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Cavalier Telephone page on DSLReports
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Review by rfdrumm1 See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Baltimore City,MD
  • Cost: $80 per month
  • Telco party Cavalier
Good "they started out good"
Bad "after a few mounth it got bad could not connect"
Overall "it's been three weeks still having problems"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

three weeks ago started to have problem to connect to the web it keeps kicking me off can't do any down loads for it will cut me off hafe way.called, thay said thay had two tech out to ckeck line and pole no change. week after that thay had a tech out in my house. put a spliter on my line to seperate my phone from my web right after he left the red light came on agan no web all that day, this was friday sat. a friend called on my cell said my phones was not working check phone on dial tone called cavalier thay said to cut out the spliter and reconnect the phone lines the way thay were, the phone started to work but no web all day sunday. the red light stayed on. monday no red light. on web. tuesday tech from cavalier and at&t is comming out at 9:00 am, to see if thay can fine the problem if thay leave wiht out finding the problem thay will leve with there box out with the old in with the new. hope it does not come to that

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Review by hushp1pt See Profile

  • Location: Pittsburgh,Allegheny,PA
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Low cost. No contract. Service much improved after one support call."
Overall "Works great! Less expensive!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Cavelier DSL has been great for us. We live in an older apt building in Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill neighborhood. We wanted just enough Internet to watch Netflix (for example), but were not interested in Cable TV. Called Cavalier DSL. $40 month w/ no initiation fees, no contract, they mailed a modem to us, and we were up in a little over a week. They did not make us subscribe to regular landline telephone service to get the DSL. DSL connection was a little slow & spotty at first, then we contacted tech support, and they sent someone right over. Our service improved steadily for the next two weeks, and now it is solid and fast- or fast enough- 4-5 M/sec download, .4-.5 upload. Very nice. And the sales and service people knew what they were doing and were pleasant to work with.

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Review by (hidden by request)

  • Location: Virginia Beach,Virginia Beach City,VA
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Decent tech support"
Bad "Slooooooooow dialup like speed during evenings"
Overall "Not worth the money"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Cavalier Internet Service for the area of Virginia Beach is SLOW. They lease lines from Verizon and have a contract with Avondale Apartments so they are the sole providers for the complex. The customer service is good, all emails I have written to them have been responded to within 24 hours. They even have a call back system on the phone so you don't have to sit on the phone for 10-20 minutes waiting for technical support, they'll call you back when your time in the cue is up.

The Internet speeds though are terrible during peak hours. They only have a set amount of bandwidth allotted to the complex and during evening hours (from 1600-0100) internet slows to an average of 0.30 Mb/s down, 0.10 Mb/s up, and pings around 500ms to a server a mere 50 miles away!. 3G service is faster during these hours and you'd be mobile with it!

So all in all, don't get Cavalier, though their customer service is decent, they do not have enough 'product' to give you your money's worth.

(review was emailed from domain gmail.com)
lodged 5 years ago


Review by kr_kelly See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost: $69 per month
  • Telco party Cavalier
Good "fast, reliable, good price"
Bad "took away my static IP with not letting me know"
Overall "been a customer for over a year and very happy with service"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Switched from Verizon to Cavalier received a lower price faster and more reliable service.
5-8 MB downloads and 800K upload.

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Review by heberje See Profile

  • Location: Kensington,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $72 per month
  • Telco party Cavalier
Good "Reliable, good download speeds"
Bad "I am far from thier closest dslam so my bandwith never really reaches it's advertised 8MB per second."
Overall "It has been good for me"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Cavtel sales folks never really tell you that speeds are dependant on your location in relationship with thier closest DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexor), and that would affect your true bandwith.Back end support was good. Since FIOS is not an option for me and I will never use our local cable provider. Thier (Comcast) poor network topology seems to lend to thier unreliability. Verizon had a 3MB metro ethernet service but I am doing a bit better than 3MB with my Cavtel 8MB per second although. because I am quite far from Cavtel's closest DLAM, my speeds are not consistent but very rarely sag under T-1 speeds (1.5MB) which is still better than what I had.

