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AT&T Midwest page on DSLReports
Six Month Rating

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Review by smogrady See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $52 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Straight forward install,"
Bad "The DSL speeds were lackluster in my neighborhood, so i eventually migrated to U-Verse"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
Upgraded to AT&T u-verse, 12mbps download.

AT&T HSI EXPRESS is $25/month. Still not all that fast, but it still keeps on working. Have to power cycle the modem every few months, but it is an original 5100!

Moved to a new CO/phone number. Can only get 1.5 mbit, no more 3mbit. I guess that is the cost of buying your own home! The first speed test yielded 1.26 down/316 up. Took a while to sync up (>day) but it eventually hooked up and here I am.

Connection flaked for a few hours. Tech was at d-MARC today, that may have had something to do with it. Power-cycled modem & router. All is back to normal.

07/11/2006 (new price to go live 7/17/06):
Renewed via phone. They offered $19.99/month for 12 more months. Hell it's cheaper than the $37.00 "regular price" that I've been paying for the last two months. The service continues to be solid, rarely dropping the connection.

The connection flaked out once or twice this year. Apparently the whole north-side had problems. The speed is almost always in the 2.5mBit/430K range. Can't beat the price.

We Moved recently. The "live date" was supposed to be 3/18/05, but DSL support couldn't figure out why it wouldn't come live. I posted a "help" request in the SBC Direct forum and the next day the DSL was live. It may have the help here or the eventual help from SBC. It's live & it's fast. I'm still not sure if it's the regular or Pro package. (I ordered one, got confirmed on the Regular, and the speed matches the pro. I guess I'll wait until I get the bill)

So now I'm at 1.27 MB down/213 K upload. I have to admit i'm quite satisfied and have rebooted the router once when the connection went out. Not Bad!

So far all is good. I ordered a service cut over for a move. The new number w/ DSL was to go live June 16, 2003. I didn't un-pack my computer until the weekend, got the Speedstream 5100 box on June 23 or 24, 2003. I plugged in the modem to the jack Wednesday night, connected the computer Thursday, set-up a connection and it worked immediately. I ordered a 384/128, I got 301/108 on my first speed test. No bad so far

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Review by ArgMeMatey See Profile

  • Location: Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Quick shipment, works as advertised"
Bad "Need more upload speed"
Overall "Cheap and reliable"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
27 June 2014
I regularly check rates, since I am currently using Time Warner. However AT&T is not competitive on pricing. The best I could find was about $40 on a limited time offer, which is still more than I am paying for TW guaranteed for twelve months.

The one advantage I could find in AT&T's service is that they provide service during power outages, which Time Warner did not do during our last outage lasting less than two hours. Power outages are rare here, roughly once a year for less than two hours.

29 March 2012
It's been over nine years and I'm finally casting off. I've been paying $30 or less for 12 Mbps for the past year and they gave me the $100 3600HGV for nothing. But, I couldn't get them to give me a better deal than $48 on the 12 Mbps. They offered to downgrade me to 3 Mbps for $33 a month for six months, but that ain't much of a deal when Time Warner is offering 10 Mbps for $30 for a year.

Two more days and I'm gone. Reluctantly, as the service on VDSL has been very good.

Added 04 April 2011
After about eight years with AT&T ADSL, I switched to AT&T VDSL aka UVerse. The main reason I did this was I was coming up on the end of my promo period for ADSL, the usage cap is higher on VDSL (250 GB).

Never had any major problems with ADSL. I could gripe all day about AT&T's billing and installation issues, but once the service is installed, service interruptions exceeding 10 SECONDS were very rare. The repair techs found and fixed problems in AT&T's outside plant, and they were nice to work with.

Occasionally I would try calling their tech support, though, and that was generally a waste of time. I had better luck searching for solutions online and troubleshooting by myself.

My latest service upgrade from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps went smoothly.

Added 06 Oct 2009
Nothing new here. Everything is the same. Move along please.

