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Review by mitchell See Profile

  • Location: Darlington,Darlington,SC
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "I've been on ATT/Bellsouth since 2002"
Bad "email via Yahoo is a joke.."
Overall "Great bang for my buck!!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
I have been checking for over a year to see if I qualified for xDSL. I finally was!. I was so excited until the install date was in November 2002. I had a long face for a few days. BS called one day and said my due date was changed to October 2002, I felt better and started reading

In August 2002, I saw the DSL installer at my local (>>

So a day or two later I;m ticked and was realyl upset as the IP connection is a major part of my families lifestyle (streaming video, news, netflix, surfing etc) so I saw that Time Warner (wash my mouth with soap) wsa running a triple play promotion, so I asked several coworkers who were already customers and the assured me that the TW has gotten some better over the years but to watch the bills close.

I made the move to TW and I happy so far. I have HDcable, Phone and IP for less than what I was paying for Phone and IP alone plus I was paying almost $80 for Driectv with no locals and no HD...or HD DVR...I am happy and I have no contract...

Bottom line? Thanks ATT you've been good, but when you purchased Bellsouth and ran off the great folks from Bellsouth, you now have become another terrible company to deal with. Bye.

member for 12.8 years, 2802 visits, last login: 6 days ago
updated 2.5 years ago


Review by elcuco See Profile

  • Location: Miami,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "my phone line is pots, had phone after katrina & wilma hit"
Bad "I pay for 1.5 mbps & never get that download speed, have to keep calling customer service & requesting to check my service."
Overall "they are forcing you to buy uverse service."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

none, didnt want comcast, tried aol for a while before dsl came out. had the 3 mbps dsl, then they came out with uverse and they told me i could no longer get the 3 meg dsl, downgraded to 1.5 meg, but have never gotten the speed i pay for.
have the netgear versalink b90.
Easy to pay for service on line.

member for 6.9 years, 49 visits, last login: 2.1 years ago
lodged 2.6 years ago


Baton Rouge, LA

They're forcing us to buy uverse service

That could be why my dsl service from Louisiana AT&T has gradually become rotten over the last year. It's speed measures the specified number of near 6 mb/sec., but the download of web pages is increasingly slow, and NetFlix streams that start out OK or poor often degrade to even worse over time.

I've been testing my dsl connection for latency, packet loss, and (I think) latency jitter with SmokePing, available here. I get some pretty ugly graphs from noon to around 9pm every day.

If anyone out there cares to comment on what SmokePing actually measures, I would be grateful. I've yet to see a clear explanation of SmokePing provided by this site (Or findable with a Google search, even!)


Re: They're forcing us to buy uverse service

I am in your same boat, the only difference is that I am in Florida.

Baton Rouge, LA

Re: They're forcing us to buy uverse service

Thanks. I had no clue what was going on 'til I looked here. I'm switching to cable. I could be wrong though. I could still try complaining to AT&T and they might fix it. Have you tried that?

Review by CplEstesUSMC See Profile

  • Location: Winston,Douglas,GA
  • Cost: $42 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 10 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "I ordered 6 meg DSL and I get it 6.5 down 435 K up consistantly."
Bad "Desperatly need more upload BW"
Overall "You get exactly what you pay for here."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I’ve had this service for about a year now. I’ve switched from Comcast and I will never switch back. Comcast didn’t provide bad service, it’s just whenever I needed something, or needed something to change it was like pulling teeth and another $40-$50 service call. Comcast also went down very consistently at 2-3 am. Sounds like a maintenance window but that’s a lot of downtime.

Also worth mentioning, the latency on this connection is MUCH better than on the cable and I’m still trying to figure out why. Cable modems clock in around 30-38 Megs down and almost that speed going up so the only place I can think of for the latency is congestion and maybe even collisions. Oh yeah, and I was ¼ mile down and across the street from the head-end so that was about as good as you can get it.

-UPDATE- March 10 2011

I've conditioned my NID and went from cat5e to CAT6 on my home run, installed a nid filter and now I have a VERY clean line. 0 line code violates of the course of 4 days. Since ATT took over from bellsouth I've been throttled from 6.5 megs to 5.7, I'm sure this is ATT having a different definition of 6 megs than bellsouth. Bellsouth accounted for ATM/PPPoE overhead, and AT&T did not. But then again this is the most reliable internet connection I've ever had. I get 5.7 megs morning, afternoon/and night, and trust me I've looked for dips. Netflix streams HD without 1 single problem. Upload is just as consistent but since I have a fast machine and good router, I completely saturate the upload when uploading HD video to youtube. I truly need more upload BW.