So given my situation Cavtel turned out to be a good value for me at $72.00 per month.Sometimes at certain times of the day like early evening I get these bandwith sags.Don't like that much but it passes and there a lot of things that are just out of the control of the ISP and end user. There are a lot of variables going on in between ISP and user that will also affect line QoS,

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updated 5.2 years ago


Review by finnes8 See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Installation was easy and is much faster than basic Verizon & EarthLink DSL & great price"
Bad "Minimal online help available"
Overall "An excellent value at $50 for full-featured phone service, DSL, and Gmail"

Advertised DSL speed: 8 Mbps - Actual 4.5 Mbps

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Review by MrSlowski See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party Cavalier
Good "Everything is OK w Cav now."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My speed with CavTel has never gone above 800k. My modem failed last week (Thursday night) and they shipped me a new one on Friday. I rec'd it on Monday and from what I was told that modem was incompatible w my dsl run so they were upgrading me (no charges) and once Verizon switched it over I would be up and running, the did say within 5 bus. days (that was Tues), not sure if I've been switched yet.

Anyway, speed has never been good, price is cheap enough but Comcast's $13 a mon deal for 12mb (43 after 6 months) is starting to look like a real good deal. I'm paying $25 now and not even getting 1mb.

Funny though since I was down I did sponge my neighbor's open wireless to check my mail and noticed it was faster than I was used to and did a speed test. I hit 2m 3 times and was over 1m several times. This was over wireless from roughly 100-125ft from their house across the road. Why can't CavTel get me over 1m?

UPDATE**** finally got switched over on Friday, and finally did some speed tests to see what's going on. WOW-- surprise surprise. 8m, 5m, 7m, 3m. Nothing under 1.5m (only one test point, so could have been issue there). Downloaded Openoffice to my new computer and it took about 1-2 min (wasn't paying close attention). Finally DSL that works. This is AWESOME! I am back to recommending CavTel to those in area who can't get Fios. I'm still in line for that.

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Review by kainam00 See Profile

  • Location: Troy,Oakland,MI
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $500 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party Cavalier
Good "Speed, price"
Bad "Horrible reliability, rude, slow, and incompetent customer service"
Overall "If you like having your ISP on speed dial, get Cavalier"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

We've got a couple cavalier T1's to replace ones from XO... seemed like a good deal, price-wise, at the time.
Since we got the service a year ago, it has been nothing but a headache.
We are an application hosting company and have had two class-C IP blocks from XO before switching to Cavalier. This requirement has been EXPLICITLY relayed to Cavalier sales people and put into the contract. However, when the tech showed up to set everything up, he was about to only give us 10 IP addresses. He got sent back, and it took us another two weeks of arguing with Cavalier to get our IP addresses, despite it being in the contract. The second time the tech came out, the T1's were configured with the wrong IP information again, causing it not to work... took Cavalier tree days to resolve. The "backup" DSL service they installed for us did not work either, and took many calls to fix.

The speed is usually pretty good, until you start actually using the connection. Cavalier core routers seem to be set up to drop packets if the connection approaches capacity. We see 15-20% packet loss almost daily, and according to Cavalier this is 'normal'. I've talked to everyone up to top level district managers about this, and the only solution they had was to replace our local Adtran with a Cisco unit, which helped a little.

One word - horrible. I have never had such a horrible experience with a dedicated high-availability circuit like a T1 before. Additionally, there only seems to be a few people working the tech dept at Cavalier, because the service is horribly slow, and requires multiple phone calls to actually get someone to work on your problem. Incompetence runs rampant as well, techs don't seem to care about anything, will bring down the circuit at any time without any warning, will leave the router in test mode...etc

Here is an actual example of ticket history from our internal documentation:
* 1454xxx - Packet Loss
o 11am 6/30/2009 - Packet loss and routing problems
o DM called cavalier at 11:20am 6/30/2009, opened trouble ticket.