End edit

Added 01 Jan 2009:
My DSL continues to be very reliable. The only persistent problem was with a bad wire connector on the pole by my house. I am thinking about adding Tivo/Netflix and if so will be interested in seeing how long it takes to download a typical movie on 3008. I am also wondering, however, what will happen with the usage-based pricing threats that AT&T keeps floating.

I thought about switching to Uverse VDSL but I am holding out for a better channel package that gives me less garbage and more of what I want, for less money of course. I figure most of their VRADs are basically idling and I am wondering to what extent they might reduce their profits in order to increase penetration.

I usually pay just under $49 for DSL plus bare bones POTS. Not ready to give up POTS yet. VOIP has been pretty solid for us after a couple of long failures three years ago. We rarely use the POTS but I choose to view it like insurance, of which we have plenty and hope to never use.

End edit 01 Jan 2009

I had DSL installed at my office in August 2008. They screwed up the order and it took an extra week to get the modem, and it was not the one they promised on the phone. They "threw in" connection from the Building Binder Posts to the modem jack. But not setup. So the AT&T tech wired it all through and left. After I got the modem hooked up, it didn't work. So I took it to the NID and it worked fine. Time to replace the inside wiring. All went fine then. But I should have checked it before he left. Just too busy to bother with it at that moment. Since then, no notable problems.

3008/512 translates to 2500/400 or so. The upload speed never used to bother me, but now I am sometimes uploading lots of photos and it takes way too long. I get what I pay for, generally, but I reserve the right to complain for any reason.

I just upgraded from 1500/384 as a hedge. I had checked with SBC Direct in May and was told that I should have no trouble getting the max sync speeds. I was paying as noted below through September 2006 but the new offer was $17.95 plus fees and taxes, so now we have a commitment through June 2007. I submitted an online order and was smoothly upgraded overnight.

I submitted the order and then immediately rebooted the modem:

2006/07/19 13:07:42 GMT E |DSL |Link up 1 US 384 DS 1536 (FAST:G.dmt)

And then this happened overnight:
2006/07/20 08:33:25 GMT E |DSL |Link up 2 US 512 DS 3008 (FAST:G.dmt)

Dynamic IP
Speedstream 4100 (Nice stats)

In October I moved my DSL from one phone line to another, and that didn't go particularly smoothly: They disconnected me twice because something didn't "take" in the system properly, the new modem did not ship out as expected, they gave me a new phone # and then called me back and said they made a mistake and that number was not available, the DSL billing did not get transferred from the old account to the new account and so on. Nothing new there.

I can't comment on tech support because I use the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

SBC Direct forum is available and most questions get better answers in the SBC BBR forum anyway.

Here's my 28 March 2007 Bill:

$34.99 Regular rate for PRO (3008/512)
$17.00 -Credit for 12-mo contract
$ 1.01 + 5.6% sales tax in Milwaukee County
$19.00 SubTotal

Voice service IS REQUIRED to get this. So here's what I pay for that.

$10.78 Local Line (Increased to $10+ in Spring 2006)
$ 1.00 Local Calls, 25@ $0.04 each
$ 5.44 Federal Access Charge
$ 0.70 E911, USF
$ 1.54 Federal, State, County, Stadium Taxes
$19.46 SubTotal
$38.46 Grand Total

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Review by sbcretired See Profile

  • Location: Scottville,Mason,MI
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Speeds great"
Bad "Price could always be less"
Overall "Now on Uverse MAX, "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
Ordered basic DSL, as a SBC retiree I get a couple dollars off per month so its a better deal for me. No hits or misses getting online and connected. Just went smooth. I did follow advice and not use the SBC installation cd. Decided also to not use the @global.net e mail. Felt I could keep the old yahoo.com and my other webmail. Thats the purpose, being able to change isp's and not change mail address, right?
I originally was told I had to purchase a modem, but that turned out not to be quite true. I got a spare one off e bay and wound up getting their new modem and having a rebate for the purchase price and only costing me the shipping. The one off e bay works fine, I would have not messed with their new modem and rebate had I known XP would work so well with connection wizzard.
I also have a single whole house phone/dsl filter. Decided having those plug in jobs was

not cool.
I am running 1.3meg down, 330 k up. Very pleased with outcome.