- June 2011

"Upgraded" to U-Verse

member for 10.1 years, 1081 visits, last login: 3 days ago
updated 2.6 years ago


Review by DeltaElite See Profile

  • Location: Covington,Newton,GA
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 31 days
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "Fast and ussually reliable"
Bad "See review"
Overall "Kiss that freakin dial up GOODBYE!!!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Ordered in November 2001,,,up in running a month later due to excessive operator headspace and some ancient station wire....

Connections run 200/1100 consistantly...Using a STHE on a ME 1.4 gig pentium 4. I have few problems connecting,drawing email or downloading.

Tech support is great if your patient and get the right person....If your get unlucky and get a dead fish for a tech,hang up and try again as I've never waited more then a couple of minutes for an answer and never called more then twice in one day.

It's cheaper then a second line and I really apreciated being able to download IE 6 in less the 3 minutes....3 attempts on dialup timed out after 2 hours.

Now, I gotta go to Walmart and get some shotgun shells, its time to do some justice to the V90 modem at LAST!!!

9-26-02 Still trouble free, still get consistant speeds... I am now spoiled and will never be able to go back to dial up again.

5-10-03 Still smokin....Other then 2 self installed problems on the house wiring (And self un-installed after much cussing and fussing ) its still trouble free.

12-11-03 Speed touch Home died. 4 days later truck arrives and tech hands me a new westel. 80 bucks for the dispatch and I'm going again. Speeds are now 220/1235 consistantly . Bye Bye Alcatel!!!

03-04-04 Still consistantly 212/1230...No problems that were not self installed.
Looking forward to 384/3000 service if it ever arrives.

Westel 2200 with a WinME 1.4 gig P4. 520meg RDRAM

7-8-04 Still rock solid....Upgrade to extreme smooth and burp free...I am a happy camper.

12-02-05 Still rock solid.

8-12-07 Float between 3mb and 6 mb service....depends on the budget....Billing is 100% on and the service is still rock solid....Upgrade to Netropia 3347 to put sons laptop in on wireless....never a hiccup.

If they ever tell me I cant have it anymore the shotgun and the computer meet in the backyard.

3-27-09 Death, taxes and 380 up,3000 down....Since 2000 I've had 3 modems, and 2 infected computers.

I'd keep the service and pay the bill even if I wasn't an employee.

Disclaimer....I am a AT+T employee....But still, I have had no troubles that were not user caused in the entire time I've had the service.

10-sometime-2010 No changes.....320 up 3.0 down....Still on 3347.

7/5/2011 in respoce to system message I'll update.

Nothing has changed. As long as the bill is paid the speed is the same and the service consistant.

10/14/2011.....The plot thickens....

Last friday I came home to no sync. Called Support saturday and could not get past the robot because of a large network outage in my area....Sunday....monday am same...Tuesday I call a buddie to find out what the outage was and the dslams I am served by are out because they have no power....ETR wensday PM.
Since repair my 6.0 speeds are more like dialup. Support says "sorry,we dont warranty speeds.

If it didnt mean going to Charter I'd be a gone Pecan.

8/31/12 still here still chuggin along....Wish the'd bring uverse out another 1/2 mile.

member for 13 years, 3693 visits, last login: 20 days ago
updated 2.6 years ago


Review by jimmyc65 See Profile

  • Location: Brookhaven,Lincoln,MS
  • Cost: $44 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 120 days
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "excellent speeds both up down"
Bad "tech support reads from a script.....not much help; tech has gotten much better"
Overall "excellent service for the price"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
I had to pre-qualify for the service back in march, I received an email saying I would have service on May 18th. After several calls to their service center I was finally given a final install date of May 28th. But as with most things they had to back order my modem for 2 weeks. They shipped my modem(an Alcatel Speed Touch USB modem) while we were on vacation in Florida. Thank Goodness UPS held it for me.

When trying to install the software for the modem it became apparent that something was wrong with the install disk. After much cussing and fussing we finally got it to work with the help of someone who had already install theirs and knew about the problems we were having. Installation after that took about 20 minutes after downloading some updated drivers.