* 1445xxx - T1 down
o T1 down at 11:30am 6/17/2009 - DM called Cavalier, told they are working on it.
o DM 12:05 - Cavalier called SS (out of the office, could not verify) and told him that everything is up and running and that they will test more after hours. DM verified that the T1 was still down, called Cavalier back and told them to do the intrusive testing now, since everything is actually down anyway. Told that they will do it, will take about 15 mins, and will call me back.
o DM 13:00 - no word from Cavalier, called them for an updated. After a run around, finally got through to someone who said that AT&T was on it. Requested the number of the AT&T tech, was not given it, instead the Cavalier tech said he will contact AT&T and call me back.
o DM 13:20 - Cavalier called back saying AT&T will be on site in 10 minutes.
o DM 13:30 - AT&T showed up, looking at the jack.
o DM 15:30 - AT&T replaced the wire going to the building, internet connection came back up, but one of the lines was still in a "loop" due to something Cavalier set in the router earlier (for testing) and never removed.
o DM 15:40 - Called Cavalier, had them fix the router. Everything seemed to come back up properly.

* 1421xxx - T1 down
o T1 down @ 15:13 5/7/2009
o SS called in to Cavalier at 15:19 5/7/2009. Opened ticket. No news call ends 15:29
o SS 16:19 - Call Cavalier 1 hour later. Notified there is a major network event for the whole Troy area. Told to wait and do nothing
o SS 17:16 - Call Cavalier 1 hour later- Told that the major network event is over. Should be working now. We are not. Put on hold unitl 17:32. Tech is very combative and told me they would have to send a tech out and theres nothing he can do.
o SS 17:35 - Call Cavalier - put on hold until 17:50. Talk to technician who says she will have to work on it and call me back.
o SS 17:55 - Reboot Cavalier's router after DM calls to tell me the tech called him instead of my phone number, even though i requested they call me back on my number. Things are working again. 2.5 hours downtime and no call back from tech still.

* 1416xxx - T1 down
o T1 down @ 1am 5/1/2009
o DM Called in to Cavalier at 2:10am 5/1/2009. Opened ticket, told that I would receive a call back shortly.
o DM 3:30 am - no call back. Called Cavalier for an update, told that they were testing the circuit and would call me.
o DM 3:45 am - call back from David@Cavalier. Had me reboot the router, got on it, and fixed whatever the problem was.
o DM 8:25 am - T1 went down again.
o DM 8:30 am - Called Cavalier, was told that we are part of a larger network outage in that area. The tech did not have an ETA, or any idea what was wrong specifically, but said to call back in an hour.
o DM 8:55 am - T1 came back up.
o DM 9:00 am - Called Cavalier to find out the cause. Said they closed the ticket. They didn't know and told me to call later.
o DM 11:00 am - T1 down again, called Cavalier and reopened the ticket.
o DM 11:30 am - Still intermittently down, no word from Cavalier.

* 1373xxx - T1 down
o DM Called about T1 going up and down at 17:43pm 2/22/2009. Told them that it's dying at the core router. Agent name: Kelli (?) ID: 79541