2-25-06 Still 100% no problems, My speed has dropped about 30k each way for some reason though. If only it were cheaper. Still tons better than dial up.

05/09/2009 DSL chugging along fine, thought about upgrading a few times, but heck, I can watch streaming tv and utube fine so why spend more.
Over the last couple years I have had a couple of cable issues that SBC/ATT fixed, but no other problems.
I do not like talking to techf support in a foreign country.
One of my biggest concerns is if ATT goes to some form of measured download/extra charges.

02/08/10 Good ol DSL, still running very well. Still thinking about an upgrade, maybe later this winter.

08/12/11 Finally upgraded to Pro, Download speed fine, upload is a little off the mark. If I get time, I may give them a call on the DL speed. Will see after the week long period after the speed adjustment. (supposed to let the C.O. auto adjust to actual useage?)
I havent came close to hitting the cap on measured Downloads (yet)

May 2013, Uverse DSL only(not tv) now available here, life is too short to not try the fastest speed. I opted for MAX at 12meg down 1meg up. I live close to the Central Office so my speeds are at or close to MAX max.
I had a self install, and it went smooth. (modem swap and a few settings is all I had to do) Its been about 1.5 months, and everything working as well as could expect.

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Review by stanmc See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $29 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
Good "Install was flawless, equipment arrived on time, customer support got me active before due date."
Bad "After modem reset I have to make sure I am getting correct speed."
Overall "Service in Chicago is stable and the price is reasonable"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

I was never told an exact speed, but I assumed 384 or better download. Recent speedtest showed 295.7Kbps. Price is $29.95/.99?? No charge for equipment or installation kit/activation. Ordered on 5 June 02 and received it on 12 June 02 as promised/advised. Waited until next morning to install. Went flawlessly except that the account was not active. Called and asked about accelerated activation. Got call back on answering machine (that I somehow ignored) that afternoon. At approx 10:30 evening of 13 June 02 I called and they gave me login name/password (my choice) and everything went perfectly.

I have PPPoE/Speedstream 5360.

The newsgroups work very well, and I do have binaries (alt.binaries.pictures.rail). Using news.chi.sbcglobal.net. One newsgroup is not doing well though (alt.cellular.sprintpcs). Unlike the others, it opens up, but does not delliver the articles selected. Is this because Ameritech has its own cellular service LOL. I have zonealarm active and shortly after I logged in for first time with it up I got a request from Client Foundation/CFD.EXE. I denied access because it doesn't identify who gave it to me or explain its purpose. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with Ameritech or BroadJump or both.

I'm hoping competition will keep the price in the $29-$36 range. Probably not.

Just after I wrote this review I checked the forums and using ispeed I set the MTU/RWIN parameters and the speed went to 625.8Kbps. MTU=1500/MSS=1460/RWIN=11680/TTL=64/NDIcachesize=32

May 30, 2003 -- Ameritech Service is now SBC-Yahoo or Yahoo-SBC. Don't really care. Since the original installation I have added an SMC router 7004ABR with print service and dial-up modem support if the DSL fails. Speeds is excellent. The PPPOE provided by Ameritech is no longer used (Yahoo!! pun intended). Speed is 630 down 133 up. Just got renewal offer of $29.95/.99? for another year. Of course I'm going to take it. I am running three computers -- Desktop WinXP, Desktop Linux, and Laptop Win98. The latter is using SMC USB ethernet. Overall I'm really satisfied.

14 Nov 2005 -- Price is $28.42, $26.95 + $1.47 FUSF. Speed is 1250 down and 320 up. Hardly ever any downtime. Router occasionally has to be rebooted since WIN XP loses access. Linux is performing like a champ on router and web. Could opt for 3Mbit, but 1.5 is doing what I need.