The only problems we have had has been with a line problem up the street where some squirrels have chewed into the line, we lose sync everytime it rains and water get in the lines. But after several calls to Bellsouth DSL and the Regular Bellsouth the problem has been solved.

So if you live where you can get service get it, it is well worth the money. We average between 1185/241 and 1204/256 at all times.

Tech Support needs to be trained a LOT better and not just read from a script and give the run around.


We have had DSL service now for 6 weeks and after a few problems with the tree rats we have not had a single outage until 2 weeks ago when lightening struck the CO and knocked out our card.The service was down for 2 days (sat/sun) but back up and running by 7:15 am on Monday. So far so good!!!!!! Everything has been working as promised and of course tech support still doesn't have a clue. Some may know a little more than others but not much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So once again I will say if you live in the Brookhaven area and are looking for a high speed connection check out Bellsouth DSL. Oh yeah by the way the local cable co. is offering 560/128 for about $10.00 more a month.

UPDATE 02/06/02

Well it has been 8 months since we had Bellsouth DSL installed and so far GREAT the UL/DL speeds have been constant and steady around 1.2-1.3/220. For this area these are great speeds considering that the local cable co. is offering about half that for about $10.00 more a month. I would recommend this service to anyone. Even Tech Support has improved since my last review in July. I must really commend Bellsouth for their commitment to improving TS. Hopefully Bellsouth will continue to offer this great service and not go the way of some providers who start out great and then end up sucking. Read some of the reviews posted here and then be grateful of the service we have with BS.

UPDATE 8/26/02

Well after over a year of service I still say BellSouth DSL is still excellent for the money. I have had no outages other than those that are scheduled ie,, email server work. Absolutely no drops in service for over 6 months even in bad weather. Tech support seems to have gotten better since June of last year. I now use the connection manager( the new version) and love it. CM is a great tool for letting you know about outages such as email and new groups. Also I like the ability to be able to talk to Tech Support without having to call them.

Now if they would only drop the extra $10.00 for their networking package. I would like to network a laptop but will have to buy a new modem, so that is out of the question for now. But overall excellent service!! Kepp it Up!

Update 05/04/03

Well after almost 2 years of FastAccess I will say that they ROCK...... In the last year I have not had any down time other than sch. server maint. Speeds have held steady and never decreased even when I set up my home network. If anyone has a chance to get the service jump on it....

Update 09/19/03

Still Very Impressed with the service!! They seem to be getting better with Tech-Support also. And we had a "Decrease" in our monthly charge for DSL. Since we are complete choice customers our monthly charge dropped to around $40.00 a month.

UPDATE 01/17/04

I recently had a problem with my Westell Wirespeed modem loosing sync. called BS and told them about the problem and was basiclly told it was a problem with my computer and not the modem. BS had recently done a firmware upgrade to the moden via remote access. I didn't have a single problem with loosing sync till that point and told the tech that, but again the answer was it was my computer and not the modem. Hummmm seeing as I was going nowhere with the tech told him thank you and hung up. Called right back and got another tech who actually ran a line test and said the footprint looked ok... ok the connection was fine at that point. Again I was told that it was my computer and not the modem,again told the tech guy about not having any problems before the fireware upgrade was told this time that the upgrade would not have anything to do with the modem disconnecting???? WTF???? Ok hang up with this guy...

Think about it for a few minutes and call back and ask to speak to a supervisor and I will not talk to anybody else but a supervisor. I finally get one on the line and explain my problem.. and tell him before he has a chance to say anything else that BSFA is no longer my only option for broadband we now have cable highspeed here. But before I switch I will be calling every hour on the hour for the next month about my modem and if I think about it between the hours I will call every 30 minutes and complain about the problem.... he ask me to open the modem interface and enable remote access.. I do so and he tells me that he is going to reflash the modem with another firmware upgrade. So he reflashes and the modem resets itself and I haven't had another problem. So it was the modem after all..... gee whiz guys come on... So after this adventure with tech support I feel that I needed to update my review and unfortunatley drop my rating for theirt tech support..... Sorry guys MAYBE you will do better if I should have to call ya again.......