My traceroute [v0.71]
vx.x.net ( Sun Feb 22 17:46:06 2009
Resolver error: Received reply from unknown source: quit
Packets Pings
Host Loss% Last Avg Best Wrst StDev
1. 0.0% 1.0 1.3 0.0 17.2 1.0
2. ???
3. ge-2-3-ur02.macomb.mi.michigan.comcast. 0.0% 8.3 17.7 3.1 194.0 20.3
4. te-9-2-ur03.macomb.mi.michigan.comcast. 0.0% 8.5 16.1 7.1 115.1 14.1
5. te-0-1-0-2-ar01.pontiac.mi.michigan.com 0.0% 11.4 19.0 4.6 219.3 18.0
6. pos-1-4-0-0-cr01.chicago.il.ibone.comca 0.0% 56.7 30.1 8.6 172.4 14.6
7. xe-9-3-0.edge1.Chicago2.Level3.net 0.2% 25.6 34.3 11.2 221.6 22.8
8. vlan52.ebr2.Chicago2.Level3.net 0.2% 23.8 30.2 10.0 294.9 16.3
9. ae-5.ebr2.Chicago1.Level3.net 0.4% 35.5 35.1 17.4 288.9 16.7
10. ae-8-8.car1.Detroit1.Level3.net 0.2% 28.4 45.9 24.0 313.9 39.0
11. TALK-AMERIC.car1.Detroit1.Level3.net 55.4% 72.4 34.3 13.3 257.2 16.9
12. reverse. 55.0% 33.3 35.6 21.3 193.9 13.4
13. reverse. 55.0% 38.8 39.5 18.8 133.7 12.2
14. reverse.x.x.x.x.static.ldmi.com 58.4% 42.4 44.1 26.5 237.6 17.8
15. xxxx.com 58.3% 40.9 45.3 36.8 174.5 14.7

o DM - 7:26pm 2/22/2009 - no call back from Cavalier, T1 still down. Called and got the same tech, he said that they are waiting on AT&T, told him it's not a line problem and if he did a traceroute he would see that. He tried to track down a T1 tech, but he (the T1 tech) was not at his desk, had him transfer me over to the T1 department but no-one answered. Supposed to get a call back shortly.
o DM - 7:40pm 2/22/2009 - Cavalier T1 tech called, said AT&T saw a fault and needed to come out. I need to be there, apparently they called me (which they haven't) and left a voicemail (which they haven't). Told Cavalier AT&T never called, he said he would get a hold of them and have them call me.
o DM - 8:00pm 2/22/2009 - T1 still down - No word from Cavalier so called AT&T myself, got Sharol (313-496-2608). AT&T ticket number - HD332140. AT&T Direct number - (800)230-3442
o DM - 10:00pm 2/22/2009 - T1 still down data and voice - Drove into the office because Cavalier insisted I had to be here to let AT&T to the smart jack. Apparently the smart jack is outside. AT&T guy already gone when I got here, not sure what he did.
o DM - 10:34pm 2/22/2009 - Called the AT&T tech (586-876-0406) for an update - everything is ok from our end to the "box", tech is at the fiber hub now checking that.
o DM - 11:40pm 2/22/2009 - AT&T tech found a loose wire - T1 back up.

* 1343xxx - Packet loss and intermittent outages
o DM Called about loss at (fourth hop in traceroute) and intermittent outages at 12:10pm 1/6/2008
o DM Cavalier called back at 12:30pm 1/6/2008 telling me they are seeing an issue and are going to test it. Direct call back number: 800-382-4288 ext 22241
o DM T1 went down at 7:30pm 1/6/2009. Called Cavalier for an update on the ticket, supposed to get a call back from them, never happened.
o DM T1 went down briefly at 10:05am 1/7/2009 again.
o DM Called Cavalier at 10:10am 1/7/2009, they have tested it the night before without calling me (despite it being specified in all CAPS in the ticket). The level 1 tech had no answers, transferred to level 2, who also had no answers, had to explain to her that the problem was at their router, said she will speak with the switch and transport people and get back to me. Direct call back number: 800-382-4288 ext 22241.
o DM 4:14pm 1/7/2009 - No call back from Cavalier so I call (Karen ID 75021), says no updates to the ticket.
o DM 4:38pm 1/7/2009 - Call back from Lynette (or Annette?) (level 2) confirming that there is a problem with an internal router. They are supposed to look at the router tonight.
o DM 8pm-ish 1/7/2009 - Cavalier tested the circuit extensively, checked and normalized the timing...etc. Called and said everything looks ok.
o DM 9am 1/8/2009 - Still getting between 10-15% packet loss at the 4th hop.
o DM 11am 1/8/2009 - Annette? From Cavalier calls and says she is still seeing packet loss and that it is indeed probably their router, since they checked everything else last night. She will get in touch with their lead tech on this and have him look at it.
o DM 12pm 1/9/2009 - 20-30% packet loss today. Even the phone is not working well.
o DM 1pm 1/9/2009 - Called Cavalier, still no answers, Anette agrees there is a problem but has no answers.
o DM 2:40pm 1/9/2009 - Phones are unusable, called Cavalier and told them to resolve this now.
o DM 2:50pm 1/9/2009 - Cavalier resolved the phone problem, said someone else will be out to check the Adtran today.
o DM 5:40pm 1/9/2009 - Cavalier tech (Bob) came out and changed the Adtran. Pings look normal now. Call Bakary (Cronix group) @ 248-440-4168 if problems continue.
o DM 10:20am 1/12/2009 - 15-20% packet loss again, same spot.
o DM 6:10pm 1/13/2009 - Mark @ Cavalier took the T1 down for testing without telling us. Didn't find anything.
o DM 1/13/2009 - Bakary sent us an email with the traffic graphs to try to say that the packet loss is due to that, replied saying it shouldn't be.