29 Nov 2005 - Upgraded to Pro. Speed range is 1.5 to 3.0 Down and 384 to 512 up. I'm now getting 2361 Down and 409 Up. They told me $21 for next six months and then $29 but I'll have to wait for the bill to be sure.

20 June 2008 - Price is now $30 for 3Mbps -- Thinking of 6Mbps for $35. Had to replace Speedstream 5360. It died without any warning. Now have Zoom ADSLx6 . It works very well and includes wifi. I'm happy with ATT dsl (had it since Ameritech dsl).

20 June 2013 - I recently upgraded to 6mbps $43/mo. The speed increase over 3 was worth the $5 increase from the $38 I was paying for 3mbps. I am satisfied with the reliability and speed I am getting. I might consider my cable provider, but I have so many things linked to my ameritech email account that I don't want to do the research to find all of the necessary changes to different contacts that would be required. My speeds on dslreports and speedtest.net are from 4.8 to 5.1 down and .65/.70 up.

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Review by jeff3120 See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $25 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Reliable connection"
Bad "none really"
Overall "Good value for the money"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Update: I recently upgraded from DSL to the uverse 12mb package. The upgrade was relatively painless and I'm seeing download speeds in the 11.6mbs range while upload speeds are in the 1.3mbs range. So far I'm very happy with the stability of the line. AT&T provided a free 2wire router/modem with wireless capability. I haven't used the wireless on it yet so can't comment on that.

While I haven't need the phone tech support in a while, I would wholeheartedly recommend the on line SBC support available on this website. These official techs are wonderful, and only an instant message away.

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Review by b315653 See Profile

  • Location: Mentor,Lake,OH
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "The DSL,Tech's on BBR, SBC Direct Forum"
Bad "Phone Tech's"
Overall "Bang for the Buck"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

I ordered online sometime in Sept. 2003 for the 384-1.5/128 speed for 29.95. Recieved my welcome pack/modem soon after. Waited untill the scheduled live date and hooked everything up but couldn't get online. That's when I called the support number and went through all their steps. Still nothing. I told them my modem would recycle itself without me even touching it and that must have gave them a hint that the modem was bad. They sent out another pronto and when I hooked it up and bingo DSL. I have since rerated to 26.95 and also added a router to take care of my connection. Connection is ROCK SOLID. Never even have to think about it. Still waiting for the upgrade to 256 upload but I'm on a RT and they haven't got to me yet. Great product for a great price is the bottom line. Also the techs here at BBR rock. I visit here almost every day just to stay on top of everything. Thanks to Beach Boy for checking my line for 6.0/600, unfortunately I'm to far to upgrade but oh well i still have a great connection that doesn't tie up my phone line. SBC gives me Dial-Up also as a back-up but haven't needed it yet although I jump on once in a while just to remind me what it used to be like. Also SBC is my local,local toll, and long distance provider. DSL ROCKS.

Well it's 08/05/2004. I posted on SBC Direct forum to re-up for another 12 months at 26.95. I also wanted the upload increase to 256 because I am on a RT and didn't get the boost yet (still was 128). I posted on 08/02 and on 08/05 I ran the SBC speed test here at BBR and bingo 220 upload. You ROCK moose and so does SBC DSL. Rock Solid connection. Don't ever even think about it any more. Even my wife can surf without any problems. I could never return to dial-up. Only wished I was closer to RT when they were offering 6.0/600 but o well, you can't have everything. Keep up the good work SBC.

I have to respond to the negative posts on Ameritech (SBC) forums. My advice is the same as the tech's here, don't call SBC before you come here first and post at the regular forum (Ameritech) and if you don't feel you received help than go to SBC Direct forum and post there. If you do this first chances are really good you won't have to call anybody in India (SBC Customer Help) to talk you in circles. the techs here ROCK and know what they are doing. Why call anybody else and get totally frustrated? Take the road less bumpy.