UPDATE 04/17/04

Upgraded to DSL Extreme this week and the upgrade took all of 2 days. I am extremely satisfied with the upgrade. Came with static IP and cost me all of $5.00 for the upgrade... If ya can get the service GET IT!!! As far as I am concerned there is no better ISP out there.. Also had to upgrade Tech Support score now, I have has some dealings with them lately and they really came through..

UPDATE 10/31/04

Well Six months into the new Extreme package and not one complaint. I've had no downtime or outages in the 6 months since the upgrade. I'm using the 2wire home networking modem/router.. No problems with it at all and love the way it can be configured to allow/disallow computers on my network to access the net..

UPDATE 3/28/05

OK guys and gals I just thought I would update on BSFA after what happened last Firday and Saturday. On Friday the 25th after getting home from my parents house I noticed something strange on my desk, It was the Broadband Link light flashing on my 2Wire modem/gateway. Hummmm that can't be good, but after almost a year with the 2Wire and no service drops I figured it maybe time. I left it alone for a while thinking it would re-sync but no such luck,GRRRRR... I went through the usual stuff to reboot and check all connections and such but still no sync...

Oh well I thought go ahead and bite the bullet and call tech support, oh yeah I forgot that I ran the help center program that comes with the service and it gernerated a trouble code to give to tech support when I called them. Called tech support told them what the problem was and gave them the trouble code and the tech gal said it was "excessive line noise" but she wanted to run a test from her end and she would call me back in 7 to 10 minutes. OK I said go for it... Well she did call back in just a few minutes and said there was a lot of noise on my line and that she had put a trouble ticket in and someone would be here on the 26th between 1 and 3 pm.

BellSouth guy showed at 1:05 and checked the box on the house and said there was a lot of nosie and he would have to check some things out and be right back. He checked the box on the main line where my service ties in at and found one of the cable's to be almost corroded in half and said that was the problem. He replaced about 10ft of cable and made sure I synced back up and the noise was gone from the line before he left.

My current leve for tech support is at 4 and not 5 I'll leave it that way till my next update and if at that time they are still doing their jobs I may increase my rating then. I would recommend this service to anyone who can get it,,, Rock solid for the last couple of years....

UPDATE 03/25/06

Hummmm....... I didn't realize it had been so long since I had update my review of my BSFA. Serivice has still rock solid except of course when Katrina ripped through here last year. We were without lights and phones for a week. The service was a little spotty for a few weeks following Katrina but that is to be expected considering all the damage that was done to phone and electrical lines during the storm. We had lights and phone and DSL service on Sunday following the storm, not bad considering all those that didn't. After the initial service was restored and the occaisional drops were straightened out the service has been rock soild. I've only had one occasion to have to call tech support since the storm and it went rather smooth. Price has actually dropped on the 3 meg serivce which is always good.

Overall I still love the service and would recommend it to anyone in the BellSouth serivce area. My only concern is that if the BellSouth/AT&T merger/buyout goes through is that AT&T not come in and screw things up.....


OK got the nag to update my review and thought I'd go ahead and do it so I don't see the nag again....LOL.....

Actually not much to say this time, service has been ROCK SOLID since my last review, not one outage or service drop. Speeds remain solid and did I mention that there were no outages!!


OK got a reminder this morning to update my review of my BellSouth or rather AT&T dsl account. Speeds have remained constant and rock solid. The only complaint I have is that I have been switched over to interleaved from fast path. I had to drop the customer support rating one because I still hate talking to someone in India who says their there name is Bob or Frank.... Come on guys get real.


Well finally ditched the bellsouth/att service. Went with CableOne for internet and phone service. I finally got tired of bellsouth's prices and other things. I am more than pleased with CableOne and would recommend them to anyone who can get it.

member for 13.8 years, 2210 visits, last login: 218 days ago
updated 2.7 years ago


Review by jbates99 See Profile

  • Location: Memphis,Shelby,TN
  • Cost: $47 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

AT&T DSL connection:

My download speed is decent at 2893. Upload is 309

But my email connection drops many times per day. I get the Outlook popup
that has my login info.

member for 13.3 years, 43 visits, last login: 9.2 years ago
updated 2.7 years ago


Atlanta, GA

1 recommendation

Getting the speed you pay for and checking your line quality

Enter in your browser; go to that address (home page inside your ATT modem; click on 'Advanced' in the column on the left; click on 'Statistics'. The modem will then display:

The maximum speed cap for your line [the better your line quality (how noise free it is) the higher the max possible speed]

The noise margin [bigger numbers are better]

plus a bunch of stuff that is more difficult to understand.