* 1338xxx - 25 percent packet loss
o SS Called at 12:10 pm 12/29/2008 regarding packet loss at (fourth hop in traceroute)
o SS Operator - Karen ID 75021 - New ticket opened, no new data given.
o SS Testing shows that traffic coming in from XO yields no packet loss (from secure5) but anything coming in over Level3 is around 25 percent (secure3) - outgoing to secure5 and secure3 is still high in loss
o SS 8:05 pm 12/29/2008 - Charles called and said there were issues in the area, and if there are still problems to call and let them know. Packet loss still exists, so I am calling them back.
o SS 9:12 pm 12/29/2008 Called and talked to Mark ID 75859 - reopened ticket and sent him an email to mkabiskhiroon@cavtel.com containing mtr ping/traceroute reports showing loss. Email is attached to the bottom of the page "Packet Loss problems on 12/29/2008 for Cavalier network"

* 1334xxx - Intermittent outage of Voice and Data
o DM - Opened ticket at 10:55am 12/22/2008
o DM - Cavalier followed up around noon 12/22/2008. Said everything looked good now.
o SS - Called to confirm outage between 2:15 - 2:35 A.M. 12/23/2008 - tech said they were testing the lines which caused outage
o DM - Called again because of packet loss. Cavalier updated the ticket and sent over to L2 - 2:25pm 12/23/2008
o DM - Cavalier called back saying they will get ATT involved and let me know when the testing will take place 3:00pm-ish 12/23/2008
o DM - T1 went down completely, voice and data 3:50pm 12/24/2008
o DM - Cavalier said they see the outage, they will call the "vendor" (ATT) about the line and let me know what's going on. 4pm 12/24/2008
o DM - 4:30pm 12/24/2008 - line still down. 10-20% packet loss at Cavalier CO hops. No word from Cavalier.
o DM - 4:50pm 12/24/2008 - followed up with Cavalier. Packet loss 70% at CO, 100% on line. Cavalier confirmed line being down and transferred the ticket

to AT&T.