Well it's 02/04/05 and all is still well. Received the upgrade a while back on the upload side. 384 now (330 actual). Rock Solid connection ALL the time. Wish SBC would come back with that 6.0/600 for 44.95 again but if they don't I'm still happy. One thing about re-upping your contract. Don't do it here at BBR. I did and found out too late that it didn't show up on my account and I slipped into the month to month price. I called and they finally straightened it out but you know I will have to wait a couple of months to get the credits. O well, live and learn. Moral of the story, Call SBC to re-up and get tech help here at BBR. Later.

Pre-Qualified at SBC Direct for Pro Package. Got the thumbs up and made a call for the upgrade on 03/21/05. Recieved the upload increase to 512 (435actual) and waited for my Active Date of 03/29/05 to get the download increase.Active date came with no increase so I posted in SBC Direct and within a day I recieved an answer that the profile was not changed at the Redback. Good to go now.

One thing. I'm on a RT and I was only getting 1.9 down so I reset my RWIN to 14750 and it jumped to 2522 down. This is a known problem that just requires a tweek. Moral of Story- Post in SBC Direct when you have problems, get results. Thanks to "wolfdragon01" at SBC Direct for his assistance. DSL Rocks.

Just an update. Called today (06/21/2005) to get a rerate. Talked to a nice AMERICAN lady. She checked the computer and said that would not be a problem. Now I have Pro Package for 24.99. SBC is aggressive but fair. Again DSL Rocks! Never in recent memory has my connection not been there. Rock Solid. Fair Price. Great Techs at BBR. What else could you ask for. (Maybe that 6000/600 package offer again). Keep your cable folks, DSL for me, period.

Called today (02/04/2006) to rerate. Was paying 24.99. rerated to 17.99 for 12 months. This is a great service for that price. Rock solid connection. Always on. Now they lower the price. Great product SBC!

05/07/06 Well, it finally came available at a good price (6000/608). I ordered the upgrade for the Elite service today. I did it online at www.att.com/upgrade for 27.99. If you look at the first part of this review you will see I paid two dollars a month more for the basic package in 2003. I will complete this review when the upgrade is completed.

05/12/06 This was my live date and when I gave it a speed test I had the proper upload but not the right download (3371/637). Posted in ATT Direct and left my computer for two hours. When I returned, bingo 5100/653. I'm good to go. Good price (27.99) and good speed. What's next ATT? DSL Still ROCKS.

03/31/07 All has been good since last update. Solid speeds and good connection. Only thing I don't like now is there are no offerings if you commit to a year of service. Come on ATT, how about rewarding loyalty.

08/20/2008 All is still good. Price for Elite is 34.99. Rock Solid connection. Never even think about it. I see a new cabinet going in by my RT (actually 2). Maybe U-Verse is coming with 10/1.5 internet. That would be great. We will have to see.

10/13/09 All is still good. Elite is still 34.99. Wish they would discount for year commitment. Service is rock solid though. Don't even think about it. Been looking for U-Verse but still not on my side of street. Maybe next year. Would love that 10/1.5 speed.

12/20/2010 All the same but up to $38 for Elite. Still Rock Solid connection. Just recently I looked again at U-Verse availability. To my surprise it is now available to me. Will have to wait until my Dish contract ends but will then consider switching over for faster internet speeds.

05/16/2013 Made the switch to Uverse in early 2012. Dropped my land line. Picked up TV and Internet. Very rocky start up. I have a bonded pair install but 1 line would keep dropping off. I'm about 2900 ft from Uverse cabinet. After many many techs and lineman calls one lineman figured out that it was one of my lines from the neighborhood box to the Uverse cabinet. He switched that one out for another and pretty much fixed my problem. Been good since. Some HD channels are not the best but overall I enjoy the service.

