentation of VITAL information, such as: DNS, mail server, news server, etc. No easy way to find this on their HomePage either.

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Review by Cat Zero See Profile

  • Location: New Orleans,Orleans,LA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I've had 1.5/256 residential ADSL ($60/mo) from BellSouth for a few months now and I've been generally pleased with the service. I've only had one service outage (about four hours) during this time, which doesn't seem unreasonable.

Dynamic IPs, no static option.

Their email servers are slow and cranky, when they're working :-P

BellSouth's silence on the issue of web caching and SOCKS proxying is downright maddening.

I have an indoor splitter (no apparent brand name) and an Alcatel 1000 (AAAA) network terminator.

Hold times for technical support are unacceptable.

Overall I've been pleased with the service.

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Review by jayvise See Profile

  • Location: New Orleans,Orleans,LA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings below consensus)

Bell South Residential ADSL

I have mostly enjoyed my residential Bell
South ADSL service here in New Orleans. However, due
to a few lingering problems, I give the service a "B."

The Installation

The $300.00 installation price was an initial
sticker shock that took a while to get over. After
about two months on the waiting list, Bell South
emailed me to let me know that my home could now be
blessed with 1.5 Mbs downloads, amen. My installation
was set on a Wednesday evening last December; however,
the installers never showed. After a dozen calls that
night and the next day, Bell South still swore that
I'd gotten my dates mixed up. Not likely -- I'd
called earlier in the week to confirm the

After that minor speedbump, the installers
showed up the next evening on time. They made it
clear that they were NOT Bell South employees, and
that they'd been contracted to do the installation (as
is the norm.) They were pleasant and professional,
and the entire installation took about ninety minutes.

The only part of the installation process that I
rate as wanting was the complete lack of documentation
and/or support manuals. The ADSL worked immediately,
and I spent the next eight hours in awe of the
throughput speeds.

The Service

Fast! Much faster than the ISDN I'd utilized in
school and work, and light years ahead of any dial-up
modem. Downloading a 10 meg game in under two minutes
was definitely heaven.
However, over the next couple of weeks, my
service would lock up, requiring a complete re-boot of
the system. This usually occurred only after my
computer had remained on for more than three hours.
After a two days of this, I called Bell South;
however, I had not been given the ADSL support number,
and the customer service tech at the "regular" Bell
South ISP did not know it either. It took another two
hours to track down the ADSL support number.

After a winsock upgrade, the problem of the
service locking up eventually went away. However, in
December 1998 and January 1999, the entire New Orleans
Bell South ADSL service went down several times. The
longest outage was at least six hours. I do much of
my work research at home, and it did grind on my
nerves when the ADSL customer service tech suggested
that I use the Bell South dial-up service during the
ADSL outages. Grrr....

Most of these problems seem to have cleared up,
but a couple of new ones are now rearing their heads.
Bell South's use of caching has caused quite a few
problems with many of its customers, myself included.
Real-time access to many web sites via ADSL is often
impossible and unpredictable due to caching,
compounded by Bell South's complete silence on the
issue. In particular, downloads of popular software
such as Netscape is often impossible for Bell South's
ADSL users, due to its caching of popular web sites.
Hundreds of posts on Bell South's own support
newsgroup concerning the caching issue have gone
ignored, and the customer service techs similarly have
no answers. Apparently, they do know of the issue,
since they (again) advise customers to "use the Bell
South dial-up ISP for critical, time-sensitive web
sites," such as stock quotes, etc.

The Verdict

I'm very pleased with the raw speed of the ADSL
service, but because of the unresolved caching issue,
along with the unevenness of support, I would not yet
reccomend this service for any intensive business
setting. I still recommend it to friends and
colleages for residential access, and for non-critical
business uses. The service has a ways to go, but I
give it a solid "B." If Bell South's support and
reliability start approaching that of Mindspring or
other ISPs, I would be inclined to bump it to an "A."

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