o DM - 5:20pm 12/24/2008 - Still down.
o DM - 6:20pm 12/24/2008 - Call from Cavalier. New ticket opened with AT&T (apparently one wasn't opened already?!)
o DM - 7:12pm 12/24/2008 - Still down. No word back from Cavalier or AT&T
o DM - 7:16pm 12/24/2008 - Traceroutes are not making it into Cavalier network at all. Stops at XO from the west and Level 3 from the east.
o DM - 10:46pm 12/24/2008 - Still down, traceroutes dying before Cavalier with "host unreachable" (!H)
o DM - 10:51pm 12/24/2008 - Called Cavalier, AT&T checked everything on their end and it looks good. Told Cavalier that it looks like it's one of their routers. Said that they are looking into it and will give me a call back.
o DM - 10:55pm 12/24/2008 - Cavalier called back, they looked at the router and found out that it's actually broken (didn't think that I was the one who had to tell them their stuff is broken?). Scheduled a maint. window for midnight.
o DM - 1:23am 12/25/2008 - Still down at the same router. Called Cavalier for an update, the tech there knew nothing about the maintenance window for the router and said he was the only one there. Said he would look at it and give me a call back in 10 minutes.
o DM - 3:27am 12/25/2008 - Call back from Cavalier, apparently 10 minutes means 2 hours. They say the router issue is fixed, but a line tech now needs to go on-site and fix a more local problem. Promises to call me with an update in a couple hours.
o DM - 11:25am 12/25/2008 - Still down. Router issue is STILL there! No word from Cavalier.
o DM - 11:30am 12/25/2008 - Called Cavalier. Still no concrete updates, gave the tech a piece of my mind. Told me I will get a call back in 10 minutes.
o DM - 12:20pm 12/25/2008 - Finally get a call back from Cavalier. Apparently our outage is a part of a bigger network event and there is a tech en-route to the location of the equipment (still 45 min away?! It's been down for 20 hours!). Apparently they also had the wrong IP information associated with the ticket/our account, so they were working on the wrong equipment all day yesterday... they should have at least confirmed it with me if they weren't sure.
o DM - 12:50pm 12/25/2008 - The routing problem has finally been resolved. T1 back up.
* 1322xxx - Packet loss (between 10%-25% all day)
o DM - Opened ticket at 15:23 12/4/2008
o No follow up from Cavalier
* 1303xxx - Intermittent outages throughout the day
o DM - Opened ticket 15:15pm 11/5/2008
o SS - Called at another outage at 17:00 - rep told me they arent allowed to work on anything until after 20:00
o SS - Called at 20:54 11/5/2008 - no update on status
o DM - Called at 23:07 11/5/2008 - Cavalier tech said ATT supposed to come out tomorrow (11/6/2008) to fix the issue
* 1239xxx - Packet loss
o DM - Opened ticket 12:50pm 8/21/2008
o DM - Cavalier followed up 4:50pm - Nothing found, asked for traceroutes to be emailed to dewoods@cavaliertelephone.com
o DM - Emailed traceroutes 8/25/2008
* 1233xxx - Packet loss - Closed 8/15/2008

CLIFF NOTES: Horrible service and reliability. Low price.

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Review by guanabara See Profile

  • Location: Rockville,Montgomery,MD
  • Cost: $25 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Cavalier
Good "good technical service 24 hours"
Bad "may sometimes require reset at company if modem looses lock"

verizon messed up installation of new line. Other than that Cavalier failed to keep pressure on the slimes.
eventually when service was connected it all worked immediately upon installation.
great speed. verizon et al can't beat that

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Review by morb6699 See Profile

  • Location: Saginaw,Saginaw,MI
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
  • Telco party Cavalier
Good "Cheap Telephone service"
Bad "Worst DSL connection I have ever Experienced."
Overall "use AT&T"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

This company fails at everything from customer support to tech support. I work for a telecommunications company so when I've determined that the issue is not on my end ( which is 9/10 times with this company ), I've had to call their "tech support", AKA Monkeys on typewriters.

They read from a script, sending you through the motion of rebooting your modem remove the filter, this and that, and finally they reassign me to a new circuit, which lasts about 2 days. Then the process starts all over.

They refuse to send a repair technician to their DSLAM to get the issue resolved.

We have decided that yes while cheap, paying 20 bucks more for the same features with AT&T and KNOWING that ill get at least a 6Mbit connection with them that goes down maybe once a month if they are having issues is ten times better than dealing with the incompetence that is Cavalier.

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