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Review by David See Profile

  • Location: Granite City,Madison,IL
  • Cost: $34 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
Good "New modem, new house, new service"
Bad "None really; flatwire is still a bad thing"
Overall "a good install with plenty of options down the road."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings above consensus)

My Other Reviews

·Google Voice
Well I finally gave up the apartment lifestyle for a house, it is an older home so the wiring was a bit of a challenge this time. I had to install a nid splitter based on some of the wiring situations presented in this old house from the 1940's. When I inspected the current wiring situation my chances of a good install with the existing infrastructure was paralyzed. There was even flat telephone wire under brand new carpet!! So that was when I realized I knew I was screwed for DSL in the house from any of the existing internal wiring. The NID splitter was an answer, I bought an external box and installed it in the basement. Ran Cat5e wiring for the existing internal wiring jacks that the end user created. Ran a new piece to my computer area down here, and a new piece of wire to the NID and wired it the standard way. The NID splitter was not difficult to install and just using cat5e and keeping extra pairs on hand in case the cable gets hit was a real plus.If I ever have a tech come to this house even after I think he will appreciate the flexibility I gave him with the cables I laid down. I am going to take some pics and show my work.

Speed I ordered was 384-1536/128, $29.95/12 months, I have an efficient 5100 modem, and a linksys router. The linksys makes the network run rather smoothly with little downtime at all. Don't like the router?? install RasPPPoE. It's quick simple and only 94k space.

The only reason why I rated the Pre-Sales information a 4 was the Rep I talked to did not know about the pkgs offered, or any products. He did advise he was new to the job and hired last week. To his defense he did put in the order correctly and my install date was on track with what he told me.

Side note:

Keep in mind I am on line support here at BBR for SBC.. My successes and failures might not match what you experience. When I did my installation I did not do it the normal customer way. I did it with a built machine and used a third party software. So this review is only of my experience with dsl regardless who I work for..


Yes it pestered me to update again, So far besides the occasional phone line outage. Which ironically the DSL was up for both times for even with the static. A bit perplexed on how my nid/sni splitter did that, but none the less the DSL was working. The power outage last year was kind of taxing. Had no power but ironically I had a spare generator that I got power to my computers and network and I had Internet. Seems like the office was still supplying power to the DSLAM. last year's power crisis I don't remember how many cell phone batteries I charged up, and access to the Internet (my own network) I passed out. I lost count with the neighbors, they were impressed I had sat service, Internet still working and phone service. Kudos to the Coleman Powermate 4000 generator as well.

11/11/08- Still have the service. still using it.


Still works as expected- Have some noise on the phone portion now but I suspect it might be external. It's intermittent so I will wait till it fails.

10/24/11- site pestered me to update again. Still have it. Only call I had to make this year was to the POTS side of the house to have a squirrel guard (damaged from recent storms I think) removed from the line as it was dangling. DSL with my phone line still works as it should.

05/15/13- still have the elite service works well for what I need. Will be moving to uverse potentially for IPDSL service in the latter 1/4 of this year (around october). Hopefully by then I will have most if not all the technologies I want figured out.

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Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse


When you go IPDSLAM, get yourself a 2210 (unless you are getting statics and/or VoIP)

IMHO, 2210 + own router >>> NVG510

Of course the new modems may be out by then, so who knows

And not really part of the review, but David rocks =) Helps out a lot of people around this place & others!

Review by editweb See Profile

  • Location: Aurora,Du Page,IL
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Rock Solid - Don't worry about outages at all..."
Bad "The world has passed it by. Eventually it will fall apart and AT&T won't fix it anymore."
Overall "Was good in it's day - won't scale in the future."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Install wasn't totally smooth but close. Ordered on a Friday. Phone sales were very nice and thourogh. Got equipment the next Tuesday. On Thursday the line tech came out and tested the line. (I wasn't home.) Had sync by Saturday. The only bump in the road was that the router in my CO (AURRILAE) wasn't updated properly and I coudn't connect. An IM to Annonomoose and Beach Boy in the Ameritech forum and the problem was identified and fixed.

I don't use the Yahoo browser and I feel that saves me a lot of grief. If you get SBC/Ameritech DSL, DO NOT use their software. Set up the connection yourself and use the standard edition of IE and you will stay happy and sane.

Unfortunately, I'm still on 11,000 feet of very old copper running through East Aurora. Until the RT at the end of my block lights up, I'm only getting 318/108 speeds. Hopefully 1.2 is just around the corner.

