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How to reach us

Please type these email addresses into your mail program manually. Please remember to use a descriptive subject in your email, this will help us address your request in a more timely manner (sample: "Lost review", "Toolpoints help", "Lost my login", "Site issue: x").

Press Questions: or Karl Bode See Profile, justin See Profile
If you're writing a story on broadband, write to me, perhaps I can help with statistics, put you in touch with users, or give you a unique perspective.

Account Problems: or cabana See Profile
Your problem can almost certainly be solved if you post in the Site Help forum. Even anonymous posts are allowed.
For sensitive matters (not including moderation complaints), please use this email address. If you do not get a reply, take a hint and please reconsider using the SITE HELP forum!

Tool Points: or cabana See Profile
For any questions related to tool points please use this address

Speed Test: cabana See Profile, justin See Profile
Please see this page for details on how to get a copy of the speed test applet (Java or Flash) if you are an ISP.

Forum Moderators: tmpchaos See Profile, fourboxers See Profile
You can reach the forum moderators in various ways by clicking the moderator names listed on this page.

Advertising: or justin See Profile
We use google adwords on most pages. Please TARGET our site for your adwords buys: for more info please visit adwords.google.com. The preference of our members is overwhelmingly for no advertising, so all advertising units reach visitors who are not logged in.

Business Development: or justin See Profile
Please send any business development communications to this mailbox.

None of the above?: or justin See Profile
If none of the above options match your specific need, use this address.

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