My current maximum speed caps are 7040 Kbps down, 512 Kbps up and my current noise margins are 15.0 dB down and 26.0 up.

I took a LOT of complaining to go from the previous service quality I got ( maximum speed cap down 3042 Kbps, 384 Kbps up; noise margins of 7.0 dB down and 9.0 dB up) and very frequent connection drops.

I have an "up to 6 Mbps" account (6000 Kbps). I was getting only about 3000 Kbps down until I complained and called and used 'instant chat' and insisted on escalation of my complaints over a 10 week period. Turns out the wire pair to me was bad, moisture related. Nothing brought an adequate response from ATT until I wrote a scathing response in a customer satisfaction inquiry. THE VERY NEXT DAY I got a call from ATT and the day after that my speed went up to over 5000 Kbps. Two days later a technician came out, but of course by the the problem seemed solved. Four days after that the speed dropped again to about 3000 Kbps. Used 'instant chat' again. THE VERY NEXT DAY a technician came out and had my service switched from one pair to anouther. Now I get 5.4 Mbps. There was no excuse for the slow 3000 Kbps ... I am so close to a the telco central office (CO) that I am directly connected (CODSLAM). The original wire pair was faulty.

So, if you are paying for 6 Mbps, complain until you get it or know the reason why not.

Baton Rouge, LA

That was helpful

I did as you suggested. The signal-to-noise numbers were not expressed as you describe (I have a rather old modem.), but at least I now have numbers to report to the AT&T help desk.

Review by TheAfu See Profile

  • Location: Panama City,Bay,FL
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "Better tech support than comcast or other companies I've had to deal with dsl"
Bad "Not much bang for buck and it's a hassle to get techs out to fix problems"
Overall "Does the job when it works couldn't ask for more."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Unless you totally need AT&T I would not get them especially with better providers who are just as cheap offer more speed and consistency. Been using this service for a years because I'm with roommate who prefers it. 4 years straight I cannot recall more than a day or two where I'm able to be on with lag.

No streaming sites work with various refreshes
Gaming and voice service don't work due to profile lag from the dsl setup
Don't bother with big downloads because I get timeout or disconnect errors.

Avoid AT&T at all cost if you're in this area they are of no real help and just want to charge money for tech services or hardware that isn't really broke while their infrastructure remains garbage.

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updated 2.8 years ago


Review by BoteMan See Profile

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale,Broward,FL
  • Cost: $35 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "coordinated order fulfillment means rapid turn-up"
Bad "DSL physical connection unreliable until downgraded to Lite"
Overall "pretty solid since downgrading to Lite, but outages persist"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

ORIGINALLY, I got: BellSouth DSL Extreme (top of the line offering), advertised at 3Mbps Downstream/384Kbps Upstream, PPPoE for $55/month with discounts applied depending on what BellSouth Telephone service plans you have. They sent me a Westell B90-610030 DSL modem. They also provide 8 E-mail Accounts, 25MB of E-mail Storage, 10MB of Personal Web Space, 1 Backup Dial Account. Static IP is free, but must specifically be ordered to get it. I don't use any of their e-mail or personal web space because it's such a mess to deal with. I only want their connectivity.

After moving to Oakland Park about 2 miles west of the c.o. I ordered BellSouth Fastaccess DSL at my new housemate's apartment on his BellSouth phone line. The online ordering process is fairly painless since I already knew what they offered and what I wanted. I installed everything myself and it went smoothly, having done it several times before for others.

For the few days we had use of it, I had no complaints until the DSL was disconnected because of a boneheaded interfering service order mixup that disconnected the phone line carrying the DSL. While fixing that problem, the telephone company rep. placed an order for "new" DSL service to replace the disconnected DSL, so we had to start all over again and only had a few days of use to characterize the original DSL installation anyway. This effectively moved the DSL service to a different copper pair.

Surprisingly, the second DSL turn-up really was completed either Thanksgiving eve or Thanksgiving Day as promised, so it must have been automated since everything else was already in place. Still, service on a holiday aint bad.