The only outage was a planned one that occured at Midnight on a Sunday for a few hours. Sunday morning, I cycled the power on my modem and all was well.

The stats:
Speedstream 5100 modem
PPPoE/Dynamic IP
Ordered 1.5/384 - Getting 318/108.

Overall - Very good experience.

After the 10 day changover to a nearby RT, I'm now getting much better speeds.
Ordered 1.5/384 - Getting 1320/340
Much better.

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Review by toolingguycg See Profile

  • Location: Crystal Lake,Mchenry,IL
  • Cost: $120 per month
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Stays up"
Bad "Speed Caps"
Overall "Liked it better when 1st connected, will try U-verse for faster speeds."
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings match consensus)

Moved from dial up about 10 yrs ago, and was happy with it up till about 6mo. ago, then started getting connection resets. Guess I need to upgrade to the new technology to get the performance I used to get. I've ordered U-verse and am waiting for the install. Will review that after it happens.

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  • Location: Streamwood,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $34 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Reliable fast connection, almost no packet loss"
Bad "no usenet or web server offering, but that is the norm today"
Overall "Exceeded expectations. Reliable connectivity"
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Original review 2006:
Initially I applied for DSL and cable both, and each was
unavailable. The first that became available was Cable from ATTBI.
It was good. I felt that the fact that it shared a cable was an
advantage in that any outage would affect a lot of people, and so
get fixed faster. It had 1500 MTU. In those days, for DSL you had
to run an application on your computer to do PPPoE. While cable
was more expensive, I felt it was probably better. It did have
packet loss at times, which I learned was due to upstream frequency
ingress. ATTBI was bought by Comcast.

I had come to expect that less than 0.5% packet loss was OK, and
that 1% was tolerable. I wrote my own logging program that would
ping my Comcast gateway, and I later ran Ping Plotter continually
(I still do, but not because of any problem). Near the end I was
getting >5% loss frequently, and two service calls did not fix it,
I decided to try DSL. My expectations were that the DSL would have
some packet loss, and that the Usenet and Email of the DSL would be

DSL very much exceeded my expectations. Packet loss was
non-existent. Theoretically slower (3 MB vs 4 MB, it felt as least
as fast. And while the Usenet and Email were not quite as good as
for Comcast, they very much exceeded my expectations. Personal web
space of Geocities with ads was a step down, but that was not
important. The free dialup for contingency or travel and even some
free 802.11 hotspots is a plus. Newer DSL modems do the protocol
stuff for you, and the 1492 MTU is not significant.

I upgraded DSL to 6MB. That felt similar for browsing, but it gave
faster downloads. Latencies are low. SN margin dropped about 8
dB, but packet loss is only about 0.01% -- less that 1 lost ping
per day pinging every 10 seconds, but up from zero.

I have friends with problem-free Comcast and DSL. The better
choice will vary at different locations. The Ameritech/SBC/ATT
folks are much more forthcoming and proactive with information
about problems or outages, especially at DSL Reports. I just read
of outages. They have not affected me so far.

Update 2008 September 29

Still doing well, enjoying the reliability. Usenet servers do fine with me, altho high-volume users might think otherwise. Email has improved, but the main thing is connectivity. And that is really nice. Incoming email is very good, and I make good use of AddressGuard. There was a problem with SMTP, but that has improved to where I seldom need to use a workaround.

Having customer support available via DSLR is really nice too.

Update 2013: I have moved to ATT U-verse 18 Mb internet going to a higher speed. This review is for the 6 Mb (actual about 5 due to overhead) regular DSL I dropped. Over my 6 or so years with DSL, it was very reliable. The Yahoo email servers were a little problematic for the first couple years, but they have been behaving well. So I raised my services mark. Pings on my fastpath DSL were about 10 ms. On U-verse they are higher because there is always some interleaving. From a normal web browsing, the regular DSL felt peppy as peppy as the U-verse, but the U-verse is better for watching video etc.

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