Now the new, new DSL service is OK when it works, but I have been observing frequent DSL sync losses. It got so bad this afternoon between 14:00 and 15:00 that I gave up making manual log notes about it because the outages were occurring about every 2-3 MINUTES and lasting about 1 minute, long enough for the modem to resync with the DSLAM. I find this totally unacceptable and intend to open a trouble ticket with them tomorrow. By the way, the total cable distance between my N.I.D. and the DSL modem is about 6 feet, so unless some unknown device on the house pair is interfering with the signal, I would conclude that the problem lies elsewhere.


UPDATE 2005.05.09
Since the weather gods threw the switch and we are now officially in the rainy season here in Florida, the Extreme DSL became flaky as soon as the first drops fell from the sky, like clockwork. A buddy's brother installs BellSouth DSL and he kindly ran some tests for me to cut through the b.s. and declared my DSL line "perfect".

After wading through the usual tech support Q&A script and "managing" that process, they dispatched a BellSouth line tech who tested at the nearest point to us and informed that we needed to downgrade from Extreme to Ultra. We were too far from the c.o. to support Extreme. NOW they tell me! We are 16K+ cable feet from the c.o. I found from my buddy's tests.

It has only been a few days, but so far it has been solid. BUT no rainstorms in that period. The jury is still out, but I am looking for reliability more than raw speed. A DSL link that is down runs at 0 bps which does me no good.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: 2005.06.23

Every time it gets damp or wet, the DSL line starts actin up again. This is on the downgraded Ultra service. With the amount of rain we have been getting lately it's gonna be a long Summer. I tell ya, you can't get the Tephone Cumpny to do dern thing for ya any more.

UPDATE: 2006.06.20

Once again, now that rainy season has arrived, the outages are frequent, mostly during the day when thunderstorms visit just about any part of Broward County. This seems to be a common problem with copper facilities. No fiber in my future, unfortunately.

At least they had the decency to lower the price to $35 as part of their regrading of the service, so I feel less ripped-off.

UPDATE: 2006.08.24

As difficult as it is to break through the barriers at Fastaccess technical support, it was that easy to talk to someone in the order/account office to ask that they switch the DSL back over to the other pair that comes into this apartment. I figured after the numerous problems with my housemate's pair, that copper is just too crappy to fight it any longer.

They switched it (after a check discovered that the original order last week vanished) and it is now on my pair instead of my housemate's line. I was all set to proclaim how great it is when the connection fell down for about a minute, as usual.

I see a line of storms up and down the coast of Broward County so either this outage was induced by nearby lightning strikes (which they can't do much about with copper antennas running all over creation) or possibly rain water is getting into the cable or box along the way back to the c.o.

The S/N reports a little better than it did on the other pair, now 12-13dB. We shall see how reliable the circuit is after I have some time to evaluate it; I have only been using it for about an hour now on the other pair.

I wish BellSouth were as vigorous about deploying fiber as Verizon.

UPDATE: 2007.08.12

I don't know what they did, but the DSL link has been much more solid for the last several months. Perhaps they finally replaced a bad line card or other component that affects multiple customers. It still loses sync for about 60 seconds during bad lightning storms, but it holds in there during conditions when I have come to expect it to lose sync previously.

UPDATE: 2011.06.13

For the last several weeks AT&T seems to be changing internal routes every few days. On rare occasions I can't reach any major sites like Google, Yahoo, or even dslreports for minutes at a time. I don't understand why my next hop router/DSLAM keeps changing, that would seem to be a fixed quantity.

UPDATE: 2012.06.27

OK, I'm done with AT&T DSL, UVerse, whatever they call their name now! The link itself is getting a little more flaky, particularly now that we are back in thunderstorm season here in southeast Florida. The latency through their internal network is getting worse.

We just got Comcast 25MB down at work and I'm spoiled enough to find this DSL link to be unusable. So now I am focusing my attention on whether to get commercial or residential Comcast here at my apartment. I've had it with this DSL though. Enough is enough.

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Review by butchie See Profile

  • Location: Phoenix,Maricopa,AZ
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "speed is reliable and stats are as provided by ATT"
Overall "no conplaints here.."

My Other Reviews

·Cox HSI
No longer with att..........Moved to AZ......

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Review by jfinch1 See Profile

  • Location: Knoxville,Knox,TN
  • Cost: $37 per month
Good "37.50 for 1meg k/bits, I guess that's a plus?"
Bad "Not the fastest broadband, Bellsouth support was head over heals better than AT&T. AT&T support is the worst I've experienced"
Overall "I think AT&T wants out of the internet business, support is almost non-existant."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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UPDATE April 15, 2012. The line tech showed up at my house today, turns out a rodent had ate one of the 2 wires into in the junction box, that feeds my house. Service has been restored. The line-tech also informed me that the fellow AT&T sent on Friday was an indoor tech, which was a waste of time, since I had informed them I had tested the line at the NID. Anyway, 8 days after contacting them, I have DSL.

Update April 14, 2012 Got my daily Robo-call at 5 informing me they didn't fix the problem and that I have a new appointment for Monday at 8am.

UPDATE April 13, 2012. Alrighty. The tech came out today, checked the line at the NID and informed me that I wasn't getting a DSL signal, and he's turning it in to a higher-up. What he found isn't really true, my modem syncs up at a slow 223K/bits, if you wait 15mins or so for it to do it. At 5:45, I got a robo-call from AT&T telling me they were sorry they missed my appointment, but they would have things fixed between 8-5 on Saturday. We'll see.

UPDATE: April 12, 2012: Well that's interesting, it was 2 years ago almost to the day since my last ordeal with AT&T DSL. Last Thursday, a week ago, my Westel 6100 modem lost sync at 5:30pm and was down most of the evening. Normally it syncs around 1200k/bits Well, when it came back up on Friday my download was syncing at 223k/bits and my upload was 384k/bits. I called AT&T Saturday, explained to them I don't have phone service, and that the DSL line into the house was a straight run from the NID (cat 6) and that I have 2 different westel modems and they were both running slow. The foreign lady said they would have someone out Thursday, a whole week after the trouble had started. Thursday rolled around, I took the afternoon off for my 1-6pm appointment. Around 4pm I got to wondering where the tech was, and called to see if he was coming. I was informed he had already been out, and there was no problem with my line. I was not happy. I went ahead and ran a cord out the window to my NID (which still had spiderwebs around it, proving no one had been out), and sure enough, my sync speed was still crawling at 223k/bits. I called AT&T back to let them know my problems were NOT resolved. Chloe informed me that Tyrone would have a line truck to my house before 6pm and that they would call to verify that the tech had been by. No Truck, No Call. I wasted 4 hours of leave from work and missed a dinner date and still had crawling DSL. I called back at 8pm, got an American named Joey who said he would send a truck Friday between 1-6pm and that they would call at 5:30 to verify my DSL was working. I let him know I couldn't be off work again, but since the problem was outside of the house, I would be looking for their phone call.

I am so over AT&T, they have totally ruined the former Bellsouth.

UPDATE: April 12, 2010: As you can see below, I dropped my phone service on March 19th but kept my DSL Ultra service. I got the bill today. It was $72 instead of the expected ~$38. Nicole from AT&T Internet explained to me that since I made a change in my service, they changed my billing period. In the past, I was billed for the month I had just been through, but NOW since I dropped my phone I am being billed for the month in advance. SO, they charged me for 2 months of DSL in this bill. Good ol AT&T, they'll get ya one way or the other.


I've been on DSL ultra for over 10 years, with speeds from 880k download to finally 1.2 meg download. Yesterday I called to finally turn off my AT&T phone service, because my monthly bill for phone and DSL had climbed to $82 a month and I already had a cellphone.

My Connection has been pretty stable on the whole for many years, except for last year, the speed would drastically drop on either really hot days or when there was a home football game. Either way, it would be in the around 150k. The last time a tech was out here (about a year ago) he told me to never bother with trying to get a 3meg connection, because of my distance from the CO. Well, while having my phone turned off yesterday, I let Debra talk me into trying the 3meg service. It didn't work. My modem (Westell 6100) couldn't keep a connection. This morning the field tech came out and checked the wiring and told me what I tried to tell Debra, my home is too far from the CO, we have to drop you back to 1.5meg service. Anyway, I'm up and running again, but I have to wait to business hours to call billing and get them to fix my bill. (see update)

Over all, AT&T is very friendly and fast to try to correct service problems, but the online help isn't near as good as their field techs.

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